Love _ _ _ and Dhokha – Love story – err.. maybe

Posted: August 10, 2012 in awwwww, Bikramism, Feeling Funny, Humour, Photos
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I can see something brewing …..

awwwwwwwwww.. Lovers at it …

Here comes the Villian or “EXxxxxxx” 🙂

Nahinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn I dont know you … I cant see you…

Or  can you think of another 🙂


Swaram says :-  Accha sila diya tune mere pyar ka, yaar ne hi loot liya ghar yaar ka 😛  I loved the reply .. suits perfectly to the pics ..
  1. irfan says:

    and i had an opinion that its only human who act as villian in love stories…..

    BTW lovely clicks…. 🙂

  2. B k Chowla says:

    I see only Love,Love.
    No Dhoka

  3. manju says:

    What lovely pics! And nice story, too. 😀

  4. If a Kollywood director sees these images, he will be inspired to write the screenplay/story for his next movie. Your pictures can become a movie with a suspenseful plot 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • ha ha ha 🙂 I actually had a picture which had the same white bird and the first brown bird comes and sits with it .. the two greay ones fly away .. but the picture has not come out gooood … so i left it here

      Thanks DI.

  5. Swaram says:

    Oh ho! Go away villain, they were having their own sweet time :grrrrr

  6. How did you manage it? A post I will remember for a long long time. Thanks for this one.

  7. R-A-J says:

    Hahaha, its an entire Bollywood movie in pictures 😀

  8. rosy says:

    Nice clicks and a lovely story to go with it

  9. Zephyr says:

    Where do you find such stories, Bikram? 😀 Lovely pics and wonderful imagination.

  10. Such beautiful birds and hope there is no dhokha only pyaar here :).

  11. Sunny says:

    Pyar and dhokha go hand in hand….;)
    Nice pictures, really.

  12. Life Begins says:

    O this is sooooo good. kya Nazar payi hai aapne
    I see it as lover shielding her love from the “apparent” attacker 🙂 🙂

    in Bollywood Istyle — ” naheeeen….Mere pyar tak pahunchne se pehle tumhe meri laash se hokar jana padega” etc etc

  13. omg Bikram full action packed superhit formula movie on the trees…and they have all the rights to dance around trees too… 😆
    amazing shots…and the story uff the hum tum aur woh

  14. aame says:

    Wow so beautiful !!! Maybe just an untimely guest…kebab main haddi 😉

  15. Shilpa Garg says:

    Wow… awesome clicks and a lovely story too!! 😀

  16. greenboochi says:

    what a superb story and such lovely birds… even the birds had the expressions to match your story Bikram 🙂

  17. Chitra says:

    Sweet and lovely…

  18. Yuvika says:

    2 for joy, 3 for company!

  19. Punam J R says:

    Situation 1: The white bird is a female 🙂
    White bird: UH OH… errr mmmm how did u discover us????

    Situation 2: The white bird is a male.
    Listennnn nooo I can explain, she is just a friend!!

    How about that???

  20. Titaxy says:

    i dont know if they are in love with each other or not, but i sure am in love with them. 😀 lovely captures!

  21. alkagurha says:

    Ha, ha…I was wondering what this post is about…beautiful creatures.

  22. What a story Sirji. Seriously. The sequence of events with the order in which you have posted them is really nice. Love birds indeed 🙂 Wonderful 🙂


  23. latha says:

    Hahaha…oh my god…did u click those? How did u manage to? Really beautiful and quite imaginative….wonderful Bikram ji.

  24. jidhujose says:

    romantic shots 🙂

  25. Kya Story hai 🙂 lovely pics and great imagination

  26. Mak says:

    Beautiful birds.

  27. Swarnali says:

    Aww those are such cute snaps ^_^

  28. Tanishka says:

    Those birdies are cute… 🙂

  29. Excellent clicks!
    And wow! story is too moving 😉 😀
    Love- suspense – Aur ye Kya….

  30. Jas says:

    I loved the pics…Is it from your garden?

  31. sm says:

    beautiful capture

  32. Which one is Sunjay Dutt…

  33. Andy says:

    My brother,
    They are too beautiful not to think love.

  34. Me says:

    Lovely pictures Bikram excellent timing 🙂

    It could also be a love triangle where the white bird is confused as to who should she choose!

