Week 6:-The city you live in

Posted: April 27, 2015 in Bikramism, Blogging, Experiences, FriendShip, Memories, My Thoughts.
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52 weeks of Gratitude .. Week 5 Says the title is “The city you live in”

I am not very sure with the topic here, because to me the current city I live in will never be as beautiful as to the CITY I am From, yes I have made my home in the city I live in currently but they do say home is where the heart is and my heart has always been in CHANDIGARH (the city beautiful), the moment I think of it I go on this nostalgic trip and why not almost all my youth was spent on the roads and by lanes of the beautiful city.

The first planned city to have been built-in india after independence, when i close my eyes all i can see are the beautiful roads covered with golden leaves especially as summer is coming. My heart jumps in excitement each time someone talks about this city, I have some beautiful memories. I did my schooling from a different city and in my 11th class I came back to Chandigarh, Took admission in Govt college for men and rest as they say is History. College .. The word itself is so nostalgic.. we have so many memories attached with it .. I sometimes think of the time and seem to get lost in the huge ocean of memories , makes we want to go back in time to those days, Its been ages since I have left college but the stuff we did , the memories, the history we made .. each time I remember one such episode it lightens me up.. I have that twinkle in the eye, that energy , rush of blood which goes missing otherwise in the normal day-to-day routine that we call LIFE.

I have now left college and the CITY in search of new adventures, new roads, new ambitions.. but I still remember those days.. the 5 year of my life that I spent in college. The friends I made , the way we became friends , the silly things we did , the attitude, The no-nonsense way , giving two hoots to life as if we were unbeatable.. nothing could touch us .. Not even KARNAIL SINGH the SHO of sector 11 police station.. 🙂

Chandigarh in those days was the “THE CITY” to be in, because of proper shopping centres , cafe’s, cinema halls, People from everywhere in the country would come to see the city, The gardens it had, Every now and then some sort of concert would be organised in the open places. The first ever Rock concert I went in my life was in the Chandigarh, I remember it was an english Concert and a Group had come from Bangalore, That was the first time I had heard the song “Tarzan Boy” 🙂 .. I know I have taken many of the readers long time backwards, we danced to that song all night long. Being nearer to Punjab it was quite common to have one of the Punjabi singers every now and then performing in the city.

Rose festival was the much awaited festival that was held in Rose garden all the beautiful girls of the city would come and we boys as usual behind them trying to impress them little did we know than that , That was not a way to impress a girl.

The rock garden another attraction that would attract so many in those days I am not sure how it is doing now, but then it was a meeting point for everyone, Sukhna lake was one place that I have a lot of memories , I use to go running early morning every-day, Sadly now I hear due to silting the water is not that deep anymore.

My best friends , the people who would smilingly stand shoulder to shoulder with me were introduced to me in this city, Babbar, Cherry,Ravi,vikram,Sood All of us became such good friends, I am so full of gratitude to the City Chandigarh because it was a stepping stone for me to come to where I am, Maybe if I had not come to this city after my 10th class I would not be here where I am now, but then who knows..

The famous Gedi route the road between the College for men and Girls, so much time was spent on that particular stretch of road. The beautiful girls who also obviously wanted to look at the boys walking up and down, and us on our vehicles trying to impress some, sadly the only things that happened was the wasting of petrol.

I am sure I can go on and on with so many memories , Experiences I have had in MY CITY, I can definitely say that I am who i am because of the city Chandigarh too.

I have some photographs of the city that I would love to share with everyone ..

Chandigarh  Roads ..

Chandigarh Roads ..



Night time.. Left here and third house :)

Night time.. Left here and third house 🙂

End of the Road is Home ..

Home is at End of the Road

  1. padmaja says:

    Beautiful pictures Bikram, so glad I could know about your city today. There is always a special attachment to the place where we belong to and it can never be second to any other in the world!


  2. I am nostalgic now. Once you live in Chandigarh, a part of you stays there. Geri route, StuCee, Sector 17, Lake, Hot Millions, Oven Fresh and the list goes on and on. I love the road from Bus Stand to Matka Chowk. I feel a part of me is still there.


    • Bikramjit says:

      yessssssssssss… now you have made me nostalgic too 🙂 oven fresh how can i forget that .. first time in chandigarh fresh prepared food place opened..


