One of THOSE posts :)

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This is going to be another of those “THOSE” posts , I am not sure what I am wanting to write or say , other than a couple of observations, I was at work outside an Arena where they have late night gigs or shows etc.   People had to enter the premises , show their ticket , The bouncer at the gate tore about 80% of the ticket and gave back a little stub.

Now this is where I had a thought , we all go on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnn about how to do less wastage etc , then why do everywhere they have such big tickets especially if it is to be torn away, and Since I have paid why don’t  I get to keep the 80% of the ticket..

I WANT THAT The bigger Stub, I have Spent my hard earned money on it ..  the little stub can be kept by the organisers at the gate, they make MORE profit.. get back 20% of the ticket toooo .. They are mean

Dont you think it’s a genuine concern, moreover if I have entered the venue then why tear the ticket, why not just keep the whole of it, the stub that is left is also kept very safely ,  lest we lose it and at some stage we are asked to show the other piece or risk being thrown out of the venue..

It’s the same when one is travelling on a train, you hold on to that ticket because the ticket checker will come and you need it .. But when you are flying why do we need to Hold on to that stub for dear life ..

once you are on the plane..   you still hold on to it .. there is no need for that ….

it’s not as if half way into the flight a  ticket checker is going to come and say “TICKETS PLEASEEEEE””” . .. oh god I don’t have it ..

STOP THE PLANEEEEEEEEEE … Throw this person out of the DOOR ..

Talking about planes

What is this with number 13, the paranoia behind it and all.. Have you seen there is no row 13 on the plane .. I asked the stewardess why so ..

“oh because people think its unlucky to sit in row 13..”

Well there is not that much thinking being done, is there ?

Now I don’t say I am an expert or anything , but have a THINK, you are flying , munching on to those peanuts that they give you, suddenly at 33,000 ft when you having a large scotch in hand.. . all of a sudden

Row 13 seat A to F  drops off under the fuselage.. swishhhhhhhhh… Just like that .. GONE .. A huge hole under the fuselage and the row vanishes.. while everyone else carrying on with what they are doing .. Have you seen that …  I have never seen that

People in row 12 turning back and saying oooh that was lucky .. Wasn’t it

People in row 14 saying ooh brilliant .. look at that leg room Brilliant , I did not even pay for it .. for that extra leg room, if you are flying by Ryan air or other cheap airline you have to pay for that extra leg room ..

So anyway row 13 does not exist ..

Yet there is no space between row 12 and 14.. If one is so paranoid then should they not have a dummy row but not fill it.. I mean Are they hoping that when bad has to happen it will suddenly forget the maths..

God of death is coming to get Mr. Mann in Row 13..  Reaches up to row 12.. AH ha next row is MY MAN.. but oops one step it changes to Row 14.. Mr. Mann has a lucky escape just because he is sitting on Row 14 🙂   It does not happen that way..

Anyway just a few thoughts.. Have a great day ..

ps:- Pic courtesy Google pics.

  1. Some interesting observations. On the number 13, during my last visit to Florida (few months ago) I was told by many people that in ‘some’ buildings, the 13th floor does not exist – not necessarily in Florida but other parts of USA, and when you go to a lift of that building you see the numbers 11, 12, 14, 15….. and number 13 and floor 13 is missing. Now, admittedly, despite being told, I never actually saw a building which 13th floor


  2. Puja says:

    OMG!! I couldnt stop smiling!! esp at the seat no 13 dilemma!!! (Thank you.. that brought smile after a hard day @ work 🙂 )


  3. Well, we have the 13th row at cinema theatres, auditoriums and concerts. I have not seen any earthquake below that particular row 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  4. Sunny says:

    Okay, I am going to be logical instead of funny (I save that for my own blog j/k)

    Bigger stub, would mean it will take more space in your pocket. If it’s useful the small bit will work, if it’s not useful size doesn’t matter.

    You need to keep the ticket in most places to come back in after you go out for anything, for example in the intermission break of a movie. It can also be used as a proof of where you were at a certain date and time (have you not read the old detective novels?). It’s also useful in some places like Indian cinema halls when there is a conflict about seat numbers.

    The plane ticket’s most useful use for normal passengers is that it contains the baggage claim check sticker on it. If your baggage gets lost (it happens), you will need that sticker. For some lucky people the plane ticket is more useful as they need the ticket to claim the fare back from their company or business.

