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Posted: December 11, 2012 in Aging, Bikramism, Celebrations, Experiences, Friends, FriendShip, Life
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I  have been living in a city and studied in a city for majority of the times but my heart has always been from where we came.  My grand-father had actually run away from his house when only 16 and joined the indian army as a sepoy, he with his hard work had risen to the ranks of an officer by the time he retired, did all his education along, After he left army he joined the public services and shifted to chandigarh. Since my childhood I have been very very close to my grand-dad. He would never say no to me ever for anything.

We use to talk to each other a lot , and he would tell me that in all his struggle to cater for his kids and build a home he had sold off his share of land back home in punjab, but he had always wanted to have something , I use to tease him that he is in such a strong position , all the ministers etc use to come to our house for some work of the other , I would say all he needs is to ask any of these ministers to make sure that he gets this and that .. for whatever work he was doing for them. But I would get a rebuke he would get so angry with me. Telling me that all his life he has lived on his salary , all that he has made is from his own sweat and hard work, and in our great nation it is very difficult to make money till you sell your morality.

I am not saying that one can’t make or have a rich life without being corrupt , there are many who have done wonders, maybe my grand-dad never got that opportunity , although he did make little property in chandigarh as the prices then were peanuts and the Govt. was actually giving away land for peanuts just to make sure chandigarh as a city developed. Look at it now it is so hard to find a vacant place and everything is in Crores now .

My father too worked hard to make sure we had everything we wanted as we were growing up

Well I came to uk and I started building my life,  always had this in the back of my mind to try to go back to the place where my forefathers had lived, Had been working on this idea for a long long time.. Finally today another dream came true, that of owning a house in the same place where my grand-father had sold his share and moved out , Today 11th december was a good day , We are owners of a 3 bedroom house , the registry and everything went through fine, and what a relief it was.

When I got a call from my Mama Ji (my mom’s brother)  to tell me that the paperwork has gone through fine. It was a good feeling, so now all that remains is me booking my tickets and go there and actually be in the place and make it into a home.

They say we come to know about who the true friends are in time of need, I had to get together a lot of money in a very short time but thankfully we are blessed by some very good friends who came out and have helped me in the best way they could, And some helped without even me asking they knew  there will be need of money , and I did not want to take any loans etc for the reason, they all contributed and we had the full sum, that had to be paid.

December seems to have been a good month for me , 400th post and today this news , It seems god is happy with me.  I know I have some land and house etc , but they are like what my father bought and earned , so this is the first one that I own and it is a good feeling to own something of your own.

I know every one of you has been wishing me well and blessed me with the best of the wishes always, so please be like that always and thank you for the wishes they seem to be working for me.  I will post some pictures and all soon once I lay my hands on them myself. Actually to be truthful I have not even seen this house, my relatives back home had gone to see this and I talked to my Mama ji who said it was an ideal place and in a good location , so we went for it …

He made a remark that you have come back home, The place where the “MANN’S ” had settled earlier after independence,  Then they all moved out to greener pastures and I was going to go back to the place .. It was indeed a homecoming or will be once I land there.

Please everyone do keep me in your wishes and prayers.

Another thing has been ticked in the TO DO List

2012 has been so great.

  1. Latha says:

    I am never the first to comment..so today..I am ..yayyyy..ok, now let me read the post..heheeh


  2. soumyav says:

    congratulations and thts wonderful,owning somethng of your precious land,make sus believe we belong to that place!


  3. sm says:

    congrats for buying 3 bedroom home


  4. Latha says:

    Woww….now, that’s a great news..congratulations!! when everyone is flying away from their home town, you bought something there wanting to live there…may your wish and dream come true..don’t you think, you owe us a party? 🙂 Hope you make it home soon and have a great vacation..


  5. ladynimue says:

    congrats !!!!
    yay !! party 😀


    Hope u travel soon to see the home soon 🙂


  6. anisnest says:

    wowwww congratss Bikram.. a great and perfect way to close down the year.. now book the tickets soon, take pictures and share it here.. I can’t wait to see that lovely home..


