Punjab – 2015.

Posted: November 9, 2015 in Am I wrong, Experiences, India, indians, Mera Punjab
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The recent events in Punjab (India) have been shocking and heart breaking. It is really sad to hear all the news that is going on. Why in their sane brains will Someone do what they are doing. There seems to be a very deep and meticulously planned conspiracy behind the sordid acts of blasphemy. Torn pages of Guru Granth Sahib ji, The holy book and Guru of Sikhs are being found daily.

It is Such a Shame for Each citizen of the country especially those who go around talking of equality and India rising that such incidents are still part and parcel of our country, How can any sane person say that India is shining.

I don’t care who is doing all this or which political party is behind this atrocity, All Separatists agencies have an agenda, The Government especially the one in Power has its own agenda, I guess they Both want Citizens to stay focus on everything other than economics, rights and prosperity. What is more painful is that the police is a mere spectator and does not seem to have a CLUE what is going on. I can understand that the BADAL government is probably not interested in sorting this because it helps them tremendously blaming all the events on to the opposition party, But then the Badal govt has never ever done anything for the good of the state or religion. They have always been interested in their own.

Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal party is not only a political party but is also a religious party, So can a leader stay a leader on just MORAL grounds.

How can another religious faction desecrated the Sikh scripture and that too in Public, without the knowledge of Government, either the intelligence agencies in the state are a waste of space of the Govt itself is Highly Stupid. I dont see any other reason.

To make matters worse when a peaceful protests was organised they got marred with police opening fire on them, which left a couple dead and many injured and then to top it the Govt. Calls in the Indian Army and orders a media blackout, We are still in a Democratic Country HELLO.

This all brings back the memory of the dark days of terrorism, 1984. It seems to be history repeating itself and that too in a mere 30 year turnaround, exactly same scenarios took place then, the desecration and sacrilege of the Holy book.  We all know what happened then and how NOT A SINGLE person has ever been sentenced for the atrocities committed inspite of knowing who they are, Which in itself is so SHAMEFUL and a Blot on Indian history.

The little media coverage that is out there further is more appalling and difficult to know what the true situation is , rumours are flying around like a bushfire, yet all the GOVT and OPPOSITION can do is blame each other for political mileage.  I am sure IF the govt has nothing to hide then why a censorship on Media, Look what happened to minorities in the countries where censorship was imposed

I found the following lines so very true to my heart

Hasenge hasayenge Jag ko hasaane waale

Baat ka batangad banalete hain zamaane waale

Sharm ki baat kahoon Yaan Dharam Ki baat kahoon

EK hi Jaise hain mandir aur Masjid Ko girane waale

People will laugh At and With those who make you laugh

People make a mountain out of a molehill

If I talk of religion-culture-race anything

They are all the Same WHO bring down a Temple or a Mosque or a Gurudwara

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  1. Media is a powerful voice, echoing what the people want. Such intolerance and provocation is unacceptable. It’s sad how politics play to the gallery and unwilling to take actions. History will judge them!


  2. I am not sure what’s going on there but hope situation is back to normal soon.

    Destination Infinity


  3. Rinks says:

    Well expressed Bikram. Its so disturbing especially when you cannot do anything about an issue. Im afraid India is going back to stone ages. Have always been actually… Im hopeless.Totally.


  4. Yes Bikram such is the state of affairs. Can I rise above Gods sake or rather our own sake and think just human.


  5. gc1963 says:

    In India politics is nothing but blame game.


  6. Deeps says:

    How utterly saddening! Our country is going to the dogs, seriously! With each passing day I’m beginning to realize that the current government is no better than the previous. They are all the same.


    • Bikramjit says:

      Indeed you are right it is going to them for sure.. NO government is better they promise everything but give nothing .. this one is exactly the same as the old one and the new one will be the same too..


  7. Alok Singhal says:

    Such acts are condemn-able. How can this happen without anybody knowing about who did it…aren’t there any cameras anywhere?

    This is so nasty!


  8. SG says:

    Very sad. Hope the situation improves soon.


  9. sm says:

    happy diwali
    agree with you government needs to stop such incidents before it become something else
    But such things incidents suit the political parties as no time to discus corruption and progress and blame each other


  10. It is a pathetic situation when politics takes precedence over overall welfare of the state and its people. Leaves everyone disillusioned about the govt and its efficiency.


  11. All these actions have actually brought shame to our community and our nation.
    Recently the presentation by Sikhs in UK against PM Modi is another such example. “keechad me patthar maara, gande apne hi kapde hue”


    • Bikramjit says:

      Indeed it has , what a great KAUM we were and look where we are taking it .. it is such a shame and yes what happened in London that is very sad .. You are right what happened was so wrong.. when will we learn


  12. Beloo Mehra says:

    Too much mixing of bad politics and religion. I hope in the coming years we will see a bit more sanity and a bit more reasoned approach to governance. One big problem is that at any given time one or another part of the country is always in an election mode, hence the politiciking never stops and the dirty, nasty games continue. Sad state of affairs, indeed!


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