I have been very lazy and not done the Awards that were forwarded to me by some of the lovely bloggers and they are pending from almost 2012, So I thought I should take them up and complete them, also lately all I have been doing is putting pictures this is a change from them too ..

So Today a liebster award .. let me show off it ..


Here are the rules:
A. Thank the blogger who gives it to you.
B. Answer the eleven questions he/she asks.
C. Nominate eleven bloggers with less than 500 followers.

So let me thank all , Thank you so much Tandooripanipurilife , Chipmunk , DwindowSeat,Alka Narula Its been a long long time Since I got an award yayyyyyyyyyyyy, I feel honoured. Thank you. I am blessed to have such lovely human beings who are so nice and genuine people. Thank you all for being so good to me, God bless you all and here’s wishing all your dreams always come true..

Tandooripanipurilife Gave me the following questions to Answer..

Here, we go!!

1. What made you start blogging?How is blogging different than keeping a diary for you or is it the same?

I need to thank a Lovely human being who made me start the blog a few years ago now, I did write a diary earlier and YES i do think blogging and writing a diary are two very different things, First of all a diary is very personal as no one gets to read what it says, while a blog is read by so many and all who read make up their own image of who you are. Which can end up good or bad. Also blogging actually helps as people who genuinely read you will hopefully give you some advice , which will help one in becoming a better human being.,

2. Do you have a pet? If yes, which one? And if not, why?

Well I love pets, back home in india , I have a few and I miss them like anything. Here in UK I got some fish and that’s about it , I did have a dog called rocky , who I kept for a few weeks but gave it back as I felt I was being horrible to him. I left for work early morning and came back late night, Rocky had to remain alone which was not fair on him.

3. Which city do you think is the best to settle down in India? And why?

Well off course MY CITY, CHANDIGARH.. the best place on earth for sure where my Mom and All my friends Live. I have lived my childhood and my youth in that city, have had the best time of my life in there. It has been beautifully planned, big clean, broad roads. The rock garden, the Rose garden, the lake, the movie theaters, the eating places, “Hot Millions”, “Tehal Singh” , The “Golden rooster” in sector 8, missing the lovely chicken soup. OH GOD now I have got all emotional

4. What is the one thing that you ordered in a restaurant and it turned out to be totally yuck and expensive?

Oh this happened this week, Went to Chiquito’s and WHAT A MISTAKE IT WAS, I had gone to visit my cousin and we planned to go for dinner to this Mexican place,Had to book a seat, the lady on the phone told us that the heating was off, so it might be a bit cold, That did not bother us much as it was not that cold, We went and made ourself comfortable. Now I do eat a lot so I ordered something that sounded HUGE and also it was the most expensive in the menu 🙂 I can be greedy I know. So I ordered this Chicken & Chorizo Skewer, for almost £15 pounds.. which boasted of “Succulent chicken breast skewered with chorizo and mixed peppers and served with lime & tequila sauce” before that we had a sharing platter of nachos and I ordered a Margarita while waiting for the food.. Mine was supposed to be a sizzler too, so out it came and the sizzling sound made my mouth water .. at the thought of having this whole thing ALONE.

the girl put the dish in front of me reminding me to be careful of not touching the metal plate that was very hot.. so picture this a Hot plate with TONS of Onions sliced.. sizzling, and On top of that were TWO KEBABS oh yes it was nothing but TWO kebabs with chicken pieces and different coloured Peppers..


I took One bite , it was COLD.. it was like they had taken two kebabs from a freezer, put it in microwave for a couple of minutes , put them on a HOT plate with lots of onions JOB DONE.. The worst ever dish I have had and PAID for it tooooo … Never again , I left half of it on the plate.. then went to a local Indian Punjabi pub ordered a Chicken Tikka with a Nann .. that cost me £3/-.. Yummyliscious that filled my stomach 🙂 Nothing can beat that now can it ..


5. If you see your enemy (or simply somebody you dislike) in a helpless situation, will you go forward and help them? Or leave them and enjoy mercilessly?

