R.I.P – Finnders

Posted: February 8, 2013 in Life
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Early morning I got the news Last night (uk time) A young officer breathed his last. They say god takes away the good people faster and earlier as he needs Good people with him  and Bad men like me and many others are left here on earth.  

He had gone for a night out with friends, In the early morning of Monday , he was returning home when he got embroiled in a row, he then got punched and was left unconscious in the road.

What sort of people have we become that a fellow human being lost his life over some STUPID argument.. how can this be justified a life snapped in the bud.. What reason can be there to end up someone’s life, to kill a fellow human being.

Rest in peace my friend Finnders (as he was lovingly called), you will be missed always .


  1. I lost one of cousins in similar manner. All of 19, He was mercilessly killed with swords over a stupid argument on new year night. Who says human beings are non-violent species.


  2. MomWithaDot says:

    It is shocking to see that the value of a human life has reduced to winning an argument! Insanity is what it is !! May his soul RIP 😦 😦


  3. RIP. Violence being used for conflict resolution just does not encourage respect for life… Strength to his loved ones and family.


  4. My condolence to you and your friend’s near and dear ones. Human value has degenerated. We are truly living in Kali Yug. There is no justification for such violence and impatience with human lives.


  5. This is too bad. Condolenses to his family. Prayers.


  6. Bindu says:

    A moment’s rage, and a valuable life lost. Sad to hear such incidents.


  7. May GOD bless his soul and the courage to his family…


  8. Jazz says:

    That is so sad, May he rest in peace and God give strength to his dear ones. 😦


  9. I am ever so sorry for this loss. I have no more words to say – apart from sorry.


  10. Rachna says:

    Gosh so sad, So sorry for the loss. How are you? Is everything ok?


  11. Visha says:

    This is so shocking 😦


  12. Were the killers drunk? Do check, because alcohol sometimes makes people lose their mind. RIP.

    Destination Infinity


  13. Bhavia says:

    RiP. stay close to his family and gove them the strength to deal with the grief.

    PS:you were deeply missed in the blogosphere.


  14. janu says:

    😦 sad for your loss of your friend. Yes, good people are called earlier. RIP Finnders.

    http://everydaygyaan.com/2013/01/the-power-of-prayer/….similar post of mine.


  15. Jas says:

    Really sad to hear about this. How are you doing?


  16. so sad.. may his soul rest in peace..


  17. Smitha says:

    RIP. Such a sad waste of life… It beats me how people can behave like this….


  18. Raajii says:

    Sadly, we come across these cases all the time – it is amazing what people are willing to do over trivial things. I am become cynical about life.


  19. Trish says:

    I am so sorry,Bikram 😦 Its so unfair when a life so young is lost.May he R.I.P.


  20. Shilpa Garg says:

    God! I am so sorry to hear about your friend. May he rest in peace.


  21. Ashwathy says:

    It greatly saddens me to see how petty a reason can take away so valuable a life… 😦
    My condolences…


  22. Ritika says:

    I hope he’s in peace..


  23. techie2mom says:

    Hey take care. May he rest in peace.


  24. Jyoti Mishra says:

    shows how deep inhumanity has grown in our hearts..
    RIP !!


  25. too many bad things happening around me and such incidents made me a firm believer that god is only kind to the bad people..and deals very rudely with the good ones!!



  26. Bk chowla says:

    Violence is not an answer to any problem,any issue.


  27. Onkar Kedia says:

    Such incidents make us wonder whether we can call ourselves civilized


  28. R's Mom says:

    Oh thats so so sad…sorry to hear about that 😦


  29. jaishvats says:

    Sad! Sorry to hear this Bikram!


  30. Meera says:

    What a waste of a young life. Terrible!! I hope God grants his family and friends including you the strength to deal with this


  31. ambikasingh2 says:



  32. As we mull over this seemingly unnecessary demise of a young individual, how could we take responsibility to do something about it? How could we shift our mind away from ascribing blame?



  33. ramananth says:

    it is really sad, that a person should lose his life in a stupid resolving of a fight. May his soul rest in peace.
    How are you Bikram, did you happen to visit India, didn’t hear from you for a long time?


  34. eschris says:

    Loss of life is momentary pain. Feel much more sorry for the family members who have to endure a life time. This is bad.


  35. odyzz says:

    It’s so sad to hear about your friend..may his soul rest in peace .May God strengthen his family and friends to cope up with the situation….How have you been,Bikram ?


  36. Ria says:

    This is so sad 😦 😦


  37. indrani says:

    That is so tragic!


  38. ladynimue says:

    Sad ! not just for the loss of live over something so trivial .. but to utter loss of humanity ..


  39. inducares says:

    You are right Bikramjit–the other person’s life has no value for some.Here ,where i live,isee persons being killed for the flimsiest of reasons.People are fast losing tolerance & humanity.


  40. irfan says:

    Bikram, in this materialistic world its the human life which is the cheapest one and these day to day incidents are enough to prove that how cheap a human’s life can be…where one is killing other for no reason…….but there are sensitive people like you who get affected deeply by such happenings rather mishappenings and show there concern by such posts…otherwise most of us simply take it as just another death and move on in life……..


  41. Varsha says:

    Nothing hurts more than a young life lost over nothing. RIP Finnders


  42. Priya says:

    😦 😦

    P.S: Hope you are doing fine.. and will be back soon..


  43. soumyav says:

    Rest in peace for your friend Bikram! been a long time since you are here. hope alls is fine. Just had nominated you for an award,pls check.http://wp.me/p2SvrZ-1S


  44. dnambiar11 says:

    Gosh! Is it a season for horrible things like this.
    In the past few weeks there’s been a lot of news of police officers around here losing their lives in the line of duty. This is so bad.
    RIP to all these people who worked for the safety of the public.


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