  3. Harini says:

    Hey Bikram. How have you been? I am back :). I have a lot of catching up to do… dont I? Ok, now to the post… I have always lived in Hyderabad so I never had the sense of nostalgia that is oozing out from your post. But I do agree that the city we are born and brought up in is always special to us. I wanna visit Chandigarh some day. Its a beautiful city and your pictures prove it.


    • Bikramjit says:

      Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy how are you.. Long time no see and YEs good to see you .. and a LOT LOTTTTTTttt of catching up indeed.

      Oh yes come to chandigarh but make sure you come when i am there 🙂 it definitely is a beautiful city…


  4. SG says:

    I have fond memories of Chandigarh. I have visited 10 or 12 times. My brother was studying in DAV College at that time. The moment I arrive by bus at the Sector 17 Bus Stand, it was all happiness and enjoyment of this beautiful city. Fond memories and will be visiting again during our next trip to India.


  5. Rachna says:

    How are you, Bikram?

    I’ve visited Chandigarh only once and I loved it back then.


    • Bikramjit says:

      YEsssssssssssss come back again , next time I am there you all come , Most welcome..

      I am doing good , I am back to work now Full Time 🙂 yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
      and how are you and family doing


  6. renu says:

    I havent seen Chandigarh but keep hearing from my friends that it is THE CITY to live in..first planned city of India.


  7. wordcoiner says:

    I have heard a lot about Chandigarh. It was a prominent question in school – which is India’s first planned city? You know, for me too – the town I have spent my childhood in remains closest. Wherever I may live in the years to come, the town will always be my home.


  8. Beloo Mehra says:

    Have only heard good things about this city, hopefully will get to visit it someday.


  9. Beautiful images!


  10. sm says:

    beautiful photos


  11. Hey Bikram.. hope you’re doing fine… 🙂

    Glad to see some beautiful pictures on your blog after a long time… 🙂


  12. shagun1593 says:

    Where did you find about this challenge it is fantastic…..


  13. […] Guys, I read about gratitude challenge on a blog (https://mannbikram.wordpress.com/2015/04/27/week-6-the-city-you-live-in/) and decided to take on challenge myself. I think it would help us think, write and understand more […]


  14. chitra says:

    This is one city I love to visit. Heard so much abt it as it is a planned city. My brother in law did his MS in medicine in Chandigarh, The pictures are lovely,


  15. Ashwini says:

    Hey! Where have you been? Take care!

    Nice to know about your city. I guess all of us share this bond with our city, The city where we grew up is always close to our hearts no matter where we move on later. And specially if it is the only place where all our friends stay, then there is nothing that could be better 🙂

    And I dint know that Chanigarh was one of the first cities to be planned. Nice pics 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      Where have i been , well here only .. just LIFE happened 🙂 and things change etc etc

      oh yes it was one of the first planned city, 🙂 you are right that bond is there for sure


  16. Beautiful pictures ….


  17. onkar kedia says:

    Nice pictures. I too love Chandigarh.


  18. Balram Kaushal says:

    Bikram brother u have done a great job. Lovely pictures of “City Beautiful” “Chandugarh” and u have discribed Our City nicely. In Punjabi i want to say that ,”Jeeooo Mann Saahb, Rabb chadhdi Kalah ch rakhe”…..

    With Love & Regards,


  19. sindhoooo says:

    Hometowns have their own place in our hearts! Never got a chance to know about Chandighar, thanks a lot for sharing what your city is… 🙂 Yes, it is a beautiful city, but we want more pictures!


  20. I have been to Chandigarh..It is indeed a beautiful place, neither did i know that it was one of the first planned cities.. !


  21. gc1963 says:

    Beautiful pics.


  22. I can see how much you like the city! I have been there only on a few short trips but I found it good!


  23. inducares says:

    Like you,i also love my Delhi best of all;although i left it decades ago.But i could not have described the nostalgia as beautifully as you have.


  24. Amit Agarwal says:

    The beautiful Chandigarh looks even more beautiful not only through your lens but through your pen too, Bikram sir! Great narration 🙂


  25. I can relate to all this Bikram…..Chandigarh is a great city….although I have not visited it. What is this challenge by the way…? Looks very interesting…..


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