I think I know for a fact that I am an Idiot and it has been proven a lot many times , hardly learn from my mistakes. I would probably go and help them out . But I am one who never forgets what they did to me and I will never be friends again with them no matter what ..

6. Have you ever been caught by your parents doing something totally inappropriate for your age?

Inappropriate well , how can someone says its inappropriate because if I did anything like this , then I did it because I thought it to be appropriate.. :). Although I must say I have a long list , I have done a lot of stupid things. I have had a drink or two and got caught.. I had had a fight with someone and got caught.. I remember one incident one of the Teachers had refused to fill up my lecture’s in second year and we had to have 75% attendance to get the roll number, I had requested the teacher to help me out , but he would not budge .. So we declared a strike in college and I remember Walking into lecture rooms asking everyone to Vacate the college as We had called a Strike.

As I was going out .. in walks my Father with his friend who was My English teacher and Saw me Shouting at the students ..

it was an embarrassing moment as I was supposed to be a good boy at home 🙂 he he he he

7. What is that one thing that you criticize publicly, but do the same in private?

hmmmm .. I am not sure. I probably do a lot But I do my best to do what I say .. and I do wish god gives me the strength to do it all the time ..

8. Do you like water sports? Which one?

I LOVE THEM.. I have done a lot now, Jet ski ( Oh I have an experience in that, I had gone to Australia , gold coast where me, my brother-in-law and two kids went for a jet ski, one child with me and the other with him, we ere enjoying so much riding the waves , etc etc , when all of it finished as we were heading back to park the Ski, my nephew says , MAMU let me touch the water and he bent over, his hand did not reach the sea so I bent to the side a bit more, The next moment We were both in the water with the SKI on top of us .. As we came up, all I could hear was the little guy shouting SHARK SHARK he he he he .. so we managed to climb up the ski but to our bad luck when I tried getting up because of my weight (OVER WEIGHT) we went down again ) … he he he he

Speed boats, Scuba dive.. it is FUN

9. Have you ever thought (or actually did ) of harming somebody very badly in order to get back at them? How?

Yepp .. when I was growing up college time was the time of gangs and trying to be the strongest group in college so we have had a few major fights etc.. I have been hospitalised a couple of times with stab wounds , broken leg .. but then those days are long gone I have grown up now well so I think 🙂

10. Do you fart and behave like the other person is guilty of the crime?

Oh yes.. have you used the Fart balloon.. it is fun in a crowd you press that balloon and it makes that funny noise, suddenly there is an odd silence 🙂 he he he Yes I am bad like that.

11. Have you ever been caught by the police ( or worst locked up)? For what reason?

I am not saying anything on this 🙂 My lips are Sealedddddddddddddddd…


Chipmunk who blogs at Chipmunk

1.If you want to thank god for one reason for what it will be?

I thank god for everything, For making me who I am .. What I am …

2.Do you believe in love at first sight and butterfly fluttering?if yes! have you underwent.

Yes I believe in it .. I have undergone and even now when I am alone and think about I get butterflies.

3. What will be your reaction on a fine morning when u wake up from a deep sleep and come out to balcony just see that ur home is the only one standing on a piece of ground and rest all collapsed leaving a hollow underground

Well the first reaction would be to run down the stairs, Get out of the house to two door down to see if i can save that beautiful Girl who lives in there. 🙂

4.If u can change things by toughing which one u will change first?

I would not change anything, I am who I am , what I am and I love that.. I don’t know why we want to change ourself all the time, I do think its this constant want to change ourself which makes us do silly stupid things .. 🙂

5.Have u ever put yourself in the shoes of a boredom teacher who makes the pupils to sleep??? what will you do? will u make them sleep as she does or how?

NA, why do that. let the kids sleep have some peace.. I will join them 45 minutes of blisssssssssssss 🙂

6. What will you do if you find a big moustache the next morning when you wake up?

I do have one, I see it every morning ..

7. which will be the most happiest and wonderful moment u have experienced

I have been very lucky and have experienced some beautiful and happy moments for sure , so can’t give one particular. God has been kind to me and I am thankful for that.