  7. Usha says:

    Bikramjit, Very happy to read that you now own a flat in your hometown. Congratulations and many more best wishes for future. 🙂


  8. gr8.. congrats! may all dreams come true .. and happiness always knocking the door..
    all the best..( I had a gut feeling you had army roots somewhere in the family ..I always wondered where.. but today its out.. my assumption was right ..)


    • Thank you Harman. I am sure I told you about the army connection

      Everyone in our family is in it.. my dad did not join well he could not.. but all my chachu’s are in army.

      And yes ur assumption is very right..

      I don’t know why we never talked about it earlier. But now you know.


  9. Yuvika says:

    what wonderful news! hope all your dreams come true just like this one! god bless!


  10. Jazz says:

    Wow I’m so happy for you Bikram. Great news indeed. 🙂

    You know my husband’s parents have built a house each on the land they got from their respective parents and still say ‘but it wasn’t something we owned’, MIL wishes we get to buy or build something to call our own to feel the sense of satisfaction.


    • Thank you os much.

      yeah i know what you are saying when i bought my first house here in uk , it was such a great feeling I had something of my own, I know i have the rest too but that is my dad’s and before that his dad’s ..

      It has taken a long time but finally have managed to do it. Thank you for all the wishes always


  11. NRIGirl says:

    That’s wonderful news Bikram! I am so happy for you! Congrats and best wishes always.


  12. I am so happy for you, Bikram! Going back to the roots is wonderful! You have got good relatives and friends. You are very lucky!

    My husband built this house where we are living now in the outskirts (then it was, now in….oh, god it doesn’t sound nice!). His mama who came here to visit us for the first time said that the interior of the house was just like my father in law’s house! My husband had lost his father very early and the family had sold the house in Coimbatore and came to Madras. Still the house must have stayed in my husband’s mind and he built this house as a replica of his childhood house! I think everybody likes to keep in touch with their roots in some way.

    All the best, Bikram! Be happy always!


    • Thank you so much sandhya bhen, I knew you would be happy reading this , yes I am lucky and god has been very kind to me.

      oh yes I have all the visuals of the old house in the village , then in another city before we came to chandigarh , i was small but still have some recollection..

      yes I believe that those who forget their roots and where they came from never stay on top for long, they might get rich but dont get to enjoy for long ..


  13. Congratulations Bikram 🙂 Share pictures!!


  14. irfan says:

    its going to be 6 in the morning and very 1st post for me to read and here you are with this good news about a new house…..wow…what a wonderful start of the day……CONGRATS dear.
    its really a matter of joy to have roof of your own on the head, no matter how many we have from our ancestors…..Really happy for you.

    Looking forward for “Grih Parvesh Bhoj” once you are here 🙂


    • Irfan my friend, Its great to have met you over the blogworld, you are a good man sir, Thank you for such a lovely comment.. you know people who get happy at success of others and smile when they do something are the best people in the world, usually people are never happy seeing others do good.

      Thank you so much

      and the greh parvesh etc will happen some day for sure and you will be the first one to know about it , it will be in punjab and You WILL HAVE TO COME 🙂


  15. padmaja says:

    It is a great feeling indeed and a blessing,congrats and all the best!


  16. janu says:

    Congrats! Are we invited to visit your place? 🙂


  17. Good to know that you have relatives and friends whom you can trust and who will help you… That’s a huge gift. Many of us are unlucky on that front… Owning a house anywhere is a dream for many people, hence it should feel great to own one, I guess. Hope you keep ticking many items in your wish list…

    Destination Infinity


    • DI, thank you so much my friend, yes god has been kind to me. Comeon what do you mean unlucky YOU got me 🙂 Not to worry DI anytime, I will be there 🙂

      yes it is a dream come true and many struggle but thankfully God has given it to me …

      Thank you so much


  18. congrats ! heres wishing you all the best …may all your dreams come true ! do post the pics of your lovely home …


  19. privytrifles says:

    Touchwood… this was truly a heartfelt post Bikram. Firstly congratulations for getting one thing ticked on your to do list and most importantly going back to your roots.

