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July Photo A Day 2014 challenge :- Day 5 is here and I seem to keep missing days in the middle, Day 4 was Stars .. I went out in the dark to click the pics but everything was BLACK.. so i gave up.. thankfully day 5 the topic is very easy.. It says “on the table” (What’s on the table? Share a photo. Get creative; shoot from above or down below. Have fun with it.).. Well as you can see I am not very creative so I have chosen some Random pictures of different tables that I get to use during a typical day ..

First is the Table at WORK

My new monitor :)

They make me work too hard 🙂

Second is Table at Burger king , I have been so very bad at cooking that all i eat is junk food .. so this is what I had last night 🙂 No Drooling please

Triple Whopper large fries and Caramel Cappuccino Milk shake :)

Triple Whopper- large fries and Caramel Cappuccino Milk shake 🙂

and A desert to wash it down with 🙂

Yum yum.. Don't disturb too busy eating :)

Yum yum.. Don’t disturb too busy eating 🙂

and last is the table at my home 🙂 .. (Old Pic)

My favourite - Roses

My favourite – Roses

PS:- I have not had time to watermark the pics .. So please don’t copy without permission.