How to live and Die- My Views – Part 4

Posted: September 14, 2015 in Age, Am I wrong, Experiences, Lecture, My Thoughts., Reality, Soch
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Continuing from part one How to live and Die (1) – Sad post and part Two How to live and Die (2 and 3)- My Views on what I think are some of the points that one needs to keep in mind to have a good Life and Die a peaceful death, the first point as I said is health.. as Health is Wealth., Then comes MONEY, I would actually put MONEY on par with Health, as lets be truthful in todays day and age MONEY is very important, Then comes having a place of your own called HOME , especially if you own your own house.

So moving on I think that there is a particular trait in us human beings that we should try to get rid of and that is “ENVY“, we all have it, A BIG FAT LIAR is the person who says he/she does not Envy.

The biggest envy we have is of that particular person who has done better than us, OH YES we all do that sometimes consciously or sometimes sub-consciously. I don’t know why do we do that or how does it concern us But in all these thoughts and in all this time spent in envying them we usually do not see how much hard work they have put in to get where they are.

It is not easy to reach high, takes a lot of hard work, heartaches, we lose a lot of people in that race to reach the top, seldom do we stand still to think is it WORTH it, reaching that particular position, or in trying to earn more money is it worth losing a good friend. By the time we stand still to think it is already too late what is lost is gone, I have a few friends who are doing just that, to become a manager or to get that extra pay grade they forget that their 4 years kid does not see them all day long, by the time they reach home the kid is asleep. Just spending a SUNDAY with the kid is not good enough, the Sunday too is spent most of time on phone calls or getting to grips what was missed in the week, paying of bills, renewing of this or that.

I have seem some very rich people not being able to enjoy a full meal in peace, YES they are a managing director of a company but having their dinner with the phone glued to the ear is not what I see as ideal situation. Thankfully I am pleased that I have stopped getting into this rat race, I am happy with what every I have, its enough to feed me all my life and maybe half the life of my next generation to.

Due to work and all there is only one meal in a day that I get to eat at home and I enjoy having it because I make sure I switch off my phone or put it on silent once I come back home.

I think it is this ENVY that makes us do all that, because we are envious of someone making so much money or reaching a particular position it makes us think about ourself , which in turn then makes us more frustrated WHY Can I Not have that, WHY cant I get that.. WELL you can but do give a thought at all the hard work put in and what all have these rich people lost on the way, Are you willing to give up all that!!!

So if we can get rid of this ENVY, I am sure we can have a smooth life.

What do you think people.. ?????

  1. Lala Rukh says:

    Some harsh truths.Money can’t always buy you happiness. Yes we envy others but it isn’t harmful until we try to lesson it by harming others.
    Love your views.


  2. I used to envy others considerably earlier, but nowadays, I have reduced it. I guess it happens with age and maturity. But then, we should also admit that envy drives us to do things we would have never done otherwise. I guess that’s why it’s been installed into us — to drive us.

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  3. srividhya says:

    Great thoughts. As long as the envy stays within the healthy competition fine line its all good. Once we cross that we lose our own thoughts and lives. All we think is what others do..


  4. ruchira says:

    Wise thoughts on Monday morning, B
    Wishing you peace


  5. Ashwini says:

    The way I see it, the more we envy others the more we are insulting ourselves. As much as a healthy competition is good, it shouldnt become an obsession.


  6. I second Ashwini here. There’s no point envying others. We can strive to achieve that goal by improving ourselves, but I hate those green eyes of envy… 😀


  7. Bharti says:

    What a great post to read early morning..Thanks for your views. It triggers a thought process…questioning self – what are we doing? Where are we heading? Envy or not – i don’t know But as long as we don’t let that start ruling our life – it should be ok. “Saanu ki” – should be the mantra at the end 🙂 🙂


  8. pins & ashes says:

    Envy or jealousy..Biks.. because I feel envy is more brutal and lethal it can even kill and make us do nasty things..

    coming to your post, wholeheartedly agree.. compete with yourself shd be the moto.. because when that is in place, nobody else comes to the picture.. and it is a useful exercise to improve ourselves.. and if we are true to that goal then things work out! if things don’t there are always a million other things to look at and try..

    (suggestion) I think you also need to right a post on insecurity.. because that is also a core factor in how we live and die.. a core that leads to become jealous of others, and compete with them..

    Good one mate!


  9. Alok Singhal says:

    I agree with you cent percent. We are all jealous of others for some or the other reason…and this all kills us from within (though we may show it on the outside).

    I also agree on Wealth being important, but to an extent one can survive and live a decent life.


  10. Nothing comes easily in life, Bikram! Jealousy or envy should push us to work hard and then try to get whatever we want. Sitting idly and feeling jealous is not good.

    Be happy Bikram…


  11. Great post. You know I have stopped comparing myself to others and grow at my own pace. I say, I am my biggest competitor:)


  12. Ananya Kiran says:

    I totally felt as if this post was speaking to me..Great write up..I know we r only human n jealously can creep in.. But i get really hurt when that becomes the reason to create a distance in friendship

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  13. Panchali says:

    Wise thoughts, bikram. Nobody really knows what money is and how it affects the greedy minds until one day it becomes a reason for mental disorder. We must escape the rat race and invest in ourselves instead.The main thing that makes this RatRace a worse is the never-ending craving…ah, yes! Envy is the root cause of all trouble…


  14. Envy can be a very good motivating factor except that one shouldn’t let envy consume everything else. Don’t you think?


  15. renu says:

    We cant remove envy from our life..its very difficult, but if we practice , then slowly it can motivate us to reach higher..But then reaching high shouldnt be the only aim in life..


    • Bikramjit says:

      It is difficult, but like you say if we practise and work hard we can do much better than what or where we are now ..

      Reaching high shud not be But i think in todays day and age it is the demand one needs to , else like me one will will become a joke 🙂


  16. Anita says:

    I feel envy is a killer.
    It kills the joy in life.
    Rather than waste time in comparing & envying, makes sense to improve ourselves. But, then that’ll make us the object of envy!!!
    Hope we all are satisfied and do good for ourselves.


  17. I feel instead of feeling envious about someone, we should work towards achieving what they achieved. Why not work hard and achieve success, instead of feeling jealous of someone else’s success..
    Nice post Bikram.


  18. sm says:

    nice thoughtful post


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