Contest :- What might this be

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Awards, Bikramism, Brain teaser, challenge, Contest
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Haven’t had a contest for a long long time now, I have also run out of jokes or what to say (you can stop laughing as me not having something to say , seldom happens), I have been lucky too.. Haven’t had any thumbs downs or other controversies come up lately , Not been used as a hired gun too lately .. SO ALL IS WELL IN THE BLOGWORLD at least for me it seems .. phewwwwwwwwwwwww , that’s why the happy mood to give away the award although many may not still like it ..

ALSO Christmas is coming .. Santa is getting ready with all the gifts and presents , so I thought I will start before him.. for once, he comes no will remember the mare mortal me ….. I thought I will catch you all early he he he he

So here is the question…

What might this be , I mean the WHITE stuff in the picture ..  Not the trees and the fields in the background 🙂   To win I am looking for what it is  and where it is coming from ? 

So get your thinking hats on ..

And this is what you win .. For correct answers ..

I have set the Comment Moderation on .. (the first  Five get the award and the Next Five will get a big thank you for participating 🙂 )… well they did say its not all about winning . its the participation that matter most ..

Thank you for participating

  1. Bhavia says:

    It’s a train..I mean the smoke is from a train 🙂


  2. Sunny says:

    It’s white smoke, coming from the chimney of a factory nearby.


  3. greenboochi says:

    I am guessing its a steam engine 😀


  4. greenboochi says:

    Or it can be a small scale factory too, where some stuff is happening and smoke is emitted out.. 🙂


  5. makpossible says:

    Clouds *

    *You are not supposed to laugh at my guessing (wildest) abilities Bik 😉 . Also, given the fact that i am using my phone to see those images, i think i deserve a win ( or atleast a consolation) 😉

    Answer 2 – smoke (no damn clue where it is coming from) 😉


  6. OK I think this is an old steam engine train in the UK travelling on a rail track. They are coal powered and hence the white smoke.


  7. ashreyamom says:

    i think its smoke from tractor. :).


  8. It looks like something is on the move and releasing smoke. I have seen steam engine generating such smoke in Ooty. But, that is black. Not white. Besides, it’s too white to be fog or clouds on a hill station. I will go with steam engine. Just for participation 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  9. MomWithaDot says:

    Smoke from a water source – like hot spring, boiler or Volcano crater – right ?


  10. privytrifles says:

    It is a train…?


  11. NRIGirl says:

    Obviousely some smoke rising from a burning something – car? Trash? What could it be?


  12. Zephyr says:

    A smokescreen used by the police?


  13. janu says:

    It might be smoke from a train. But, don’t know where you stay, they still have diesel engines that gives out smoke.
    It can’t be a factory…though the smoke is going up, the pictures seems to be different…like the trees are moved.
    Maybe some heavy vehicle.


  14. i need to win this please . and i have no idea what it is..
    can be cloud or smike from a factory or marshmallow heaven has come down or someone made a balloon of a lot of wedding gowns.,it can be huge milk chocolate shaped like clouds..
    i dont know just declare me winner
    see i am you best friend na..and if not then i will be sir ji pulheeze 🙂


    • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm he he he I liked the wedding gowns balloon , now that would be fun especially if one if high in the sky and it starts to smoke this much .. and you are on top of a jungle with lions running around woooooooo hoooooooooo 🙂 and hayeeeeeeeee that milk chocolate yummy I would love ot have one of those toooo for sure …



  15. Shilpa Garg says:

    Multiple entries are allowed??
    1. Fumes/smoke from any mill/factory.
    2. Smoke from a train engine
    3. Chemical fogging from pest control
    4. Natural Geyser
    5. Natural Fog


    • he he he Oh yes anything for that win .. 🙂 all is fair I guess 🙂 the 2nd answer is correct one for sure …

      I wish we had natural geysers here in uk and by the way Natural fog .. is there any other type of FOG too .. unnatural one he he he he


  16. TTT says:

    ummmmm….smoke from forest fire ?


  17. Swarnali says:

    Smoke from a fire?


  18. irfan says:

    no guess Sir ji…..
    waiting for the winners list to be published here 🙂


  19. Saritha says:

    Maybe some work of blasting big boulders at stone quarry.


  20. sridevi1974 says:

    aawww not fair Bikram …what is there ?A flight of birds…doves with white wings trying to unravel the secrets of skies ?


    • Right he he he heh eNOW this answer needs a special mention , the thought process WOWOWWO… and I thought only i could think like this .. ooooh what a scene it would be to have white doves flying like that brilliant …


  21. Usha says:

    Both the pictures are not taken at exact spot…there is some distance. Surrounding appears like just farmland surrounded with woody area so no chance of any chemical factory. Jungle fire fumes won’t appear so thick and white so that possibility is ruled out…So I can not guess what exactly is creating those cloud like white fumes. I will wait for the answer.

    It was fun starring at those pictures and thinking. Thanks.


  22. anisnest says:

    I could only think of clouds esp. with that space between the trees and the white stuff in the second picture.. May be the field is in some top of the hill or something..


  23. Latha says:

    Hmmm….first five and next five must have already answered by I’m not answering…hehehe.


  24. Meera says:

    Steam from a train engine.