    The number 13 is a superstition and as such I’d file it with the black cat crossing your road, walking under a ladder, stepping on a crack and other such classics. But if you want to be technical about something so silly, the bad luck doesn’t have to be in the form of a crash. It could be that row 12 contains a passenger who smells to high heavens, some aunty may open the OHB and drop her jar of Indian pickle in your lap ruining your suit, or the nail in the seatback in row 13 may tear your shirt.

    And now one question from my side. What on EARTH is the use of a comment that consists of only one word “First”? What does it add to the discussion? What kind of achievement is this?


    • Hello SIr.. How are you doing. Long time no see..

      Well I know but one can fold the stub for sure .. and also that is my problem I have paid so i should get bigger part 🙂

      I guess you have done your research pretty well and Sorry i could not make you smile at my stupid article .. I will have to try harder i guess to make you smile then , what say 🙂

      To reply to your question , it is a bit of FUN thats all, a few bloggers have this to claim the first position , I have it too.. its just a fun game thats all .. No achievement or anything but what it adds to the discussion well not in context to the article , otherwise I have had some lovely discussions with a lot of bloggers on that position .. 🙂


  5. TTT says:

    he he he …i loved the part about god of death not finding any row 13. Wish it was as simple as that !!!
    Coming to the tickets bit , this time when i went for movies I was pleasantly surprised as those who had booked online were not required to collect their paper tickets . They could just walk in show their mobiles …


  6. Visha says:

    If they recycle the 80% which they keep with themselves it is logical.
    I have never noticed that in Indian airlines, about the missing 13, let me check the next time I go into one. But whats the use of such kind of superstitions. Its just that the number is not written, if you count from the start, the 13th row is bound to be there 😆


  7. NRIGirl says:

    Very interesting observations Bikram! There was a smile on my face – only widening as I continued to read.

    Next time I’ll look for row 13 – never noticed that before.

    What else is going on behind the scenes at your end? I would love to hear. Please write to my email about your XML adventure. I am sure you have mastered it now 🙂

    Friend always,


    • Hey hey hey .. How are you .. I am doing great as always.. Nothing much is going on this side , And the XML adventure is continuing , but I managed to pass that hurdle now on to other things .. Crm 2011 is the in thing these days with all sorts of new technologies so slowly getting to grips with it all 🙂

      Glad you had a smile , its always good to smile 🙂


  8. Bk chowla says:

    In our condo,we not have floor number 13.
    My daughter was born on the 13 th.How can it be unlucky?


  9. manju says:

    Ha ha! Superb post! If this is ‘one of those posts’, then I hope you write many, many more of ‘those posts’!

    I’ve heard that some multi-story buildings don’t even have a 13th floor! Funny! Isn’t the 14th then the 13th? 😀


  10. momofrs says:

    It really is one of those posts 😀
    But seriously, the fixation with 13 is really annoying. There isn’t a row 13 , hotels don’t have a 13th floor OR a room number 420 (trust me, I’ve seen plenty of rooms numbered from 419 to 421 with 420 missing)
    Its silly, really, because whom are we deceiving?!! The 14th floor will always be the 13th floor labelled incorrectly. Room 421 will still be 420.
    Superstition isn’t just the crutch of the weak and poor….its surprising that educated, developed countries believe in it too 😐
    Good post 🙂


    • 🙂 yeah i know .. I do get these moments sometimes he he eh 420 .. well My car registration number is 420 🙂 he he he he

      well I know the educated are more into it I tell you for sure .. Thankfully my boarding ticket says I am on seat 35 aisle , tomorrow PHEWwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeee


  11. ashreyamom says:

    well i was born on friday the “13”.. and i consider myself to be lucky.. :)..
    ticket thing.. so people can think so much on ticket?? is what i felt.. but u r right, u have all rights to get 80% of the ticket.. 🙂


  12. padmaja says:

    Till now, I didnt know they didnt have 13th row in the plane! Funny, I travel every month and I havent observed that! Anyway, I enjoyed the sense of humor, probably Yama also knows about the number 13 and comes prepared 🙂


    • Well now you know what to do when u board , check out seat 13 🙂 go go go go

      hmmmmmmmmmm Oh i did not think of that , yama knowing aboiut this 13-14 confusion BUt I hope he is in confusion if I am seat 14 and he is looking for seat 13 🙂


  13. Bindu John says:

    Really interesting and funny… As Manju has asked, is the trouble just with the no. 13 or with the thirteenth position? Then no. 14 is doomed. To avoid that, I think the 13th floor or seat should actually be there, but kept vacant. 😉


