400th and something on Airports

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I did not realise the previous post was the 400th Post on this blog till I pressed the publish button,  When I had started blogging I have never thought I will be reaching this milestone ever, But here I am. There are a lot of people who have made this possible, Each one of you who click on the link to reach this place.

Those who manage to reach here and then spend time Reading whatever I write which most of the times does not make sense to me even, but kudos to you all having the patience to read it all .. and THEN also showing more patience in pressing the like button or commenting on the post .. AND THAT IS APPRECIATED EVEN MORE, That is not all THEN MOST OF YOU COME BACK AGAIN and AGAIN to the same old blog 🙂  Now believe me I am very very thankful to each one and Everyone from the bottom of my heart, Hats off to each of you.  If it would have been possible I would have personally MET each of you and given my personal Thanks to you all.

Please do accept my sincerest Thanks. I am really blown over by all the love and care I have received over the time from everyone.  I consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world to have so many beautiful people around me.

Blogging has been a wonderful experience for me over the last 3 years although lately I have had some bad memories of it too, Especially because they involved people whom I did think as a friend, But the word Friend has a different meaning in the Virtual world. I have come to realise that.

This is a happy moment for me so I will not spend more time on it and waste your time too 🙂

Once again Thank you Everyone ……

Right now all that is over, you all can come down to earth and Read what I am about to write .. WHAT you thought it would be easy getting all the thanks and Walking away … NOPE I ain’t going to let any of you that easy.. after all its the 400th post so might as well make use of the moment and make you Read another post he he he he he ….

I am sure every human has a lot of things that makes them mad or angry, in my case there are umpteen, I am spoilt you see so I get mad at lot of thing, One thing that makes me mad is the air travel. Its not the whole travel as such , I don’t have any problems sitting in a plane, going to different places it’s the start of the travel which makes me angry and the fact that airlines don’t treat us properly , DO THEY..

Now have a think, especially everyone who went on an AIR travel recently or anything, They make us come 3 or 2 hours early , I mean we drive like mad always under pressure hurry hurry , or we might miss the flight, There might be traffic so lets leave a bit early , and if there are road works then we start even earlier ..

We have been up not just those 3 hours early but a couple of hours more as we got up and got our stuff ready and what not .. So we have already been up for lets say 5-6 hours , half the day we spend awake has already gone, Most places of work have hours of on average 8 hours .. so you have spent that much time already working, just because you have to travel and have to reach the airport that many hours prior.

Now compared to the people at the check in desk, They have yet to start their work so they are all calm and relaxed.. While we reach the desk in a rush rush mode huffing and puffing because of the weight we have , especially we Indians .. if the airlines say 20kg allowed we have to make sure and try to take at least 40kg..  Any way we reach the desk the ever so helpful desk people all fresh and ready to take on the world .. calm us down every so kindly “Sir don’t worry, you are fine , there is plenty of time , Calm down .. it’s all right you got ages yet .. sit down”

But you are always in a panic mode , as if the plane will just leave , to be sure you decide to ask the staff and they ever so calmly tell you “noooo sir”.. dont panic..

The clock is ticking , the notice board still says “Gates not open”, or “Gates will open in 50 minutes”.. the countdown begins..  and then someone on the Tanoy announces and your flight is announced .. OH MY GOD .. the same staff are schizophrenic ..  they go mad .. HURRY UP .. HURRY UP You will miss your flight ..

You feel like saying “HOLD ON .. I have been here since THREE HOURSSSSSSSSSSS…” How The hell will I miss the flight ..

Another curious thing is the flight you have to take is always on a gate that is farthest , they tell you gate number is 68 …  WHERE THE HELL is GATE ONE.. I have never seen that gate ever.. I have travelled a lot , Domestic flights , international flights .. Where is GATE ONE… Nope never seen it ..

