Right as I was telling in the previous post ,

I have a problem there is extra fridge.. what to do with it ..

The first thing that came to my mind was to put it in the garden .. JUST to show off to the neighbours, Oh yes I can do things like this too, Look – look at this  I am so rich, I have a fridge that I don’t even use, instead of selling it on Ebay, I have kept it here to rot.. I don’t need the money and I am doing so well.

Lots of ideas came to mind, there is so much one can do with a fridge , so many games can be played hide and seek in the garden, when I was a kid any time we found something like this lying around all I could see was another adventure 🙂  but these days I don’t think kids do such things, I don’t see any kid running with an old cycle tyre , or playing other naughty games , the sense of adventure is not there any-more in the new generation I feel ..

Right coming back to the problem the law says that the old fridge needs to be DISPOSED off properly, and as all Indians do to save a few pounds I did not take advantage of the company that dropped the new fridge to take it away, you save a penny and a Penny saved is a PENNY SAVED. I can be a miser too ..

Oh god these recent posts are more of showing me in the bad light , how dumb I am in the last post I fell for the marketing trick and now a miser too.

Anyway quickly moving on before I let go a lot of my personal secrets, I thought I will put it in my car and take it to the tip to be disposed off, it used to be so easy in the good old days , you take unwanted stuff and dump it into the containers BUT now its all changed..  Well before even reaching the DUMP AREA..

First putting the fridge in the car is another big adventure how to fit the damn thing in.

After a proper physical wrestling match with the old fridge, a few choice words of swears where it managed to mark my car, I finally got it in.

Now the second problem started, since the hatch of the car would not close , I had to be very careful that no Traffic police saw me else , that would be another drama. ..  This reminds me did I tell you guys I got speeding ticket, for 11 years now I have been using the same road going and coming to work, there is a speed camera which has never ever worked EVER.. but in august on the fateful day it decided to click the picture of my car’s backside 🙂 Not happy with that, I don’t mind the fine but the points on license that is not good , I have a clean license and by that I don’t mean it has no marks etc .. by clean I mean I don’t have any penalties etc..

So I drove through all the back roads, to make sure I don’t get caught.. Thankfully it was my lucky day..

So I entered the dump-yard  there was someone standing at the gate, next to a little hut, in his hi-fi yellow fluorescent jacket, with a clip board in hand, a dirty looking pen hanging by a thread, I guess to make sure no one steals it , But than which person in his right mind would want to steal that pen.. imagine all those dirty hands that have touched it.. and you know MEN where all there hands go when left idle 🙂

Looking at him it seems he was someone who has probably done a degree in CLIPBOARD management. 

He  came over and asked

“What you got”

I said “RUBBISH” I mean what else will I have , in my car which i will bring to a Dump-yard.. “GOLD

What’s in the back ?     “A Fridge ” I replied.

The moment I said that he had a funny smile he looked at me  with that look, which says , you plonker , yeah I could see that look in his face and said “ooh you can’t do that..  we have an environmental Policy  now,  you can’t just bring it here and leave it”

Then he used the CLIPBOARD management degree to tell me how the fridge has gases ..  How its dangerous for the environment.. “I KNOW THAT DUMBO” I thought.. that’s why I have brought it to be disposed off properly at a proper place …  I could see myself driving all the way back and doing all that drama in the drive of my house , taking out the fridge , I just felt that maybe just maybe I could be lucky So I asked

“Right what do I need to do then” and the next reply floored me and I so much wished to bang my head into a wall ..

he says “You have to phone us in..  and then we come and get it, and Dump it properly at the dump-yard“..

AAAAAAAAAHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  , yeah I felt like laughing my head off by now .. I held my nerve  I asked who do I ring .. and he gave me a number.

So I am sitting in my car, right in front of him,  picked my mobile and called that number .. the phone in the little hut next to the gate .. Rang ..

This same guy ran to the office ..  he answers the phone

“Hello – ”

I said “HELLO , I have a fridge to dispose”

he says “Ok, Where are ya”

I Am  OUTSIDE  YOU £”$£”$£”$… At the dump-yard…………… So that was the drama involving the disposing of the fridge.. phewwwwwwwwwwwwwww… .

