Holi – The festival of colours

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Bhangra, Celebrations, Daroooo, Experiences, Festivals, FriendShip, Good times
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After more than a decade , I finally got to be in a situation where I could be in India , in my home city at precisely the same moment when the festival of holi was to be celebrated, My Mama ji’s (maternal Uncle) daughter was getting married and she had managed to get me to promise her that I will be there in Punjab. The wedding was to be on 19th march in my Nana (maternal Grandfather) house, which is 5-6 hours from Chandigarh and if you go at my speed it could be done in 4 hours 30 minutes.. Since she was also going from Uk along with her Fiancée we all had only a few days to manage everything.

The ladies sangeet was to be on 16th and my flight to reach Chandigarh was on 15th and holi was on 17th , 18th was to be the day when girls side go to the boy’s side for the Shagun ceremony which was again to be in a village nearer to Amritsar, again a 5-6 hours journey, it was going to be a hectic schedule. My friends knew I was going to come and everyone was Like I had to make sure I would be with them on HOLI, so much so that some suggested to miss everything and be there, emails-phone calls , exchanged which involved a lot of swearing , shouting , but then it was fun thinking about it now.

So the journey began I landed at chandigarh airport to find my best matey Babbar at the airport, what I had not realised was he was not alone , a few others too turned up.. Cherry came, Sunjeet turned up from ambala, and my cousin Noni too turned up.


Fun time started from the airport itself, I had planned that I will leave by 3pm but one thing led to the other only to start for my village about 6pm in evening, the moment I left the city disaster struck, typical with me, things never go to plan , the rear tyre burst, “OH NO”, opened the boot to look for the spare to only find that the spare was also punctured, Not a good start at all.Thankfully there was a gentleman coming from the other side on his bike who gave Me and My punctured tyre a Lift, to a nearby village, I knocked on a house of the guy who fixes punctures stayed. He was kind enough to open and do the needful, after getting all that sorted I started off once again towards my village.

Thankfully nothing un-towards happened on the way other than the amount of phonecalls I was getting from my relatives , as according to them I was supposed to have reached home by 7pm NOT Started towards home at 7pm , One good thing happened the traffic seemed to ease out at night, which was good for me to get used to driving in India after so many many years soon I was back into INDIA MODE, zooming in and out, giving two hoots to the traffic coming from the right or the Red light on the way . The main roads were very good but as I went off the main road , it was chaos the BADAL Akali Govt. In all their wisdom suddenly decided to dug up all the village connecting roads , have their contractors put the raw material on the sides.. Election Gimmicks I guess to get votes, I was not happy god know how many times I abused these Govt officials.

Anyway to cut the Story short because this is supposed to be an article on the 17th March , I reached home about 2am, the bed had been laid for me , I met everyone , talked for a bit and off to Zzzzzzzz land. Next day we got busy in doing some work, the ladies sangeet started, and my phone would not stop ringing because everyone at Chandigarh was asking When am I starting, I had with lot of persuasion managed to make all my relatives aunty’s and uncles agree to the fact that I have to return.. The fun carried on till about 11pm where everyone started to pack up, and go to sleep , since the function was in the village it was just a family affair , come 11 pm I sat in my car and Zooomed back to Chandigarh, Reached Babbar’s house at approximately 4-5am in the morning. I was so damn tired I went to sleep ..

Early morning I was woken up to the sound of HORNSSSSSSSsss – LOUD MUSIC – TRUMPETS etc, kids were running around on the road outside, neighbours were putting color on each other It felt so fresh, I walked out of the house to be bombarded with Colour .. Rest of my friends started turning up , I was meeting them after more than a decade, everyone had changed so much, a few had got married , a few had become parents , some had lost their hair , It was fantabulos.