    I can understand how emotional a moment it must be for your right now and I would say you are damn lucky and blessed!

    Wishing you more and more such happiness always….take care and have fun at that place.

    Waiting for the pictures along with an invitation 😉


    • Thank you so much for the wishes.
      oh yes i am lucky and blessed to have so many lovely people wishing for me 🙂

      will put the pics as soon and You dont need a invitation DO YOU……….
      do you wait for ur friend to invite you to come to their house … so why the invite now .. JUST TURN UP 🙂 you are always welcome anytime .. I will put the details soon for sure too, so you dont have the excuse that you did not know the address ….


  20. hey congrats! I am glad you didn’t forget your roots. you are a happy soul, Bikram and wish you always stay that way! whenever you come don’t forget to come to chandigarh! God bless you!!


    • How can i forget chandigarh, its MY CITY 🙂 all my friends live their , I spent all my college time there and all the time before i came ot uk, and its where my parents house is , so that is always the first place i will go to 🙂

      thank you so much for the wishesssssssssss 🙂


  21. Praveen says:

    Congratz on your homecoming…:)…i was listening to A.R.Rahmans song from Swadesh earlier, suits your post.


  22. renu says:

    Congrats Bikram!..Owning anew home is the best feeling one could have..


  23. Congratulations Bikram, great news indeed. This has been a great year for me too. Share pics when you have them.


  24. Bhagyashree says:

    I know the feeling. To own a house and that too in the land of ur forefathers gives a different high altogether So a hi5 to you.


  25. Sapna says:



  26. Bhavia says:

    Let’s party 🙂 and congrats!! A house for our own is always a wonderful dream..I’m so happy for you


  27. Congratulations Bikram. You are in my prayers and wishes.


  28. Asha says:

    Congratulations to the land lord. Sweet beginnnings in your new home. God bless!


  29. Life Begins says:

    congratulations Bikram. Its indeed an awesome news. Wishing you a year filled with lots more success and happiness.


  30. greenboochi says:

    Many many Many congratulations Bikram 🙂 I can sure feel the happiness… buying own house is one thing and buying it where your fore fathers lived.. its awesome! I am so so happy for you. This post for some reason got me so sentimental, in a good way. I always keep wondering how it would if I could get the place back where my grand parents lived. I hope I would, one day! You post gives me that hope.

    You will always be in my prayers. Wishing many more good things your way! 🙂


    • Hello GB, how you doing , good to see you here 🙂
      Thank you so much for saying that and being so very happy it shows in the comment , yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy… and reading ur comment made me sentimental toooo…

      and yes god willing one day you too will have it for sure , my best wishes always with you alwaysssssssssssssssssssssssss….

      Thank you so much for the wishes alwayssssss


  31. Shilpa Garg says:

    Hearty congratulations Bikram! Happy for you! 🙂


  32. ambika says:

    oh wow this is a great news… congratulations 🙂

    yes and very rightly said about friends. you can a thousand friends added to your FB account, but only a handful will give a damn. 🙂


    • 🙂 Thank you thank you.

      I find it funnny en people say oh i have a thousands of friends on FB and all , and i always say you only have a few always not that many ..

      and its only a few who will be genuinely happy in your happiness…


  33. Smitha says:

    Congratulations!!! That is indeed such brilliant news! I can imagine how wonderful you must be feeling. Actually, I can’t even begin to imagine! I’ll eat an extra helping of strawberry cake here, to help you celebrate 🙂


  34. ashreyamom says:

    congrats.. waiting to see the pics.. its feels really nice when we strike something out from ” to do list” na.. nice start for the coming year.. :).


  35. MomWithaDot says:

    CONGRATS!! The feeling of the ‘first’ is always beautiful. I can see the effort and commitment everyone put into this to make it happen. That’s wonderful 🙂 Well, I’ve always heard the best things about Chandigarh but never had an opportunity to visit – Now, I have good reason 😀 😀 !! Congrats once again and enjoy the Good Times!


