Some facts about Punjab and Being a Punjabi – 3

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1 to 8 You can read here — Part 1 is also picked up as the Spicy Saturday by Blogadda  for 15th December 20012.. Thank you so much Blogadda.  spicysaturday

9 to 17 You can read here

and Now Carry on 🙂

18.CAUTION– when a Punjabi doing bhangra stay away to avoid spilled drinks and injuries


19 “AVEN HI”.. our answer to practically anything.

20. Emotions

             Surprise – “OYYEEE”

             Angry “OYEEE”

            Calling someone “OYEEE”

            and the evergreen painful “oye oye oye oye”


21:- Boy child – girl child ONE word “PUTTAR”

22. We don’t have FAT punjabi , we just belong to khata peeta family

23. Biggest tension is when to eat- what to eatwhom to eat with.

24. P is for PUNJ MINUTE (five minutes) no matter where one is he will reach you in “PUNJ MINT

25. When we are talking of “BEBE” we mean our grandmother not a fashion brand ..

26. Burrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh  .. soon it will be in Oxford dictionary .. anyone know what it means 🙂



Ps:- Message of the day .. Still stand true as it did in previous parts

Please Honk slowly.. My country is SLEEPING.. You might disturb it from its sleep..

PPS:- All pictures courtesy Google

PPPS :- Weekend is here , thank god for that .. So have a great weekend people .. enjoy the mini break. See you on the Monday morning 🙂  it has become very very cold here and icy so be safe driving and Keep warm ..

  1. irfan says:

    OYE…!! i am 1st….. 🙂


  2. Punam J R says:

    Funny as always.. punj mint is 5 minutes in sindhi also. 🙂
    My favourite is that “puttar” one… boy or girl, one word… sweetest.. 🙂 Thanks for sharing..


  3. janu says:

    Oye! I am the third for the first time 🙂 Good one.


  4. Deepika says:

    So, you see I wasnt born boring and normal…
    Coz i am a punjabi…
    and proudly one 🙂
    Punjabiyaan di shaan wakhri 🙂


  5. Swarnali says:

    These were hilarious!! I am so inspired that now I am gonna write my own Facts about being a bong post 😛


  6. pflead73 says:

    Point no. 23 is kickass 😀


  7. privytrifles says:

    Aven hi is my favourite sentence. I use it so frequently that I could actually be nicknamed avenhi 😀

    No wonder I am in love with this colourful language and culture both. I simply love the way they life for the moment with loads of fun,frolic, love and laughter. I love the way Bebe calls me Puttarji..makes me never want to grow up!

    Lovely post Bikram as always!


  8. panchali says:

    Balle balle…eish hi eish hai ji 😛


  9. Oye, Aven Hi (what does aven hi mean BTW :)?)!!!


  10. anisnest says:

    ooyeee ooyyeee 🙂 have a good weekend


  11. MomWithaDot says:

    Puttar & Oye – My favorites (and Punjabis of course !!) 😀 !!


  12. Latha says:

    Hahaha..thank you so much Bikram. Rushi is going to love them 🙂 Btw, we do call him Puttar too…punjabi style…don’t remember from where we caught it..I think some Hindi movie, may be. My sis pings me, “puttar kya bol raha hi?” I like Oyee too.. :P..what does burraahh mean? Happy weekend…stay warm.


  13. lol 🙂 I am liking this series..


  14. LOl..and thats a pretty big LOL.. Hope your weekend is passign well…


  15. Ha ha that was a fun post..but then Punjabis are also one of the most fun loving people I have come about a big “oye” to that 🙂


  16. Wow! khush kar ditta! 23rd is awesome…. going straight into earlier posts….


  17. Jas says:

    Puttar is the most rightly pointed out 😀 and so is Oye 🙂


  18. mommygyan says:

    first time on your blog Bikram, I have quite a few punjabi colleagues, and this post is hilarious!