  14. Zephyr says:

    Agree with Manju that ‘one of those’ posts is so good. I love the doubts you have, Bikram. They are so logical yet terribly funny too. I was giggling and guffawing while reading this. Thanks for the entertainment 😀 Poor god of death! I could just visualise him scratching his head 😀


  15. Yuvika says:

    interesting observations! btw on the stubs – I often wonder the same about airline boarding passes…in the US they give us the smaller part, while in INdia the larger part :D. Just saying 😛


  16. lol
    loved the number 13 one 😛


  17. Whoa that was some Bikramism 🙂

    After a loooonnng hectic day it had me in splits…specially the number 13 wala!!



  18. metherebel says:

    Haha 🙂 You I had similar thought about being returned the small stub. Really either keep the entire ticket or give me the bigger part of my ticket. Otherwise it isn’t fair right?

    About number 13. I have no idea why is it considered unlucky. I am sure half the world wouldn’t know either but they would still consider it unlucky. I mean even if there is no 13, in reality it is still 13 isn’t it??


  19. anisnest says:

    lol.. had a good laugh.. 🙂


  20. Punam J R says:

    Very very NOT funny.
    Contrary to popular opinion. No, I am not superstitious. I am not even 13-phobic.
    One doesn’t have to be in Row 13 to be unlucky.
    If it is to be, it is to be. JUST not naming row 13 as 13, and misnaming it as 14, shall not change the fact that the row 14 is actually 13 in the series, and calling it 14 will not change anything, except superstitious people’s opinions.
    Tell me i am wrong..


  21. R-A-J says:

    I’ve heard of building which do not have a 13th floor too 🙂


  22. icyie says:

    Well i have good reason to hold on to the tickets as long as my company is reimbursing it :)….
    nice thoughts


  23. phoenixritu says:

    Hotels dont have 13th floor either //// And I want the bigger stub too


  24. shail says:

    You had me laughing reading about your observations on row 13 on flights. Lol. As you know I am in KL now. Here it seems, the Chinese feel 4 is an unlucky number, also numbers ending in 4. So all building have 3A after 3rd floor 😛 Then they don’t have 14, just 13A, no 24 but 23A. You get the drift. It is amusing isn’t it?
    By renaming a floor or not having a row, will the number (and the supposed bad luck) just go away? One wonders at such idiosyncrasies!


  25. ladynimue says:

    13th is my birthdate !
    and I have met people saying on ym face , oh 13 is so unlucky !!
    I felt like punching them and saying , oh yeah , it jsut became the same for you 😛


    • Hmm well as you can read the comments yoi are not alone there are two more whose birthday is 13th.. So no its not unlucky at all..

      After saying it to the people you can slap them again and say.. Just to make sure its same for you 🙂


  26. I live in Flat numbered 12 A instead of 13. Clever way to fool death and unwanted guests 😛 I just tell them I stay in flat 13 and poor suckers keep hunting for it 😉


  27. obsessivemom says:

    Ha ha Bikram.. thanks for a good laugh. “I paid I should get 80 percent”… right you are.. Lolz.


  28. Smitha says:

    LOL! I have to say that number 13 business is seriously funny! As if!

    As for ticket stubs – I find it so difficult to keep those safely, and invariably end up digging through my handbag to locate them, if ever needed. Giving us the bigger piece would have made it slightly easier, for sure 🙂 Esp since we’ve paid for them!


  29. Ashwini C N says:

    Well, I’ve heard a lot about this 13 mania, but somehow that has not affected me in any way and in fact on a 13th Friday last year (2011), something very important happened for me. Guess it’s lucky for me then 🙂



  30. haddock54 says:

    Talking of the rows, this time I got the 12th row in Go Air while travelling from Bangalore to Pune.
    It turned out to be my lucky day as it is that one near the emergency exit. So I said aha… lot of leg space. But before take off the air hostess came and asked me can you lift 15 kgs. I said yes why not. Then she says “that emergency door weighs 15 kgs and you will have to lift the door to open it and then you will have to blah blah blah”


  31. Ashwini C N says:

    Well, as far as I’m concerned 13 has not affected me in any way and in fact a 13th Friday in 2011 proved to be lucky for me. 🙂



