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Posted: November 26, 2012 in Bikramism, Feeling Funny, funnies, Headlines, Humour, Laugh it off
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Cricket is a funny game don’t you think, Na I don’t mean the way India are playing at the moment in the Second test against  England getting thrashed . so much for being a spin playing nation who has world-class spinners and what not .. Well here we are our spinners can’t get wickets .. while the foreigners are getting all the wickets …

Our  batsmen well again can do bugger all.. they are getting out to SPINNER which they are supposed to play properly and Experts in.. Anyway forgetting about that .. Cricket is a funny .. it’s the only game where if you hit a ball out of the ground you get 6  runs or 6 points ..

But here is a thought – > There is this batsmen all padded up with a helmet on , Pads all over him , leg pads – thigh pads – gloves , protecting him all over .. and yet there  is this guy sitting outside without a shirt , a beer in hand relaxing and a BALL HITS HIM.. what happens the Batsmen gets  6 runs .. and the bloke nothing ..  other than a BUMP on his head … 🙂


Have You seen the Olympic opening ceremony, Especially when they all come out the athletes I mean representing their countries .. Now there are some countries which we have never heard of , The opening ceremony is the only time we hear the names . I mean at least I have not heard of some of them ,  Where do these  countries exist and how come only during Olympics we find them, I bet the person who is announcing the names of the countries is just sitting and making up the names ..

and Here is the team from  “Make-up-Istaan” or  “Made-Up-istaan”  .. and then I think the same man runs, changes his jacket and come out with a different flag “he-is-Back_istaaan”


I had this brain wave ,  We are lucky nowadays that phones have gone digital and with the advent of mobile phones things have changed a lot , But cast you mind back to the good old days .. Those big Black Telephones.. which have a Dialler and you have to put the tip of your finger to dial the number ….

Right Ne think about the emergency numbers , WHO was the intelligent person who decided on the numbers 999..   Now imagine there is an emergency , someone is laying on the road hit by a truck or something , you run to the nearest phone booth  and it is that OLD dialler phone ..

You are rolling the digit 9.. and then  letting it go ..

rolling again and letting it go ..

rolling the number 9 and then letting it go,.

Operator – “What’s the emergency ” ..

You– “Well its OK .. the person is DEAD now ” .. it takes so long to dial the Three numbers .. 🙂


Ok  Another Thing.. Has anyone of you ever walked into a room and Forgotten .. what you wanted or the Reason you came to that room to .. Right .. what do you do .. You stand and then you ask yourself

“WHY DID I COME INTO THIS ROOM” .. off course in your own mind,  WHYYYYYYYYYYY.. why do you ask that ..

Because .. YOU Don’t know why you are in the ROOM .. so why will you ask yourself  for HELP 🙂


PS:- Monday is here another start to the week, Have a great week people .. enjoy it to its fullest.. Hope you had a great weekend.

PSS:- I have removed the post the controversial one,  Thank you to everyone who read it and commented it .. and thank you for all the emails I have received , I am blessed to have you all as my good friends .. God has been kind to me .. THANK YOU EVERYONE. I was chatting to another Good blogger who said to me , Never ever let anyone Treat you like SHIT.. and that was the reason I put the post .. 🙂  Thank you TBAB..

PS:- Images courtesy Google images.

  1. First…hold on let me look…yes I think so.. will be back


  2. privytrifles says:

    Oh yes… woh room wala thingie… I do it so many times… isliye people sometimes call me The absent minded professor – one who exists in her own world 😀

    I do that while writing also you know… I turn the page and am blank for a few seconds!

    And that phone wala thing.. I sometimes wonder how used to people manage such stuff in olden days. What if someone had fat fingers…jo us circle main fit hi nahi hote??? :/ seems the monday morning blues are working on me too………. 😀

    Having a wonderful week ahead Bikram…take care and wishing you loads of smile always!


  3. privytrifles says:

    And yes whoever said that was cent percent right – Never let anyone treat you like SHIT!!

    None of us deserve it and no one has the right to do this to us…! Kudos to you for dealing with this matter like this..


  4. There is an app for iPhone/Android which downloads a circular dialer to your phone and allows you to dial numbers the old fashioned way. Wait, I am not sure if there is one but there can be one like that right? 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  5. Rav says:

    Paaji , you should not have taken the post down, I dont know who or which people are advising you. That post was written as a reply and You should have stood by it ..