  19. scorpria says:

    ROFL. The different kinds of Oye is hilarious! So is Puttar 😀


  20. Zephyr says:

    These posts are collectors’t items. Someone doing research into Punjabis would find them most useful. Jeete raho puttar 🙂


  21. Haaahaa! Loved it Bikram bhai! I love my Punjabi patients, no matter how much weight I put on ,they meet with, oye ,aap kitne dublee ho gayee ho. If it is winter they get me pinni and if summers it is delicious curries.


  22. My husband is familiar with Punjabis! We became more familiar via the serial ‘Buniyaad’. I started addressing my sons as ‘puttar’, ‘puttaroo’ etc.!

    My husband was working in a cable company in those days. Once their company introduced a new cable and my husband had to do the introduction at Hotel Ashoka. The samples came from Rajpura in a truck or van with some 4 or 5 punjabis. And they came to our house. My husband was not home. My sons were very small…around 4 and 2. I invited them home and offered tea and then some breakfast. My children were with them all the time. I started cooking for them too! Then my husband came and said that he would ask them to eat out because they would be ‘very’ hungry! Our rotis won’t do! And they were mazdoors…! I remember them as nice people and friends of my sons! I was so tiny and thin in front of them, I remember! Still, I got lot of respect!

    Enjoying reading this series, Bikram puttar!


    • 🙂 oh yes we eat a lot tooooooooo 🙂 I remeebr when in village food was to be prepared for the field help and everyone , it was not counted or the ROTI’s are not counted they were measured .. 🙂

      Thank you so much sooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  23. manju says:

    Ha ha! Loved this post! I’m glad you don’t discriminate between boys and girls- both are called puttar! 🙂


  24. Ashwathy says:

    Hahahah you are so right!! 😀 😀 As always, this is among the most interesting of your posts!

    Didn’t get the part of the ‘burraahh’… or am I missing its pronounciation?

    Um… the last pic is photoshopped… but I guess u already knew that right?


    • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm buuuuraaaah is something you will hear when men folk generally have had a couple of drinks and are on the high 🙂 it does not mean anything but it mean everything … he he he he

      yeah it is photoshopped for sure I know but the message is quiet clear 🙂


  25. renu says:

    enjoyed reading it, I am a northie and know all this, thats why i enjoyed more:)


  26. Raajii says:

    hehe, this is so cool. I love the punjabi sense of humor the best 🙂


  27. chattywren says:

    Lol, just read all of them in one sitting, Super like! I love to listen to punjabi being spoken (actually I love most of the Indian languages I’ve heard spoken), this one I’m partial to as my dad is more punjabi than anything else. And in school, I remember trying to do the giddha:) nice memories.


  28. obsessivemom says:

    Love the series.. Will add one more.. Puttar/Bebe.. lolz…
    I’ll add one to your series
    The key to peace and happiness.. “Sanu key?”


  29. soumyav says:

    wonderful share and lively ones!


  30. Yuvika says:

    burraaaahhh, maza aagaya post padh kar (did i use the exclamation correctly??)


  31. Wah ji wah!
    Tussi te dil khush kar ditta ji 🙂

    Burahhhhhhh! Punjabi hon di shaan hi vakhri hondi hai te bade naseeban waaliyan nu hi mildi ve…

    P.S- thankful to the weekend … a lil break from exams is better! Its too cold here as well ….Shivering 😉
    Have fun!


    • oye hoyeeee simran .. Ki haal chal ne biba ji ..
      thank you so much .. glad you enjoyed reading it all .. and yes apni shaan hi wakhri hai .. dooroon pata chal janda hai ke eh banda punjabi hai for sure 🙂

      its cold here tooooooo going in minus now 🙂


  32. […] Some facts about Punjab and Being a Punjabi – 3 […]


  33. […] Some facts about Punjab and Being a Punjabi – 3 […]


  34. Tharani says:

    Ha ha ha. Loved it.