  32. Noopur says:

    Thanks for all those wonderful comments on my blog….it always gave me a prob of all the times i attempted to step on your blob…but finally m here… keep writing!! 🙂

    it would be a pleasure for me if you could join….!/groups/424971574219946/


  33. latha says:

    heehe..the ticket part is real funny..oye..btw, I am born on 13th..I shud have been gone by now then…:P hehehe..I heard the 13 story too..the story behind it is the last supper had 13 people in it..blah blah..everyone knows it anyway..:)


  34. Actually the ticket one is a good observation. We can use them again, print the transaction in such a fashion and save paper. And I lived in House No B 13. There is a horror movie by the same name 😛


  35. Dil On The Rocks says:….very funny…..
    cool know what..even though there is no 13, 14 is still the 13 th one. 🙂


  36. 13 is considered unlucky for Christians. I am yet to know the reason. Many buildings dont have 13th floor too.


  37. sm says:

    nice post


  38. Kiran says:

    I have the same sentiments towards the number 13. I can totally relate to that 😉


  39. umashankar says:

    Ha ha ha!!! That was hilarious Bikram. Yes, I have strongly similar feelings about the ‘80% of the ticket’! As for the row 13, I kind of used to believe that 13 is a lucky number for me till my dear father slipped away on that very date leaving a huge space in my heart, free of cost.


  40. Shilpa Garg says:

    LOL!! 😀 I like the way think, Bikram! 😀 Hilarious! 😀


  41. Rahul says:

    Bikram, there is a lot of truth behind this funny post:)


  42. And #13 is simply plain lucky for me! 🙂


  43. Dilip says:

    Ha Ha that number does surely gets us worried – especially in a flight 🙂 But remember how proud we felt when we got into the our “Teens”? Yes 13 can be be just as good sometimes.
    Cheers 🙂


  44. Bhagyashree says:

    Give us some more of these posts Mann, that too early in the morning-Bahrain time 😀


  45. Jas says:

    ha ha… random but making laughing sense. 😀


  46. oh man you did have a thought attack,i get that a lot too…
    hey i think its time they start using mobile tickets everywhwre,as soon as you but a ticket you will recieve a mail and that should be used to get you in..a lot of places do that but its time every one starts using it..
    in the begining every plane had 13th row but then every 13th, friday or not planes would just not take off and then in the year1913 for whole one year none of the planes took off and aviation industry suffered huge loss since then,,,,,and hence….


    • YEah it looks like , one of THOSE DAYS 🙂 he he he ..

      and i loved the tru story you write , maybe you shud elaborate on it so I can have it as a post he he he what say 🙂 but i loved your thought tooooo


  47. Ashwathy says:

    ROFL!! Only your imagination can come up with the row 13 dropping out of sight in an airplane!! 😀

    BTW Indian airplanes have row 13 as well… I’ve sat in it myself… and last I heard, I’m healthy and not dead yet 😛


  48. alka narula says:

    hahahaha…love the plane part especialy…btw i neva realised ders no 13th row in planes…hmmmm intrsting


  49. Bhavia says:

    my rich neighbor’s house number is 13 😛


  50. Arti says:

    Bikram, those observations and the way you have written them are so hilarious 😀 Trying to fool god of death… haha, we humans are really awesome, aren’t we? 😛


  51. Pepper says:

    No idea why people fear 13 so much. Age old beliefs die hard. I was born on the 13th, so I actually consider it lucky 🙂


  52. Ashwini C N says:

    Well, for me 13 has not been that intimidating, but once it proved lucky to me. So I don’t think it would be unlucky for me :-). IN fact last last year on a 13th Friday, Something really favourable happened to me when the odds were against me 🙂


  53. Chitra says:

    Pretty long time. I moved to a new place and got busy settling down. Now started my blog tour. Have decided to devote some time for blogging too. So see you soon.


  54. forget 13 .. number i fear most is 3 .. and it so happens that everytime i get stuck at 3 when it comes to dealing with numbers… 🙂

    “look at that leg room Brilliant” lol….

    thanks for making my day veerji..


  55. Anu says:

    Hello sir G,
    kiddan ??
    unique post and very well executed ..!!



  56. raju070 says:

    I must say this indeed is a very thought provoking post. Very true about those ticket stubs. Actually I never thought of it that way. A very interesting, just and reasonable thought! We certainly deserve a bigger % than 20 of that piece of paper. 😉 And the flight thing is really funny. “Are they hoping that when bad has to happen it will suddenly forget the maths” – that is indeed a very thought provoking line. Sirji.. I really like the way you think. 🙂


  57. renu says:

    3 and 13 are some supersetitions which many people believe in..


