Musical Monday (22):-Othe amla de hone ne nabede

Posted: August 24, 2015 in Bikramism, Independace, Musical Monday
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The Following is a beautiful song, I am sure many will understand what it means but for those who dont I have tried translating although I have not been able to do justice to what the Song actually means.  Trying to get back to blogging slowly and starting with the monday musical tradition. To bring forward good songs, Hope you like it.

Padi namaaz te Niyaaj na sukhiya,
Teriyan kis kaam padiyan namaazan

Na ghar ditha na gharwala ditha,
Teriyan kis kaam ditiyan ne assaan

Ilam padiya te amal na kita,
Teriyaan  kis kaam kitiyan ibadaan

bulle shah pata odon lag si, jado chidi fasi hath baajan

Read the holy scriptures,
but you got no knowledge from it ..

Whats the use of Reading all that
All knowledge that you got ,
You did not act on them..
What use is that Knowledge..

othe amla de hone ne nabade  kissie ne teri Zaat puchni 
oithe amla de hone ne nabade kissie ne teri jaat puchni

jhoothe maan tere jhoothe sab chehre
kissie nahin teri zaat puchni

oithe amla de hone ne nabade kissie ne teri zaat puchni- 

Up there is where all will end, NO one will ask what RACE-CREED you are

Its all a Lie this prestige-pride you talk off No is going to ask what Race-Creed you are

Luk Luk ke saude karna hain
Bin Mehnat Bhojhe Bharna hain

sadhaan nu Chor banave tun
Na allah kolon darna hain

saare jag which noor hai usda
na uston koi parda

You make deals hiding
Want gain without working heard

Turn holy men into theives
Not afraid of the almighty

His eyes are on the Whole world
Nothing is hidden from HIM 

Kisse ronde nu viraya eh taan das khan
kise bhukhe nu rajaya eh taan das khan

raah chon rode nu hataya eh taan das khan
kadi zakhaM kisseda fat nahinyo seeta

aven feri Tasveer KAKH v Nahin kita

Have you ever helped someone crying
Have you ever Fed any Hungy

Have you removed that stone from a path
Have you put a bandage on someone’s hurt


Aakhir chadhne mehal Munare
baith sada nahin rehna

char dina da mela sajna bahuti der nahin rehna
jo beejenga kamliya bandiya ohiyo wadhna paina

One Day you got to leave all these worldy goods
Wont sit here for ever

Life is but of 4 days it will end soon

You Reap what you SOW..

Peeke Amrit AMAR na ho sakiyon
Sikh panth di das tun shaan ki hain

Je na ladiyon ajit jujhar wangon
bajaan waale di das santaan ki hain

Ohi jitde ne baaji which duniya
jehde jitan lai baaji haarde ne

uth khalsa guraan de laal Tainu  wajaan which sirhind de maarde neGetting baptised doesnot mean you will become great

If you dont Fight like Ajeet Singh and Jujhar singh the Sons of Guru Gobind singh ,
Then dont call yourself a SIKH

Those who are willing to lose to Win the final battle are the Real Winners

Get up Be the Sikh that Guru made, You are being called upon by the voices that ring in SIRHIND

  1. Great to read you on a Monday and such a beautiful post:)


  2. Rachna says:

    The lyrics are beautiful and so is the song. Nice to see you blogging again.


  3. Truly a beautiful song… 🙂 good to see you after a long time…


  4. menons129 says:

    A great song, with beautiful lyrics. Thanks for sharing, Bikram.


  5. Hoping you are back for good, Mr. B 🙂


  6. SG says:

    Beautiful song. Enjoyed reading.


  7. Noopur says:

    I have never heard this song before… this is lovely


  8. sm says:

    beautiful lyrics


  9. Beat About The Book says:

    Lovely lyrics and great song.


  10. Soul stirring. Growing up I was a huge fan of Hans Raj Hans, his sufism is impeccable.


  11. Alok Singhal says:

    Your translation really helps, some words would have been mystery otherwise 🙂


  12. Words of wisdom, thank you for the translation!


  13. shwetadave09 says:

    Super song and sahi translation…par asli mazaa original song vich hi aa. 🙂


  14. Archana Kapoor says:

    It’s a beautiful one… 😊😊


  15. I have never heard this song before… this is lovely


  16. Amit Agarwal says:

    Great lyrics and good translation too, Bikram sir, thank you!
    For some strange reason however the video didn’t play…will try again later 🙂


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