Punjab – India – Mera Bharat Mahaan

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Abuse, Angry, Horror, India, indians, My Thoughts.
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Recent incidents taking place in the state of Punjab have truly shocked me, it was more for me because I could never believe at first how things have deteriorated in the country from bad to worse.  Especially after listening to all long claims made all over the media about how the nation is developing, India Shining , How we are getting more educated , How this or that BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH…

What amazes me more is the way people have started to live , as long as nothing is happening to them or their families , or as long as nothing is happening that is affecting them personally then EVERYTHING IS FINE.

Just a few days back a 13 year old girl is molested in a BUS, and then she and her Mother are thrown out of the moving bus resulting in the little Girl Dead- MURDERED and the mother getting hurt ASSAULTED (in UK terms i will say GRIEVOUS BODY HARM)

I have been keenly following this episode and reading the tamasha that is going on, the political parties , leaders , officials are all trying to get some mileage at the cost of 13 years old’s LIFE.  I mean they are even arguing over the amount of compensation offered, I read the following in one of the newspapers

“Members of the Joint Action Committee (JAC) comprising farmer unions, labour unions, the Left parties and the Punjab Student Union sparred with AAP activists over the compensation amount.
The JAC said it was satisfied with Rs 20-lakh offer and a guaranteed job for the girl’s father and was ready for the compromise to end the stalemate over ceramtion of the body. The JAC said a compromise was almost reached between government representatives – district magistrate PS Gill, DIG Amar Singh Chahal, SSP Jatinder Khaira and SDM Surinder Kaur – and its activists. However, the girl’s father was taken to a corner by some AAP members who later returned to announce that no compromise has been reached, claimed JAC.”

What sort of people are these I wonder, How can someone say oh this much is OK, or NOT OK, how can someone put a price on a fellow human being and that too murdered, Instead of arguing over money Shud they not be more worried about , HANGING the criminals Getting the culprits. Making sure such incidents don’t happen again.  Taking money or whatever compensation is up-to the Family of the girl, their own personal and private affair, WHAT has it got to with all these political parties.

What is worst is this has now become a Political Tamasha as the opposition’s have found a shoulder to put their guns on and FIRE a salvo at the punjab government, I know the current GOVT is probably the WORST ever to come to power but then who is to be blamed for that THE PEOPLE who voted for them.  When the same opposition was in power they did nothing themselves , so what right do they have using this episode.

A similar thing happened a few years ago in Guwahati there was so much shouting and what not by all the political parties, but what has happened I doubt if anyone even remembers what happened then.  We are such people, episodes happen we shout and shout , in a few weeks something else happens and we move on to that episode, That is WHO WE ARE, I dont have any shame in accepting this, Maybe I am also part of the same group of people, So it is US the people who are to be blamed for all that is happening.

This is what we are, more than the molesters, the number of people watching is more..so who is a bigger CRIMINAL, the one doing the act or the ones standing there enjoying the Show…..

It takes a loud voice to make the deaf hear, with these immortal words uttered on a similar occasion by Valiant, a French anarchist martyr, do we strongly justify this action of ours. This is how the above notice was put all over the nation in those days of the british RAJ.. signed by Balraj  Commander-in-Chief  (Balraj was the pseudonym of Chandra Shekhar Azaad , The commander-in-chief of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (army))

I am sorry to say we are more worried about the black money and Lot of STUPID PROBLEMS or other things BUT When and WHO will fight for the basic things.

Where are the Baba Ramdev’s , The Gandhians, The Anna hazaare.. What is more important to fight or have these rally’s to bring back the black money or make sure such incidents don’t take place and if they do take place then the culprits ARE CAUGHT not in half hour , not in 24 hours BUT AT THE EARLIEST,  What is more important, SHOULD the police not be brought to the DOCKS , they are paid to protect us, WHY are the culprits not arrested ALL OF THEM..

Why is Not a single police officer sacked.

Ladies and gentleman it is time to get together and  stand together and make a NOISE .. A NOISE THAT will make the DEAF hear for believe it or not , OUR SOCIETY, US, our leaders , our office bearers are no other than DEAF.. they don’t hear anything Till a loud noise is made ..