  35. priyaa says:

    Very Nice 🙂 and true!! M a punjabi too!! *rhymes*


  36. prasoon says:

    Oye.. Im d latest one to comment.. bas punj minute lagey teeno part padne main 😀


  37. OYE…bahut badhiya Ji 🙂 had fun reading it….


  38. Oye hoye, changa ji change :).


  39. Onkar Kedia says:

    Good ones. The one on nation sleeping has been well captured.


  40. Dilip says:

    “OYEEE” Bikram – changa ji!
    Thanks friend 🙂


  41. ha ha ha … let this series turn into a mega series ! I am enjoying !


  42. Androgoth says:

    OYEEE Bikram, I am calling YOU 🙂 lol
    It is always a pleasure calling into your
    happy Space Bikram 🙂

    Have a fun rest of evening now and be wicked 🙂 lol



  43. So true, a true punjabi would nod on each one of those. Congrats on the Blogadda’s Pick. 🙂


  44. Anu says:

    Funtastic post Bikk. “Oyee” is the highlight and ROFL to that!


  45. Super! Super! Super!


  46. Jazz says:

    Awesome Bikram.

    I loved the 23rd one, tension about food. Lol. I even enjoyed reading some of these facts in the ‘2 States’ novel. 🙂


  47. ambikasingh2 says:

    I am a Singh and I am not a Punjabi and not even a Sardar. I am a himachalee.

    It is very frustrating when people tell me oh you are a punjabi/sardar. And get surprised when i tell them I am not.

    The best thing about being one is their style of communicating. Wo gaali bhee pyaar se maarte hain 😉


    • Well Punjabi doesnot have to be Sardar.. anyone from punjab is punjabi 🙂 and yeah I have got a few Singh friends and what was funny was , WE had once given our house on Rent to a minister in haryana, and he was a haryanvi, but had a SINGH and his surname was a MANN too ..

      oh yes

      9. If we use Mc and BC (vulgar curses) more than 4 -5 times in a sentence with you. IT MEANS WE LOVE YOU A LOT… 🙂


  48. R's Mom says:

    oh God I have been laughing so hard, that my tummy is aching 🙂


  49. ashreyamom says:

    lol.. puttur, safe na, u dont have to ask the name or gender of the child.. be safe with one word.. :).. bebe would become babes soon??


  50. Rahul says:

    Absolutely adorable post, Bikram:)


  51. Ashwini C N says:

    Wah. Loved reading this post Bikram, was laughing and smiling all along. Specially that ‘Oye’ part and the one about eating, what to eat , when to eat and with whom to eat, even I always keep thinking of food. Kudos to the Punjabi spirit 🙂


  52. The Fool says:

    Nice. Got opportunity to read the other 2 parts also. I think most of us are kind of familiar with this. After all as far as Bollywood is concerned, India is Punjab.


  53. purbaray says:

    Ahh…the Dilliwali in me can’t stop reminiscing about her Punjabi friends…Everything is larger than life about them


  54. anurag says:

    loved it!loved it!

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  55. Noopur says:

    Believe me…I’m just a big fan of Punjabi peoples… and the big heart they have!!


  56. Noopur says:

    And I also have a habit of saying “oye” in my talks 😀


  57. Rishabh says:

    Boss, Plz dont get offended…Just for a knowledge..

    “Well a Sikh must not be neccesarily a punjabi. There’s a lot of confusion with who is a Sikh and who is a Punjabi, who keeps turban and who doesn’t. Let me explain, Sikhism and punjabi who two seperate things. Punjab is a state of india like gujrat, maharashtra and others, its a hindu state and punjabi language is spoken over there. Punjabis living over there are hindus. Now in the time of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, a new religion was founded in india i.e: Sikhism. Now its like a coincidence the this religion was founded on the land of punjab and so naturally Sikhs from punjab speak punjabi. If it was founded in maharashtra or gujrat or Bengal then sikhs must be speaking different language. In nanded, Maharashtra, there are many maharashtrians who follow Sikhism, they wear turban and follow sikhism but speak marathi. So u see a sikh is not necessarily a punjabi, its a religion which any body from any state can follow and not necessarily be a punjabi or speak punjabi.”