Then starts the long walk , the mile long walk to the gate, I have a question for the airlines ARE THEY trying to save ON PETROL .. putting their plane so far away .. and make us walk .. for that mile to reach it .. Why can’t they bring it nearer , To Gate no. 1.. look at all the time it will SAVE.. so much energy saved toooo

Another awful thing happens , the one thing that just makes me more MAD and I hate it .. The buggies they use, Those golf buggies that they use to ferry passengers, there is me walking to that frigging Gate 68, huffing and panting with my hand luggage which weighs a TON by now .. and this buggy goes by and they make the people sit the other way round .. JUST TO make you more angry , because you can see the SMUG faces of these people .. GETTING their RIDE and you are walking and There is STILL HALF A MILE TO GO YETTTTTTTTTTTttttttt

Finally you reach the plane, putting your hand luggage in the over head compartment is another DRAMA for there is always some idiot who has got more than one hand luggage and has used the space that is above your seat , which is supposed to have been reserved FOR YOU.. the person who has paid so much money for the ticket which comes with luggage space, You have to find another space, to see the hate filled eyes of the person whose space you are about to pinch.  But thankfully today is your lucky day no one has come and asked you to empty the space .. the air hostesses are kind they help everyone get adjusted , ready to take off..

Right then Enough for today .. Rest I will post next time what happens when the aeroplane takes off and when you reach the destination .. especially if you have booked a posh hotel at the destination 🙂

Once again Thank you so much for always coming over to read what I write .. and for being with me in this journey that has come to be of more than 3 years now and 400+ posts ..

Thank you all..

Weekend is coming , have a great weekend everyone ..

Ps. Picture courtesy google..

  1. irfan says:

    1st of all my hearty congratulations on the 4ooth posts Bikram…. 🙂


    • irfan says:

      wow…i made history….1st one on the 400+ post by you 😀

      Bikram, looking at the response and comments you get from your readers n fellow bloggers, there is no need to say anything further because that itself prove that you are a wonderful blogger who has been a source of inspiration for many new bloggers(that include me too)…..so once again a big MUBARAK to you on reaching this milestone….. CONGRATS DEAR 🙂

      now about the airport…..well, i don’t have any idea about the international airports but its the same scenario in India as well and at times they do taste our patiance level by doing all those acts you mentioned here and unfortunately we can’t do anything apart from cursing the authoriries that too silently most of the time…..

      anyways, once again BAHOT-BAHOT MUBARAK for your 400+ post Sir ji 🙂
      looking forward to read more n more by you in days ahead, insha allah.


    • yayyyyyyyyyyyy Thank you so much Irfan.


  2. Praveen says:

    Congratz on the 4th century,I also just posted my 100th post Bikram. 🙂


  3. 400 is a BIG number Bik. Congrats on the same… 🙂 Some people who I know were regularly taking a flight to travel between Chennai and Bangalore. Once they happened to go by car. Surprise, the total time taken was lesser for the car journey, than the flight journey

    Destination Infinity


    • DI , Thank you so much. I bet it was , it takes so long when we count all the hours that have actually been travel time .. I mean you go 3 hours early and if you are the first ones to check in what do you do for almost 2.30 hrs at the airport complete waste of time that is ..


  4. Punam J R says:

    Many many congratulations on completing 400 posts, Bikram. 🙂 You are much loved and very popular, so… it’s but obvious that it is one of your best motivations to keep on writing with honesty.

    You enter from the other side of the airport – where the nearest gate is gate 68. That is when your flight will be standing at Gate 1. he he he.

    And samaan.. toh, u know na.. how we Indians have to carry pickles, chutneys, and a choice of clothes, esp we ladies. 🙂

    I love flight journeys though. One of my dreams is to travel across the world. I wish I get a job that requires me to go around the world… hmmm…


  5. Zephyr says:

    That is an awesome number Bikram! My heartiest congrats and blessings to make another 400 and more. It is no wonder that you are loved by everyone — no one has such a huge heart that is filled with goodness and love for the world.

