Another one of “THOSE”

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Bikramism, Experiences, Humour, My Thoughts.
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A funny thought crossed my mind I was Driving through the city when I saw a hospital named “HOPE Hospital”

is that the best name for a hospital ?

Because HOPE is the last resort.

When there is nothing else there is always hope .. so what sort of signal are we sending , come to this hospital this is the LAST RESORT for you peopleeeeeeee.. come one come allllllllllll 🙂

But lets make it more funny, and if I was at the reception working there,  Imagine someone comes in the hospital and asks the reception  “I came here to check on my relative ” ..

Right Sir.. “You need the FINGERS CROSSED unit .. .. turn right and walk down .. straight.. if you get to the FIFTY FIFTY ward you have gone too far Sir.. walk back..” 🙂


Another think is what’s this about being competitive,  I hate competitive people .. I mean we are all different people and we all have something good and bad IN US, we may be good for some and bad for others, so why do people have to be so competitive especially with friends.

I am sure we all have stories to tell about how people behave especially if its to do with work and they want that particular promotion..

Well When one comes and says .. Bik I am very competitive .. I can’t give up .. I respond

Well mate you are .. an Idiot.. BUT then if it makes you feel better ..You are the BEST Idiot🙂


Lastly this is completely on a Tangent, have you seen the new refrigerators these days you can buy, they have intelligence in them, if you do things properly then apparently it knows when a particular thing is going down in quantity and automatically order it from the superstore for you.. and another good thing It can give you  instant COLD water ..   Can you digest that , EUREKAAAA ..

The Ads that come out, telling how our life can change if we buy one of those massive fridges , how it does this and that ..

Well to cut the story short , bought the fridge although I already had perfect working fridge the only difference was that IT WAS NOT MASSIVE. so now as all of you can add 1 + 1 will know that I have two fridges, but no space for the two, so the old one has to go, it needs to be removed from the house, That was another big adventure which i will talk maybe in next post, as I am sure those who live in uk know for sure the health and safety issues , all the BLAH BLAH BLAH’sssssss  anyway

Coming to the change in life, wow to be honest it has not half changed my life. I dont see how , well what did I do , I put the fridge in place of the old fridge in the kitchen next to the sink.. Hmmm Well sorted .. ACTUALLY

Sorry .. IT has changed MY life for sure because

Now I can save on taking that extra step to get the water from the TAP.. 🙂

I have probably saved myself a YARD of walking everyday 🙂 ingenuousness  .. the EUREKA MOMENT for sure 🙂


Ps:- Sorry I have not been able to visit many of your blogs.. I was away , Will surly look up all you lovely people have written when I was gone.


  1. My Era says:

    I am so with you in being bugged by the over-promising advertisements. The kind of promises they make in the name of technology. Like the washing machine we have was sold with the tagline that it is so smart that clothes never tangle in each other and drying them after the washing cycle is a breeze. The fact is never till date have I seen the clothes not being tangled in that very same washing machine 😦


    • Yeah. another thing that makes me angry is the ads of FOOD, the burgers they show and the kebabs they show in the pictures is never like the one that comes in the plate in front of you 😦

      Happy washing M.E..


  2. Well, that’s technology for you. I have a lot of respect for the scientists who devise such good stuff. But I hate the marketing people who are clueless about the applications, whom to sell and where to sell.

    Destination Infinity


  3. We fall into this idea that what we have is not enough – and what we want comes at a price – but will make everything perfect. I too fall into these circles but I simply have to accept – it is life.


  4. NRIGirl says:

    Interesting as always…


  5. The advertisements which give false promises has been there with us since ages! Whenever I see such ads I always wonder how can someone lie so brilliantly and that in a convincing manner!

    It is human nature to want what they don’t have and detest what they have. A vicious circle around which we all are going around 🙂


  6. Fingers crossed unit.. ha ha. You do come up with good ones Bikram.


  7. Life Begins says:

    Only you can come up with such interesting thoughts 🙂
    And Yes – Ads are wayyyy beyond reality. Every new model of a thing promises to change your life and starts with New-Earth-shattering-invention kind of dialogue 😀 But honestly we all surely do get carried away by these to some extent. These ads do leave an impact.


  8. Noopur says:

    M Glad to step in here once again… and thanks for joining the group 🙂
    Nice post!!


  9. Shilpa Garg says:

    LOL at your creativity at the HOPE hospital! 😀
    Are those fridges with Artificial Intelligence (Robotics), if yes, they can do so!! Just as we have robotic vacuum cleaners!


  10. Jenny says:

    haha the best idiot part was the winner here. So next time I meet someone competitive I use that. And you know they ARE GOING to love that anyway 🙂 You know because there are the best!!! My sister in law bought a fridge worth 90K. And I just went ???????????


