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Posted: September 3, 2012 in Bikramism, Experiences, Good times, Morals, My Thoughts., Thinking
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Hi I have had a few emails asking me to update my about me page and asking me other questions , So I thought of putting up this post that I had written a few years back, It still stands correct .. hopefully you can know me a bit more after reading this one 🙂  Also there are some who have been emailing a couple of my friends asking them what sort of person I am , I don’t know why it is necessary to ask and why not ask me directly, (by all means please skip reading as its nothing but stupid stuff)..  I want to say to them

pooch-tay haiN wo ke BIKRAM kaun hai
koi batlaaye humain ki hum batlaayen KYA

(they ask who Bikram is, Someone Tell me What DO I TELL THEM)

You know we go to some sites they ask us to create our profiles etc , and then write something about ourself .. The dating sites.. Blogging sites.. etc etc (yeah before everyone raises their eyebrows.. I am talking general.. I don’t visit dating sites , yeah Well actually not that OFTEN he he he )

So what do we write in there, do we know about ourselves so much as we think, or is it people around us who know us better.

Here is an attempt of what I think of myself Loads of people who read will differ because many of you have not met me.. or know me as a person.. But still I am assuming quiet a few would have an inkling of HOW I am.. “Liar, Honest, Pathetic, dependable etc etc , I have been called all these names.. ”

I think of myself as a Normal, common man having same aspirations as millions have, nothing out of blue.. I just want to be a millionaire, have tons of girl friends he he he .. no jokes apart..

Really I never had very high aspirations, I never had a thought of coming abroad, Not even till my final year in college. I was a normal kid, not good in studies but ok in sports.. Always wanted to be in the indian army..

Sat for the IMA exams 4 times cleared Each time, but for some reason SSB interview I was not good enough and for some odd reason I come abroad and am an officer here.. Not going through the SSB interview was one thing that hurt me, cause had not thought of any other thing, always was so sure I will get through the army.. Even joined a coaching place , talked to a few officers , my uncle was a brigadier , he was like There is no way I WILL NOT get through, it was on the BOARD.. anyway it happened and it HURT…

I am very emotional I must say, I have tears coming sometimes when I am alone thinking of stuff just random stuff.. don’t know if that is Pathetic or what…

I have made some wrong decisions and I accept them, but that’s what makes us what we are Today I think. It’s all these silly, stupid things we have all done while growing up that we Now KNOW are silly and stupid. If we had not then We would not know.

Back home in india I use to love going to movies or chilling with mates, We had such a big group, did some naughty things together, brings a smile on my face now.. Have had a pretty decent life so far. I have written about these incidents now and then ….

I miss people a lot, I remember almost everything that has happened so far, I can fairly remember the faces of all the people I know and there Names too.. And Yeah something weird I remember most of the Phone numbers. I also miss my home.

I hate people who are two-faced, to me IF you have said something or you have promised something then its a MAN’s word why should you step back from it AND or BUT In case you have to step back then you should be MAN enough to accept and be sorry , Rather than make excuses, which is the normal trend I feel nowadays, You promise something and when one cant do it then its easy to ignore thinking it will go away, I mean why yeah it will hurt if you own up, But then it makes it easier in life to move forward , to go and do the next thing…

I am of the belief that you should stand by your friends right or wrong, that’s what friends are for, no matter what, I rarely have made enemies but I am positive of one thing that if I cut off with someone than that person has no chance of being back in my good books 🙂 And if you are my enemy then You can bet your _ _ _ _ you will know it. I am not the one who will keep it in my heart , If I don’t like you .. You will be the first person to know about it, A bit rude but then that’s me and I don’t back down.. A lot of times things have been going fine but because of this attitude I have sometimes whirled the pool a bit, A bad point in me I know.

I hate a lot of things in me , and I try had to change that aspect of me.. 

Why am I so emotional

Why am I such an idiot

Why am I like this

Why does it matter to me if the world is collapsing, or the neighbour’s house is being burgled. Why do I have to stop when I see a guy following a girl and trying to pinch her purse or harass her, Who the hell is she or he to me .. WHY do I do that..