    Airport troubles are legion and in India is even worse, with flights getting delayed and cancelled in addition to spending all the time in doing things you have so well captured. LOL about the gate number 1 in airports 😀


    • Mami thank you so much for those wishes.

      oh yeah i have fallen on the wrong side of those too the cancellations and delays , during my visits home .. once my domestic flight got cancelled from bhubhneshwar to delhi , and I had my international delhi to london the same day .. it was chaos .. I had to take the train to kolkata , take a flight from there to delhi and then to london 🙂


  6. Yuvika says:

    congratulations! 400! wow!!! and pls airport problems are much worse in India!!!


  7. chattywren says:

    Congratulations on your 400th post, I really hope I can persevere so long in my blog! Ha ha, liked the humour, I must say I never looked at air travel from that perspective. But now come to think of it, have never seen gate no. 1.


    • Thank you so much for the, I am sure you will be able to, If I can anyone can.

      yeah I have asked so many no one seems to have seen no. 1 gate I dont think it exists they make up the numbers and then send us to the last one jsut t osee on the cctv how tired we are 🙂


  8. janu says:

    Congrats on your 400th post….wish you many many more. Keep us entertained….and informed too.
    Domestic airports are equally mismanaged like the international one. So many people traveling and they have only one security check point with hundreds of passengers stranded at the airport. Disgusting!


    • Thank you so very much.

      well here at birmingham airport its international and we still have just one security area .. so it does take long to get in especially if its a busy period , fridays when people are going out for weekends ..


  9. privytrifles says:

    hey bikram balle balle te shava shava..congratulations on completion of 400th post!

    Blogging requires a lot of dedication and 3 years and 400 posts are a proof of your dedication to it. As always have loved your posts and seeing the world as you see it through them. It is a pleasure having met you here….cheers to more such posts, more such years and more such wonderful visions!

    And most importantly having faced good and bad people both will share one thing what I have learnt –

    Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter


    Have fun celebrating your 400th post and please let me also know where to come for the party!! 😉


    • he he he .. oh yes indeed balle balle 🙂 and i loved that line you have written
      “Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter”

      Well said and you are so very true

      where to come , well just turn up at my place and we will have a party for sure anytime 🙂 thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


  10. anisnest says:

    congratulations on the 400th post.. time to treat yourself.. 🙂 let me go and have a pumpkin spice latte with extra frosting to celebrate for you 😉


  11. Meera says:

    Congratulations Bik, i hope this number turns to 4000 soon. Best wishes, always!!


  12. Saritha says:

    Congrats Bikram and wishing you many more post and many more years of blogging….

    We Indians tend to carry our home with us when we fly…It is always better to carry less hand luggage and i should say i always get a preferential treatment as i travel with the kids 😀 😀 😀 be the seat booking,boarding the flight etc…..I will enjoy till my kids grow big…..


  13. 400?! Great! Congratulations, Bikram!

    I envy you for having so many friends/readers/commentors here! You are loved by everyone! Only some people can gain/enjoy this type of love!

    I can feel how you felt about the buggies. We tend to carry too much luggage with us always. I used to bring back clothes without using them, half the time! I think I should avoid this. We don’t need that many different clother when we go to cooler places…everything is covered by long coats…we can wear the same dresses again and again…nobody will notice!

    Congrats once again! Keep writing!


  14. Raajii says:

    So glad you are still blogging :-). Don’t ever stop, especially not because of so called ‘friends’

    and dont even get me started on airports – it’s a crazy world out there 🙂


  15. sjscribbles says:

    Congratulations on your 400th post Bikram …You’re posts are a lot fun to read 🙂


  16. MomWithaDot says:

    ********** DRUMROLL!!*********** Ta da!! – 400th post !! WooooHOOOO Party time, my friend ! Jee bahr ke masti karo!


  17. Latha says:

    Yayyyy…400….partyyyy….:) when am I reading your 14th hundred? 🙂 cool..And many more blog anniversaries to you.
    I told you, you are the best out there 🙂 So, you deserve all the love and much more..thank you too for reading our blogs, commenting on them patiently and coming back again and again even more patiently.
    About the airport gates, oh how I agree to that? There are many times I wondered, where is gate number 2 or 3? Why do they always send me to 24 or 56? poohhh…and isn’t it true abt walking that half mile? uffff…and the luggage thing, every time I try to put my hand luggage and see somebody else’s in my spot, I just feel like dragging it away and throwing it down. why don’t people put their luggage in their spaces? when they sit in the seats allotted to them? hmmm…so waiting for the take off part soon 🙂