8. One fine incident where you wished to bang the other person but you couldn’t

Well If i have to bang a person than that can’t be a Fine moment 🙂 Again loads here is a list of them WHACK-CHAPED-GHASUN

9.Funniest prank that you have made so far

Used my friends mobile to send a txt to his Gf “Dont worry it’s ok, she will never find out X X X X” (XX is for kiss kiss 🙂 ) .. 🙂 what fun it was

10.One memory that makes u smile irrespective of the situation you are in?
the days spent in college with my friends..

11.One dream destination you wished to go for a honeymoon with your better half…


And from DwindowSeat who blogs at D WINDOW SEAT

1. Which is one place you would want to go back to again?

My village

2. Do you have a favorite souvenir from any place?

Actually now that I think I have never bought souvenirs too busy exploring the place and i hate shopping 🙂

3. The 3 things in your backpack that you dont travel without?


4. Do you plan your trip well in advance, like a fixed itinerary before you set out or believe in just booking the tickets and hotels and go with the flow?
No, I am the worst planner, my plans always go for a six, so I have now stopped planning and just go with the flow.. the only thing constant is the TIckets To and Fro .. Rest is all as it comes and happens

5. Do you like the beaches more or the hills more?
Hard question .. I love them both.. but Hills definitely have an edge over the beach.. after seeing some of the beautiful beaches in australia-spain-greece I now find them almost Same but hills have a mystery , they are so different ..

6. Which is the one place you would highly recommend to your fellow travellers?
For pure DESI fun, come to our village .. It has everything Rivers to swim, vast land to play around, Pure food Nothing can beat that EVER.

7. Which is the one place you would not like to go again and Why?
Washington DC .. I found the people Rude but then that could be because of the colour of my skin ….

8. List any 5 destinations and tell us why its your favourite?

Punjab :- its HOME.
Vancouver :- Beautiful clean place and one of my best friend lives there 🙂
Australia (Gold coast) :- Sun-Water-Sand Fun all together
Scotland :- Hills-mountains- Greenery
Africa :- Nature – Wild life.

9. One thing that is on top of your bucket list?
African Safari.

10. Who or What is you inspiration to travel?
Not sure about who.. but can answer WHAT.. Nature is beautiful , I have one life so want to see all that I can possibly.

PS:- I have a few more that I need to SHOW OFF.. so please bear with me .. and Shweta dave ,   DI , Ramya , Soumya, Chitra Jagdish ,Jaish and ADIC and Vinay Leo R. I have not forgotten the awards and tags you have showered upon me , I promise I will take them up very very soon .. Promise

  1. Nice to know more about you my friend..keep rocking


  2. Woww Bikram… so many questionnaires.. good job :))

    Thanks for answering my quests…lovely answers…african safari sounds interesting 😉 wats the name of ur village?? Would love to add it to my list…

    And congrats on the other awards 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      hey Thank you so much for the award to you again 🙂

      and My village is a small place near a a little Big Village called DODA in Muktsar district 🙂

      and you are welcome to come anytime …


  3. That was a dangerous prank you played on your friend and his GF! I hope it didn’t create too much trouble!!


    • Bikramjit says:

      I know , but the GF is a very good friend of mine, she is my work colleague.. So I had told her what i did, so she could give some hard time to my other friend he he hehe

      Yeah I can be Bad sometimes 🙂


  4. Actually, I forgot tagging you for that award!! 😛

    Looks like your college life was violent (and fun)… You had STAB injuries and broken legs??

    Destination Infinity


  5. Gray Dawster says:

    This is a great posting Bikram but did you have to add
    those lovely dishes of food? I am positively drooling after
    the first one, it looks delicious my great friend 🙂 Mmm

    Have a super start to your Monday Bikram 🙂



    • Bikramjit says:

      ANdro my friend thank you so much, I have been lazy this past 2 -3 weeks , so haven’t visited your place .. I am on way though for sure 🙂

      hope you have a great week ahead

      Liked by 1 person

      • Gray Dawster says:

        I doubt that you have been as lazy as me, I haven’t posted very much since before the World Cup but I keep popping in now and again to catch up a little 🙂

        Have an awesome Monday my fine friend 🙂



  6. SG says:

    Congratulations on these awards. Good questions and great answers.