Why did I need to interfere when the guy who was drunk fell down on the pavement and Two other guys were going through his pockets and His mates who he had come with, were standing there being a spectator and Laughing over the stupidness of their friend.

These questions are constantly disturbing me, I constantly think of ways to change myself but I fail miserably …

Great. did it as I said its difficult to write about ourselves .. don’t know what else to write anyway this was something about me… Now all who read know a bit more about me 🙂

  1. Nice to know about you Bikram.. I’m flying back to India on September 16th, thought I could meet you, but.. Still, I’d say I’m lucky to meet a person (blogger) like you at least once.. Happy!

    I’m not sure when I’ll be back to London and when you may visit Blore but we will meet sure someday to cherish some sweet memories and clicks which we shared that day 🙂

    Keep writing.. I always read you in my inbox, and occasionally I come here to leave my footprint.. 🙂


    Someone is Special, I’m better known by that name rather than my name Saravana Kumar Murugan!


  2. padmaja says:

    Nice to “know” about you Bikram, thanks for sharing, I like the way you speak your mind, very honest and a great sense of humor. All of us have some faults and when we accept ourselves and try to change for the better, the process to evolve begins and that is important to be a great human 🙂 It is ok to fail, but trying is important 🙂


    • Thank you .. I guess writing all good things about myself is always a winner 🙂 he he he everyone has good things to say about me , sure shot way of getting extra mileage. what say 🙂

      and I agree with you , its ok to fail but more important to keep trying


  3. Bindu says:

    Honesty is a rare quality these days. I think you had already revealed your true nature through your writings – humane to the core. How else can be those who are pure at heart? Still so glad to know these extra details about the most popular blogger I know. You are wonderful, Bikram!


    • Dont know about that mam, honesty or anything , I am jsut normal I got my white and black points too..

      most popular are wah wah , ME yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂 well articles like this also help in gathering readers he he he he he 🙂


  4. A very honest account !!


  5. obsessivemom says:

    It sure is tough to write about oneself and you did a pretty decent job there. Finally I get to know you :-). Glad you did that post. You don’t need to change yourself at all. Honest, emotional, empathetic men are rare.


    • I find it so tough, what can one write on oneself, I am not going ot write bad things about me , now will i .. so why do they have so many places to write about yourself. I find it weird.

      GLad you get to know me better now 🙂


  6. I guess most of the long term readers of this blog know all this about you. And that’s why we are proud of you 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  7. Hey Bikram, it is a pleasure knowing MORE about you, though I am sure all the regular readers could make out quite a few things through some of your posts..but it is always nice to know a fellow blogger more closely, specially when that fellow blogger is someone like you- truly inspiring, motivating, funny and dependable.

    I mean every word of what I just said 🙂

    Glad to have met you here in this blogging world!!


  8. Lifesong says:

    Interacting with you through blogging, you come across as an honest and straight forward person, kind and with a good sense of humour 🙂 Loved knowing more about you 🙂


  9. Bhavia says:

    Do you know why people like you and your posts??
    This post is the answer to that question 🙂


  10. greenboochi says:

    I have known you only for a short period of time in this blog world. Loved to know more about you and I must say.. you are a wonderful person – a person who is honest. I like your sense of humour too, actually I look forward to your “he he he” in the comments and smile when I encounter that 😀


    • YEah it jsut been a couple of months , But I have seen you around for a long time as , we both visit the same blogs more often. Thank you so much for the lovely words. ok I will make sure i do the he he he he he often now .. they say Smile and the world smiles with you 🙂


  11. Jenny says:

    Ahh! Glad to know more about you Bikram. Emotional post. And about putting things in the About section. yes I find that awkward too.