    Hun pakka ho gaya tun ANGREZ ban gaya hain yaaraa.. . eho jihe lokaan nal eho salook karna chahida hai ..

    I would suggest to put the post back, It tells the truth and HOW CAN TRUTH BE WRONG..

    You are a stupid person who thinks all those who call you a friend are FRIENDS. Saare log are interested in their own …

    I came over to check your reply to my comment but now i dont know what you said ..

    (SO here is a question to everyone who read this.. Should bikram have taken the post down)..

    I know you from a long time , I cant believe you took it down on your own , Who asked you to do so and why ? and PICK UR YOU F…ING PHONEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

    and TBAB pakka punjabi hona/honi hai 🙂


  6. Not watching cricket these days due to overkill. Old phones– they were something else! No caller ids too. Room kya, I pick up the phone and forget whom to call. I come downstairs, do everything else, go back up and then remember why I need to go down again ;). Have a good week!


    • yeppp which is good , I think its happening too much ..

      yeah old phones , you know I am planning ot actually get one of those old ones connected just for novelty sake he he he he 🙂

      so do you go back down again then once you remember , or leave it for sometime 🙂 he he he he he


  7. Meenakshi says:

    Bang on! I enjoyed reading it, great (laughing) start to Monday!


  8. ramananth says:

    I don’t watch cricket, everybody is do corrupt, right from the players to the organizers, it no longer is a gentlemen’s game. I read some where, that when you reach some place and forget what you had come for/ or something that suddenly slips your mind, you, should go back to the place from where you came from, and immediately you would remember what you had forgotten. It always works for me.


  9. Bindu says:

    Forgetting… it happens to me often. I may remember if I go back to the place where the thought first occurred…


  10. anisnest says:

    lol on the old telephone model… have a great week ahead Bikram..


  11. Latha says:

    Oh!! It happens to me all the time. Yesterday was the last day to order pop-corn for my son’s cub scouts..I suddenly remembered it. Yelled at him to go get the order paper. He said he will. Meanwhile, something else came up. we all forgot. I remembered it today morn..:( I yelled at hubby. It’s all because of you. You told him to do his homework, that’s why I forgot..LOL…


  12. MomWithaDot says:

    I read “Cricket” and almost moved on. That’s the ONE game that puts me off. ****Raising hands across above my head as shield**** No, actually it is the obsession around it that does.

    Further down was Olympics……not too encouraging. Thank god I saw the black telephone – Yipee! I Love those phones . Too bad you decided to make fun of them. Yeah! of course what you say is true, But……**sniff**…..fine, will tell you what I mean in my next post (yeah, it IS that long 🙂 ) And the room thingy…..hmm – happens to me rarely, once in a while. Yeah Yeah Super organized person n all I am…..I know 😛

    Loved the humour (Note to WordPress: Dumbo!! This is a blogger from UK !!) around country names. Seriously, its weird. Been hooked on to this iPad game on flags…….it’s got flags from countries that sound Xactly like that.

    And finally, about THAT post. Arey yaar, just got back from vacation and barely glanced thru it yesterday. Thik se padne to diya hota. Chaddo yaar koi nai – Will look for my daily dose of masala elsewhere. Jokes apart, I had no clue who that dude was, nor what he wrote abt you. (wud love to know * giggle** giggle** – just for laughs) What else does crap (sh!t has already been used much) deserve? Sincere suggestion – Don’t put up posts like that. Not getting preachy or judgmental, just mean to say they aren’t worth your space – mindspace, blogspace, breathing space and in your specific case – HumourSpace !!


    • ohhh phewwwwwwwwwww thank god you did not get put off phewwwwwwwwwwwww 🙂

      yeah thank god you saw the phone one .. noooooooooooooooooooooooo i did not make fun of the phone , I was making fun of the person who chose 999 as emergency number , it shud have been 000 🙂 or 111…

      he he he

      Dont worry about that post , knowing me i will get involved in another controversary soon enough so you can get the daily dose he he he he 🙂 good you dont have a clue who that dude is , its not worth the hassell I think , I am sure you are better off not knowing such people 🙂

      and yes I get your point 🙂 thank you thank you


  13. I go to the refrigerator, open the door and completely forget ki kya lena tha, thandi hawa kha ke wapas aa jati hun. I loved the dialler phones and the phone book and directory. I so miss those days. Trang ,trang. Cricket , well , don’t follow it much now.


