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Thursday Challenge : ABANDONED (Buildings, Cars, Things in Disrepair,…)

Three weeks back I had gone to RAF centre and found this amazing story .. I know the topic says abandoned or things in disrepair, this one although was abandoned and in disrepair , but people are working hard to repair it all … This is the world’s Last surviving Dornier Do 17 This one was recovered from the sea bed and Moved , now they are under this temporary sheds and citric acid is being showered , the pics haven’t come out good because of all the steam in the sheds..

Fuselage with the TailPlane

Fuselage with the TailPlane

Wings - Engine and Main Wheels

Wings – Engine and Main Wheels


As you Read it will take 2 to 3 years for the whole process to get rid of all the erosion etc and for the whole of this to be put together. You will have to click on the picture above and zoom it to read , Sorry if you are unable to read it properly

Here is the Story that the historians are trying to figure out ..