    • he he he yeah anything ot keep them happy 🙂 yeah you do that they will be happy tooo..
      90K oh my now that takes the cake for sure .. mine was not that expensive but still I felt the heat … what does that do special


  11. Jas says:

    ha ha 😀 good one Bikram.. fingers crossed is the best one for me.


  12. Yuvika says:

    the first one – super funny!


  13. Tomz says:

    Those were nice thoughts Biks..


  14. he he he the hospital one is hilarious ..i want a refrigerator which also works as a washing machine and oven…and oh opens and closes doors..


  15. Bk chowla says:

    Technology is fine,but,fooling others with false hopes is not.


  16. He won’t come back again! Your imagination is good!

    ‘Now I can save on taking that extra step to get the water from the TAP.. ‘ This is too much!


  17. Bhavia says:

    Fingers crossed unit..classic one
    then technology fools you big time


  18. Bhavia says:

    Fingers crossed dept…classic one
    technology fools you big time 🙂


  19. Swarnali says:

    “You need the FINGERS CROSSED unit .. .. turn right and walk down .. straight.. if you get to the FIFTY FIFTY ward you have gone too far Sir.. walk back..”
    Haha , that was hilarious 😀
    The part about the refrigerator reminds me of a Rajnikant joke where his mobile phone functions as his fridge ,TV, remote,washing machine,microwave and mini rocket laucher as well 😛


  20. as Morgan Freeman puts it in the movie ‘Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Hope after-all is not such a bad thing’ there’s nothing wrong in giving hope to someone or having hope within you…

    loved the funny part written under HOPE veerji ..


  21. hehe nice fun post.


  22. Punam J R says:

    This for sure is a better one than ur previous post. You are on a comic roll? Very happy? Kya baat hai? bolo bolo…


  23. sm says:

    Sometimes advertisements fool consumer but we consumers need to make each aware and should demand strong consumer laws so no one will dare to fool the customer.


  24. Swaram says:

    Congrats on the err life-changing new fridge 😛 😛


  25. latha says:

    you cracked me up with the HOPE part…such a warmingly funny post to read in the morning….btw, can’t you put your fridge in the garage if you are living in a home? Here, some people do it..that’s why.


  26. but bick.. there are many hope hospitals in USA too and even those assisted living centers ..too with a name HOPE
    then ..I had seen one hope church too .. dint find it funny 😦


  27. Androgoth says:

    It could have been worse, it could have
    said ‘Crap’, and then where would you be? 😦

    Did someone mention Fudge? 🙂



  28. Dil On The Rocks says:

    Bets idiot. 🙂 lol. I am a bit competitive too..but the idea is not stretch it too far. Maybe at work..but never with frnds.

    May your old fridge find a saving soul 🙂


  29. Trust you to come up with these gems 🙂
    Totally with you on being competetive


  30. Very interesting……and great to know that you despise competitive people too!


  31. padmaja says:

    Enjoyed the good medley of your bits and pieces ,, but I think hope is not the last resort, in fact the first one to make us keep our foot forward, dont you think so? 🙂


  32. My life changed when I bought a new fridge 🙂 Now I don’t have to bend down to get vegetables. Apart from that I am still waiting for it to order grocery from the supermarket 😛


  33. jaishvats says:

    One thing I know about having a fridge and that too a bigger fridge is that sometimes you end up buying things just for storing them in it….Boy! I would not want my fridge to order things automatically from the superstore!! 🙂 That would pave the way for me to end up at ‘Hope’ hospital… 😀


    • TOTALLY agree with you, I got a drinks cooler to put in my drinks and I think either i am drinking more because I am contantly filling it up.. I shud get rid of it I think soon 🙂

      ha ha ha ha I loved that line you made me laugh Jaish he he he icing on the post this comment ,..

      “I would not want my fridge to order things automatically from the superstore!! That would pave the way for me to end up at ‘Hope’ hospital…”
      Ha ha ha ha ha SUPERBBBbbbbbbbbbbbbbb


  34. manju says:

    Ha ha! Nice! Loved the story about the best idiot! 😀

    So does your new fridge order things from the store for you? 🙂


    • Thank you so much.. Well I have not set it up, it needs internet access and a account and all that pallava .. plus you have to enter items and how many etc .. so no fun I would love if it scans the bar code and does its own calcultations .. now that is a thought 🙂


  35. You have the wit of a monkey and I say that as a compliment. Superb observations and remarks:D


  36. ramananth says:

    Hope is certainly not the right word, for it implies, that you are not sure of anything.When I say, “I hope I get well”, I am invariably preparing myself to a situation of not getting well, but I were to say,” I am well”, then my intention of forcefully thinking of being well, it will work for me and make well.
    Am I confusing?