  14. ashreyamom says:

    oh yes, i keep forgetting why i came to the room, or why i called up a person.. :). i thought i am getting old, that’s the reason.. 🙂


  15. there was a time when all of us had that big phone and i used to know everyones number by heart, and today i keep forgettting my mobile no.
    damn i am late didnt get to read the controversial hurts ouch ..


  16. The Fool says:

    This Olympic thing reminded me that the only reason I remember this little country Turkmenistan is because the pretties girl I have ever met was from there. Man! She was ethereal. Everyday I come to office and try to remember why I came to work and then realize that I can’t remember what I never knew.


    • oooh yeah they do have lovely girls, I have travelled once by turkeminstan airlines ages ago to india and my flight was stuck for 6 hours in Ashkabad , i saw a lot of them he he he he

      now that you remind me I am also wondering why have i come today to office he he he he


  17. Jenny says:

    ok my previous comment just vanished.

    So i was saying, I forget things too! and I actually start reversing my thoughts and come to the point where I had decided I would go to this certain room 🙂

    lol on the guy who gets a bump on the head. Poor chap, everybody is yeeling for the 6 and no one really cares about him!

    999 hehe yeps I know. But I really used to love dialling on that phone and making trunk calls to mumbai when I was chotu. Ahh those old days!


    • ooops sorry about that 🙂

      hmmmm if i start reversing mine , I will go somewhere else I get os many random thoughts he he he he 🙂

      exactly you see my point on that SIXER.. he is hurt and everyone is clapping for the batsman who is well padded 🙂

      now the trunk calls that is another nostalgic thought 🙂


  18. Oh yes.. I always used to wonder where do these countries exist..Perhaps this is the very reason that makes Olympics biggest global event 🙂 🙂

    Thank god I never required to dial the emergency number when I was growing up.. hehehe..

    And yes it happens many time that I forgets why did I enter the the room.. 🙂


  19. Visha says:

    😀 That happens so many times, I go inside the room and then I think why am I here 😆

    That phone bit is so true…instead of 999, it should be 000 🙂


  20. Sapna says:

    Hi Bikram! I have nominated you for the REALITY Blog Award!


  21. Meera says:

    Monday ko kaam karne ka man nahi kiya kya, though this did brighten the awful Monday I was having. Thanks Bik, I am now smiling.


  22. Binu Thomas says:

    Your phone incident was funny! And I have been through the 2nd incident. Seriously!

    PS: We can have a new country. What about “Mann-istan” 😀


  23. Ashwathy says:

    Hahahha you are baaaaaaaack!! So good to read a non-serious post from you again!

    I really couldn’t decide a favourite amongst all of these 😆 It was all too good!!

    Wait, on second thought, I award that to the telephone one. I am so glad you reminded me of those instruments where dialing used to take more time than actually calling someone! 😀 😀


  24. sridevi1974 says:

    *Scratching my head* …now why did I come here ? Well I came here…remember had some business here …and then saw this funny post on 999 and ended up laughing …so any idea why I came here ???


  25. Shilpa Garg says:

    Cricket Test Matches are certainly not my thing. So no comments on that!
    The 999 emergency is too funny, oops serious 😀 I kind of love these old telephones. We had this type at granny’s place. It’s ring… could be heard so far off too! And what fun we used to have while dialing and re-dialling a number!
    Ah! This forgetfulness… hope it does not get serious for me! 😀


  26. sm says:

    1st one its very important where the ball hits him at which location


  27. Jazz says:

    Lol on the 999. 😀

    And that asking help from self, I guess must have happened to almost everyone sometime. 🙂

    Glad to have your happy self back.


  28. pixie says:

    hmm.. less said abt how we are playing cricket at the moment is better! 😐
    and the room thingy – I do it all the time!! LOL!!


  29. Asha says:

    you are so right about the fans being hit by ball. Remember chris gayle’s six hit a little girl in Bangalore and she had to go undergo surgery. WE had that phone at our grandparent’s place same black color. i still remember the number it is 73742. Oops, i don’t rember the emergency no, but the police, firestation and hospital were 100,101 and 102.
    Many a times i open the fridge and forget why i opened it.:)
    Nice read. I’m sure many will relate to the last point.


