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Posted: December 4, 2012 in Answer, Bikramism, clicks, Thank you, Wednesday, Wordless
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Steam 3

Steam 4

Steam 5


The above pictures will give you an idea what the true answer was to the Contest :- What might this be  .. I would like to post this as the Wordless Wednesday too, I know a Day earlier but hey .. its OK 🙂

The Winners are …  DRUMROLLLLSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss — CLAPPPSssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss Tain tain tainnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

1. Bhavia

2. Greenboochi

The British Asian Blog

4. Destination Infinity

5. Privytrifles

and This is what you win

Your Prize..

Thank you to every one who participated :- but special mentions for the first 5 participants 🙂

1. Sunny




5. NRIGirl

Thank you All..

See you again on the next contest …

  1. privytrifles says:


    I won I won I won 😀

    Finally I won an award here…Oh Bikram I cannot tell you how happy I am right now.

    I so so so wanted to win an award on your blog since so long… Finally *wiping off khushi ke aansu*

    Well…thank you speech main apne blog ke liye baki rakhti hu 😉

    Thanks a ton Bikram for making my day….I needed something like this so much!


    • oh ho.. its not me , ITS YOU.. you gave the correct reply 🙂 Had I know you would be this happy I would have given it much earlier ..

      and Thank you so VERY MUCH for making my day also by saying what you have said

      HIGH FIVEEEEEEEEEE yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂

      you are always welcome and God bless you… Take care and keep smilinggggggggggggg


  2. 🙂 LOL I could have never guessed…!!!


  3. Bhavia says:

    I won ..I won.. I won.. 🙂
    Thank you soooooooooo much


  4. ashreyamom says:

    hey.. special mention.. :).. thank u thank u.. :D..


  5. ambikasingh2 says:

    😡 where is my name……………????


  6. Zephyr says:

    And I didn’t win 😦 But congrats to the winners!


  7. janu says:

    Congrats winners 🙂


  8. RGB says:

    Lovely pictures…Missed the contest, but could make a wild guess….maybe next time!


  9. Shilpa Garg says:

    I didn’t win despite the right answer! 😦
    Congratulations to the winners! 🙂


  10. greenboochi says:

    yayyyyyyy!! Yayyyyy!! Yaaaayyyyy!! I won! I won! I won!!

    *doing a little jig of celebration* 😀

    Thank you so much Bikram 🙂 *I’m grinning ear to ear now * 😆


  11. irfan says:

    Paaji. hamaare level ka koi simple sa question karo….so that i can also grab that prize 🙂

    anyways, congrats to all the winners….:)


  12. R-A-J says:

    Aha 🙂

    Long time yaar Biks.. me took a small break off the blogging world.. me went and got myself married 😀

    nice to be back here yaar 🙂


  13. Swaram says:

    Wooooooo niceeee 😀


  14. ladynimue says:

    I would have guessed forest fire 😦


  15. Yuvika says:

    I never win any of your challenges 😦 😦


  16. eva626 says:

    Wait wat? I thought i got it right too!???


  17. Yaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy, this is the first competition I won *still can’t believe it* Thank you… 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  18. Comfy says:

    Reminds me of all the train rides back in the days. Sigh! I miss those days so much. 🙂


  19. congrats to all the winners.. 🙂
    reminds me .. of trains in Darjeeling!


  20. pixie says:

    lovely! 🙂
    and congratulations to the winners!! 😀


  21. Whoaaa! I said smoke but i kinda didnt figure out where that came from!


  22. Ashwathy says:

    * sulks *
    Pah!! I did guess it right. I did say locomotive!! 😦


  23. Jas says:

    So I missed a contest again 😦

    btw, beautiful pictures.


  24. scorpria says:

    I don’t like you at all!! See…comment moderation is on…you could easily have pretended that I was one among the winners, and given me that lil’ Simba! But no, you don’t. Pffft!


  25. I lost!! 🙂 Congrats to all the winners. Beautiful pictures…


  26. Punam J R says:

    Congrats to all the winners. Really awesome pictures..


  27. Valli says:

    Lovely captures! I’ve seen such trains in movies only!


  28. TTT says:

    I was kind of close ! so don’t I get any prize ? a small one ?


  29. Bk chowla says:

    My best wishes to all the winners


  30. gardenerat60 says:

    I had guessed it. 🙂


  31. Wowowowowow Such beautiful, exotic pictures.

    Man, LOVED these! Keep sharing! 🙂


  32. anisnest says:

    oh when did the smoke from train become milky white? isn’t it supposed to be grey or blackish? the train cheated on me.. no no nooooooo…


  33. Jazz says:

    Yay I was right. Congratulations winners. 🙂


  34. debajyoti says:

    well, i read your contest post and had absolutely no clue about that, and was reading all the answers there as well. hey, those pictures look really cool.


  35. sm says:

    congrats to all winners


  36. dNambiar says:

    oh. 🙂
    That was a good one actually. 🙂


  37. Ashwini C N says:

    Ah, If I’d posted in the beginning, I would have made it to the Top 5! Next time probably 🙂


  38. picture no1 is an absolute delight to see!! kind of brought out the child in me just looking at it!!


  39. Novroz says:

    wow…I never expected a train can give that much smoke!


  40. wordcoiner says:

    nooooooooooo…..well there should be one for the most creative answer 😉

    congrats to all the winners 😀


  41. that’s what happens when you visit contests so late .. grrrrrrrrrrr

    congratulations to all the winners…


  42. Deboshree says:

    W-H-A-T a picture! And yeay, one of my silent guesses was right as well! 😀


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