  18. Rachna says:

    Arre you are welcome, and I liked all your thanking and the wonderful things you said about me following your blog and commenting :-P. Seriously, it is fun when the posts flow without caring about the number, isn’t it, and then all the wonderful people who read us and connect with us. Bad experiences teach us things but good ones keep us motivated to reach out and do what we want to do. Wish you the best always and keep blogging. Airports and people, they are crazy. Once I was traveling from Heathrow to Delhi. The plane was filled with Punjabi, and can you believe what they were fighting about? Overhead space! Indians!


    • I knew it , you always say good things about me 🙂 thank you thank you so muchhhhhhhhhh

      Oh i cna beleive they were fighting , I have seen it and what worst is when they are flying from here in uk they are all so following rules and do exactly what told and patient but the moment the plane comes into india AIR , something happens, the captain – air hostesses are all requesting them to keep seated, the plane is still taxing and they all get up , to be the first one to get out of the plane I dont know why ………

      the luggage comes at the same time and they are standing their waiting ……….


  19. Congratulations Bikram.


  20. Bhagyashree says:

    A big congratulations Bikram. $00 haan, awesome. Will be waiting for the next part of what happens when you reach…..


  21. manju says:

    Congratulations on your 400th post, Bikram! May there be many many more!


  22. Jazz says:

    Cool, many congratulations on the 400th, where is the party ?!!

    And I completely agree on the airport experiences, lol.. Loved the below part. 🙂

    //this buggy goes by and they make the people sit the other way round .. JUST TO make you more angry , because you can see the SMUG faces of these people .. GETTING their RIDE and you are walking and There is STILL HALF A MILE TO GO YETTTTTTTTTTTttttttt


  23. ambikasingh2 says:

    yeyeyeyeyeyyeyeyeyeye….congratulations :). I made 467 hehehehe 😀

    I loved the way you celebrated the completion of 400 posts…. may you complete a 1000 more 😀

    keep writing, happy writing 🙂


  24. Shilpa Garg says:

    400!! That sure is a cool number and hearty congratulations for reaching this landmark on your wonderful blog!! Looking forward to many such fun and interesting posts from you!!


  25. Bhavia says:

    So fast!! I remember sending you the 300 posts celebration post card and so is your 400 posts celebration card on the way 🙂


  26. Rosy says:

    Hi Bikram
    3 years and 400 posts. That is 133 per year, 12 per month, thrice a week. That is some dedication. Congratulations. This shows how much love and affection your followers gaive you and you proved them again and again that how much you rightly deserve that love and respect. All my respect and love. Take care.


    • Hi,

      yeah you did the maths quickly i would have had to use a calculator to get there .. Thank you so much for the wishes. I am glad and I feel god has been kind to me to have made so many lovely friends out here in blogosphere.

      Thank you so much.


  27. Visha says:

    400….sirji…aap great ho 🙂 😉

    Congratulations!!! When you complete 500, you have to dole out gifts okie :mrgreen:

    Agree with you…for a 2 hour flight journey, 5 to 6 hours are wasted 😦


  28. Sunny says:

    Bikram, kudos on the 400th. Many more to come, I hope.


  29. Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kuch party sharty hain ki nahin ?????????


  30. chipmunk says:

    the very same thing happened to me when I write a post for my doggie 🙂 after posting I realized it was my 50th post 🙂 I edited it again and posted 🙂 don’t wanna miss these stepping 🙂


  31. alkagurha says:

    400 is indeed a milestone. Congrats.

    Often its a pain to walk long distances at the new airports. The buggys are a boon for the elderly. Many people love to travel but I just hate the entire experience. Give me a book, laptop, my bed, coffee and a quilt any day.


  32. Congrats Bikram on your 400th post 🙂 this is great. The reason why people keep coming back here is that you write the funny stuff. You make us laugh and that is a rare gift. All the best for the next 400 posts.