    • YEah I remember that , the poor girl had to go through so much , it was good that gayle visited her in the hospital tooo.

      ohhh is it , ha ha so its ok for india then .. I thought 999 was standard international call ..


  30. Anita Menon says:

    I read this a bit late….and not on a monday morning.. nevertheless it made my day !


  31. Bk chowla says:

    Forget,of purse we do.When I came to meet you at CCD,for a moment I forgot the reasoning had come there for.But,it’s only for a split second.
    cricket…in my opinion,we play cricket so that cricketers replace regular models in Ads


  32. Dew says:

    well.. am not much of a cricket fan anyway… 😐


  33. Kdps says:

    Great display of bowling by Panesar and Swann.England deserve to win.

    Also if a cricket fan gets hit then for a him it is gift for lifetime.For his whole life he will tell
    his friend that how he got hit by so and so cricketer when he was watching match


    • It indeed was , which is funny as the pitch was specially made for spinners and we had three of them who could not use the conditions at all.. while the people who practise on pitches not suitable for spinning , made the most of it 🙂

      oh yes it is gift for the fan for sure .. 🙂


      • Kdps says:

        Actually England had better spinners.The problem is we Indians just hype our players and Hardly praise others.Gramme Swann along with Saed Ajmal was one the top contender for world’s best spinner in test cricket from past 2-3 years.Panesar recently blasted Spin expert batsmen of Pakistan in UAE.Unfortunately for England Ajmal and other Pak spinners proved unplayable for them

        On the other hand India had over hyped Ashwin whose 40 out of 53 test wickets were against West Indies and New Zealand in India.Harbhajan Singh who is unable to take wickets in Ranji trophy.So England was with the better spinners

        Indian cricketer like politicians also just stick to their “kursi” and this make India to carry out of form past legends rather than inform players.So India have to pay price for it


  34. Smita says:

    Arrey they won one match and lost other big deal?? Even England needs to answer home 😀
    lol @ the phone thing 😀 But I msis those instruments!


    • I like that , so true england also needs to answer home, but India did not even bother about the answering part when they visited england last time , they lost all the games 🙂

      I have this instrument back home , not used , next time i come to india i will bring it with me 🙂


  35. Varsha says:

    Hah, I hate cricket and I don’t understand sports. Never watch them honestly.

    Good one on the old phone..ha ha ha

    Room thing, happens to me ALL the time. I retrace my steps and often the thing just pops back in! Try it. But ya, seems funny, when we ask ourselves, why did I come here..heh heh


    • hmmm cricket has lost the charm, although i cant wait for the match that will be played next year india-pakistan at the edgbaston cricket ground.. if only i can get my hands on some tickets …

      wait till you reach my age.. when you retrace your steps , you will forget why you retracing he he he he


  36. Phatichar says:

    Oh, the ‘forgetting’ thing happens to me always..

    Arre, is post ko hi le lo – initially I decided I’d comment on a particular tidbit here, but ended up posting about this 😛 you see?

    Great post. 🙂


  37. debajyoti says:

    enjoyed reading this one 🙂
    have a great week ahead!


  38. Dilip says:

    Ha Ha good one Bikram!


  39. janu says:

    Identify with all the things.
    I have come to recognize some names of the not-so-famous countries. But, commendable that they get to participate in the Olympics.
    And, some times I have to walk into a room twice before I remember what it was supposed to be!



    • Hmmm oh yeah thats why olypics is such a big occasion where the whole world comes together ..

      twice is ok .. i do more than that he he he .. I have stopped a person and forgotten why i did that oooopsssssssssssssss .. I better not write more about that lest i am called in for a fact finding meeting 🙂


  40. Raajii says:

    hehe… I miss watching cricket. I used to love doing that 🙂


  41. scorpria says:

    hahahahaha…LOVED the 999 one best!
    you are a real clown!! 😀


  42. backistan….hahahahahha


  43. There are many more I guess I’ve missed them in olympics too… 😛


  44. Ashwini C N says:

    Ha ha Ha. I loved reading the last one. So many times, I’ve walked into a room with so many thoughts and wondered as to “Why the Hell i came in here ”

    and as for the emergency, ROFL. 9 ..9..oh wait he’s dead. lol 🙂

    Good one there 🙂 Loved reading it 🙂


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