  35. rama ananth says:

    I only see lovely, birds and the white one is so cute.

  36. Ashwathy says:

    LOL! 😀 Give them some privacy will you?! 😛

  37. Visha says:

    hahahah….loved the clicks as well as the story

    I must say you click beautifully 🙂

  38. metherebel says:

    Lovely clicks Biks 🙂 How did you manage it?

  39. lifesong says:

    Nice pictures and beautiful clicks 🙂
    And nice Bollywood movie you have made out of it 🙂

  40. SWARAM also says :- Accha sila diya tune mere pyar ka, yaar ne hi loot liya ghar yaar ka 😛

    I loved this reply he he he 🙂

  41. Bhavia says:

    Is there a pic where the hero fights with the villain? 😛

  42. obsessivemom says:

    Kabab mein haddi… sigh. No privacy!:-D

  43. Wow! And I just loved the pictures – and your patience to have waited and clicked them to this perfection!

  44. Anu says:

    Nice click and captions 🙂

  45. d.Nambiar says:

    Heheee! Such a cute post.
    That second shot is indeed so awww…!

  46. Smita says:

    Scene 1: Mere Khwabon main jo aaye….
    Scene 2: Kab ke bichde hue hum aaj yahan aake mile….
    Scene 3 : Thehro!!! Tum usse choone ke zurrat kaise ki?
    Scene 4: Main isse pyaar karta hooon and the girls peeks in from behind and says “main iske bache ki….;)”

  47. Ritika says:


    “bewafa,bewafa…bewafa nikali hai tu,
    Ni jhootha pyar jhoota piyaar kita hai tu.:D 😀

  48. Anita Menon says:

    such a cute cute post!! I have been a laggard in the blogging space these days. Apologies for that. Its wonderful to get back to your space to check out all the interesting things you have come up with. And as expected, I wasn’t disappointed. you never know what one can find on your blog!

  49. Arti says:

    I loved the imagination behind the post! 😀 And of course, awesome clicks!

  50. debajyoti says:

    that’s ex not a villain. awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. cute lill lovely birds…
    and you made a love story out of them seems like love is in air..

  52. Novroz says:

    cute birds…those are great photos Bik 🙂

  53. Jenny says:

    Ajj dosti aur pyaar mein kiski jeet hogi!!??

    Cute little birds, and what a block buster! No wonder they look like super stars to me 🙂

  54. jaishvats says:

    ‘Oh Honey, That was not you but your identical twin? I had no idea!’ 😀 Howzzatt? 🙂

  55. Purba says:

    Never seen these birds in India! Your camera has captured them beautifully.

  56. Superb ! Loved the birds and the story.
    Couldn’t help thinking of the guy telling the other “yeh meri chiDiya hai (literal : bird) ” 😛

  57. […] Love _ _ _ and Dhokha – Love story – err.. maybe […]

  58. Rekha says:

    Beautiful, endearing snaps. 😀
    What about…Dost dost na raha, pyar pyar no raha…

  59. Lovely pictures and lovely short/mini story!

  60. techie2mom says:

    LOL, very cute 🙂

  61. Rahul says:

    Bikram, Pictures tell the story:)

  62. panchali2 says:

    Arghhh….same tug of war ?? :((((((((((((

  63. […] Bikramjit Singh Mann What: Love _ _ _ and Dhokha – Love story – err.. maybe Spicy: If you like stories that pop out of just a few excellent pictures, this is the blog you […]

  64. I know polyandry is a lot of fun…..but I prefer the good old traditional 1:1 live in 🙂

  65. dr.antony says:

    That is life,Bikram..only villains everywhere!

  66. zarnab says:

    wow!lovely shots:)love your comments on pics:)

  67. sahithyas says:

    ha ha ha… so filmy…. good one..:)

  68. ashreyamom says:

    ha ha.. good imagination.. its like parent o r brother entering the lovers spot.. 🙂
    or wife caught u with girl friend.. 🙂

  69. Jyothi says:

    Lovely pics. 🙂 Birds have love triangles too. Sigh! 🙂

  70. Nirvana says:

    hahaha!!! how do you come up with such creative posts, Bikram?? Amazed at the so apt interpretation of the photos! And congrats on the Spicy Saturday pick!!!

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