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We should be lucky and Thank god for all we have .. Some need to go out in the dark and read under the street light..

Chandigarh, Sukhna Lake 2014. This young girl is trying to study in the dark as probably doesn’t have the facilities at home.. I wish – hope and pray she succeeds in everything she does, all her hard work pays.

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Thursday Challenge : “MANY” (People, Crowds, Lots of anything,…)
Sorry I am one day late..

Mode of Currency

Mode of Currency

The above picture is of currency used many many years ago in our nation, I found these coins from a very very old trunk that belonged to my GREAT-GREAT Grandmother.. so that is 5th Generation old.. Me – My mother- My Grand Father – His Father – And Great Grand Fathers Mother.. That is a LOT of years tooo .. There were so many coins I have pics of them maybe I should take them to a Auction house and who knows I might be sitting on Millions 🙂

The Next Two pics are of mine as you can see .. but my question is .. Can you guess why I have put them in this post .. Many of ____________ ? 🙂


That use to be me in the good old days.. when I was a young man .. and that was my room 🙂

Thursday Challenge : ABANDONED (Buildings, Cars, Things in Disrepair,…)

Three weeks back I had gone to RAF centre and found this amazing story .. I know the topic says abandoned or things in disrepair, this one although was abandoned and in disrepair , but people are working hard to repair it all … This is the world’s Last surviving Dornier Do 17 This one was recovered from the sea bed and Moved , now they are under this temporary sheds and citric acid is being showered , the pics haven’t come out good because of all the steam in the sheds..

Fuselage with the TailPlane

Fuselage with the TailPlane

Wings - Engine and Main Wheels

Wings – Engine and Main Wheels


As you Read it will take 2 to 3 years for the whole process to get rid of all the erosion etc and for the whole of this to be put together. You will have to click on the picture above and zoom it to read , Sorry if you are unable to read it properly

Here is the Story that the historians are trying to figure out ..


Have you been to the new fancy malls that have come up all over our nation especially to the ones where escalators work, the reason I say is I went to about 2 or 3 Malls in Punjab, Bhatinda to be precise, none of the escalators were working, maybe to save energy or fuel or whatever escalators use to work 🙂 , you can see I am not an engineer.. So why do these malls spend so much money on having escalators when they have them shut and expect people to climb up the stairs, because have you seen the height of the STEP it is usually higher than normal steps, which means you have to put in more energy to climb them , Personally I feel it is a good idea as we could or I could do with some exercising , lose some of those extra calories which I keep adding on every now and then ..  

Coming back to Escalators I think the Reason why escalators were built was to help shoppers , to make sure they don’t get too tired walking , they have more energy to visit more shops, shoppers don’t have to walk too much.. AM I RIGHT .. there could be other reasons but I am not that intelligent 🙂

If you go to big malls which has a lot of escalators, it is funny if you just stand and watch people get on-down from them, I know I know you all have a lot of other important things to do then spend time watching people do that 🙂 but do sometimes ..


I went to a mall one of the days and found a few funny things taking place, The first thing I noticed was what a silly way the escalators were designed, the whole idea of having escalators is so shoppers don’t have to walk too much or exercise too much .. I hope I can explain it properly, This is how they were I can best explain , you entered the Mall and go up the escalator First floor , then you had to walk all the way to the other side .. to go from first floor to the Second floor.. and so on till Floor 6th..

I found it weird because If I have to go to the sixth floor , I have to do that 5 times .. I mean why can’t they have escalators that go to a floor above, you turn around and there is another set going up.. then when you are coming down you have all the way Down the same way, This will also take care of Human traffic people wont keep on banging into each other trying to reach the other side of the floor to go Up or down..

.. the whole idea of escalators is so people don’t have to walk .. yet they make us walk..

Another thing I noticed was that people sometimes CHOOSE the step they want to get on  “Not this one .. No not this one either “.. the next one looks much nicer .. They choose a stair.. yes THAT ONE.. I  thought I was going to get crushed standing behind this couple , who were doing exactly that. They fell in love with one Step and off they went .. But funnily when they have to get off , they panic again ..

We had a lady in that panic situation who had a nightmare trying to get on to the step, the people with her would get on and she was left behind .. then I think They would come down and again cajole her to get up .. It was funny watching 🙂 Finally she took the escalator, I could see she had GRASPED the sides SO HARD.. that her arm was getting left behind as the escalator was going up.. She would Leave the side and then GRASP it again a bit ahead.. then the problem came to get off.. ooops.. the floor was Eating up the Stairs.. so she was climbing one step up each time..