  33. Say Cheese says:

    vadhaiyan ji, char sou diyan. By the way, I really like the snowfall. 🙂


  34. Ruchira says:

    400 !! I am crawling soooooooooooo far behind with a 100 or so 😛
    may this blog flourish and grow more and more and more 😛


  35. B k chowla says:

    Paaji,Tussi Tey Centuriyaan Maar ade Rendo Ho


  36. Lifesong says:

    400 posts!!! Wow Congrats!!! 🙂


  37. The Fool says:

    Congrats on your 400th post. I noticed just now that I had reached my 200 th post. Even I have lot of flight experiences to share. There was this racist scoundrel on an Emirates flight who asked me to go to the tap and take my own water when I asked him for a glass of water to drink.. From that day I vowed I will never fly Emirates.


    • Thank you so much, yes do share ..
      and that racism in emirates OH my.. Not good and emirates is one of the best , how can they do that , I hope you complained against the person .. I would have or at least created a scene over there for sure .. HOW DARE anyone talk to another person like that .. very bad of the person ,


  38. Noopur says:

    And congos for that… And I don’t know how would I feel when I’ll reach to 400th…
    M sure, it might be an awesome feeling… Congrats once again..
    And one more thing,thanks for attaching that link on my blog…
    I enjoyed listening it 🙂


    • It sure is , especially when all come and read and then send wishes .. wishes are always welcome all the time ..
      Thank you so much .. oh yeah it is a lovely song , one of my favourites when i read your post i remembered the song hence i put it up there 🙂 glad you liked it


  39. bhavanas11 says:

    You are too funny!!! Yep, airports are frustrating when you are rushing or they can take you unawares in the weirdest of ways!
    Congrats on your 400th post!!! That is some achievement, Bikram!!! You deserve all the love and respect you have earned in the blogosphere–you are a sweet joyful writer and transparent soul! Wishing you many more posts and many more accolades!


  40. Dilip says:

    Wow Bikram 400 is a big one! Keep batting and we’ll keep enjoying!
    All the best. 🙂


  41. sudhagee says:

    Congratulations on your milestone, Bikram, and my very best wishes always for you. 🙂 And also wishing you for many more posts and milestones to come.


  42. sm says:

    congrats for the 400th post


  43. dNambiar says:

    A big round of applause for the 400 posts: clap, clap, clap clap … 🙂
    Gosh yes… air travel can be a hassle most of the time. Has your flight ever taken off before time. Ours was, once; way too early. I guess all the travellers had checked in so they thought they’d just fly away. But we’d just ordered dinner and so we had to gobble it down in 3 minutes. 😦


    • yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy thank you thank you yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      oh 3 minutes hmmmmmmm now that is quick and this is the first time i have heard departing before time , WOW, I would not mind that if that happens with me for sure .. it would mean i will spend less time in the airport pub he he he he he 🙂


  44. padmaja says:

    Congratulations on your 400th post, wow, amazing, it sounds great! I enjoy your writing, a pleasure to visit here!


  45. Prasoon says:

    hehehe.. “where d hell is gate number 1? ” that was hilarious. Even I wonder evry time, why on earth my flight departs from a gate far away.. They say journey by air saves time.. I say (as you said) it consumes whole day. Mental pressure comes as added incentives.

    And my heartily congratulations to you on the 400th post. Going great.. Hope you continue like this.. 🙂 🙂


    • Very true , if we combine all the time it actually takes longer in travel …

      Thank you so much .. I hope so i continue I get sweet pleasure torturing all my friends here on blog making them READ what i write he he he he he


  46. Heartily congratulations to you Bikram.. Keep writing..!!!!

    Someone is Special


  47. Preeks says:

    Wow! 400!! Awesome dedication you have! I wish you could share some with me! 🙂
    And I should also write about airports. In the last 3 months, I and the people around me have traveled so much, that we can write a whole book!


  48. manchitra says:

    Congrats dear Bikram ,a wonderful person I have met,(In the virtual world). You keep writing and enthrall all your followers. I just came to wish you.I didn’t read the later part of the blog.But I will definitely keep coming here.