Ps:- So I will leave this here , why don’t you guys give it a go and Tell me what happened next.. 🙂

PPS:- To make it funny I have used some words/dialogues/ scenes taken from a Tv Show.. I can cheat too 🙂

  1. Life Begins says:

    hahahahha….you are awesome at making every situation funny 😀
    so tell tell what happened next? how did he react?


  2. My Era says:

    😆 😆 😆 copyright this story Bikram else in no time you’ll see a comedy show stealing your plot and airing it in your area 😉
    Too good….am laughing too hard to scribble a possible ending to this hilarious fridge disposal tale 😆


  3. Bikram have you ever thought of becoming a stand up comedian – I seriously think you should try to be one…. the story you have just narrated is FAB and I am currently in splits with people around me wondering what on earth suddenly happened to Me!!!!



    • Bikramjit Singh Mann says:

      I have already cheated and taken some hints from Television and all as I said ..

      But thank you for the confidence in me 🙂 and glad you had a laugh.. thats the whole idea


  4. LOL. But then on a serious note, that fridge should be worth something… Some business should operate which buys fridges at scrap prices and does something useful with it. Like recycling some of its parts or something? I sold my old bike to one dealer who will take away all the parts he wants and sell it to scrap metal. That metal will be recycled and used somewhere else. I did this because I didn’t know where to dump that bike and I wanted the space that bike was occupying! But I am not sure if anyone will take used fridges like that!

    Destination Infinity


    • Yeah there are people who do that, if you keep your rubbish out in front of the house , they might come and take it away. I dont think they will BUY it.

      I could have tried Ebay but its all a hassel and I cant be bothered with all that 🙂


  5. lol!
    they don’t accept door delivery? ha ha ha, totally unbelievable


  6. ashreyamom says:

    first i would have never thought of sitting inside the car and calling.. you are great in thinking and doing it..

    i think he would have told that his men are not available at the time, there is no vehicle, and would have asked you, if its ok to collect it tomorrow from same place.. :D??


  7. greenboochi says:

    That was so so so funny Bikram 😆 😆 😆 *sorry for laughing at your trouble, but I cant help it* 😆 It gave me the much deserved break from the work monotony 😀

    I am guessing.. the guy took your fridge, after letting you wait for some more time. Else, he would be such a stupid to send you back with the fridge and then come back to collect it 😀 Now he didnt do that, did he?! 😀


  8. techie2mom says:

    I am sounding so repetitive, but the only word coming to my mind is “hilarious”!!!!!
    i hope the guy took the fridge (unless he was one of those best idiots 🙂 )


  9. NRIGirl says:

    Too bad you wouldn’t tell us the whole story. I am not making any guess. Be nice and complete it yourself please…


  10. Lifesong says:

    😆 this is so funny 🙂 I am sure only you can do justice to the rest of the story… so tell us fast what happened next 🙂


  11. Zephyr says:

    You are seriously the limit, Bikram — the outer limit! I could just imagine you shoving and pushing the fridge in the car — not the one you came to meet me in, I suppose? It also reminded me of the elephant in the fridge joke, don’t ask me why 😀 And yes, waiting for the end of the story…


    • Mami, Glad you think that way.. and its good to see people have a smile and enjoy a joke or two..

      No, I did not tell you that one was in for repairs for 6 weeks because of the damange the thunderstorm did .. and it was the other car i have .. sadly that was not that big .. hence the jostling match with it 🙂

      the end is not that hilarious I am telling you .. the fridge sat in my house for over a week 🙂


  12. Yuvika says:

    dont tell me he said he can pick up the fridge only from a residential address and you had to drive it all the way back home – ha ha ha – evil me 🙂


    • well you are perfectly RIGHT.. and another funny think I tell you , I bought leather sofa’s last year and had to dispose off my older ones , they were in perfect condition so I rung a charity telling them they can have it for free , Three sofa’s one three seater, one single and one twin .. There was nothing wrong with them .. but I did not know that they all come with this Sticker attached , something to do with FIRE SAFETY, I had removed them as they looked silly and GUESS What the CHARITY people refused as the sticker was not there ..

      can you believe it i had paid 2000pounds for the sofa.. So i just put them outside my house and within 20 minutes somebody took it for use ..


  13. anisnest says:

    lol.. see the old fridge doesn’t want to leave you Bikram.. you both have some purva jenma connection. 🙂
    did the guy say he can only pick the stuff from a home address and you drove back home with the fridge again?