  25. Jazz says:

    My guess is a TRAIN.. 😀

    *Hoping to be among the first five*


  26. renu says:

    is it smoke?


  27. Jyoti Mishra says:

    smoke or cloud.. :O
    kuch bhi ho sakta hai 😛

    hey.. poppin in after a long tym.. hope u r doin fine 🙂


  28. eva626 says:

    i think it is smoke from a train…which happens to be very white…LOOL


  29. Bhagyashree says:

    I am bad in these guessing games. But you know that already. Is it Santa riding the reindeer 😀


  30. DEEPS says:

    early Christmas celebration …


  31. Smita says:

    – Automobile accident?
    – Clouds? eh!
    – Photoshop of clouds 😀


  32. Its white smoke coming from something behind the trees 🙂 hahha..Is it from a train engine?


  33. Novroz says:

    First of all…beautiful view!

    Hmmm…that’s quote a lot of smoke! It couldn’t be someone’s camp. And the smoke is really white.
    I have no idea what that is. I’ll just wait for the answer 😉


  34. scorpria says:

    Clouds, clouds…oooh white fluffy clouds 😀


  35. Dilip says:

    Smoke from forest fire 🙂


  36. Punam J R says:

    Steam Engine hai kya?
    Are they in existence these days?


  37. Androgoth says:

    This is obviously the Flying Scotsman 🙂

    Am I correct or is it just someone having
    a smoke in the distance, pipes do that 😦

    Have a fun weekend
    Bikram and be wicked 🙂



  38. Onkar Kedia says:

    looks like drifting clouds


  39. Yuvika says:

    it looks like a cloud?


  40. Ashwathy says:

    Definitely not fog. My guess is is that it would be smoke or fumes of some sort. Am I somewhere near the answer?


  41. Smoke from some burning? It quite looks like that


  42. chipmunk says:

    its a cloud 🙂 if not its a smoke 🙂 but sure this is a cloud 🙂


  43. Visha says:

    The white steam coming from a train?


  44. Is the contest still on? 🙂

    I have two guesses, anyways:

    1. The white stuff is clouds. Rising from a valley in the hills. I saw something similar at Ooty.
    2. The second guess is that the white stuff is smoke coming out of a factory chimney or something, polluting what looks like a very beautiful place. 😦

    Am I right on any one of these counts? 🙂


    • 🙂 you are a tad bit late for the contest but hey TGND its the participation which is important 🙂

      yeah its smoke but not polluting I think these are those Green environment helpful engines and its steam 🙂


  45. ambikasingh2 says:

    that is a train passing… 🙂


  46. wordcoiner says:

    clouds…cotton candy clouds 😛

    kidding…i think it is a mosquito repellent sprayed by people hired by the government, here. I can’t place the photo though…is it India?

    Anyhoo…it is some kind of a cloud and most probably a mosquito repellent cloud 😛


    • ooooooooohh how i wish they were those i would have loved to play around in them 🙂

      ha ha haha Oh yes that reminds me of similar thing in india during summers they spray that smoke to kill the mosquitoes …
      it is not india it is here in uk..


  47. Bk chowla says:

    Bikram ,Something is missing.
    My comments seem to disappear from here?This isn’t the first time.
    Chalo,will try later


  48. metherebel says:

    It looked like smoke or cloud to me!


  49. Looks like a train…looks like moving smoke!


  50. Arti says:

    My guess was the foggy pesticide spray from a pest control wala! Now I know, I’m wrong 😉


  51. Swaram says:

    😀 😀 😀


  52. R. Ramesh says:

    i noticed those two trees behind kissing and blushed and forgot to notice the cloud or smoke or whatever from whereever..hahaha:) bik bhai..keep the cheers


  53. Rav says:

    Paaji eh apne pind kisse ne .. Dhooni lai honi hai yaar ha haha .. Yaan mere warge ne desi kadhan di bhatti lai honi hai …


    Jodon pind nu si mud-de Bikram bai milda
    oh tukda dil da
    motor te bahinde
    aape khad lainde si ghar di kadhi
    swaad awaale

    Bade chete aunde ne yaar anmulle


  54. i guess im too late to even participate!!! but nevertheless my first thought was smoke from a factory..and then ur giveaway answer told me it was actually from an “environment” friendly steam engine……wait! did i hear STEAM engine? where did u even find one?


    • haanji jsut a tad late 🙂 he he he yeah environment friendly you know how it has to be here in uk everything needs to be environmental friendly 🙂

      come to UK you will see a few for sure , its those touristy thingy


  55. meowpurrs says:

    Shoot! I am late though i had the right answer too!
    Nice one 🙂


  56. Rachna says:

    Oh, I came here too late, and I thought it was tractor ka dhuaan :).


  57. Rahul says:

    I am too early for the next quiz, Bikram:)


  58. I am late but I will still answer, it is Santa’s beard which Bikram pulled with both his hands 🙂


  59. The Fool says:

    I skipped it as I saw it was too late. Anyways nice photos.


  60. Ashwini C N says:

    I know its late, but I guess it is either a chimney from a factory or a train.


  61. Deboshree says:

    My guess is on the same lines as the ones above me. Since I am horribly late anyway, might as well find out the answer. 😉


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