    • Chandigarh is lovely city has to be ITS MY CITY 🙂 yeah lot of good people helped me.. My parents house is in chandigarh, so yes ANYTIME is good time to visit, come over.. this one is in punjab where my granparents came from initially to settle in chandigarh..
      so now you have TWO place to visit 🙂 he he he MORE good REASON ..

      thank you so much


  36. Punam J R says:

    Sapne dekhenge tabhi toh sach honge
    And something like this – is quite a feat.. well done, Bikram.. you have made both your father and grandfather proud.. I am sure they must be smiling upon you.
    Am glad December went well for you and that 2012 went well too..

    Did you get cheques in your mail then?


    • Very true.. i say that all the time.. to make dreams come true, you got to dream..

      well i hope they are both up there looking down upon me and happy tooo, and i hope i dont let them down for any reasons.

      cheques which one .. from oh yes I got a 180 cheque today for the phone cashback


  37. alkagurha says:

    Wishing that your new home brings even more happiness and contentment.


  38. Zephyr says:

    That is great news indeed Bikram. And they said the world would end on 12.12.12. It can’t be bad if it has brought you a home, right? when are you coming home? For good??


  39. Jyothi says:

    Congrats Bikram. May 2013 be good too for you. Owning a home is indeed a great feeling. Will wait for pictures of your new home on this space. All the best!


  40. Dilip says:

    Firstly my salutes to your grand-father a great man indeed and heartiest congrats to you Bikram. When are the celebrations and cheers to that 🙂


  41. rama ananth says:

    Congratulations Bikram!
    When the timing is right things have a way of automatically falling in place. I am glad your dream of owning a house near the land sold by your dear Grand father was fulfilled. Some times without our effort itself things happen, and we feel like a spectator, and wonder how did it happen in my life.
    It is good that the year is ending on a good note. God’s blessings are always wit you.
    BTW are you just visiting India or have you decided to relocate here?
    All the best Bikram!!!


  42. Indrani says:

    Wish you a very happy stay in your new house!


  43. R-A-J says:

    Congrats my dear friend.. ab ghar aa rahe hai pardesi, Tera Des Bulaye Re 🙂

    very happy to knw tht 2012 was a great year fr u.. my prayers n wishes tht 2013 wud b even greater, my friend 🙂



  44. Bk chowla says:

    Those who were born before 1947 or immly after independence were made of different steel.Your Grandpa must have been of that era…It’s different now.
    And yes,you have my best wishes wherever you stay


    • very true chowla sir, people are different now, i guess my dad and grand-dad were born in the era when people were good .. I do hope i have got some of their properties in me and I dont let them down anytime ..

      thank you so much for the wishes sir


  45. panchali says:

    Congrats Bikram!! I am so happy for you. Why don’t you post some pics of your new home…good idea, na?
    May God bless you and your new home!


  46. Swaram says:

    WOWWW congrats Bik 🙂 We are gonna come over to stay with you too ; ) 😉


  47. metherebel says:

    Congrats Bik 🙂 Do share pictures!


  48. uma says:

    yayay to that!!! congrats, Bikram! really happy for you 🙂


  49. Lifesong says:

    Congrats!! That is a great piece of news 🙂 Very happy for you… homecoming indeed for you 🙂
    Now looking forward to seeing the pics 🙂


  50. Aabha Midha says:

    An Emotional moment. A BIG achievement. 2012 has been lucky for you. many congrats. Look forward to pics. Have a happy stay in India.


    • IT is Abha mam , I am not coming to india just yet. Will be coming soon though. Just got all the registry etc finished, a few things need doing ot the house so after all that I will be coming.

      Thank you so much for the wishes


  51. Meera says:

    Congratulations, this is news of the awesomest kind. Bhagwaan apni kripa banaye rakhe aap sab pe. Good luck!!