  14. Lol..You calling him from outside his window , the same guy picking up the phone is hilarious 🙂 You must have pissed him off big time. 🙂 Did he say you got to go back home and then he will take care of it? Hope you didn’t get a ticket when driving back home…:)


  15. Jazz says:

    😀 😀 That call in the end was too funny, an icing on the cake. And what all you think even about the pen with the thread. lol

    So finally properly disposed off the fridge, or wait you asked us to guess what happened next, was there an other misadventure ?!


  16. Chitra says:

    Enjoyed reading the post. he smile is still there on my face. When we moved to the the new place recently we also ended with 2 fridges.No resale valu. e’d end getting just Rs.500/- 1000/- so we just gave it to somebody. He was elated.


    • actually i asked my neighbours if they want a fridge but they alreayd had two , I already have one in the garage that i use to keep my drinks in .. and surly did not want a third one .. if you keep it you tend to fill it up too.. so i wanted to get rid of it .. sadly it did not happen


  17. latha says:

    Pls pls don’t tell me it’s the end of the story…can you drag it lil more? hahaha…rofl…what happened next? I am holding my stomach with pain laughing…you should do one humor post after every regular post.


    • 🙂 haanji it is .. sorry .. i would have loved to drag thats why i wanted everyones idea on what or how it was..
      and yes mam i shall try to do one huour post but recently thats what i have been doing , I guess you did not find the other posts funny 🙂 he he he he

      tell tell bolo bolo


  18. aparna says:

    Hilarious! So what happened next?

    I have an old, non-functional fridge and I use it as a cupboard. You should have tried that.


  19. MomWithaDot says:

    Sure! I’ll give it a go and tell you what happened next.

    The guy who answered the phone,” Oh? But our policy states, you should have called us ‘before’ bringing the fridge here’
    You: ‘Well, now that I’ve called and I’m already here, can I go ahead and dispose it?’
    ‘I’m sorry Sir, but I’m going to have to ask you to come back.’
    ‘You can’t be serious!’
    ‘Never been more serious’
    “Oh! come on…….surely, there must be something you can…….”
    “I said, I’m sorry sir, but you WILL have to come back’
    You’ve realized you can’t go beyond this with the bureaucratic bloke.
    **Deep breath****
    ‘Well……..does the policy say, how soon can I ‘come back’?
    ‘Any time after you hang up, as long as your car is backed towards the Dump’

    ‘Piece of cake’ you think to yourself and drive around and back it up.
    The same guy is back at the post now
    “Yes ?”
    ‘I have a refrigerator to dispose.’
    ‘ Can I see the papers?’
    ‘Papers? …..what papers?”
    “Receipts, warranty, any proof of ownership’
    Jaw drops.
    ‘Sir ……… this fridge is 12 years old!’
    ‘The policy doesn’t say it can’t be. Now if you’ll present those papers please…..’
    ‘I don’t have those papers……’
    Blank stare.
    ‘ I could show you photographs……..’ meek suggestion wondering how you’ll run home to dig something that shows you with the fridge in the background..
    The guy totally ignores you and is doing his own thing.
    You get the drift, ‘ I could pay a fee instead….’
    He looks up.
    ‘How much would that be?’ You say, extending a 20 pound-er. You’re desperate to get done with this and think he can’t say ‘No’, to 20,
    He flips a few pages……..
    ‘You do understand you’ll need to leave your address proof with pic. id -right?’
    You are shocked beyond words………wondering where this saga is headed.
    ‘Or…’ he continues. There is an additional 50 pound charge.
    50 POUNDS !! he must be crazy, you think, looking around for a number to call with complaints or such. None that you can see. Its a dump yard……not a multinational bank !!
    In complete disbelief and in a rage to get done with this, you mutter curses about which side of the bed and all that and cough up the cash.
    ‘ You may get take it out now.’
    Waiting for a brief second, anticipating his help to get the monster out, you look at him. With none, forth coming you drag it out and lay it on the ground.
    The guy is still lost in his paperwork. Unsure of what to do next, you say ‘that’s it? may I leave ?’
    He nods without looking up.
    Back in your car, as the engine roars to life, you see him in the rear view mirror, picking up the piece of metal and toss it into the dump!!