  49. Asha says:

    WOWIE….400 in 3 years…..good going……. like a TV or new reporter i feel like asking “How do you feel Mr. Bikramjit on reaching the 400 mark in 3 years? and your Bang on about all the details of the airport……Very good , keep the fun and nostalgic posts coming. looking forward to it and your previous post koo chuk buk is awesome photography. 🙂
    Congratulations on th e 400..


  50. Valli says:

    400 posts!! that’s great!
    Congratulations 🙂


  51. Ashwini C N says:

    Congrats on your 400th post. Many more milestones to go 🙂

    And as someone mentioned here, how does it feel Bikram ji, having reached such great miletones? 🙂


  52. Smitha says:

    Congratulations on your milestone 🙂

    As for airports – when I am going on holiday, everything is fine – I don’t care how much they make me walk, but when I am returning back after one- that’s when it gets annoying 🙂 I’m already in a bad mood, and then, they make us do all these unnecessary things 🙂



    that is such a huge milestone!! 400 posts! wow ! amazing! so, how did u celebrate? bet it must have been one fun celebration, like ur posts always are!

    so here’s raising a toast to this happy moment and to you….and wishing you many more such milestones!! cheers!!!


    • yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
      How did i celebrate well nothing much just the usual , and also i promised to write 400 more posts so i can bore you all for more he he he he, How is that for a celebration 🙂 he he he

      Thank you so much for the lovely wishesss.. yayyyyyyyyyyyyy


  54. soumyav says:

    Congrats ! good going and more milestones ahead! 🙂 best wishes!


  55. krsnaknows says:

    Congratulations on your 400th post. God bless you. Have a wonderful weekend.


  56. Arti says:

    400 Posts is a HUGE WoW! Congratulations Bikram and here’s to many many more! 🙂


  57. Deeps says:

    Congratulations on your 400th, Bik! Thats quite a milestone! WOW!

    And as far as travel is concerned, I love every aspect of it, starting from the point of planning. And air travel especially fascinates each time I fly! I just love it :D. So.. the waking up early, the drive to the airport, 3 hours check-in slab, walk to the gate..everything gets over-looked in my case! 😀


  58. anita menon says:

    400 hundred posts!! that is amazing!!!. I would be touching 200 in 2 posts…. You have been so consistent and clearly you have plenty to say. Since you have so much to say, it means you observe life very keenly and reflect on it. That is a great quality to have. Then you have the ability to put your reflection in words and share it with you readers. Hats off to you Bikramji!!!

    all your observations regarding the airport are spot on! 🙂


  59. Onkar Kedia says:

    congrats on reaching the milestone


  60. congrats!! blogging is a rewarding experience….and to reach 400 is indeed a good thing 🙂



  61. debajyoti says:

    how did you manage to write 400 posts :D? will go through some of your old posts soon. congratulations!!!! that’s a huge number!!

    loved reading your airlines experience.


  62. Congrats and keep blogging ..
    many more milestones to cover and inspiration to many 🙂
    keep up the good work!!


  63. Rahul says:

    Congratulations, Bikram! You are doing much better than the Indian Cricket team:)


    • Thank you rahul sir, well what a disappointment that was in the test match and now they ahve gone and made some changes , When i think they should have gone with the same team, no use cutting and chopping.. now the new players will be under pressure to perfomr and if they dont , there goes their career.. sad ways the indian cricket board behaves… why did they not get rid of the selectors who chose this team that lost .. they are still there ..