“I Dont want your tears , I don’t want your pity, I want your ANGER about this system, Given your anger CHANGE WILL COME, Unless there is anger  how can everything change ” ? 


hathyar hi sute haje chalaune nahin aseen bhule  

raflaan diyan nalaan de rakhe ne muh haje tak khule

jit ke ja waddi hai kithe thagan di toli

(We might have thrown our WEAPONS (hathyaar).. But we have not forgotten how to use(chalauna) them,  We have kept the mouth of our RIFLES (raflaan) open,  Where do these THUGS go after winning the elections)

I leave you with a question (hope you have reached here reading this post)  Having a STONE in hand , Who are we going to hit it with ?  The molester OR THAT person who stood there watching the whole SHOW.

I will prefer to use my gun and shoot that who stood and watched the SHOW.. because that person is more of a culprit , I know the molester , I can see his face , but these who hide behind doing nothing are the WORST LOT.. they are the reason our nation is where it is now, they will be the next one to become molesters, rapists.. …   WE are the culprits..

  1. AdiC says:

    I read about such incidents day in and day out and they’re increasing each day! These days I’ve stopped watching the television news channels out of fear of becoming as numb as the journalists towards the entire upheaval of our society in terms of lack of compassion!


  2. rajlakshmi says:

    It’s a shame… utter shame… what have we done to our country… every one is so busy in their own rat race that importance of someone else’s life has lost all it’s meaning. the few who want to do good fear , lest anything bad befall on their family.


    • Bikramjit says:

      I know .. it is a sad state of affair .. I think there needs to be a Revolt .. we need the likes of bhagat singh and others to wake up inside the hearts of everyone ..

      Hello mam.. How are you doing .. good to see you hear after a long long time 🙂


  3. This news and its ilk, makes me dizzy. It’s happening everywhere, every day. The country is advancing backwards ( I like to use this oxymoron for such morons). 😦


  4. SG says:

    We should have leaders like Partap Singh Kairon. This bus incident would never have happened. We miss him.


    • Bikramjit says:

      Yes definitely, we do need such a leader. the current government has done nothing good other than take control of every successful business in the state, it seems everything belongs to the badals even the CRIME..


  5. Gasolina says:

    Sad state of affairs…:-(


  6. Rachna says:

    Not only this incident but every day the newspaper is filled with such incidents. It is really sad that only noise is made. No real action on the ground happens.


    • Bikramjit says:

      It is really sad what is the country coming to .. I wish someone sits and instead of doing stupid things starts from the bottom and gets the needs of a common man seen to first


  7. renu says:

    Really.i feel so frustrated…Since the bus belonged to a politician..no action was taken.
    The same people say thats ince most of the autos are plied by politicians in chennai, they fleece the customers non chalantly.
    we need to choose our leaders with open eyes, and be a good citizen ourselves also..which we are not..


    • Bikramjit says:

      It is true no action taken, Although I can understand they are themselves not to be blames for THIS particular episode it is the people in the bus but These people did all this because the bus was of a politician .. lets hope we are able to become good citizens


  8. Yes, Bikram, we are the culprits. We don’t have good sincere leaders and we are compelled to vote a little bit better thief. We don’t see a single sincere leader now. We thought AAP would bring some change but they don’t have time to finish their own inside fights. People have become insensitive. All of us, for that matter. What has happened to the girl might happen to our own family member. We don’t think in this angle. We are cowards. Our cowardness encourages wrong people to thrive, do anything and escape. Justice is dead in our country. Salman is an example.


    • Bikramjit says:

      you are correct , we chose a GOOD THIEF.. rightly said. AAP was always like that the people attached to the party are not that good and moreover they are not experienced and for them it was a chance to make money…
      and cowards yes WE definitely are…


  9. obsessivemom says:

    It’s a sad state of affairs. Every day we hear of a new case. And she was just 13 – a small girl. Sad. Agree with you that the people who stand and watch must share the blame.


  10. S says:

    Whole world has become insensitive towards human life. Nowadays, a life is worth few lakhs and a government job. No individuals cares about another person and government is all about making money. Congress, BJP and especially AAP–all these political parties and so-called “netas” serving the citizens of India are actually just enjoying the power and the benefits that comes with it rather than helping their fellow countrymen for the sake of humanity. These basic problem with all these incidents whether in Punjab, Haryana or the world is the fact that people have become insensitive, callous, selfish and hard-hearted. Everyone would post prayers for earthquake victims of Nepal, rash status updates about rapes and other incidents on social media but if you ask them to donate a few hundreds or help some stranger on road, everyone would turn their heads and pretend not to see or hear you. That what our world has turned into. It is not only government but us who have to change.


