I have been reading a few blogs and articles on the famous AIB fiasco.. I call it a fiasco because I want to use the same choices words used by the famous personalities to their face and see how they react to that.. BUT hold on before I do that Let me put a disclaimer here LEST people get offended , we cant have that now can we.

Disclaimer can be rubbished so I have another WEAPON that I can use to Justify the use of the beautiful romantic language used and that my friends are the beautiful three words “FREEDOM OF SPEECH“.. and if that speech hurts someone’s sentiments, or hurts any things then $%^£$%^£%$%%&^&^ you get the hint, yeah I know I am a hypocrite I should have used the lovely word used by the famous celebrities instead and I am sure none of you would have got offended. HOW can you after all freedom of speech, But hold on let me put the Disclaimer ..

Disclaimer:- This POST is not for those who get offended over ANYTHING, the moment you feel offended by what I have written or WHAT I MIGHT SAY ON YOUR FACE, OR TO YOU please look somewhere else or do something else. Anything I say or write or do is my Fundamental right, Don’t ask me to not to. Even more If I am abusing you in PUNJABI or HINDI you cant get offended as I will be using my mother tongue and using my mother tongue is my BIRTH RIGHT. and it does get included in FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

(Any solicitors -advocates or INTELLIGENT people reading the above Disclaimer can you please tell me if this covers every angle , don’t want a law suit against me now for something stupid like this, something so small as using offensive language, after all we are all ADULTS and INTELLIGENT and MATURE).

So my views on the program involving the Celebrities, the people who are in public eye, people whom many idolise and THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE SOME RESPONSIBILITY because of the nature of their work or life they lead. So let gets it out of the way first what I think of them, THEY are a BUNCH OF IDIOTS. I did not expect such language from them (another thing I forgot was EDUCATED people), How can someone in SANE mind really support such atrocious language, How can it be justified in the name of Freedom of speech or saying the program had a disclaimer.

Yes we have a choice to listen or see the show , Yes we could have changed the Channel yes this yes that.. Hoo haah.. BULLOCKS..

My question to everyone who is all supportive and going GA GA over the episode.

1. WILL THEY ALLOW THIS LANGUAGE in their own house

2. Will they themselves USE this Language

3. DO YOU use this language Yourself, if NO then WHY NOT.. WHY are you yourself not using it BUT you support this.

4. What would be your reaction if I used this language in front of you.

5. AND to create another Controversy – WILL the same people say or talk about this freedom of speech blah blah the same way if A MAN is using the language for a LADY.. or a MOTHER IN LAW is using the Language for a Daughter in law – Vice Versa.

Why do people start to talk about sexism- the age old MAN-WOMAN issues – After all it could be the right use of freedom of Speech, so what if it offends you, LOOK THE OTHER WAY or better still change your way.

The sole reason and what has made me angry at the show is the participation of these celebrities because I genuinely feel that they have a responsibility being in the public eye, they got to live up-to the expectations of the people, THAT is the Life they have chosen, that is what they are getting PAID for , YES it does not matter to me if a tom-dick-harry talks such rubbish language because he/she is a nobody, BUT these people. NO.. so many people follow them and try to emulate them, Look up to them what sort of message are they sending out.

IF this is me being hypocrite then I AM, this is not what was taught to me or this is not what I have learned, obviously what these guys have learnt is simply pathetic, THEY ARE THE BIGGEST hypocrites trying to be someone they are not.

And then I read another funny thing how some people are being targeted for openly speaking against it Well isn’t that their right , the so called freedom of speech to say what they think, Why are their actions being noted and they being called hypocrites.

In the name of Comedy these people used such atrocious language, what was worse was there were so many in the audience clapping, and I thought that an Actress like Deepika Padukone was sophisticated ALAS she turned out to be just the same , she is definitely off my list. I have been to some beautiful stand-up comedy shows never ever have I heard such a language, I have been in situations where people have used filthy language but never this Filthy. Even a Drunk or someone high on drugs who is about to get arrested does not use this language.

I am sorry that was not comedy it was a SLEAZY SHOW which sadly was being telecast, Another Question (oh god I am asking so many questions, ) to all those

6. Would you sit with your MOM or DAUGHTER or SISTER (if you are a man) .. DAD or BROTHER or SON (if you are a woman) ( got to ask about both lest someone reading points out I am being sexist now).. and Watch this program. You are all adults.