  58. This post was on my screen for the past 3 days!

    Were there nice pictures in the ticket? If so, we can collect them! But your angle also is logical! Imagine floating out of the plane?!

    I have heard that many hotels don’t have a ’13th’ floor! Your imagination is new. But many people, esp. foreigners believe in this! Have you watched ‘Friday, the 13th’?!

    Now, I see many of them wrote these same lines! If we comment late, it will be repetitive…learnt a lesson, Bikram!


  59. jennyshetty says:

    Loveddd the post. I love these feel good phase no special topic posts. Its as if you are talking to me, and I am going all hmm, acha oh yes how stupid belief! And that 13th one, NO I didnot know that and LOL, on the 13th row going down and creating leg space 🙂
    And seriously I hold on to my tickets even in the movie theatres! I have to let that go 🙂
    Loved this again! :-)))


    • THANK YOU SO MUCHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , wow.. really now this one has made my day, I was away and came back to blog and read comments after almost and week and i read this WOWO.. 🙂 I should go away more often …


  60. Androgoth says:

    These funny one’s are definitely
    wicked for the weekend Bikram 🙂



  61. irfan says:

    infact, i never observed about the missing of 13th row in aircrafts……and its just bcoz i don’t believe in these superstitions…..


  62. Ritika says:

    Even,I never noticed there were no 13th row on the plane :/

    Yeah, well better safe than sorry 😛 😛


  63. Infosys 😉 doesnt have Building 13th 😉 what do you say about it 😀 ahhaha so its everywhere!! 😀 good observations Bikram 😀


  64. surindernath says:

    Very well said. In fact, reminded me Of Ayn Rand, one of my favorite writers !!


  65. Meera says:

    I love this post, it is so tongue-in-cheek. By the way did you know hotels don’t have the 13th floor? Also, it is considered bad luck to have 13 guests at a dinner table. More fodder for more posts. 🙂


  66. R. Ramesh says:

    ya ya agree with surinder..on ayn rand..thanks biks..keep up the gr8 work


  67. Rosy says:

    Hi Bikram
    Le Corbusier who was responsible for the overall master plan of the city held a belief that the number 13 was unlucky. so our beautiful city chandigarh too has no sector 13.
    funny post though.


    • YEah that is right we dont have sector 13 but then as such sector 12 and 14 are also sort of not populated by public i think its more of COlleges-pgi and uni .. you know I actually have never been to those sectors or rather the residential places in those sectors ..


  68. Onkar Kedia says:

    very interesting. A different perspective.


  69. Sara no "H" says:

    Why do they give the small ones bk to us. I keep my stubs from events. What do they even do with them? We bought some movie tickets online and they didn’t even give us tickets. Hmm…


  70. dNambiar says:

    Genuine concerns, Mr. Mann. I also think we should be given 80% of that ticket.
    And about 13. It so weird. It’s actually only a number. I don’t know why its feared so much. Triskaidekaphobia! Gosh, that word is what is scarier. 🙂
    There’s this strange house near here that has a lot of 13 things in it. This lady — Sarah Winchester (yeah, of the Winchester Rifles) surely loved the number, or maybe the spirits in her mansion influenced her. Read this when you have some time ok. It’s a pretty interesting story.


  71. Arooj says:

    the fridge has reduced your walking,what if it would become cause of weight increase.:-)


  72. meowpurrs says:

    Technically, even if it is not numbered as row/floor 13, there is a 13th row/floor isnt it? And we do have 13ths every month, or may be we should skip the 13 every month too!!! Will just erasing the name, remove the fact? A rose, called by any other name will still smell sweet, isnt it? 🙂
    Really funny sentiments people have… Really like your quirky way of writing… Enjoying it 🙂


  73. techie2mom says:

    i never realized that planes don’t have row no. 13!!!!
    Your take on it is so hilarious!!!


  74. panchaliali says:

    Fooling God of death..? omg!….poor poor god!:No, I am not superstitious, but for me #13 is unlucky…because on 13th I had a heart attack…now I hate that number!! But, reading this was a treat, Bikram!!…


  75. Pattu says:

    I am the 14th one to like it. 🙂

    Seriously, how do the airlines , think that they are fooling everyone about pretending to
    save. They should have left the space, but why will they want to forego the revenue?.


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