And then This Happened

Posted: August 13, 2012 in awwwww, Bikramism, Feeling Funny, Humor
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Continued from   Love _ _ _ and Dhokha – Love story – err.. maybe

Where has everyone gone…. They left me Allll

Now is My chance……….

At your service Ms./ Mr.

Now what do you guys think, After the previous pictures….

This is how it unfolded,

1. The two grey birds flew away together

2. The white one then flew to that door ..  Looking up .. then it flew and landed on a different branch..

I fancied putting the title as Plenty more fish in the sea .. he he he But thought of asking all you lovely people NOW WHAT !!!!!!!!!!!!

in the previous post Thanks to everyone who came out with lovely idea’s and comments …

  1. Punam J R says:

    he he…
    good one.. the title u chose is perfect – plenty more fish in the sea

    RATHER.. waiting for the perfect one..
    pukarta chala hoon main
    gali gali bahaar ki
    bas ek chaanv zulf ki
    ek nigaah pyaar ki 😛 😛


    • Oh yes.. it also shows that a person who puts foot in two boats , loses both soon ..

      beautiful song, loved it heard it after a long long time .. pukaarta chala hoon main


      • Punam J R says:

        Oh hooo.. nopess… dekho
        a person who puts foot in two boats has a great fall. 🙂 Ab yeh to bechara ya bechari bird hi toh hai.. dhoondh raha hai apne “The One” ko.
        UPAR se I don’t think he likes a “certain someone” invading his privacy for so long and making TWO TWO blogs on him. 😀


  2. Ha ha ha, loved the comment , “plenty of fish in the sea”
    One of our professors used to tell us , “girls if some guy stands you up, don’t do anything foolish. always remember, there is plenty of fish in the sea” 😀


  3. My Era says:

    Song on my mind : Kisi nazar ko tera intezar aaj bhi hai (Aitbaar)
    Superb pictures 🙂 I liked the title you chose.


  4. yuvikachaube says:

    jo bhi pyaar se mila hum usi ke ho liye?


  5. NRIGirl says:

    Sorry I missed the last post; will check it out.


  6. irfan says:

    well, not so sure…but comparing with humans behavior i see this as “opportunism” 🙂


  7. Loved this 🙂 such great shots. Maza aa Gaya :))


  8. latha says:

    Hehehe…awesome…that’s my tag line….there r plenty of fish in the pond….how sweet…


  9. Life is uncomplicated for birds :).


  10. The contrasting colour of their beak is very impressive. Wonder what bird species they are. I am sure they are not love birds!

    Destination Infinity


  11. Tanishka says:

    Golmaal hai bhai sab golmaal hai… 😀


  12. R-A-J says:

    guess the birds r just like us humans, eh? 🙂


  13. Jidhu Jose says:

    cool cool cool 🙂


  14. Jenny says:

    Bus Train and birdies. Ek aye to duri jati hain mere dost.


  15. Rekha says:

    Hum hai rahi pyar key hu, se kuch na boliyeh…jo bhi pyar si mila hum usikey ho liye! 😉


  16. aaahhh…lovely post…especially “plenty more fish in the sea”… 🙂


  17. Vaish says:

    Looks like you are putting your Canon in great use! Way to go Bikk! Good job!


  18. The birds look like dolls, they don’t look like real ones! The title is very apt, Bikram!

    Now, should go the previous post of yours!


  19. Zephyr says:

    You so have such a fertile imagination 🙂


  20. greenboochi says:

    Lovely shots Bikram 🙂 And LOL on Plenty of fish in the sea 😆

    is there going to be another sequel to this twisted love story? 😛


  21. Superb pictures…. the previous ones in connection with these do make an interesting story and simply awesum tagline 🙂

    I can think of – Jab bhi koi ladki dekhu mera dil deewana bole Ole Ole Ole Ole 😀

    Ha ha ha ha ha!


  22. Dee says:

    Nice pics.
    Happy friendship(s) day to you too.


  23. b K Chowla says:

    Perhaps,we have a lesson or two to learn from these lovely birds


  24. Ah! I like that “many fishes in the sea” comment! 😉


  25. lifesong says:

    Hehe loved this one 🙂
    And lovely clicks 🙂


  26. ha ha loved this one ..the diva seemed to be singing in the last one..jahan bhi jaati hu wahi chale aatey ho


  27. Visha says:

    Beautiful birds and beautiful clicks 🙂

    Part 2 of the kahaani is so chat-pata….wah re wah…

    Instead of the diva..I would think the guy must be thinking – “Dreamgirl, kisi shayar ki ghazal…kabhi toh milegi, kahin toh milege…aaj nahi toh kal…” and when he sees he got a chance – “mil gayeee…yaaaayyyy” 😆


  28. Ashwathy says:

    Ha ha ha 😀 Where do u find the time for this stuff re?