I am sure that GOOD – RESPONSIBLE people would have kept themselves away from this, maybe it was a cheap publicity stunt Actors are like politicians they will do anything for MONEY or to be in public eye, Here is another thought if the same language is used by a Politician will you VOTE for them still.

Ok Now go on Kill me 🙂

  1. Thank you for writing this! This desperately needed to be said – but then peer pressure strangles us.
    There is too much being shielded under the convenient sheltering wings of Freedom of Speech. They need to understand that ‘Misuse ‘ of that freedom is also rampant – and ‘just not done’.

    But even if I dismiss the bunch of idiots as irresponsible, I wonder why such programs find an audience? Doesn’t that say something about the gradual dumbing down and systematic de-sensitization of the masses? I find THAT the scariest part of all.
    Tomorrow a road-Romeo’s filthy remarks will also be filed as ‘freedom of speech’.

    Scary, scary, scary…


    • Bikramjit says:

      YEs.. I am all for freedom of speech but there has to be some control too , i dont think by hurting the sentiments of others one can get away, freedom of speech does not mean you can say anything and hide behind it all the time. SO true what you say its always the onlookers and the people who stand and ENJOY the scene only to turn there back and give a damn once the show finishes … BUT I can bet my life the same people will go mad in anger if this was personaly done to them its all ok to say oh i dont care or it was only comedy .. and have it done to themself.

      exactly my point what if I pass sleazy remarks to someone can i say it is freedom of speech .. I doubt it .. I dont care what the law says if someone talks to me like that they will soon find my fist on their face .. Simple

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  2. Shalzzz says:

    Loved your take on this! Exactly what I thought too! I have no idea how this becomes freedom of speech and wondered how those who so strongly support the show would use such language in their daily lives! Brilliant!


  3. I heard about AIB, but that’s about it. Is there a vid clip knocking around? Just want to know the fuss B4 I comment (not that I am questioning anything you have written sport). Take care.


    • Bikramjit says:

      there are loads of VIdeo’s etc on youtube , I dont have your number else i would have whatsapped you ..

      it is something which i would not see again as all it had was using the BC MC and what not while the audience went all GA GA over it .. WOWOW beautiful language …


  4. pixie says:

    I enjoyed watching the AIB Roast.
    I thought it was a step forward – successful people taking a dig at themselves.

    Unfortunately, people don’t seem to get the idea of a Roast – its meant to be abusive and offensive. That’s what a Roast means! 😀
    no one uses such language at home – such language and such jokes are meant to be on a Roast.

    Sure, some of it was repetitive, some a bit forced… but, overall it was a brilliant effort. I just wish they stop apologizing to all and sundry.

    Also, I don’t think this has anything to do with Freedom of Speech or anything. It was just a Roast.

    The language and the jokes didn’t bother me … I think we need to take a good hard look at ourselves and really stop taking ourselves so seriously. Maybe not in such an abusive manner – but, we Indians are such hypocrites regarding everything. It would do us good to lighten up.

    (Don’t kill me now! 😀 )

    it did make me a fan of Ranveer Singh! 😀
    (I already like Arjun Kapoor and Karan Johar)


    • Bikramjit says:

      hey pixie how you doing, Good to see you here you keep disappearing 🙂

      I dont have anything about roast or not to roast, my whole point of the post was that I dont think CELEBRITIES should have done that, just because I feel they are in a position of responsibility , the position they have chosen to be in public eye, so many people follow them , and THEM doing this was entirely a wrong thing. As i said in the post a common man , uneducated person using such language is ok maybe they dont know right from wrong , or maybe thats what life has taught them .. BUT these are people with responsibility.. you would not find hollywood celebrities doing such things , maybe that why they are loved WORLD wide and the indian couterparts are only for indian audience.

      regarding apologising well thats not good enough, the damage has been done they should have thought about it earlier but instead i guess they were more interested in the money that was coming in their pocket ..

