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ANother Cheat post , I took this from Shailaja/ The Moving Quill blog. Simple cut paste works a TREAT when in need 🙂

I did not know about this till I read it on her blog and as Shailaja says De-lurking DOES have a nice ring to it!

Here is a badge that I again copied from her blog , I did take her permission to use the badge, So thank you so much Shailaja


What is International Delurking Week?

International Blog Delurking Week traditionally takes place in the first full week of January, and is an opportunity for bloggers to find out who reads their blog. It’s on till the 10th of January, and Since Today is the 10th I am almost on Time ..

It is the day when you call upon all those lovely human beings who visit your blog to leave a comment rather than just press the Like Button.

I myself am not a fan of the LIKE button and don’t find it amusing, to me I feel the Likes are more of a sign of laziness, I mean if you have spent a long time reading what someone has written than how long does it take to write a few words good or bad, whatever they are. It helps the writer learn and write more. I also find that many of the likes are given without even reading the full post.

I myself make a point that if I READ a post I do put a comment it takes a few seconds to write one ..

So I have a request, if you have taken time out to Read the articles, taken time out to visit the blog Do leave a comment for me, please and DE-LURK yourself 🙂