  7. renu says:

    you have done a good job with so many questions..even i like hills more:)…and your dream destinations are mine too except Australia..I started disliking it when they had so many racial incidents.


  8. menons129 says:

    Today morning I remember, I had commented on this post, but now the comments are not visible. How is that?


  9. Congratulations Bikram. Aur agar Vancouver aa jao toh New York bhi aa jaana. Your family is most welcome here. 🙂


  10. sm says:

    congrats for those awards and writing it after so long time that is great


  11. Shilpa Garg says:

    Congratulations for all the awards and that’s lots of questions that you have answered! Intersting and entertaining! What was your friend’s and his GF’s reaction later on? 😀


  12. purbaray says:

    You should have sent the sizzler back to the kitchen and written a nasty review on Urbanspoon!


  13. Bhagyashree says:

    One thing which I have always admired in you….your honesty


  14. alkagurha says:

    Best wishes for the African Safari on your list. Seems like you have travelled a lot. And congrats for the awards Bikram.


  15. insignia says:

    Great! Now answer! Have you been caught by a cop? Answer answer 🙂


  16. privytrifles says:

    Hey Bik congratulations !! Those are like some boxful of awards 😀

    Came here after a long while… missed visiting you… how have you been?


  17. Congrats for the awards. Had fun reading your answers. 🙂 Reminds me even I need to take up these questions (pending tag :D)
    Your college days were really fun I guess. You made everyone join a strike. You were very influential. 🙂 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      Thank you so much A.K.
      my college days were the best , I had such a lovely time and miss them so much..

      not sure about influential 🙂 he he he he those days were different… much different than how things are these days


  18. padmaja says:

    So beautiful to be loved by most isnt it, keep rocking!


  19. Abrams says:


  20. Rachna says:

    Oh ho look at the number of awards. Congrats on all of them. And seriously that sizzler should have been sent back and not paid for. I get really upset when people mess up with my food.


  21. radha says:

    Wow ! You really did work on that questionnaire. And the honesty comes through. Made very interesting reading !


  22. dNambiar says:

    Your hometown is one of the best examples of a planned city, really.:)
    Congrats on the awards. More coming up, I see. Reading your answers were fun. Loved the moustache one. 😀
    Here’s wishing you many more awards. 🙂


  23. Novroz says:

    Wow!! You sure took time to answer them all.

    My favorite is this one> I thank god for everything, For making me who I am .. What I am …

    Anyway, congrats for the awards and it’s nice to know more about you 🙂


  24. Congrats on the award Bikram. Good to know more about you.


  25. Tandooripanipurilife ..love the name of the blog 😀

    Nice to know so many things about you… hospitalized with a stab! *gasp*

    Finally, congrats ! 😀


  26. Nice to know about you.
    And congrats for the award 🙂


  27. Rahul says:

    Congratulations on the awards and it was nice to know some details about you, Bikram!


  28. ruchira says:

    good to read more about you 🙂
    i agree sometimes the food from our theth dhabba’s are so authentic and delish and yet economical…duno why we fancy going to good decor restaurants…been thru that as well 😦

    Your bucket list is fascinating…wish you achieve it!


  29. the little princess says:

    2012 se pending??? really?!!

    congrats!! and nice to know all those juicy tidbits of your life!!


  30. Anita says:

    Congrats Bikram 🙂
    Even i have to accept many awards… Got to do soon…


  31. hi bikram

    Interesting tag! enjoyed reading it 🙂


  32. ashwinicn says:

    Congrats 🙂

    I specially liked the answer about helping enemies. That makes a lot of sense 🙂


  33. gc1963 says:

    Congrats! The pics made me ravenous. Did you get that too with the award or you invited the award giver to this treat


  34. […] are always a good post to post and show-off 🙂 as I mentioned in the previous award post I been lazy and not picked them up for ages , So here is another couple of awards that I need to […]


  35. beloome says:

    Congratulations for the award! (I realise it is an older post, but still). It was fun reading through some of your answers 🙂 Best wishes.


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