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Here we are Christmas EVE.. 🙂 Tomorrow is Christmas .. SO here’s wishing all my readers and everyone who visit here.. wish you all a


From the bottom of my heart .. and so does  ME and My Random Thoughts

I had my work Christmas lunch yesterday , where by I collected a few Christmas funnies that pop out of the crackers ..


So have a go at them and enjoy the day ..

1. What is Grey and has Four legs and a Trunk ?

2. What did the mayonnaise say to the Fridge ?

3. Why did the boy take a RULER to bed with him ?

4. What did the envelope say to the stamp ?

5. Why do birds fly south in the winters ?

6. How do you make a BAND stand ?

7. Why did the barber win the race. ?

8. How do you Keep COOL in a football match ?

9. What do you get when a sheep walks under a rain cloud ?

10. What do you get when you cross SANTA with a Detective ?

Have a Great day tomorrow and I hope and wish Santa brings all the happiness and everything that each of you has wished for ..

PS. A small lecture before I leave .. Please Dont Drink and Drive., Have a Safe Celebration.