    I really liked the point where you specified about people making excuses and not owning upto thier mistakes. I have fought with a lot of such people, and am not friends with them anymore. Be honest, that’s the point. This post was awesome, and I really enjoyed reading it. Kind of felt, as if we are conversing one to one 🙂


  12. R-A-J says:

    Wow, that adds more dimensions to the Bikram I know from his posts 🙂

    Very emotional and heart tugging one this one is yaar 🙂



  13. I find it refreshing to read about you and to get a complete picture of who you are. One thing that really excites me about a blogger is their ‘About me’ page. The more rich their ‘About me’ page is the more I enjoy reading their posts as then I get a sense of there they are coming from.

    Nice one


    • TBAG thank you sire. but how can we know what sort of person is from the about me page, I can write anything i want and offfcourse only good things .. it doesnot mean they are all correct..


      • Well, that really defeats the objective of blogging if ones ‘about me’ is not the truth. You see, the about me page is like a C.V where you abilities and ambitions are projected, not stuff that embarrasses you. In my view, as I have said earlier, reading an about me page on a blog just gives me that extra insight into the bloggers life. Where their fake it or not, that a matter for themselves and no one is here to prove if anyone is telling the the truth or not, time is limited.


  14. Swaram says:

    That was so very honest and straight from the heart Bik 🙂
    I totally agree, it is so difficult to write about yourself, esp. if it is in just a few words 😛


    • Swaram now you are being kind or what that word .. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh i dont know ..

      you always say good things about me, always .. PArtial .. you are being partial he he he he

      its the worst thing to write , I hate to write in those boxes , I mean if i am a murderer I wont write I murdered these many people in the About me box , now will i 🙂


  15. Punam J R says:

    Photographs are missing.


    • Whose photographs , the OWLS or donkey’s or the horse’sss ..


      • Punam J R says:

        The subject of this post… his photographs are missing.. just a thought.. photographs would have completed this splendid honest candid post.

        PS: Tip: Become a millionaire and you will have tons of girls flocking you (with due respect to your madam)


        • I am sure there are enough pictures floating around on the blog with my stupid face in them. the reason why i did not put the picture is did not want to frighten the people in reading the post 🙂

          yeah waiting for that day when millionaire will be the middle name 🙂 pray pray for me


  16. Yuvika says:

    wow! that was a very genuine about me!


  17. Tanishka says:

    Good to know about you in a better way…. 🙂


  18. Good to read a post which is written from heart. Normally people write fancy things about them. Well, we all know what kind of person you are as it is reflected in your writing. The only thing I didn’t know was that you wanted to be in Indian Army. But you are doing great here and we all miss people…price we pay to live abroad…


  19. irfan says:

    Glad to have you as friend Bikram 🙂

    Stay blessed….!!!


  20. Andy says:

    Dear Bikram,
    It’s always nice to learn a little more about the man/woman behind the pen. There’s nothing wrong with being emotional…I’m a poet…enough said! (lol) Seriously, we flock to you because of your honesty and candor. The key to one’s happiness in life is to always be true to yourself. Don’t waste your time trying to be someone/something you’re not…life is too short and will just pass you by. Wishing you all the best in life. Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for showing your support by regularly visiting and commenting at my blog. I truly appreciate it. Have a good week ahead my friend!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn… and Lovers’ Cove


    • Andy sir, YEah that indeed is the key, to be true to oneself , if we can be true to ourself then its not difficult ot be true to others tooo .. Yeah I have realised it now , no use wasting time on idiots.

      you have a great week ahead too sir.


  21. haddock54 says:

    I think every Indian (including me) has one time or the other wanted to join the Indian Army. In my case it was the Navy. To add to it I was pushed and cajoled by my NCC unit to “join….. please join, …….. why don’t you join” mainly because I was a B & C certificate holder from NCC . Candidates like that is very rare for them. It took me a long time convincing them that the NDA needed only students with A group (Maths) and not B group (Zoology/Botany) in Inter Sc.


