Some facts about Punjab and Being a Punjabi – 2

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1 to 8 You can read here – First part of  Some facts about Punjab and Being a Punjabi – 1

9. If we use Mc and BC  (vulgar curses) more than 4 -5 times in a sentence with you. IT MEANS WE LOVE YOU A LOT…

10.  A Glassy in hand is better than two in a bottle

11:- After 6th peg( shot of whiskey) the favourite dialogue is “HAALE DOOJA HAI YAAR” (its only the Second one)


13 You are either born normal and boring or you are born PUNJABI.

14. It doesn’t matter where you from bangalore, Mysore,Tamilnadu, Kerala, AP we think you are all MADRASI

15. Ulle de Pathe and Khote de puttar.. or Sher da puttar  you definitely a Punjabi.

16. Canada and UK part of Punjab. PERIOD…….

17KAL SE DIETING SHURU (dieting from tomorrow) – Favourite line we say EVERYDAY

Ps:- Message of the day … AGAIN I know..

Please Honk slowly.. My country is SLEEPING.. You might disturb it from its sleep..

PS:- Thank you for all the emails and comments regarding the problem mentioned in previous post, I have a lot of info , have sent it , I am better prepared

PPS:- All pictures courtesy Google


Update:- 15-12-2012


Some facts about Punjab and Being a Punjabi –  3

  1. Lifesong says:

    Hehe… Punjabis definitely have a good sense of humour 🙂 🙂


  2. Novroz says:

    now I know more about the Punjab 😉


  3. Bhavia says:

    #14 and #16..very very true 🙂


  4. ha ha ha Bikram my god this was hilarious so agree with you on all points and you know what there are some ladies here who sympathise with me cos i dont have anyone in K’neda…i mean UK SHOOKEY THEEK HAI PAR K’NEDA WICH KOI NAHI..ACCHA!!
    he he loved it 🙂
    arey we bengalis are also like this…all the south indians no matter what their lang. are Madrasis and rest are hindustanis….God knows where the Bengalis are from…what a fun post


  5. Bk chowla says:

    As I had said earlier,we are what we are because that is how we are.


  6. phoenixritu says:

    And why not? We rock! We are straightforward, make loyal friends and know how to enjoy life


  7. 😀

    So true!

    But you are loved despite this ❤


  8. Punam J R says:

    🙂 That was alll fun to read – esp the firstttt one. 🙂 That was a revelation!! Thank God you told me or I would take serious offense. Phew.. punjabis and their punjabics … bikram and his bikramisms.. kya kehne…


  9. panchali says:

    Dil khush kar ditta, Bikram!! Honestly…Punjabis are known for their zinda dil attitude and lively personalities…the last pic is aweome!


  10. Rachna says:

    heehaw That is funny again!


  11. I readily agree on the 16th point! I love the happy go lucky wide attitude toward life that Punjabi’s possess.Its always grt to be in a Punjabi family, especially when u are their guest.


  12. Swaram says:

    Glad to know u ppl are better prepared now Bik! Wishes and prayers.

    LOL 😛


  13. The Canada and UK governments might want to read the point where you mentioned them 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  14. lol ;P
    true to every word!


  15. padmaja says:

    Loved every bit of it!


  16. Nishant says:

    hahahahahahha..ROFL.referring to ur 14 point infact all North Indians feel so
    Nice facts though 🙂



  17. Jas says:

    ha ha 😀 Punjabi puttar pointing out all the good things.


  18. Hahahha…Awesome Awesome!
    Maza aa gaya! 😀


  19. I know Punjabis have great sense of humour and it is proven now, here!

    Hope your cousin’s problem is solved. All the best.


  20. surindernath says:

    How about :-

    “O main MC…..O main BC…..aivaine tere naal magaj khapai karin jaana ……” PUNJAABI !!

    ” O teri taan Phagware wich ee Caneda lagi aa tun baar ki karan jaana ”



  21. jaishvats says:

    The one about Madrasi is so true ha ha 🙂 And to many folks in the South, whether a person is from Punjab, UP, West Bengal or Maharashtra they are all Hindikkars (Hindi-speaking people) ha ha ha….


  22. veer ji, its not CANADA .. its kanedda!!!


  23. Life Begins says:

    haha excellent !
    My fav – “You are either born normal and boring or you are born PUNJABI.”

    Good to know you are all set to deal with situation.


  24. Dew says:

    mujhe tag wali goggles chahiye 😛

    kal se dieting shuru to hum bhi kehte hain :p saari ladkiyan punjabi hain kya? 😀


  25. Dil On The Rocks says:

    LOL..Loved the madrasi comment. Part of Punjab as well..:)


  26. sm says:

    nice fact
    love it the fact which is true country is sleeping


  27. sm says:

    clarification, love facts means the way it is written on auto, excellent


  28. True, true and so true. And good to hear about the news on your personal front, it’s always good to be prepared in such cases.