      The freedom of speech is what those who are supporting it are going on hence me saying .. it is true nothing to do with freedom of speech …

      regarding we being hypocrites OH YES WE ARE 🙂 … I dont mind the jokes and all or maybe the language as I am used to it but as i mentioned earlier my anger is towards those celebrities , I think they have responsibility young people follow them and this is not what they should be doing.

      and NO why would i kill you come on after all .. freedom of speech he he he he he he he 🙂 This is my view and you have your view I respect that , that does not mean we got to fight over it 🙂

      and heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy do keep appearing 🙂


  5. Rinks says:

    I absolutely agree with you, word by word.First of all celebrities have more social responsibilities than any normal person, Because especially in India, young/old people follow bollywood blindly.I considered those 2 guys from MTV as maniacs long time back. Now Karan J, Arjun and Ranveer fall into the same category.Its sad to see that most of my FB friends have applauded this act as Freedom of Speech. I so agree with you that they should then start using this language in their daily life with atleast their family members if not with colleagues/friends/seniors at work. My respect for Aamir khan grows as he put his views against it as abuse/ verbal violence. Freedom of speech is as important as is not crossing the thin line between being decent/responsible/person and losing your mind at any given time. I do not feel there is any difference left between these guys and people living in slums of Mumbai/Delhi. Wonderful post Bikram, just loved it! 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      and THAT Is exactly what I wanted to say 🙂 and this has NOTHING to do with Freedom of speech , we have hijacked that idea to suit our needs simply. and same people who are applauding if face a similar situation WONT like it at all.

      It is ABUSE if this was uk the people in question would have been arrested by now and I am sure you will agree that law in uk is much better that india and human rights are taken care of million times better here then in india.

      Thank you so much 🙂


      • Rinks says:

        And that’s precisely we (India) are where we are. No laws and no laws at work. Sab kuch bhagwan bharose hai yahan! Salman Khan is roaming scot free after killing so many people in drunken driving. In US you gotta pay so much fine and attend 3- 6 months correctional classes that you will get the lesson of your life. If a person in DUI probation is found drunk with his car keys in his pocket (even if he is no where near his car) he gets his second DUI ! People and govt have become incorrigible in India. It will take more than a hundred years to even think about reforms. Nonetheless, I have lost hope. It was so nice to read your post Bikram. Keep up the good work 🙂


  6. I didn’t like it. Having one is one thing but making fun of others with obscene jokes is another. You want to get insulted/paid, do it but don’t drag others in it. Yes, you are right there ought to be some responsibility.


  7. greenboochi says:

    Agree with every point of your post Bikram. By the way did you know Karan’s mom was in the audience too and didn’t find any of it offensive it seems.


  8. Yuvika says:

    The only reason I saw the roast was because of the controversy it attracted and I’ll be honest – I laughed at quite a few jokes and yes they were offensive but most offensive to the people participating – if you dont like it dont watch it – nobody was forced to watch it there was no advertising nothing – in my opinion pretty harmless – there was no point of the politicians getting involved. i can’t watch so many A rated movies comfortably with my bro or son but that doesn’t mean they should stop making them! And at teh end of the day – these are people from an industry that does not require social responsibility or service as its prime agenda!
    what i am saying is – you can have an opinion on whether it was disgusting/offensive or not – but you cannot go about banning films, demanding apologies, or threatening the physical safety of anyone involved – you dont like it dont watch it – the politicians and a few religious organizations made such a big issue that people like me who were otherwise not even interested in watching also ended up wasting our precious time trying to figure out the offence quotient!


    • Bikramjit says:

      True if you dont like dont watch.. I did not say the show should stop at all, I got no qualms with that and if i had that is none of my business .. BUT my business comes when Responsible people WHOM people follow and try to emulate do such things .. and that is what i have tried to say in the post, I guess I have not written the post properly of FAILED to send my views.

      I am sure I have not written about banning or demanded an apology , also an apology is too late why do something which you have to apologise later … and political and religious people well they will do anything for a bit of publicity and this was ideal, the same parties will be put garlands around the actors if they support their party, so the political and religious parties are worst .


  9. Not being a fan of comedies and mostly stand-up comedies, i never watched the show. But have read lots and lots of it that i think i should see it at least to have a stand. Though not sure about this show, i find most of the stand-up comedies offensive. And many advice us not to watch them if they are offensive. Easy to say and politically correct too if it was only meant for educated, wise, sane and perfect people which most of us aren’t. When most of the ideas represented are generalisations that are degrading and disgusting, what example is it setting? That behaving that way on National Television is okay and it obviously would be okay to be so in normal lives too. I wouldn’t or cannot take it easy if someone behaves in the same way in real life. And why would i like if someone sets up the stage for continuous bashing with ridiculous and stupid things sold in the name of comedy. I definitely wouldn’t like and support as well. And i definitely think people who support and enjoy such shows but wouldn’t like to be that bold and offensive in their lives as hypocrites. I might be one but definitely of this kind.
    Okay, i actually want to kill you for this post. Do you have to do this? I now am more interested in knowing what all this fuss is about and i know this curiosity is going to kill me. 😛