    • YEah , I also did my B & C certificate in Air wing in ncc, It was good I did a lot of power flying and gliding with that too.. But sadly it was not to be, I was always going ot go into the army, as every generation in our family has had someone in it, But I could not do it .. good or for bad I have no reason .. But I am a bit angry and heartbroken because even in army now its money and Sifarish and Sadly I had none of them .. I have a few examples but its fine.. I accept it I am much better off I think here in UK, I would have probably turned out to be a corrupt person in power or whatever had i stayed back home ..


  22. Always knew you were a straight forward, honest, emotional guy 🙂 Nice to know a little more 🙂


  23. That was straight from the heart. But then, who you are has always come across through your posts – an honest, no nonsense guy who is not afraid to speak his mind. And of course a very vulnerable soul who hides that side of his, even from his friends 🙂
    Glad to know you!


  24. Jas says:

    I didn’t know so much about you but you are more or less how I imagined you to be 🙂


  25. Andy says:

    Dear Bikram,
    I know you missed the linkup for this month’s Blog Hop Saturday!, but since you did express an interest in taking part, I have added you as a late comer. Do check back and visit some/all of the others who have also linked up. Have a great week ahead & happy hopping!


  26. On an introspective note, eh Bikram? Good post


  27. jaishvats says:

    Hi Bikram

    I am not very sure how I chanced upon your blog but have been a follower ever since. It was good to know so many things about you and Yes, I have to google a few things like SSB as I am unaware of what exactly they stand for! ‘if I cut off with someone than that person has no chance of being back in my good books’ This seems a little too harsh buddy! People should be given a chance to correct themselves rt? 😀 Keep blogging Bikram 🙂


    • Yes I know its very harsh, that’s why I said I have some good points and a lot bad points too.

      And totally agree everyone should get a second chance, even I need a second chance many times…

      I am trying to change a lot of things in me, life experiences have just made me stubborn too. But that’s me 🙂


  28. myamusingmind says:

    In all you are saying that you are a nice person ..ohh ofcourse we know that already ..tell us what we dont know 😀

    Jokes apart ..good to read about you and nice to know you better 🙂


  29. Bk chowla says:

    Aha,one suggestion.
    refer all these peope to me.After I met you I can explain this as well.


  30. chaitalichari says:

    Bikram ppl who love u will accept u da way u r.. so no need to feel sorry.. we are like pieces of jigsaw puzzle..


  31. Rachna says:

    Itna lamba about me :). Kaafi kuch toh pata chal gaya hai, itne saalon mein. Nevertheless, fun read.


  32. Ritika says:

    What is the most weirdest question you have ever been asked ? 😛


    • ha ha ha .. well I have been asked loads and sometimes told on my face that I am a traitor, leaving India and settled here in uk 🙂 , that I only talk and do nothing ..

      and the favourite one is , am i married , why dont I put it , on my blog which I find offensive because that’s my personal life, how does it matter to someone if I am married or not 🙂


  33. metherebel says:

    A very honest about me that was. Good to know more about you 🙂


  34. I feel I know you well, Bikram! You are an honest, straight forward person. All of us make mistakes and they are called ‘life’s experience’ later on.

    You are always a good boy for me, Bikram!


  35. I do not know, how I landed here. I mean, I was on your space but could not get to the recent blog and I clicked something and now I am here.
    Well, nice to know you. So what exactly, you do? I know, you did not clear your interviews for army:(
    You seem like a honest person and believe me they are the best 🙂


  36. Latha says:

    Very nice to know so much about you. I like you for the way you are. That’s what makes you ‘me’ , I believe. And you don’t have to worry a bit about being so. Not all worry about what’s happening to the damn world. Only few can think and act about it. And you are one of them.


  37. sm says:

    like the narration
    yes why
    a question which everyone tries to find


  38. ZEAL says:

    Hiya Bik…Glad to know you more …..love ya….keep smiling..