  64. panchali says:

    400 blogs! That’s definitely an achievement!! Hearty Congratulations, Bikram. And the airport story is FAB! Oh, these airlines people can be sooooo frustrating! Am eagerly waiting to read the next sequel…:) Brilliant…


  65. rama ananth says:

    Congratulations Bikram. You have been writing very regularly and writing about things that are close to your heart. I like that attitude. Be the way you are and you would always have a fantastic fan following. I think there is no other go, but to reach railway stations and airports, way before the boarding time, to be on the safe side. I know it is irritating especially, when flying is supposed to save time, but instead it makes us waste a lot of time.
    Since the traffic scenario is not ” upne bus me”, wherever you are, it becomes mandatory to leave early.
    I also hate the airlines never have enough vegetarian food, and many times in international flights i had to just munch on their awful buns and fruits. This despite of writing clearly the I want vegetarian food.
    Well enjoy all well wishes for the 400th blog


    • Thank you so much.

      yeah to be on safe side we need to go early for sure.

      hmm vegetarian food , I dont face that problem as i eat everything that comes 🙂 but that is so bad of them is you have booked and still they dont provide, put in a complaint and tell them


  66. Congrats Bikram, its been quite a while that I dropped in here, but I am gonna read all I can. Thanks for all the wonderful posts, keep it going
    take care


  67. Amit Agarwal says:

    Hearty congrats Bikram sir! A smaller number wouldn’t have suited you!! 🙂 😀


  68. Congrats Bikram , 400 is indeed a big figure.


  69. jahid akhtar says:

    I just wish and would really love if u append one more zero in your counter. I wish u all the best 🙂


  70. RGB says:

    Wow…400! I can only dream of reaching that figure, given how infrequent I am in blogdom. So hearty congratulations and here’s wishing that you continue to post many more posts! And so much for air travel, huh?! The waiting, the huffing, the puffing….phew…something all of us dread!


  71. Trish says:

    Woww!Congratulations on your 400th post!! And this post..it was such a fun read..I felt like I was sitting in front of you and talking!!LOL


  72. Novroz says:

    congrats for the 400th post, Bik 🙂
    within only 400 posts you have done amazing progress! well done!!


  73. 400th post, Wow! But when I wanted to acknowledge you on this singular achievement, I had to keep on scrolling down and down…..Great stuff Bikram and wishing you more power going ahead.




  74. R-A-J says:

    wow, congrats my friend.. 400 is an awesome number!!!! Cheers to the next 400!! 🙂



  75. Androgoth says:

    Soooo, you too have suffered the wrath of the Buggy Brigade? 😦
    Yes there is nothing worse that humping along with all the luggage
    just to see a smart arsed creep zoom by whistling and trimming
    his or her nails as your arms get longer and knuckles scrape across
    the ground… But hey never mind because you were right, there was
    some extra nymphs dropped off at my Gothic Realm and I have her
    with me, yes she is all yours to have your wicked way with but watch
    out as she likes to bite 🙂 How do you mean you don’t mind her biting
    you? 🙂 Well okay but she is always on her knees, YOU have been
    warned Bikram 🙂 😉 lmao


    Have a superb to wicked Thursday my great friend, hey I might not
    visit every day but when I do there is always a nice surprise attached
    and I hope that you enjoy yours 🙂 lol



    • he he he yes i did .. ooooooooooh la la la I enjoyed the litte gift Andro, dont mind getting the Wrath if this is the gift later on he he he he 🙂

      and not a problem of visitng here as and when you get time and I dont mind if that is what I get 🙂


  76. Happy/..400th…Mayyou reach many more hundreds soon. 🙂 I am not putting a number..otherwise you will have to write everyday..

    I have seen gate no. 1. Whats worse is seeing that gate no.1 and realizing that you board at gate 40. 🙂


  77. […] Continuing from my  previous post about airports and let’s go ahead and discuss some experiences , as such its the new year and many of you […]


  78. Swaram says:

    Congrats on the 400th Bik 🙂


  79. metherebel says:

    Congratulations on the 400th post….I have a long way to go 🙂


  80. bruuuuuaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

    this goes for celebration .. congratulations veer ji .. sounds like a sweet december 🙂

    hope your every month is like december !


  81. congratulations veerji for the 400th post .. sorry for the late comment .. waiting for you to come back soon!


  82. waiting for you to come back!


  83. maneesa says:

    thank you bikram for sharing this wonderful article and post more article


  84. nandu says:

    Very nice blog really interesting to read and share the post thank you. Best Friend Quotes ibps


  85. Thank you and welcome here ..


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