    • Bikramjit says:

      I am a fan of stand up comedies but I have never watching a indian stand up, I dont find them funny , if you want ot enjoy stand up comedy you need to see the likes of michael macyntyre, or ROd gilbert etc etc they are SO FUNNY and 99% of the times they are not as offensive as the show we are talking about, I have seen shows where i have laughed and laughed so much that the body aches.

      political correctness to me is again a stupid thing we have forgotten the basic COMMON SENSE.

      and noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo please dont .. i am the only son of my parents pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 he he he he

      well this show had nothing but offensive words …


      • 🙂 In my comment, I actually meant, “I’m not of this kind” … but all thanks to my great typing skills, I killed its meaning. Thanks for ignoring it.
        I was never really into comedy shows untill I accidentally got into Friends. And stand-up comedies were never my type but the ones I accidentally came across turned out just the way I explained earlier. I will try to check out the ones you suggested. Maybe, I will develop a like for the genre too. 🙂
        Don’t worry. Since you gave me a nice list to watch, you are saved. 😛 🙂 Take care bikram.


        • Bikramjit says:

          now friends is a beautiful lovely comedy show.. and they did not even have to use abusive language .. BUt sadly in the ROAD it was nothing but that to make it humorous ..

          thank you so much.

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  10. singhruby says:

    You have to understand that it was a Roast and that’s how Roasts are suppose to be. They are abusive and offensive. But it was a very well scripted and planned show, they don’t talk to each other like this in their everyday discourse. We see actors abusive in movies do we make a big deal out of it, likewise it was a Roast, a planned and rehearsed show.

    It has nothing to do with the freedom of speech. We have serious issues with our take on humor. This is what I personally feel. I have seen the videos and I have enjoyed it too. I didn’t associate any cuss words with any of the personalities. It was show, they came up, gave their best shot and that’s all about it. Nothing less and nothing more.

    I too have written two posts on this, would love if you take out time and read my take on this.


    • Bikramjit says:

      I have nothing against the ROAST.. or it being abusive or offensive doesn’t bother me at all.. if it was scripted then I am more disgusted at the ACTORS who participated .. I am sorry but i dont see any movie with that sort of language and i doubt if it will get released if made even…. a word here and there maybe but not as much as this show had.

      The only point i am trying to make is these actors are in a position where they should not do such things .. they should act more responsibly and now aught to pay the price for doing what they did.

      I will surly come and have a read

      Welcome here to this blog and thank you do keep coming 🙂


      • singhruby says:

        I am astonished to read that you haven’t seen any movie that uses this sort of language. You might want to see Delhi Belly, LOC Kargil, Gangajal, Gangs of wasseypur (both parts) and the list goes on.

        It is about a thought process and tits and bits are right from both for and against. But I still stand behind my views.

        Peace. 🙂


        • Bikramjit says:

          Yes mam.. I have seen what I meant was movies that use this language all through…

          Gangajal was a good movie..

          🙂 I am not trying to change your views..you are right you have yours and I have mine..and that is how it should be..oh yes peace peace peaceeeeee. .He he he he he

          But as I said I m not against roast or anything my point is why the celebrities doing it..They have a responsibility. .that’s all..

          Anyway good morning. .How you doing.. Have a good day ahead. ..:)


  11. harman singh says:

    ..I truly support this and whtever you said and its 100% correct.. any sane person wud not like it..
    and any adult would take a stand on this.. I wud never call this a comedy but a Porn show.. dammit .. wht impression you left on world?? .. ass holes bunch of looser sss ..
    freakin Morons on stage.. illiterate ..people ..idiots of all kinds..
    .. wahayaat bande !!


  12. Rachna says:

    I agree with Pixie’s views above. This was a Roast and you have to be obscene in a roast. I admire Karan Johar, Ranveer and Arjun for taking things sprotingly. Of course, I would not use such language at home or with my family and friends. That does not mean I can’t enjoy something like this (over the top) stuff. Freedom of speech is both ways so I respect your views too. I think too much has been written about the Roast. Some people will always oppose and others support. It is the same with movies and books on controversial subjects. But, banning something and giving death threats to people is wrong too. We bloggers speak our mind and annoy many in the bargain. Tomorrow, we may be pulled up too. Can you really please all?