  39. Amit Agarwal says:

    Paa ji tussi great ho 🙂 😀
    We need more smiling-laughing friends like you around to make life lively!
    Thank you Bikram for being Bikram 🙂 I love you 🙂


  40. sudhagee says:

    Hi Bikram, Nice to meet you. 😀


  41. Meera says:

    It is great to be introduced to you after having known each other for around 6 months :P. I was right about one thing, you are a very nice guy and I learnt one thing – aapse dushmani bhaari padegi. God Bless!! Stay the way you are.


  42. Tomz says:

    But still the real Biks is behind the veils..

    I have mentioned you in my 100th post..

    Thank you


  43. i4deeps says:

    i guess our best n closest friends can give a lot of stuff on us 😛
    but i guess u seem to have come up with something superb 🙂


  44. inducares says:

    I have not read many posts of yours but i plan to not miss them in future.You are right about one thing-it is tough to write about oneself.Where does one start & how much does one reveal?This is compounded manifold when one likes to be honest.


  45. Andy says:

    My brother,
    All I know is you are a nice guy with a great sense of humor. Imperfection is in all of us and that simply means we will continue to make mistakes. Thanks for sharing.


  46. ..you r such a nice guy ..with great sense of humor n simplicity ..God bless you!!
    .. keep shining…!!


  47. NRIGirl says:

    You have a good heart Bikram! Guard it safe.
    Thanks for sharing.


  48. Androgoth says:

    A very good posting my great friend, you know, I do not have anything written about me anywhere on my Space, nor anywhere else in the blogosphere and instead I prefer to let peeps see my character in whatever I write about, well not on my own Space as in scripts unless replying to comments of course 🙂 lol

    Yes nothing to do with the ‘About Page’ but I am always honest in whatever I write here, there or wherever I happen to be and a lot of peeps have asked to be friends on WP just on the strength of reading what I have had to say on other peeps Spaces.

    I see you as a decent, upstanding individual with an excellent grasp of what is good or bad around this WP of ours, and beyond. Your character is of a kind and heartfelt nature with a great sense of humour and good values and principles. In short you are a nice guy Bikram but be careful as the nice guys don’t always get the nymphs of their dreams 🙂 lmao Okay kidding but it made you think 🙂

    The best way is never to second guess yourself no matter what the situation in life might be, go with your instincts, and always treat everyone as you yourself would wish to be treated 🙂 As Forest Gump would say… ‘Life is just like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get’, but hey when we are good of heart and mind then the way forwards is always a very positive one Bikram…

    Have a wicked Thursday Bikram 🙂



    • Thank you Andro, , I also did not have anything in the page but so many questions comes , you know its OUR indian mentality , we like to ask so many and love to know each detail of the other 🙂

      It has been such a pleasure knowing you and reading your posts and have a laugh with you almost all the time .. It makes up the day always and you are right the good lovely little nymphs dont come to nice guys, they are always the bad ones .. THAT is why i say I want to turn bad .. if not for anything else but the Nymphs 🙂 he he he he

      Oh yes I have seen that movie so many times now .. You have a great day too andro and thanks for the lovely comment .. You are a Star…


      • Androgoth says:

        I always say exactly what I mean Bikram 🙂 🙂
        Have a really excellent weekend and be good,
        well being good doesn’t get the naughty girls of
        this world but being wicked is something that
        needs lots of practice 😉 lol Have FUN now 🙂 🙂



  49. Felt really good reading more about you Bikram. The “abotu me” space creeps me out – how can i write so much in few words. So glad to meet you at this level! 🙂


  50. surindernath says:

    I know the answer to your at least one following Q :-

    Why does it matter to me if the world is collapsing, or the neighbour’s house is being burgled. Why do I have to stop when I see a guy following a girl and trying to pinch her purse or harass her, Who the hell is she or he to me .. WHY do I do that..?

    And the A :- . Because you are a Punjabi.

    Q.no 2 :- How do I know the answer?
    A.no 2 :- I am also a Punjab. 😀


  51. Meta says:

    Straight speak this. Comes at about a time I revamped my site and had to write About me – ofcourse I wrote about my pen name, not me 😉 I really really liked the honesty of this post.


