It’s been a long time since I posted something here as I have been struggling with some issues, that don’t seem to leave me alone but more on that later, don’t want to dampen the Christmas cheer but the recent events that have taken place in our neighbouring nation have given us enough to think. I don’t have words to describe the atrocity that has been committed against the little kids, Why it was done, WHO in their sane mind even thought about doing the act leave the planning part aside.

To call these people HUMAN is insulting itself, I can understand all this Jihad, fighting the oppressor, fighting for a cause etc etc BUT in my little mind I can’t understand what CAUSE IT IS? that says to attain it you have to kill innocent people … To stoop to such a level that you have had to kill little kids, Were you not man enough to take one someone your own SIZE.. Even with the amount of weaponry you had in your hands.

Where in ANY religion it says one has to go ,Kill innocent and that too little children, Rather it is said KIDS are God’s face, so how can it be right.

I fail to understand why are you people hell-bent on killing innocent humans, people whom you don’t know, people who you have never seen in your life, what in the world have they done to be treated by you like that, that you don’t give two hoots about them, Fine in your own twisted mind you have your own reasons or Evil thrill you guys get in killing an innocent human BUT pray let us know what they are.

I have read a lot of posts on what has happened, a lot of people like me have a lot to say and lot of blame game going on , But What makes me angry is why are we blaming others , It is
US the people, who are to be blamed, we have brought all this upon ourselves

The reason I say this is that in spite of knowing

1. Where the training centres are
2. Where these evil people are hiding
3. Where they get there weapons to do the mass murders
4. Who supports them

Nothing has ever been done, I heard the leaders in Pakistan speak the same words, our leaders spoke in India. The mentality of the so-called leaders is exactly the same irrespective of the country they live or lead. The same leaders were shouting at top of the voice after the Mumbai attack how their land is not being used to plan atrocities against neighbouring country. I hope they do the something now to make the world a better safer place, IF we can… as I think and feel that the damage is already done , it’s going to be so very difficult to hold the flow now. I only hope and wish innocent are not killed.

We the people found it amusing when the same atrocities were committed in other countries against other races or religions, because they were the KAFIRS, But sadly it is true with the saying “You reap what you SOW“… for years the leaders of our neighbouring nation has been sheltering the same people who are now doing the same against their own people.

I remember writing a letter to the Terrorist a few years back , where I pleaded them to stop killing innocent people and gave them enough options whom to kill otherwise, yet in all these madness it’s still the innocent who die ALWAYS. Never have I read news that a leader shot dead.

How hard can it be to find these bad people, if the leaders make up their minds and genuinely want to find them, We have read how the Intelligence agencies are involved one way or the other in helping these criminals, in the name of patriotism but is it REALLY that, what has all this patriotism brought so far, in all these years other than bloodshed and innocent dead. Where was all this intelligence when the little kids were being shot?

In my OWN TWISTED MIND, I want to ask the intelligence agencies was any of their relatives or family kids shot in the mayhem. Would they have done things differently if they had known it’s their own kin being targeted, or will they do something now.

It is sad what happened, Very sad, my heart wept hearing the kid say he doesn’t want to go to school anymore and the next moment it was filled with ANGER hearing that the Taliban have issued another threat that they will kill more if kids went for education.

We the human-kind are doing great, we are evolving, we have gone leaps ahead in this or that… YES we have but all this has it in any way changed the ways of life for a common man, I doubt it… it’s the common man if changed will change the ways of a country , the rich getting richer , the corrupt getting corrupter is not going to change anything …

I hope the leaders of our neighbouring country don’t put another of those committee’s to look into the security, to find reasons, to find the culprits… That does not work. It’s just a farce what has any of these committee’s ever done for the nation… other than use up the TAX money and waste them too. Time for action what action is taken depends upon how the people feel…

My heart-felt condolences to the people who were affected by this , and also I would like to say SORRY TO ALL THAT WERE AFFECTED BY THIS , SINCE AS A HUMAN, I ALONG WITH EVERYONE DID NOTHING ..

No wonder these people who bring about so much damage get away with what they want to do, when they want to, how they want to do… This will always continue till we wake up… I don’t know what will it take to wake us all, or when that will happen but I know one thing that when we ALL GET UP, STAND TOGETHER , All these terrorists will disappear… because after all they are amongst us, the enemy is within us all… we just need to open our eyes and find out who they are..

I got the following message on Whatsapp today

“Pakistan had made those terrorists, given birth to those terrorists, given shelter to those terrorists. These were own made terrorists of Pakistan. Those terrorists were made to spread terrorism in whole of world including India. And India is effected nation from terrorism by Pakistan. I do have sympathy but not of that much that we console and have sorrow of that much depth. After all how those terrorists were in Pakistan? Because they were under the protection and shelter of Pakistan. So we need not to be so sad on happened incident of enemy state Pakistan.”