  52. jahidakhtar says:

    Congrats Bikram !


  53. dNambiar says:

    That’s a BIG tick on your to-do list.
    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations! Bikram. I’m so so happy for you. Now rush to that house and turn it into a home. All the best.

    Hey, and enjoy your new home. Ok.


  54. Hearty Hearty Congratulations…Pictures please..soon..:)


  55. Pattu says:

    Congratulations. Great that things are going the way you like.I have no doubt , about you having good friends. You are such a warm person, it is difficult not to be friends with you forever. As a senior citizen, I convey my blessings for your good life.


  56. So happy for you. Congrats and best wishes always. 11th December is a good day; it was my wedding anniversary as well :).


    • Helooooo yes I knew you would be happy hearing this, thank you so much and your wedding anniversary , you kept that quiet, I could have come that fast to gate crash , cud have told me he he he he he 🙂

      congratulations and happy anniversaryyyyyyyyyyyyyy to both of you .. may all your wishes always come true alwayssssssssssssssssssssss


  57. sudhagee says:

    Every day is a good day, especially if it has brought so much of joy to you. Bahut, bahut badhai ho, Bikram and here’s wishing that you get to see this place very soon. 🙂


  58. anurag says:

    loved it!loved it! bikram!

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  59. Red Hnaded says:

    Am I proud of you or am I really proud of you 🙂 I am glad you rememebered these things and his dreams and strived for it 🙂


  60. your excitement is palpable….and there’s this, “my home” “family”” love” and all these lovely little sentiments floating through! kind of felt good reading….and really pray u get everything you expect from life…


  61. Diana Pinto says:

    visiting your blog for the first time Bikramjit. A wonderful post and many congratulations !!!


  62. Ashwathy says:

    Oh wow, that’s fabulous news!! 🙂 So good to hear it!! Hugsssssss!


  63. Novroz says:

    I love reading this story of your life and your family.

    have a safe trip, Bik 🙂


  64. debajyoti says:

    wow, that’s a great news!! congratulations!!! i have never bought anything in my life :D.

    and this is a very sweet sweet post. apologies for being here late (again).


    • Deb’s dont worry about the late part my friend, as and when you get time 🙂

      thank you for the wishes and soon one day when you have worked hard as me you will be able to buy loads of things .. all in good time 🙂 no rush is there 🙂


  65. Congrats Bikram. Really happy for you 🙂 I can totally relate to that joy of finally owning something completely 🙂


  66. Amit Agarwal says:

    Hearty congrats and all the best Bikram sir!!


  67. Eyesspeak says:

    Congratulations…Indeed an achievement, keeping in mind the soaring high property prices in Punjab..
    Nd glad you are from Chandigarh.. Read the first blog of a Punjabi, and you are from my city too is actually too good.. 🙂


  68. Ashwini C N says:

    True, we might be spread out anywhere in the world, but the heart beats and yearmf for our home land and Congrats on your property. Post pics and wishing you many more 🙂


  69. Visha says:

    It is one of my dreams too. To own a piece of land which I buy from my earnings, to build a home the way I want and to live in it 🙂

    Big big congratulations Bik…best wishes with you 🙂


  70. […] medal which was right in the middle of the year  , Another wish or dream came true in the last few weeks of buying a house for homecoming.  Along with all the good parts came a few bad ones too, Which as i mentioned earlier made the […]


  71. Saritha says:

    Congrats bikram and i can feel the joy of living in your own house that too where your grandparents and parents spent their life….

    All the best for the coming year…


  72. many more congratulations veer ji for the house .. challo hun apaan padosi ho gaye hai taan punjabi vish gal kariye .. tusi chandigarh vich kede sector vich ghar litta hai .. mere papa da ghar sector 18 vich hai .. i would love to meet you once in chandigarh in future…

    blessings and wishes once again to entire MANN family ..


  73. […] got so scared of this tenant business that , the house I had bought a year and half ago , we had given it on rent but now I have got it vacated and I plan to have it like that , we have a […]


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