    • Welcome here to this blog , Thank you so much for visiting .. Please do keep visiting ..

      and thank you for saying that , I dont know about honest or dishonest , This is me simple .. good for some – bad for others .. aren’t we all 🙂


  52. wah wah wah wah for that shayari..
    Yay i know so much about you now yay yay yay 🙂
    and hey i too want to get obscenely rich fast too…wow
    and about the why’s we have ..oh we do have a lot of why this Kolaveri di moments 🙂


  53. krsnaknows says:

    Hello, Bikram! Nice bhi aur cool bhi! Someday we shall meet either there(London) or here(Bangalore)! God bless! Go blog! 🙂


    • Welcome to this blog and thank you for visiting 🙂 and wow offcourse when you come to UK, you got to meet up with me for sure ..

      not sure about bangalore dont know when i will get the oppurtunity to visit it again 🙂

      thank you so much for the wishes


  54. Zephyr says:

    Jeete Raho Puttar! I had wanted to meet you only because of all these qualities in you. Who doesn’t have traits that are not so nice? The fact that you want to get rid of them speaks in your favour, deosn’t it? Take care 🙂


  55. Rahul says:

    Introspection is good but to get carried away… 🙂 Good writing Bikram!


  56. Red Handed says:

    Getting tears during random lonesome thoughts…its not pathetic. 🙂
    and standing with ur friends whether right or wrong is an adorable trait 🙂


  57. Trishanka says:

    Now, I know about you. Can I say a lot?


  58. techie2mom says:

    Hey it was nice to know you more 🙂


  59. Dilip says:

    Dear Bikram – the army would have gained to have you join them .. but I guess everything happens for the best .. cheers


  60. anu says:

    Really lovely post … IT was so Good to know you more .
    well written …


  61. Arti says:

    Nice to know about one of the most famous bloggers in the bloggy land – Bikram! Even I stay away from two faced people and give a lot of importance to the spoken word. That is one of the rare qualities to find these days I feel. Your posts and comments do speak a lot of the kind of person that you are – emotional, honest, candid and jovial. God bless you 🙂


  62. Shilpa Garg says:

    Nice to know a bit more about you! 🙂


  63. Rekha says:

    You are honest…I give you that…and being emotional in today’s world means being ready to be taken advantage of. Friends are not the same any more, Bikram, maybe it’s girls, their other obligations come in the way or sheer selfishness
    But don’t change…and India and Indians fawn over people only when you go abroad…so make the most of the :phoren settled status whenever you come visit this corrupt, intolerant nation. 🙂


  64. reading this although i know a bit more about you but i would always love to meet you in person and get to know the real you 🙂


  65. subhorup says:

    Your genuineness and your dedication to creating a better world come out vividly in all your posts. Over the time I have been reading your work, it is almost as if I have come to know you as a person, and this post just fleshed out the details of what I thought I knew. God bless you and your mission, Bikram.


  66. Hi Bikram, that is such a warm post about a cool man… loved your post about you.. take care


  67. I think it is good to be honest, rather than deceiving someone. It is good to let someone know if you dont like them. I hate it when people pretend to be your best friends and then stick a knife at your back.


  68. dNambiar says:

    Now we know a LOT more. You’re in trouble…just kidding 🙂
    It’s nice knowing you. Stay genuine. 🙂
    Have a superb weekend.


  69. Ashwini C N says:

    That was a lot of thing I was completely unaware of. You know, you have done justice to this “About me” part. when someone asks me “Who I am”, I am out of words and wonder what is there to talk about or what I should be saying. This was a nice way to know more about you. The respect for you just increases Bikram 😉


  70. Bikram – Loved reading it !!! Glad to meet the real you ..

    I have been thinking of writing mine as well but I have never managed to find words to describe myself… reading your’s I am inspired to write mine …

    P.S. – You know I was catching up on all the posts that I have missed in the past 2 months .. And I just couldn’t resist myself from leaving a comment on this one … loved the honesty in your words .. Stay the same ..


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