    • Bikramjit says:

      I dont Rachna, maybe I am completely off my mind but I find that these people should have been more responsible.. I am not stopping anyone watching it or making such shows , its none of my business BUT yes it is my business when these celebrities do such things especially if my kids are going to follow them . I would not want anyone following them if they are behaving so irresponsibly

      regarding banning i did not say that 🙂

      but i am sure if this was in uk all of them would have been banned 🙂

      yes we bloggers speak our mind but i am sure none of us use the language that was used by the celebrities …
      and this program in some sort has been coming for a long long time as far as i am aware, but never has this controversy risen, I have seen some episodes earlier BUT people in a responsible position doing it if not good and i definitely oppose that ..


  13. AlkaGurha says:

    Agree Bikram. I have written two posts about it and discussed the event so much that I am now bereft of any thoughts.Your last line stays with me.


  14. purbaray says:

    I thought this is the way an average Indian talks, peppering their conversations with liberal doses of MC and BC.
    Roast is not the usual comedy – it’s where people hurl the choicest insults at each other.

    It’s pretty obvious, India is not ready for it.


    • Bikramjit says:

      yes you are right.. we do and again righ on the roast.. MY issue was only with why the celebrities who have some responsibility do it .. don’t they have anything better to do .. or is it ok they get to do anything they want and earn money tooo …


  15. SG says:

    Roast is usually jokes and making fun of a person. It is not about using vulgar languages. In India, celebrities cannot take jokes. In USA, it is a different matter. The stand up comedians do not even spare the President. Even the President’s wife do not spare the President. Once, there was a roast for President Bush. His wife Laura said this:

    “Nine o’clock, Mr. Excitement here is sound asleep and I’m watching `Desperate Housewives’.”


  16. Hummingwords says:

    the liberal smattering of expletives in the AIB show was anything but interesting. This is the kind of language that should have put the audience to shame and instead of jeering loudly, they should have chucked the show. Sadly, the direction in which the whole society is going is not right. be it literature or humor, lurid remarks have become commonplace, which is alarming.


  17. surindernath says:

    Roast ?

    So, this roast is a kind of place / a party / a stage, where we can do things which can not be done at home and…..in a civil society. Right ?

    Can we then have a sussoo pottee Party ( or we can call it Loo Party ) together….more the merrier and why not ? A lot of fun…… No ?

    When we are driving on a highway at 120 miles and we reach a red light, what is freedom & Liberty – to jump or to stop ? And why ?


  18. Anita says:

    Valid points, Bikram.
    I wouldn’t use such language nor want my kid to. I wouldn’t even understand the meaning of swear-words! Not brought up in this ‘sophisticated’ way, i guess.
    I love your Disclaimer!
    Have put smaller Disclaimers (that don’t explore all angles!) on my Blog to exercise my ‘Freedom of Speech’ ! 🙂 Need to be careful in the future 🙂


  19. ANooP says:

    In some years kids will be using such languages, sadly on oldies like us. You got a valid reason above I feel.


  20. ruchira says:

    I absolutely agree with you, B

    First is the language and secondly even if we say we live in a democratic country…there are limits on how to express yourself!
    Also since they are celebrities…they have fans who look upto them…they ought to show maturity in their acts!

    However, as many have said that there are many issues that need our attention than this gutter language display…let’s go ahead!


  21. Jyothi Nair says:

    I agree with you Bikram. Freedom of Speech should be exercised with a sense of responsibility to the general public and our future generations. It was a paid show, privately held. That is very much acceptable. But airing it publicly for even children to view it on YouTube was the height of irresponsibility. Maybe we should not ban P**N either. That is hypocrisy too right?


    • Bikramjit says:

      Thank you so much. and first of all good ot see you here after a long time 🙂

      not just speech every thing or every freedom that we take for granted needs to be exercised with some sense of responsibility.

      yepp even the people who make porn or participate in it have some Freedom of some kind.


  22. nabanita21 says:

    This is what I feel about the AIB roast … One may like it or not, enjoy it or not… But to go to the extent of saying that it is ruining our culture is , well, in my view ridiculous.. The sad part is in our country we don’t care about serious issues but make noise for these things.. I don’t use the kind of language that they used in AIB roast but I can’t use that as an excuse to go file a complaint against them … You know, just let’s me tolerant on such things..on important issues which are actually hurting human beings , by all means, please lets make a noise…

    Just my two cents 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      Totally agree with you our culture is probably ruined by the people who are making the most noise..