  37. Smita says:

    I don’t think that Hope is a bad name for a hospital. Even I go for a normal check up I go with a hope that I have no disease, if I go to get my cold checked I hope it doesn’t turn out to be malaria …so for me Hope isn’t the last resort it is the 1st step of positivity 🙂

    And u actually said that to your fren? lol!! Good One!!

    As far as refrigrator is concerned, u mean you bought an electronic tap? 😀 😀 😀
    But I guess this is the magic of marketing it makes u feel u need that thing most urgently only to realise (afetr acquiring it) that it u actually never needed it 😀


    • Yes mam.. point noted 🙂

      Well obviously he is not that good a friend anymore , he definitely took offence to it 🙂 ..

      he he he he I like that .. yes electric tap is the name for it ha ha ha ha .. oh yes I know that feeling rather i feel it every time i look at the fridge he he he


  38. cherubim97 says:

    That’s a pretty uplifting name for an hospital. I mean, you can either survive or not… so, hopefully, you do… or not… Whatever!

    I love your humour, honestly. I hope you enjoy your new fridge. We’ve had the same fridge for over eleven years. It’s doing alright as far as I know.

    And, um, in case you want to know, I’ve moved. My new site is and you are welcome to visit it and leave your awesome comments. 😀


  39. surindernath says:

    The name Hope Hospital is very appropriate.

    “Given the standard of our treatment and the ability of our doctors to help their patients attain ‘nirvana’ hope is the only thing which can help you !”


  40. Dilip says:

    Yes Bikram ‘Hope’ does come into play when the illness goes beyond the ‘Doc’! Great observation.
    Cheers 🙂


  41. manchitra says:

    Hi Bikram..pretty long time..I was also away and could not visit any blogs. I moved to another city and I am still in the process of settling down..See you..


  42. Preeks says:

    Hey Hope is a very good name for a hospital in my opinion!
    And being a student of Marketing, we are told a million times not to make over-promising campaigns. But it still keeps happening. I guess luring customers becomes the prime concern rather than giving what the customer need! 🙂


  43. TTT says:

    nice one ! we have soooo many intelligent stuff in the market nowadays… at times you do feel dumb after buying them …


  44. i4deepsps says:

    hope is the last thing to die they say..
    and they have given apt name to the hospital 😛


  45. Jazz says:

    omg I knew about the cold water thing, but the fridge smartly checks quantity too ?!!

    And even I hate competitions among friends, we used to do that back when we were kids. 😛

    Waiting for the fridge incident in the next ‘those’ post. 🙂


  46. Jazz says:

    And talking about hospital names, there is this famous Yashodha hospital in Hyderabad, who’s tagline is ‘We hope you never need us’, I used to like that a lot. 🙂


  47. Hope…what a name..liked your imagination about ” fingers crossed” fifty fifty…what they must have thought before giving such a weird name to the hospital ??


  48. meowpurrs says:

    I had to agree with the technology crap! I believe in using my intelligence instead of transferring it to my gadget!

    Hope hospital was hilarious 😀


  49. Puja says:

    🙂 as always.. smile-fest 🙂 🙂


  50. greenboochi says:

    hahahahaha 😀 I laughed like crazy reading this post.. the fridge one takes the cakes!! 😀


  51. jerly says:

    I dont believe in competition either. we are all unique


  52. Androgoth says:

    I am just calling by for another read of this one
    and of course to wish you a wickedly enjoyable
    Monday my great friend Bikram 🙂



  53. Even I should be asking for sorry, all my subscribed blogs kept piling up and I don’t read. Anyways, Hope sounded an OK name, till I read your take. 😛 Competition is OK till you don’t loose your sanity. 🙂


  54. dnambiar11 says:

    Fingers Crossed unit and Fifty Fifty ward. Haha! Very creative. I HOPE I won’t have to walk into that Hope hospital that has those units/wards.
    Btw, I know a hospital called ‘Assumption Hospital.’ Howz that? 🙂


  55. Visha says:

    saved yourself a yard of walking 😯 nahi chalega…keep the fridge far I say 😛

    the ads hardly show what the commodities are capable of these days. That washing powder ads are the worst 😡


  56. techie2mom says:

    LOL at the The fifty-fifty and the fingers crossed wards!!!!!
    i know a few “best” idiots 🙂


  57. panchaliali says:

    Goodness me…only you could come up with such blogs! How did I miss them?? haha..Didn’t know that technology crap could trigger so much— Too Good, Bikram..


  58. Ashwini C N says:

    I agree that these advertisements proclaim to make major changes in our life, all because of products like Fridge and AC. Sometimes it drives me mad.

    And I loved that Fingers Crossed and Fifty Fifty ward 🙂



  59. janu says:

    That’s how marketing and ad agencies make a fool out of us gullible customers. And, we do fall for it…right? And, that too when we know that the claims are far fetched!


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