    • Right from now on, I am thinking I am going ot send the drafts in my box to you every time , so you can add all the spice and make it more humourous ..

      and you know this charge thing , it is on way we just might get charged to dispose off our rubbish soon with the way GOVT is behaving or doing things …

      I would have loved to do that but I am sure he would not helped me in anyway I would have had to struggle with it myself while HE looked and smiled at my situation ..

      but now i know what to do next time 🙂 just dump it there and zoooooooooommmmmmm away


  20. lolzzzzzzzzz ..very funny
    Bick why you dint give it to the people who had put refrigerator for you they wud dispose the old properly for free .. ( we did that couple of yrs ago)
    you seems to be looking for some fun and some adventure ..your pnjabi blood..


  21. b K Chowla says:

    Brother, you can be raelly funny


  22. Bhagyashree says:

    I hope that person did not box you. 😀 Come on tell now, what did happen next


  23. Smitha says:

    You know, as soon as you mentioned putting the fridge in your car, I was wondering why, when all you needed to do was call the council for a free pick up 🙂 You should have asked me, I have a full list of council services, after all the disposing off we did before we moved 🙂

    But even if you took it there – they should allow you to put it in the relevant area. We had a household waste sorting area, where we could drop off all this, and they had designated areas/bins for different stuff. I thought I saw fridges there too..

    Now, waiting for the next part 🙂


    • I did not know that , I have never used them .. usually there is someone who would want ot have your old suite or chairs etc this time i asked the neighbours and none of my friends wanted ..

      This tip did not have a particular area, hence the problem that they will come and pick it up, I should have gone to some other area’s tip , i could have been lucky

      there is not other part .. the fridge is in my utility area now next to the cooler its all jam packed 🙂


  24. Ashwathy says:

    OMG! U actually managed to heave and get that fridge into the car? 😯 You all by yourself?? *falls at feet *

    a dirty looking pen hanging by a thread, I guess to make sure no one steals it ,
    LOL!! 😀 How do u pay attention to such details during such an incident? And that too wondering about the rationale behind it!!

    ROFL @ I am outside you @#$%% !!! 😆 Hahaha Did u actually say that??

    This reminds me of the culture in UK. I remember my prof would be sitting free in his staffroom and I’d be itching to walk in and discuss some topic with him. But he would tell me, no go back to your classroom (which is just down the hall) and email me asking for an appointment!! I would be like, ooookay! 🙄


    • YES I did, the wonders of going ot the gym and running early morning and EATING ALL THAT FOOOOOODDDDDDDDD …. helps he he he he

      well it was right there in front of me , hanging by the thread , it cud hardly be missed 🙂 and it was so dirty I genuinely think it was white in color and now turned BLACK

      I said upto the outside .. you “£”$£” were more like he understood by the motion of my mouth and the way I looked at him 🙂

      he he he urs is funnier EMAIL him.. you shud have said can i SNAIL MAIL sir.. written a quick page and thrown it towards him 🙂


  25. obsessivemom says:

    Hilarious.. Oh the picture of a fridge in a car.. You’re amazing.


  26. I know that Punjabis have great sense of humour! You are on top of the list, Bikram!

    Laughing, laughing and laughing! Waiting for the end part!


  27. R-A-J says:

    Wow, life re fridges itself doesn’t it? 🙂


  28. Ritika says:

    Hahahahah…I just died laughing 😀 😀


  29. Punam J R says:

    Trust you to bring a smile on a morose face.. especially after having written a morose poem..


  30. Asha says:

    LOL… you brought a chariie chaplin effect to this post. Is there no exchange offer there for the new fridge? or don’t you have something like the garage sale in your area?. Here my maid would have gladly picked it up. Any way,,, only you can end the post with the same humorous tempo.

    BTW… you brought such nice memories with that old tyre game 🙂


    • 🙂 THank you so uch.. there is a exchange offer mam, they did offer but i dont know why i did not take it , I was sure someone would want a extra fridge .. it seems everyone these days has 2 or 3 of them at home…

      yeah the old tyre game was my favourite too running around with it 🙂


  31. sm says:

    funny and realistic


  32. Onkar Kedia says:

    Quite hilarious. Enjoyed thoroughly.


  33. surindernath says:

    Beyond any doubt, Humour is YOUR FORTE. You have a very good sense of humour, which is always god-given to the ‘selected few’ and therefore very rare. Please value it and develop it further !!