I know I should not be laughing but secretly I was smiling my head off watching the poor lady .. This actually reminded me of when my parents came over for the First time to UK to visit me, they were going to go on an Escalator for the First time in their life, and what a pallava it was, My Mom was hilarious, especially in london when we had to go underground to catch the tube, My Mom refused at one stage to go down it was to the second level, So it was a No win situation if we had to go up , it was via escalators – of if we had to go down it was again Escalators.. we had to go one way , IT was me who panicked because I did not know how to take her down, she is not light either , he he he he.. but thankfully we managed to travel .. and WE did NOT end up like this .. phewwwwwwwwwwwwww


Right so this was escalator bit , I know nothing funny about it ,Now coming to Shopping.. I had a funny experience when I was going to buy my shoes , Never go for shopping with your partner-gf-wife-mother or even a female friend, I have my reasons oh BOY what a mistakeeeeeeee… They stand there , looking at you.. and make you wear the Shoe and Ask you “TO WALK UP AND DOWN”..


Now THIS WALK is That walk which is A WALK, that No man will ever walk once he gets out of the shop,  you know the one I mean where we walk bending the toes or the shoe forwards to check if it bends properly, (which man ever walks like that generally, bending there foot).. Then we might be asked to even sit down and Feel the Toe’s inside , Wiggle your Toe.. pinch the top of the shoe to see if there is enough space between the tip and the big toe.. When you do that YOU have this EXCITED look on your face

“Oh yes I can feel the Toe.. ” .. it is right there where it should be , well all normal humans have them

         On your foot  .. Inside your SHOE.


and then you stand in front of the mirror to check how they look, We always look from the SIDE, Now tell me do you ever see other people in their shoes walking towards you and YOU WATCHING THEIR SHOE FROM THE SIDE.. how do you do that.. you always see the front .. and the sides that you WILL never ever see for as long as you have those shoes .. I mean why Oh why do we do that ..

or are you checking them up because of the pet you have home who has this habit of coming running towards you and they come and hug your leg.. They might see it from the SIDE.. the NEW SHOE..

The same also happens when we buy new trousers .. you wear them and then you try to squat and what not .. I mean how many times have men bought trousers and squatted while wearing them .. FUNNY things we do……..

ps:- Photos courtesy Google.

07th may 2014 :- I have now received the Cheque for the amount, I had paid . Wish I had blogged and written on Twitter 2 months ago , I could have saved myself the pain. Why could the people at the hotel not do it at the First time , is still a mystery. Thank you all for the concern..

I have till now been to a lot of countries and different cities in india, even here in UK I have visited a lot of places , checked into hotels to stay for the night or more, In all my life I have never had any problem at any of the places I have stayed.

This year when I was planning to come to india , I had a plan to stay in Mumbai for a couple of days so as i could meet my friends. Someone suggested me the name of The resort hotel (@theresortmumbai). So i went ahead and booked, I called them before hand and they were very polite , so I went online booked the room and paid in full. Their website takes you to a third-party portal for payment.

So a couple of days later I rang the people to confirm , thankfully the room was booked all confirmed.. I did not bother about the email.

As it happened the plans got changed and I no longer needed the place to stay as my friend from pune planned something else , and here is where the NIGHTMARE started.

15th February :- I wrote an email asking the hotel to cancel the room, No reply came.

16th February :- I called the office , I think it was just about 5pm in evening india time The lady on the phone asked me to call “TOMMORROW” , as the accounts department had closed.

17th February:- I called again to be told the guy has not come and I should call tomorrow again, I then emailed them.

18th february:- received the following email as a reply..

“Dear Mr Bikram
Sorry for the trouble you have faced. Sir you need to cancel the booking through the hotel website only. We cannot cancel the booking verbally.
Thanks and regards
Ajeet nayak”

But to my utter dismay the cancel button doesn’t exist on the site. you can book AND PAY on their official website but can’t cancel, After trying my own clicking every button on the site I managed to find the cancel button , but this took a lot of my time and at least 10 to 15 phone calls , I was passed from one person to another , so much so that a guy actually said to me that If I am having so much problem I should call the PA to the general manager. He gave me her number , So I call this lady who at first tried to pass me on to someone else, but then when I told her the whole story, she apologised and said If I could call her in half hour as she was driving.

NOW, usually people who are in the wrong call you back , but hey that does not work , I told the lady I will call her in ONE HOUR, giving her plenty of time to sort out things. So after an hour I called again and GUESS WHAT SHE DID.. in all her intelligence passed the phone to a guy , who I think was playing cricket because I could hear a lot of shouting and Out , OUT etc etc and other cricketing words.. Now this gentleman again tells me the same thing “if I have done a booking online , I got to cancel it also online.. ” or call a Mr. Sagar who deals with the ONLINE side of the hotel.