  29. Latha says:

    🙂 desh is sleeping, ultimate one..canada n US part of punjab…lol…


  30. Meera says:

    If my options are be boring or be Punjabi then I WANT TO BE THE LATTER. Ab, DD ki shaadi Punjabi munde se karaani padegi. Waise bhi use apni shaadi mein”Gal mithi mithi bol” bajwaana hai. Bik, ladka dhoondhna shuru kar dein, please


  31. he he he !!! and just to add.. life would be so dull without a sardar /punjabi joke ! My DH always teases me saying I should have married santa /banta singh … i keep complaining about his sense of humor or rather lack of it !


  32. Bindu John says:

    Really hilarious – esp 14 & 16 😀


  33. hehehe punjabis rock 🙂
    Your post reminded me of a friend of mine from hissar (but he was punjabi and not haryanvi) and could relate so many things that you mentioned here with him…I so agree everyone in north thinks that all the places down south is madras 🙂


  34. anupam patra says:

    I know I know Bikramjit. I have a good number of Punjabi friends. I forget my worries in their company. Love you guys


  35. renu says:

    I agree..and about madrasi thing..even all five states people in north are called north iIndians,..


  36. Visha says:

    😀 😀 😀

    I never knew these pointers..enjoyed them 😆


  37. R-A-J says:

    good one.. hope thrs a third too coming up 🙂


  38. Androgoth says:

    A very jovial posting Bikram
    I have enjoyed reading this as
    much as your first in the series
    just make sure you keep adding
    these gems or the Zombies will
    be calling round and you know
    what that means? 🙂 lol

    Have a funtastic
    Friday my great friend 🙂



  39. raju070 says:

    Really superb Punjabi facts. You made my day. I have had a lot of lovely interactions and friendships and I think Punjabis are the happiest, most caring and fun loving lot.


  40. Ritika says:


    My favourite one was Canada and UK are a part of Punjab 😀 😀


  41. Amit Agarwal says:

    I liked number 13 the most, and agree with it too 🙂 😀 😛


  42. metherebel says:

    Haha 🙂 My favorite is all South Indians being Madrasis and Canada and UK are part of Punjab!


  43. elixired says:

    Hahaha.. ROFL! And one of a dear punjabi friend sends me punjabi songs, and when i say I dint understand the lines, he passionately tells me the meaning. Another one told me, after a few pegs, you will find us dancing on the noise of generator(after bandwaalas stop playing the music) in marriages 😀


  44. Amit Agarwal says:

    I liked number 13 the most 🙂 and agree with it too 😀


  45. Shilpa Garg says:

    And proud to be a Punjabi too! 😀


  46. dNambiar says:

    he hee! UK and Canada — Panjabi indeed. 🙂
    Fun post.
    But we’re all Madrasis? Still? 😦


  47. Kirtivasan says:

    No doubt God gave them a pagdi and beard to ponder over their overconfidence !!


  48. irfan says:

    once we meet, i will find out easily now “you love me or not”…. 🙂

    Bikram, they say I am born NORMAL…. 🙂
    but BORING…?????
    well, you know what i mean….. 😀


  49. meghasarin says:

    I am a born Punjabi and I love being a punjab di kudi 😉 And Caneda is our second home.. 😛


  50. Gurwinder Singh says:

    And the eternal and universal truth abt punjabi guys
    If you don’t own a Bullet, you don’t deserve to be included in Group
    And If you don’t like Bullet , you are not even Punjabi


  51. techie2mom says:

    Canada and UK are part of Punjab, i agree 😉
    BULLET, TILLE WAALI JUTTI, RayBANS, OPEN JEEP and Woofers make a PUNJABI, yes yes i agree…


  52. […] Some facts about Punjab and Being a Punjabi – 2 […]


  53. Pehla shot hi kamaal. I once asked my father-in-law, Papa, ainiyaan galaan kyon kadhde ho, He answers, Kehra ‘KC’ galaan kadhde! You can’t take that away from a Punjabi and now my Hubby carrying the legacy, I am pretty used to it. That Madrasi, bang on! I hope you come out with a 4th edition.


  54. […] Some facts about Punjab and Being a Punjabi – 2 […]


  55. Eyesspeak says:

    God…U describe punajbi’s so very well… Proud to b a punjabi.. Born Punjabi…


  56. inducares says:

    Lovely inputs about my clan-jeeteraho!!!!!!!


  57. […] Some facts about Punjab and Being a Punjabi – 2 […]


  58. shivani says:

    Rofl…great enjoyed it…hahaha came here just to know what tille wali jutti meant…and had a jolly gud time. 🙂 🙂 🙂


    • Bikramjit says:

      🙂 Thank you glad you enjoyed it .. there are Two more parts too and I have another one in my drafts will put it up as soon as this picture challenge finishes


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