Whoever came to the house was targeted with color – water anything that came to hand

That is me filling the Bucket and making sure I put it all over Babbar .. 🙂


and he in return joined the kids to make sure , he has his revenge on ladies .. boooooooooooooo too him 🙂


We decided to go uphill for a picnic, The ladies did a wonderful job I must say with all the food, we men were responsible for the DRINKS 🙂 , started towards Morni hills on the way saw a lot of people enjoying the festival especially these girls , who were standing from inside the sunroof, singing their head off , drinking too which made them go louder and louder, but I guess the idea was to enjoy, they were surly enjoying, we enjoyed just watching them 🙂


Drove for sometime in the hills singing , dancing , on way found a little stream of water running , so stopped for our picnic, the kids in the group were having fun with me as their english chachu, couple of them were seeing me for the first time , so I guess they were all Ga Ga of a foreign returned Chachu.. they started to play with me


I also joined them in the fun and took them on in the battle of the Water


When I was unable to control them , I had to do the MAN THING.. I had to take LAW in my hands and MAN-HANDLE the kids into submission and I WON.. yooooooooooooooooo hooooooooooooooo , bring it on… KIDDO’s


yess , I took each one of them and dunked them in that stream MUUUU HA HA HA HA HA HA .. Bad chachu I guess

Food time came, ladies had prepared some delicious food, for the Foreign returned, making sure there was not much spices etc, as it was only my second day in india,I did not want to get sick , But saying that by then so much alcohol had gone inside that it would have been pretty Safe to eat anything .. as I am sure you all know that “Darooo peene se PEt ke saare Kide mar jaate hain”.. 🙂 he he he .. don’t ask me to translate that in English , it wont be funny then 🙂 .. but just for those who don’t understand hindi (Drinking Alcohol, kills all the germs in the stomach), see not funny at all ..


Food time


The Long walk back to the parked cars ..


The Whole gang well almost as a few left to find another place uphill to have coffee ..


Ended up on top of a hill where I in my tipsy mood had fun with the kids ..


HAPPY HOLI Guys, how did you celebrate yourssss…

  1. chipmunk says:

    How long it had been .. welcome back to this place and I could hear all the happiness and shoutings from the pic itself 🙂 🙂


    • B. M. says:

      Its been more than 15 -16 months , Thank you .. its been a long long time since I had a bit of fun .. and a festival in india its almost more than a decade ..


  2. Anita Menon says:

    coming home (India) for vacations and breaks is such an adventure. But it doesnt take more than two days to join in with the general flow of things in India. Your holi pics make me super nostalgic. You guys seemed to have had a lot of fun!


  3. padmaja says:

    Super duper fun pics, they are spreading so much of cheer!


  4. Balram Kaushal says:

    Wao !!!
    Simply awesum.
    Its very nice to see all d pics, now I am thinking that I missed a grt plzr nd a chance to celbrt holi in this styl.
    But I did enjoy in chandigarh at gerdi route as you know that holi wid eggs.


    • B. M. says:

      Balram paaji, yes it was a very good day. yeah you shud have come but no worries hopefully god willing next year .. we did not g oto the gedi route


  5. Super pics. We don’t celebrate holi in the south. But someday, I will come to the north to celebrate this festival 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  6. RED HANDED says:

    WAH!!! U r back or am I wrong in assuming that u wer missing? YAYYY!!!
    I could not celebrate holi this time 😦 I am far from home and in a state that does not believe in Holi. I had a working day.
    Looks like u had a lot of fun!!!!


    • B. M. says:

      yeah i was misisng, rather i was away from it all .. oh ho hmmmmm well never mind next year maybe you can celebrate… and Good to see you here after so longggggggg …


  7. asha says:

    Your pictures speaks volumes about how you enjoyed.! A very lively post!


  8. B K chowla says:

    Double Dhamaka…
    Wedding and Holi.
    Pictures dont lie….fun s so obvious


  9. Smitha says:

    What super fun you have had! Your whole post conveys your excitement:)


  10. Bindu says:

    Colourful post! My greatest regrets are the celebrations I missed during my life in this alien country.