This Mr. Sagar is a person who is very hard to contact, I called and left at least 2 or 3 messages on his voice mail saying I am having problems, I had no response.. finally late at night I found how to get to this dubious cancel button . You go to their MAIN OFFICIAL Website , then at the bottom we see the Follow us icons for facebook, twitter etc etc in the end is a Blogspot.. You click that ..


Go to a another link .. and do you think you can see the Cancel button .. You must be joking .. Not that easy , You click the Online booking icon at the bottom of the screen


and then you see a cancel\modify button ..

Click that button you go to another web page 🙂


So I went there entered my booking id, pressed the Cancel button 🙂 NOTHING happens, I tried a few times when all that did not work , I wrote another email AFTER calling the hotel and talking to the lovely lady. Also an Email to this elusive Mr. Sagar. this is still the 18th of February. I was very very polite so far requesting every time..

20th February :- Another Email to Mr. sagar , along with a couple of voicemail on his phone at different times.

22nd February :- I finally get a reply from Mr. Sagar which says the Following

“Dear Bikramjit, Sorry for late reply as due to tech issue I didn’t received your mails in my inbox. As per your request we will cancel your booking and will process full refund for the same.
Due to URL issues webpage is not supporting online cancelation TAB.
Best Regards
Sagar Chandane
Corporate Online Revenue Manager
The Resort,Mumbai H.O.
K.Raheja Corp. Pvt. Ltd.,
Raheja Tower,Plot no. C-30, G-Block,
Bandra Kurla Complex,Bandra East,
Mumbai : 400 051
Tel. No : 022 – 265654239
Mobile No : +91 9819744321
E-mail id : ” ”

Finally I found out, how great the communication is between the Online Team and the team that is running the Hotel , because none of the people that I had talked to on phone had any idea , that the online cancellation was not working. I must add here that by now the lady at the reception started to recognise my voice , the moment I said Hello, She would say Hello Mr. Mann, Hasn’t Mr. Sagar got back to you . 🙂 .. so to that lady.. THANK YOU , for always being so polite

2nd March :- 10 days go by no refund , Another Email to Mr. Sagar, along with the usual voice mails.

5th March :- I was mad by then and fuming so I wrote an email to Everyone.. “rev.mgr” , Lobby Manager , Reservation , Front Office Manager . The email was Not Polite. It was in Bold, Capital letter throughout and highlighted RED..

DO you think anyone from this hotel lot would have any decency to reply to that , OH NO.. it did not work.

12th March:- I email again , Requesting the people to at least give me a contact with whom I can talk and get this sorted — NO RESPONSE

31st MArch :- By now I had been to india and Back.. still no sign or reply from anyone , Not a single person from the any of the departments who were CC’ed in the emails responded. I emailed again. This Time again the email was in capitals, Bold and highlighted in RED.

LOTTERY time it was .. I got a reply the very next day .. So the people only work when shouted at 🙂

1st April :- I get another reply from Mr. Sagar
Dear Bikram,
We are truly apologies for inconvenience which you have faced while coordinating for your booking refund.
I have given approval for your booking refund it will reflect in your account in 07 to 10 working days.
For fast process if possible please provide us your bank account details so we can deposit cheque .
Best Regards
Sagar Chandane

Now this Approval as far as I remember had been given before my trip to india, as I can clearly remember the lady on phone telling me that , she has had a word with Mr. Sagar and he has approved it.. BUT let us give them the benefit of doubt and agree that Mr. sagar gave the nod on 1st april 🙂

I thought I was in Luck finally they will do something , So I replied on 2nd april Telling them they can Refund the money to the credit card used , Or they send a A/C payee cheque to the address and I will ask someone to deposit in my indian bank, I in my STUPIDITY also thanked Mr. Sagar for a Quick Reply.. OH WHAT A SHAME..


1st MAY 2014 :- I had to write back to Mr. Sagar , reminding him .

2nd MAY 2014 :- I sent a Tweet to them .. @theresortmumbai Can you REFUND my money please .. I have been requesting since 16th February

3rd MAY 2014 :- They Replied – Hi the payment is under process, kindly furnish us with your postal address so that we can courier the cheque by next week., so another 7 days to go ..

I have replied to them “@theresortmumbai The details are with EACH email address , Reservations, front office, Lobby manager , Mr. sagar .. Sent on 1st April

I am still waiting for that refund.. now people tell me What else can I do. I have thought that maybe Each one of you who are in India can Make ONE phone call everyday to these people asking them have they refunded the money I have about half a dozen phone numbers of people whom I have been asked to Talk to and NONE of these “MORONS” have any idea how to refund or what can be done .. It seems this Hotel had a refund request for the first time in their History. Or can tweet them on their twitter handle @theresortmumbai..