To which I replied :-



Such are what we have become .. NO wonder so much hatred and atrocities are common in today’s modern world..

  1. Madhu says:

    The incident in Peshawar was horrific and I am aghast that anyone calling themselves human being can think otherwise!

    I agree with you fully. I have no doubt ordinary people on both sides – the rational ones not affected by stupid propaganda – do too. Sadly incidents like the Lakhvi bail just give the hawks more ammunition. Seems hopeless all around, bar a miracle. For the first time I see no reason in continuing a dialogue.


  2. I wonder why the officials have not been able to cut off the funding for these terrorists, unless they didn’t want to.

    Destination Infinity


    • Bikramjit says:

      You got it right they did not want to because till now they were serving the officials hidden agenda and now they have turned against their own masters… maybe the masters will realise now


  3. gc1963 says:

    Grieving with you….


  4. No religion teaches hate and I couldn’t comprehend what is the fault of the poor kids. Perhaps, the fault lies in us and what irks me is when we are condoning such acts blame it on Pakistan policy. Are we different then?
    Sad when we think like that as human beings.


  5. I can understand…I was in a sort of depression after hearing the news 😦 …..such insane fanaticism which doesn’t even spare kids…


  6. KP says:

    Sad day.Frankly I do not know how hatred and terrorism can be eliminated from the face of the world.


  7. greenboochi says:

    Its very very sad. And you what you said to your friend is true. Those kids were not to be killed irrespective of which country they belonged. I am also wondering about the mental state of those kids, who had to witness all of this. Sigh. What are we doing to ourselves, as humans!?


  8. SG says:

    Very sad. No words will bring these kids back.


  9. Jyoti Mishra says:

    Such twisted brainiacs make such instances more painful.


  10. renu says:

    Very sad indeed !least we can do is look after our children and make them good human beings first..


  11. Sandhya says:

    Terrorism is there to stay now. These people have killed their own people. And somebody is funding for this dirty act. The muslim fundamentalists are taking oath during the children’s funeral that they should destroy America and India…They are just mad people and we have to live with them.


    • Bikramjit says:

      oh yes .. it is because a Terrorist for one is a freedom fighter for another .. so it is going to stay although the meaning of it has all changed.

      and destroying america well it is american weapons they using and american money etc ..


  12. Nima Das says:

    Terrorist have no religion. They belong to violence and brutal inhuman cruelty alone.Its a sad day for humanity. we bloggers can only feel that loss and contribute by expressing our sorrow ,hope some good comes out of it. i too was shaken by such horrific news .


  13. Anita Menon says:

    This horrid incident has been playing at the back of my mind. Can’t stop thinking. Somehow i feel if media stops covering, these jihadis will lose their incentive. A lot of this craziness is fuelled by media frenzy.

    What is lost forever is gone. What remains is a deep seated sadness that mourns with parents of all the children who died


  14. Binu Thomas says:

    Peshawar incident was shocking. And the fact that kids were targeted in school. Imagine the fate of kids who survived. Imagine the psychological scar that’ll remain their whole life!

    As far as blame game is concerned, it will continue. And based on what has happened in the past, we will continue to blame without any credible result.


  15. Binu Thomas says:

    Peshawar incident was shocking. And the fact that kids were targeted in school. Imagine the fate of kids who survived. Imagine the psychological scar that’ll remain their whole life!

    As far as blame game is concerned, it will continue. And based on what has happened in the past, we will continue to blame without any credible result.


  16. Rinks says:

    Such horrendous act. I do not want to do anything with this rogue country anymore. As a country they are on a suicide roll. I’m not sure what could be the possible solution to this mayhem they are into. #SOS


  17. Hate breeds hate. Sad but true.


  18. onkar kedia says:

    A thought-provoking post


  19. Pakistan is a rabid fanatic . U.S is a backstage fanatic, b’cos it feeds ( & sustains Pakistan) the necessary dollars in the name of ‘fight against terrorism(!!!) , no less!

    Point is, what can we do beyond educating little minds? But for that miracle, parents themselves need to understand religion vs fanaticism in the first place.

    Reality is that human life has become cheaper than petrol & iphones. Snuff it out anytime.


  20. pixie says:

    Such a horrific incident! It still brings tears in my eyes.. innocent children suffered in the hands of madmen 😦
    As Vishal says – no religion teaches us hate and murder and mayhem.. its all man made.. so so sad 😦


  21. Imran says:


  22. Anita says:

    Very true, Bikram.
    Human has really gone out of humanity…


  23. indrani says:

    Got reminded of that gruesome incident! Horrific by all means!


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