  11. Shilpa Garg says:

    Wow!! You all had some awesome fun! It is always great to celebrate such festivals with friends and family! 🙂


  12. Pooja says:

    Awwwww!! That’s awesome 😀 I was actually smiling all through the post… So nicely put!! I loved how you man-handled the kids 😀 also very pretty pictures, all of them 😉


  13. Saru Singhal says:

    Awesome and jealous. I was sick and didn’t celebrate. 😦


  14. renu says:

    Lovely Pics!..holi is an enjoyment as well as nuisance too:)


  15. ambikasingh2 says:

    Welcome back… 🙂
    STAY 🙂


  16. Finally a post from you..so happy that you are back.
    happy to know that you had loads of fun!
    are you still in India?
    By the way,I think you have lost weight 😛


    • B. M. says:

      No , sadly I am back.. had gone for just 10 days. and lost weight.. well the stresses of life have finally taken their toll 🙂

      thank you bhavia, good to see you here..


  17. Joe says:

    It must be a real experience to be back and meet all the old guys.
    Why the fuzziness in all the pics?


    • B. M. says:

      Helooooooooooo, How are you doing.. Good to see you here. it was a very good experience especially meeting everyone .. the fuzziness was just to fade others as they might not want their pics on the internet .. So i did that and kept my beautiful face for all to see 🙂


  18. jaishvats says:

    Wow. What a fun trip bikram ! 🙂


  19. KP says:

    Holi by itself is a gala and colorful function.Add a wedding ,sangeet and outing it must have been a wonderful experience to you and your people.Expecting more about your stay in India


  20. Rachna says:

    Wow, that is fabulous Bikram. I can see that you had a lot of fun on Holi being in India after such a long time. And shaadi wadi is extra mazaa :).


  21. pixie says:

    oh! You must have had such fun!! 🙂
    The pics itself speak volumes!! 🙂


  22. obsessivemom says:

    Hey how wonderful was that. Good to have you back.


  23. Festivals are all about bonding and these pictures speak of the wonderful times you’ve had! 🙂


  24. Amit Agarwal says:

    Holi effect in all pictures;)


  25. Wow! You all had a grand time and the bonhomie comes through the photographs. Festivals are a great time for families to regroup. 🙂


  26. Oh Wow!
    It was a truly fantastic read along with the photos 🙂
    Seems you had a great fun time with friends and family…such things embarks a new way in ongoing life, makes it even more exciting and alive!


  27. R. Ramesh says:

    Hi Bikram nice to hear from u after a longgg time…sure all well..best wishes always…and stay connected buddy:)


  28. dNambiar says:

    You had a ball, didn’t you?
    Welcome back, Bik. 🙂


  29. Novroz says:

    Festivals are always fun…you and our family’s expression transparanetly shows that


  30. Rajlakshmi says:

    hahaha that looks so much :D… the pictures say it all 😀 you had an awesome time.
    Thank god you left a link in my blog. I was searching for your blog link for days. Glad to see you back


  31. Looks like you had a lot of fun Bikram. 🙂 Visiting India is always so much fun. 🙂


  32. Found In Folsom says:

    Ohho….what fun u have had…must be worth waiting all these years, right? So happy for you Bikram Bhai…I am jealous of you now….I want holi tooo.. I love holi..been more than a decade I celebrated…and so many appointments in so less days…trips are always like that…thoroughly enjoyed the pics and the post


    • B. M. says:

      helooooooooooo di, now now dont be jealous next time you come along. Thank you so much I also celebrated after so many many yearsssssssss ..

      yes so many things to do , I have written of just one day there are still 10 to go 🙂 will write slowly


  33. ashwinicn says:

    Haha. I like the way you said India Mode 🙂
    Nice that you got an occasion to be here on Holi, the spirit of Holi and celebrations is very evident from your pics 🙂 I feel excited as if I was a part of it 🙂


  34. the little princess says:

    the pics say it all!! looks like you guys really rocked and rolled!!!


  35. What fun that you got to spend Holi in India with your family! I experienced one Holi a long time back and had a great time 🙂


  36. Khushboo says:

    Amazing pictures. BTW you should’ve tried throwing a mixture of rotten eggs, tomatoes and wet mud. Water only holi is no fun 😛


    • Bikramjit says:

      ha ha ha ha .. I think I am too old for that now, we use to do it when we were young .. but I liked the idea .. maybe next year 🙂

      We had tomatoes though .. but as Salad for ourselves ha ha ha ha

      Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..


  37. i wish we could have met … may be next time … nice pics veerji


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