      I do have anything against the program. . As you said there are so many major issues that we need to think about..

      My view is that the people who did the particular episode should be more responsible after all people follow them…

      That’s all


  23. I could not watch a full episode of Comedy Central Roast to begin with. It is not funny at all. I am surprised how it becomes so widely popular and now it is in India? Ohh..what a shame..sorry to hear that!


  24. B k chowla says:

    Vulgarity is not answer to freedom of speech


  25. Akriti says:

    I nominated you for versatile Blogger Award . You totally deserve it 🙂
    If you are interesting in accepting it, you can visit my blog for details (akritimattu.wordpress.com )


  26. Ashwini says:

    Interesting 🙂

    I for one, enjoyed watching the Roast. The insult comedy, which is quite famous in the west was trying to attract Indian Audience and I guess not all are ready for it.

    It was just a show and I really dont think it deserves so much media attention 😉

    And at an age when people get offended so quickly and misinterpret comments, I really admire Karan Johar, Arjun and Ranveer for being able to laugh at themselves. It’s just entertainment. And the language, I agree that we might not use it, but I think (not sure) people have become used to watching people use that language.

    Just because some people are celebrities, does that mean they can’t do what they like? 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      It was not about ready or not, and I have nothing against the show, what i wanted to make a point was the people who I think have some responsibility towards the same society that has made them RIch and popular, should not have done the show.

      I beg to differ on your last line , I do think they need to be responsible.


  27. Puja says:

    I didn’t like the AIB roast.. Bad language puts me off. I turned it off after watching for a few minutes.
    There were people who liked it. And I am fine with it. It is their choice and I wouldn’t wanna interfere in that.
    And for people copying celebrities and their language – well… I can guarantee that even if this roast was never done, people on the streets/school/colleges etc would still be using bad words.


    • Bikramjit says:

      so true it is up to people what they do, and true when you say people still use the bad language even those who did not watch the AIB.. YES but the participation of people who have some responsibility has made it just a TEENY WEENY easier to be followed .. and that is all my rant was about.

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  28. Very well written… 🙂


  29. I did not enjoy the roast..but that said.. but I do admire all of them on stage and off the stage for their sportiness. The humour.. was made up and exaggerated.. about the gossips that run around these people…

    But then, Biks think about this.. it is bad language and a public platform we talk about..it is a form of entertainment.. for instance, just because I cannot stand the movie Saw and its sequels does not mean it does not have an audience or people who appreciate these kind of films.. it was a roast, it has rules..

    well, culture is a big term and it is a mixed bag of ideas and very different perspectives, well then.. all the cats need to be out of the bags.. as to what is, culture.. what is culture to me may not be to you.. we may be talking about the same term but approaching it differently..

    On a very serious note, and part joke.. I wonder how many of us do not use words suck as fuck in our conversations, or shit.. or in front of kids, or parents or not.. or are absolutely sure we have been responsible to the society and ourselves ..

    As far as I am concerned, the show came with a disclaimer, it had its ratings.. the viewers had a choice.. freedom of speech.. well, if it was an ideal world.. but what to do, we live in a world of loopholes.. where every right, freedom, term can be twisted to our own advantages.. wherever, whenever..

    Did not like the way the media and the law came down on them so harshly.. if that was the case, then their every episode came in with a pinch.. the one of Alia Bhatt..

    rest my case 🙂


    • Clarification: even when I say bad language, immediately, the question arises, for whom, in what context.. every thing is contingent.. ya! and relative.. a close friend of mine says, I use all the four letter words until my kid is born.. and to me, I can create the same effect without using these four letter words.. like that every term, every right, every duty.. the question we all need to ask ourselves is, why we so angry about it..