I would love to write all the names that I have been talking to but I shall refrain as some of them might be decent human beings but JUST can’t be bothered to do their work, or do what they are being paid for and understand How they are harassing me … I had first thought of publishing all the emails that I had sent but I thought otherwise , this should be enough of a wake up call for them .. BUT THEN DO YOU THINK THEY ARE INTERESTED .. NA

Any help will be greatly appreciated, If anyone of you can go and pick the cheque it would be great, I would prefer giving the cheque to some charity or just throw it in the bin , rather than have these bunch of CROOKS keep it .. A Week more and it will be 3 MONTHS of harassment caused by the so called Prestigious hotel. They are worst then the politicians even they have some shame .

Disclaimer: This post does not intend to make any one sad, But please don’t read if you are in a happy mood, as this is going to spoil it 🙂

It is strange how your mind works when things are not going according your way, or life is becoming a turmoil for one reason to another. Nothing seems to be working, And have you realised when that happens, what all we do just to make sure it gets ok. Whatever we believe in goes out of the window for a six, I hardly use to believe in horoscopes or sun signs, rather I use to lecture people as to why do they believe in all this silliness, but saying that in the early part of previous year I spend a lot of money on horoscope readers , I don’t know why I did that, or how I got stuck with one of this website and now it has become so difficult to get rid of them. The emails they send the words they use , it seems so real that they can help you out for sure , only to find out that what has to happen will happen. I ended up buying these stones that are supposed to alter destiny and bladdy blah 🙂 ….

On top of all that we have this habit of trying to keep everyone happy, I am one of those who tries to keep everyone happy, BUT What makes people happy, how can we make others happy when we are unhappy, we as a person need to smile to make others smile, so what do we as an individuals need to do , to make sure we can get happiness and in process maybe make some of the people around us happy.. ALTHOUGH I DOUBT it, that it is ever gonna happen for whatever reason.

I read a lot of books in the previous one year, Done a few bits and pieces here and there , but no matter what I do .. it’s very hard to please everyone and also find that MANTRA for happiness for one-selves or others ..

Last year taught a few things, that things don’t happen as you want them to happen or even as you plan them to take place.

Some of the stuff that I have picked up, in all this chaos is that I feel, the most important thing a person needs is their Health – we need to be on top of that, because if I am sick then I am not going to make many people happy as they might think I am becoming a burden on them, no matter what we say , how close we are , how much they love us , in the end we will become a burden so good health is important. if I am healthy it keeps my mind happy too .. Any small hiccup in health , any small ailment, however trivial, will always put a dampener and take away something from our happiness for sure.

An experience taught me maybe the mantra for my happiness (or so I hope) , which when I think now, I can say with confidence that I “THINK” I am not afraid of death, I am ready for it as and when it comes (the horoscope lady has said I will live for a Long long time 🙂 , which actually made me laugh because in my family the male’s have died quiet young, My great Grand father was only in his 60’s , my grandfather was the only one who lived to be 84, my dad himself was only in his 60’s when he passed away, so if I take the average then I have already lived more than half my life 🙂 )

Anyway I went on a tangent there, as I was saying that I Have made my peace with the ups and down of life but I fear one thing, what I fear the most is that I would not want to have bad health, or be in some sort of bed ridden problem, because then I will be a burden on someone which I surely don’t want to be as being a burden will not make them HAPPY. Although thanks to the way things work here in UK, I have sorted out a few things 🙂 Money can do wonders, I tell you , I have spent wisely I believe in taking insurances and making sure the clause is added in the will that when I die the money is used from my account .. Although saying that I do owe some money which to my horror I got to know , but working rigorously to sort that out soon.. 🙂 (more on that later)

What I ideally want is that when my time comes, when the lord of death knocks on my door, I go like a man without taking any grievances against anyone. I would ideally like to go without regret too but in my case I have a lot of them, and also go thinking that those I have done wrong against forgive me , but that is not in my hands.

When death comes it comes swiftly, maybe without pain I just would want to close my eyes , go to sleep and never wake up.. that would be ideal.

I have made up a list of things that I think a person should have to have a happy life, One I have shared HEALTH.. rest will share later on .. Don’t want to make this post something that will make the readers UNHAPPY .. he he he he 🙂

Right since you have come so far let me lighten the mood .. Here is a THEORY .. I wonder how PRACTICAL it will be .. you see

People who Drink get DRUNK
People who get Drunk, Go to SLEEP
People who go to Sleep, Do no SIN
People who do no Sin, Go to HEAVEN
So. SO. Let us all drink and


How about it then.. Cheersssssss … SMILEEEEEEeee and Keep Smiling

PS :- I know some of you are going to ask why am i thinking that way , don’t worry I am not dieing or anything 🙂 just as the blog says me and my random thoughts .. some of them sharing here