  34. You are saved, I am in a hurry or i would sit and write the next episode. Kidding, I could never be as witty as you 🙂


    • NOOOOOOOOOOOO… you were in a hurry on that day.. but I am sure you have some time now .. so come on go for it 🙂 I am not witty I jsut pick things from here and there and put them together thats about it Easy peasy


  35. Ashwini C N says:

    From Disposing a Fridge to a Degree in Clipboard Management. And Lol, you drove all the way with so much of arrangements made and all that guy said was to call one number. ONly you can narrate such incidents in such a lively way 🙂

    Really nice read, Funny and made me laugh 🙂



  36. rama ananth says:

    That was too good!
    Really, I can’t believe it.


  37. Androgoth says:

    Yes you would have to bump into dummy of the year wouldn’t you
    my great friend, I guess on leaving the dump yard he had a different
    expression on his face being that the fridge was now sticking half
    way out of his stupid and utterly dumb ass 🙂 lol

    Great posting this one it certainly shows
    how crazy the dumpster gang have become
    and how ridiculous all the red tape can be 😦

    Be good now Bikram or else? 🙂 lol



  38. Man! U can make any situation look funny! 🙂 Awesome reading this! Hilarious rather


  39. hehehehehehe – I just imaggined this! It sounds like it is out of a “just-for-laughs-Bikram special” episode. I am so eager to know what happened next! 🙂


  40. Visha says:

    Super fun Bik…what happened next??

    Crazy stories you have huh, all the more fun for us 😛


  41. Quite funny. I like your tag-line ” This is me trying to walk in step with the world”….Lucidity is an art. Your endeavour to be what is expected from you is a stressful task. I am sure the generous doze of humour keeps one going and makes things immensely bearable…


    • Welcome to this blog , thank you so much for visiting .. please do keep visiting
      glad you liked the tag line.. it is true .. people are running so fast its taking its toll on me just to keep up .. hence you are right its a stressful task.. sometimes I do think I shud just give it all up .. 🙂

      thank you.


  42. hey i have 2 fridge at my place .. not only that i have 2 washing machines, 4 fans for 2 rooms (i bought them!), 2 burning stoves and 2 bikes .. !

    isn’t that lol veer ji .. i mean weird…


  43. Jacqueline says:

    Its hilarious….didnt know you could be so funny


  44. Rosy says:

    Hi Bikram,

    Very very funny. Smiled a lot while reading. Dont know what the end could be but I know you can justify the ending as well. As usual another of your hilarious post. I am proud of you.


  45. umashankar says:

    Bikram, I loved every bit of it! Right from saving the penny to phoning the phony Clipboard Executive! As for those points on that license, the day they install the system in India, folks will start getting points on their license even if they don’t own a car. That shouldn’t be a problem though: they would be easy to unpoint for a suitable price. 😀


  46. 😆 😆 you are funny man you know that ?
    hilarious write up
    Hey Bikram i have no idea how it ended but i think you have killed the guy who answered the phoe and now you are stuck cos you don’t have a body bag..fear not my friend i am there for you not only i have body bags i am kind of expert when it comes to dumping bodies..


  47. Androgoth says:

    Hey we want another posting 🙂 lol
    Maybe something with an erotic feel
    to it, oop’s did I say erotic? 🙂 I meant
    exotic 🙂 lol Hey have a wicked day 🙂



  48. ladynimue says:

    lolz ! i so love visiting you 😀 always !!
    waiting for “what happened after this was … ” post 😛


  49. sudhagee says:

    An extra fridge, Bikram? I would have turned it into a storage for books. It’s definitely better that storing books in a pressure cooker. Yes, I have done that 🙂


  50. purbaray says:

    Everything has to be done in a prim and propah way. So what if it’s just garbage!


  51. Smita says:

    Errrr they came & picked it up from ur car?

    But hey cp, u got caught for speeding? Oxymoron 😀


  52. Shilpa Garg says:

    OMG!! That’s a real hilarious experience!! 😀


  53. dNambiar says:

    haha! so funny…I was picturing the last scene where he gives you the number and you walk into the car and call him and he runs inside to take the call. And he asks you where you are…haha! Seriously? Tell me he looked embarrassed when he got out of that room again!
    Fun post!!


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