    • Bikramjit says:

      I totally agree to what you are saying about this being a public platform and form of entertainment, my only gripe was against the celebrities participating especially the ones whom people emulate, thats all. I am not much bothered about culture and its way because i know culture changes according to the whim’s of oneself.

      regarding using well I will be the biggest hipocrite if i say i dont , I use the F* a lot of times , maybe much more than I need to use. BUT I make sure I know where I am and make an effort not to use it for ex. when i am at work, I dont use it at all even if there is chaos and hands legs etc etc are flying around 🙂 … but then I am not a celebrity and I am very SURE that no one follows me , I dont have a huge fan following wish i had ..

      disclaimers etc are fine , I dont argue with that at all but still some of the people who participated are in a respectable position and I have a belief that if you have a position in society etc then you have a MORAL responsibility, if i was a celebrity then I would not have participated. Disclaimers etc to me are just something to make sure they can hide behind it. I am waiting for a day when someone kills a person with a disclaimer in their hand 🙂 ..

      regarding media and law well I cant say much about that , because if it was uk it would have been the same, this would have been termed as Assault , and breach of peace 🙂 hurting someone’s sentiments ..

      I have not seen any of the episodes , i just happened to see this particular one ..

      Liked by 1 person

  30. Param says:

    I like the point you raised whether they would permit such language in their own family. I know some of these guys and this is how they talk on their day to day life. Perhaps their wives will talk like this too. But in front of their kids? I don’t know. And if not, then perhaps they should have an age disclaimer in front of their video.


    • Bikramjit says:

      Well they even have some responsibility towards society .. but then obviously they dont give a damn about that its all about MONEY… and they probably got a lot of it for participating

      Welcome here to this blog.. Thank you so much for visiting.. please do keep visiting.


  31. dilip says:

    Freedom of speech always comes with a responsibility and discipline. Above all harsh and vulgar expletives need to be avoided.


  32. shubhamc21 says:

    I may or may not agree to you, but I can definitely say I didn’t feel offended 😛


  33. shagun1593 says:

    I agree with you, Freedom of Speech needs some restraints but I think that it is up to the youth of today whether to watch or not to watch such shows. Rather than quietly and covertly making roast unavailable to the society which could have been done by banning video on YouTube or other social sites, the news about the roast further publicized the event and made every person curious regarding the content. I agree that crude and abusive language should never be used in front of women and children but the event being closed, the present individuals are responsible and accountable for their own choices. If they plan on being part of the event, no one can stop them.

    Truth be told, every person is abuses. Whether it is the security of their homes or with friends, all of abuse one way or another and the words present in Hindi or Punjabi seem and are a lot more crude and expletive and the choice of being an abuser or using expletive language is choice of an individual.


    • Bikramjit says:

      True what you say its up to us or any individual to see such a show.. I have nothing against the SHOW obviously there is a market for such shows , hence people make them and are earning too from such shows. again banning does not help as it give publicity , moreover why ban it will still be watched.
      crude language or abusive language should not be used against anyone , BUt again it has sort of become a part of our social life.

      My problem or the point i am trying to make is against these Celebrities who did the show they should not have dont that, to me they have a poision in society and with that comes some responsibility which THEY should adhere to. They have made enough money being a celebrity. Its like me using abusive language in public , NO one can stop me doing that BUT if i have a uniform it comes with a responsibilty so I should take a MoMENT before i open my big gob even if it is in front of a person who has just committed a heinous crime.

      that is what i beleive in, I bet I will not be able to hide behind the freedom of speech if i did that here in public. I dont say i dont abuse or dont use abusive language i use it but then no one follow me .. if i use such language on my blog i ma sure people will stop coming.. 🙂


  34. dNambiar says:

    It was funny, for the most part. And yes, all those guys up there were such sports. (y) for that.

    But isn’t it strange that today we are associating Freedom of Expression/Speech with what we ‘normally’ call ‘bad language.’ For the last 2 years or so haven’t we been taking about how the bad language (and violence) in our movies has been desensitising the public and resulting in what-not?


  35. sindhoooo says:

    My favourite stars list is almost empty now. Today, I hesitate to appreciate any star as a good person! Yes, as Anoop said, it is the kids they are spoiling!


    • Bikramjit says:

      SO true.. I just wonder why would people in such responsible job do such things .. haven’t they already made so much money already that they want to take part in such programs to earn more


  36. Nice take on the topic veere…The way the show was presented, it felt one of the stupidest acts ever. The way these celebrities were talking was filthy. Frankly, it made me felt so idiotic, that I didn’t watch the full show. It was in all ways the misuse of freedom of speech.

    However, I feel dragging them to the court of law, was another waste of time and stupid act.



    • Bikramjit says:

      Thank you so much… SO very true… it is indeed a stupid act dragging them to court as in our country courts mean LONG delaysssssssssssssssssss and nothing beneficial ever comes as such ..


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