    If you need answer who is punjabi can tell u that as well

    I am not discriminating..But people in other parts of India have misconception that Punjabis are people with turbans which is NOT a fact at all.

    Cheers Sir. Plz take it eaisly.

    Rishabh Kapoor


  58. Thank you so much.

    I know who a Sikh is and I can understand about the confusion, and this post is not about sikhism, Or a sikh.. As the title says its about Punjab and Punjbai’s .. By that I mean state of punjab and THe people living in Punjab who are Punjabi’s.. they can be of any religion Hindu-sikh-muslim-christain..

    regarding Turban, it is Not just sikhs who wear them, there are so many other places where a turban is worn.

    I am sorry if this post has given you the impression that it is about Sikhs, IT is not ..

    Turbans are worn by people from rajasthan, Haryana and bihar even .. although not very sure of hindu state , that is the reason why terrorism happened,

    Welcome here to this blog , Thanks for reading the post.


  59. inducares says:

    Puttar you rock
    23. Biggest tension is when to eat- what to eat-whom to eat with.
    This is good,but when i am angry it is”whom to eat”


  60. Sapna says:

    I am a punjabi myself so I can relate that.
    Thanks for sharing this info.



  61. what to say bhaaji…description of “oye” was awesome… 🙂
    bbrruuaaaahhhhhhhhh… 🙂


  62. Arti says:

    Nice facts about the punjabis, I love their bhangra style. Congrats on the blogadda feature 🙂


  63. b K Chowla says:



  64. Swati says:

    LOL ..experienced each one of this in some form 😀 totally hilarious !


  65. Visha says:

    Puttar is the sweetest 🙂

    Enjoyed the ‘punjabisms’ 😀


  66. jahidakhtar says:

    Badiyan post Haiga 🙂


  67. too good ,reminds me of my cousins in ASR..who are so habitual of these words…!
    I guess all pnjabis are same!


  68. R-A-J says:

    Oye! I shud know.. I married one 🙂

    Lovely collection, Biks! 😀


  69. hehehehehehehe OYE HOYE!
    LOVED it 🙂 and thank God you added what to eat when to eat and whom to eat (WITH) 😛
    Kidding. I love Punjabis and Punjabi. They have such spirit that it is infectious 🙂


  70. sm says:

    Oye Oye


  71. rama ananth says:

    So very true Bikram.


  72. sippyk says:

    hey bikramjit… loving ur post…
    Boy child – girl child ONE word “PUTTAR”- cutest!! 🙂


  73. dNambiar says:

    Love these fun posts of yours. This is a great way to learn about the Punjabis. 🙂
    What exactly is Burrrah, now?

    Haha for that last pic.


  74. garima says:

    Loved this reply of your’s in comments section:”oh I already call my grandma Babe’s as she is getting younger and lovelier” ,made me smile.


  75. I am not a punjabi.. but i always use Oye! 😀 infact it has replaced “HI” for me 😉 i always greet anyone with an “Oye!” :p Dunno why.. just liked it 🙂

    And Aven is one thing i picked up in a B-school 😉 from the north indians 😀

    Cool post!


  76. P is for PUNJ MINUTE (five minutes) no matter where one is he will reach you in “PUNJ MINT“

    lol … awesome !


  77. eternalcadence says:

    I LIKE IT 🙂


  78. Bhakti says:

    Waiting for Part 4 now!! 😀
    Well,I am not a Punjabi but I do use Oye and Aiven hi in day to day conversations 😀
    LOVeD reading all the three parts 🙂


  79. Ruchi Chopra says:

    Lovely & I just loved your style of writing, so I am following you now, not for just punj mint ;-D


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