    • Bikramjit says:

      few lakhs Noooooooooooooooo it is not even that , one only needs to go to a hospital in india .. for a few hundred rupees people are not taken care of, and left to die. Every NETA is the same each one of them, the good ones are barely “GOOD THIEFS”, yes people have become insensitive which is more sadder, as if this carries on our nation will become worse.

      We do have to change each one of us ..

      Liked by 1 person

  11. KHOJ says:

    you are right….we are to be blamed….it is us…that’s where the problem lies…

    our economy is growing, and the world around us as we knew is changing….there is a piece of cake out there…not enough for all of us, but we all want a piece of it, and if possible all of it…fear, selfishness, cowardice breeds from that…we probably need more cake, and time, for this chaos to settle I would think….

    A shame nevertheless….


    • Bikramjit says:

      Hello SIr, good to see you here after quiet a few years now 🙂 thank you for visiting.

      I know the economy is growing but what good is that growth when such things are happening, shame indeed …


  12. onkar kedia says:

    Very true. Passive bystanders need to be jolted.


  13. Harini says:

    You have hit the bull’s eye when you said we are the reason this is happening. We all are so engulfed in our own lives that other people’s life doesnt hold much importance to us. When we start caring and stop being selfish things like this will go down.


  14. sindhoooo says:

    Such incidents shake every Indian who is principled. It is very true that India is developing but it will take some time to make every Indian true to themselves, to the moral values.

    We all have read in school what foreign travelers said about India, ‘India was prosperous with very noble people…’ Since the invasions of foreigners and destruction of our education system, we have suffered a lot. Modern education system is not very effective in establishing moral values in the children’s hearts… ‘Morality is being mocked as ‘a vegetable printed in the book that is good for nothing’. Now we hardly have support for the moral values, we have only a countable number of leaders who live moral values. So, I think, it will take a real long time to bring back the morality. Our judicial bodies have greater responsibility in providing justice to the innocents and in charging severe punishments to the guilty. Punishments cannot make people moral but can at least make people think twice before committing a sin.


    • Bikramjit says:

      yeah it does shake.. But then it shud not take such incidents for us to shake up.

      I am not sure if we can blame the foreign education for this , we need harsher punishments but before all that we the people need to change.


  15. Gaurav says:

    I wonder why is it difficult for people in India to be at lease a little empathetic and compassionate? Why only few care?


  16. Maria says:

    Girl cool down!! I am not telling to to close your eyes but don’t let these incidents upset you. Let me tell you there will be some people who will not be part of the herd…what we can do is accept the shame and try our best not to keep quite when such things happen. See politics is dirty and nasty and let it not make you unproud of your country. See the good side… you have no idea what fear and frustration the common man is in… don’t blame the masses, or the Govt. or the media, make it simple, let us just promise we will be a good part and change in socirty. I am surprsed this incident happened in a public bus though… and yeah lucky we are to be safe everyday, that girl and mom could have been you or me… I hope such thing never happens again but I know it will…but please keep hope and I am sure our country is voicing out, people are rising, more than before and things will change for the good. Good day… it is not that these incidents we are blind and all since we ourselves faced similar situations on haressment in buses to a extent and we are also thinking and bleed cribing like you but still there is good too to inspire us that we will certainly do something brave to stop these instances…keep hope(:


    • Bikramjit says:

      Girl.. ahmmmmmmm 🙂 last time I checked I was still a man 🙂

      Well Welcome here to this blog .. thank you so much for visiting.. please do keep coming ..

      and yeah promise indeed hopefully if a situation like that comes up I will do something about it rather than sitting quitely and watching.

      and keeping Hope indeed …


      • Maria says:

        oh oh… well I thought girls are only more sensitive…good to know the concern, yeah me too hopes can be braver and assertive, its easy to say difficult to do rather be!! anyway…


  17. […] Punjab – India – Mera Bharat Mahaan  […]


  18. shweta says:

    Henious and sad in the name of politics 😦 very right points brought up, eye opening article.


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