Day 8 – Another Black day

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Abuse, Am I wrong, Angry, Bikramism, Coward, disorder, Racism
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Another sad day it was, the day when freedom and everything else along with it came under by attack from fanatic people. I am still wondering what religion teaches all this hatred and killing of people.

Paris is known to be a Romantic city , a name that brings a feeling of Romance , But today they had to see the brunt of fanaticism. I do wish human beings where-ever they are get together and Join hands to get rid of this all and do a favour to mankind.

We live in the year 2015 where a drawing could get you killed. I hope this does not mean that a bullet is stronger than a PEN. I wonder what will happen if every one joins hand to eradicate the evil that lurks around.



A terrible day for free world .. I hope and wish all bloggers speak against this evil that has happened. In today’s day and age one can die if they criticise one religion but killing of innocent people, hijacking , murdering innocent KIDS who are supposed to be God’s face is STILL RIGHT… Such a barbaric attack which is a threat to the values and freedom of human beings.

Reminds me and brings memories of 26/11 in mumbai, the 7/7 attacks in London and the 9/11 in usa, this is nothing but ANTIHUMAN terrorism


We need to fight against fundamentalism but it is important that we dont blame this on muslims as such, because all cant be bad.

#AntiHuman #Charliehebdo #jesuischarlie #parisshooting

  1. I don’t think this attack is due to religious fundamentalism. It seems to be due to intolerance (for criticism). I think those guys will pay for their crime – they will not be spared by the cops and law, there.

    Destination Infinity


    • Bikramjit says:

      yeah you are right but if you hear what the terrorists were saying while doing their killing then it was in the name of religion..

      pay for their crime well the question is not that the question is WHY are innocent people killed.

      they will probably be shot by the police but then to me that is not JUSTICE.. a quick death is to oeasy for people like them


  2. Thanks for blogging about it. Sad that the most romantic city in the world is shedding blood because of some crazy people. Our freedom as human beings is at stake and time to reply to violence with love. RIP the victims.


    • Bikramjit says:

      Yeah i know. freedom for everything is at stake, tomorrow these people will say they dont like for the sake of argument.. “sikhism” because sikhs faught with them so what should happen then ..

      Why is that they are allowed to do what they are .. and now if we look things have worsened these people have their own country of land .. It will get worse


  3. The mere mention of the topic itself is giving me chills.
    It happens again and again. Will this ever stop?


  4. Bhagyashree says:

    The way we are heading Mann, there will be more black days 😦 It is strange that when all religions teach love all we do is to hate


  5. Deboshree says:

    I feel so disillusioned with the world. What is wrong with everyone these days? Things just get worse…


  6. greenboochi says:

    Its really sad to see these incidents happen. 😦


  7. Richa says:

    It indeed is a black day. I hope this terror against the innocent stops.


  8. […] recent posts by Bikram and The Girl next Door set me thinking. Disillusionment, I find, is easier to manage when you […]


  9. Maddie says:

    It’s a sad reality.


  10. manchitra says:

    Indeed sad day.It is real frightening and shocking. No religion teaches hatred and innocents suffer.


  11. anisnest says:

    Its sad and the world is only getting worse and our hopes are shrinking day by day..


  12. YAM says:

    Hari Om
    Have linked my own ‘take’ on this… important for all individuals to keep looking up, not to be dragged down. Despicable acts seek attention. Care, of course, is demanded – but care, also, to not feed that need… All true humans join hearts… YAM xx


  13. sm says:

    yes one more black day sure cops will find them


  14. Seema says:

    Dunno what to say! Terrible things are happening these days. It’s a scary world Bikram.


  15. B k chowla says:

    How long Will we live wit a one liner…Terror has no religion ?


  16. Rekha says:

    This was terrible. Just like the Peshawar episode. We’re heading towards a Black Hole for sure.


  17. Rachna says:

    Horrible tragedy. Makes me sick how much intolerance and hatred is there in the world.


  18. It is indeed a black day.


    How are you? How’s life? How’s everything? It’s been a long time since we chat. Take care


  19. indrani says:

    A horrendous one!
    I am scared where all these violence is taking us all!


  20. Anita Menon says:

    Tragic No words 😞


  21. beloome says:

    What happened in Paris is absolutely horrible. I can only hope that this is a wake up call for those who still want to shy away from some truths just because they are inconvenient truths.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Thanks for blogging about it Bikram. What the world is heading to I don’t know… even satire, creativity and freedom of speech are at stake! Perhaps the world will end in this way in the name of religion 😦


  23. Novroz says:

    Thank you for the last sentence Bik.

    It was a sad day and I hate it even more because the killers used my religion as excuse to their action.


  24. sindhoooo says:

    I think, terrorists don’t know what is the power of love. That’s why they act heartless. I remember a quote by Dalai Lama that meant, ‘If every child is taught meditation, the world be free of terrorism’ What a great thought!
    Nice post Bikram…


  25. Amit Agarwal says:

    So painfully true…
    well expressed!


  26. Anita says:

    Truly. Humanity is under attack…


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  28. […] Terrorist have struck again, Killing so many innocent people.  Again this day freedom and everything else along with it came under attack from fanatic people. I am still wondering what religion teaches all this hatred and killing of people. Who is that person who is spreading these teachings.  The people of Paris once again had to face an atrocity after the January attack. […]


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