  29. anuglyhead says:

    The ‘NOW IS MY CHANCE’ birdy is just sooo cute!!!!


  30. Dew says:

    wow such good photography… i love bird watching 🙂
    aur han kya film banaya


  31. Bhavia says:

    Ha ha ha..
    will give one more idea,do you have another picture with the lady with another hunk??may be we could keep that as the climax 😛


  32. techie2mom says:

    Oh, so this is how the story ended!!! Yeah, Plenty of more birds out there 🙂


  33. ha ha…Hope the bird is smart enough hi hi hi


  34. Rosy says:

    Hi Bikram
    tumne to stories likh di, I wonder what actually happenend, who went with who?. Nice shots and kahan kahan dimaag ghoomta hai tumhara 🙂 Birds ka acha hai tu nahi to koi aur sahi.


  35. panchali2 says:

    awww..reminds me of an old song to match your caption ~~…bichara:(

    Pukaarataa Chalaa Huun Main
    Galii Galii Bahaar Kii
    Bas Ek Chhaa.Nv Zulf Kii
    Bas Ik Nigaah Pyaar Kii
    Pukaarataa Chalaa Huun Main

    Ye Dillagii Ye Shokhiyaan Salaam Kii
    Yahii.N To Baat Ho Rahii Hai Kaam Kii
    Koi To Mud Ke Dekh Legaa Is Taraf
    Koi Nazar To Hogii Mere Naam Kii
    Pukaarataa Chalaa Huun Main

    From ‘mere sanam’ :)) ..


    • Totally agree with you , they shud not be in a cage.. But this was one of those conservation projects and it was a Big big roooooooooooooom and not a cage where they were kept ..

      Welcome here to this blog , thank you for visiting.. do keep coming back


  36. Love your clicks! Such cute- cute birds ! ❤


  37. love the birds … they r so sweet!
    rare species…


  38. Androgoth says:

    You have a fetish for photography but guess what,
    you’re an expert, now all you need to do is perfect
    your photographic wickedness for the nymphs of
    plenty 🙂 Well it was just a thought 😉 lol

    Have a fun evening Bikram this is a good posting 🙂



    • Andro its jsut turned out to be like that in the last few posts it seems all i am doing is putting photos .. but still cant match the ones you put .. those are more juicier for sure he he he he
      where do i find these nymphs I am looking i am looking 🙂


  39. lovely birds bikram! and apt title!


  40. padmaja says:

    Great shots Bikram, I am thoroughly enjoying your bird stories 🙂 I am watching similar ones everyday on my window sill, a new story everyday! Just fabulous!


  41. dilipnaidu says:

    Awesome photography Bikram and I love the captions too 🙂


  42. Hahah!…..Nice stories weaved with that photos…..and Stunning photos…Loved them!


  43. Krishna says:

    good one

    happy independence day



  44. Too too too good. At your service, was the best!

    Thanks for this series Bikram…:)


  45. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures! Beautiful clicks! Glad I came across these! 🙂


  46. sm says:

    perfect title
    beautiful capture


  47. d.Nambiar says:

    And thus began another love story. That grey bird really seems to be at the white one’s service.
    Another very sweet and lovely post. You seem to be doing such a great job with shooting birds. 🙂


  48. Rahul says:

    You are in good company Bikram:)


  49. Meera says:

    Tu nahi to koi aur sahi,
    Koi aur nahi to phir koi aur sahi,
    Kisi bewafa ke bharose baithe rahe,
    Itne to hum kamjor nahi.


  50. Priya says:

    Lovely pics Bikram! In this one and in the previous post too 🙂
    And nice conversation around those!


  51. Ranjith says:

    Just a single thing, (sorry two 🙂 ) to say: You are a great photographer. And you are capable enough to weave a story in which birds speak and express their feelings with the support of your creativity.


  52. the first pic donno why but reminded me of the movie .. Madagascar : Escape 2 africa ..

    lovely pics…

    “plenty of fish in the sea” .. lol


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