Funny.. Me thinking what I could- Part II

Posted: July 23, 2012 in Bikramism, Do Something Mad., FriendShip, My Thoughts.
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As promised in my previous article Me thinking what I could(click if you haven’t read it), If I am in my house feeling bored Sitting on my suite thinking

3. I thought I will go out to a pub meet some people, have a drink or two.. But hold on its Monday and too early to go to the pub (well for me it is its only 11AM in morning).. so I don’t think I would have found anyone in the pub.

Now on other hand If it was in my hometown.. I knew exactly what I would have done.. started my bike, MUM- I will be back in a minute or so .. (The Minute is this case finishes after 60 seconds but the SOOOOOOO continues tick tock tick tock ).. She would have said something , but the roar of the engine (I have a enfield) would have drowned the sound, ride to sector XX, take the left turn reach a house in middle , park the bike, open the gate , walk into the doorway, go to back of house, open the iron door, turn right , open another door into my friend sukhvir’s bedroom. ( he works on a night shift on monday and tuesday)

“Oh haan Mann, ki haal ”   – “hello Mann – How are you”
“theek thak, university chaliye” – “All right, Lets go to University” I would reply

No second thoughts..

He would get up, tie his turban, off we go.. Baba sehgal has been advertising his new brand of whiskey RITZ ( i am talking of 1990’s 3 or 4 )..and its the in thing, so on way we stop at THEKA, one half of Ritz, in the pocket it goes, ride to the sector 16, right in front of the cricket stadium a Juice wala is standing , we have a ACCOUNT with him.. he makes half a jug of orange juice with ice, we empty the half into it .. two big glasses
GULP GULP… and off we ride to the UNI..

The fresh air starts to do the trick, by the time we reach UNI gates we are a bit tipsy.. Go to law department, well behind the law department the canteen guy makes us fresh Samose and channa.. we have that .. soon a few others turn up.. and ITS A MEHFIL…

NOW GO ON BEAT THAT ……I can go into a friend’s house, without calling him first telling him I am on way, I don’t have to knock or ring the bell, telling who it is outside.. JUST walk in…

If Aunty is there then its good news cause then we get a nice cup of DUDH PATTI– (tea leaves in milk) with nice lovely sweet juicy Rusks.. and uncle ji would be working in this little kitchen garden, calling me showing me the lovely Carrots, cabbages , Spring onions , raddishes..

Hai bai mann ki haal chal hai  (Mann, How are you doing)

sab theek thak uncle, sat sri akal (All well Uncle, Regards)

and he would bless me with a few blessing hmmmmmmmmmm

Sadly in all these years , Uncle is no more But I know I will get the same love in that house always ..

UK SUCKS BIG TIME When it comes to relations-fun times ………

  1. Life begins says:

    ya i know what you mean. I am over-loaded with such thoughts for days now..
    I terribly miss the kind of fun we can have …all impromptu without appointments and agendas..


  2. Jas says:

    Gehri route… a favorite among boys 🙂


    • Well yeah .. but Gedi route was different jas, That was between GCM and GCG 🙂 I know all about it spent so many hours on that road .. waste of time he he he But who knew in those days…

      I had actually taken admission in MA english, but never had the oppurtunity to visit my dept. 🙂 law dept was more attractive he he he


  3. Rahul says:

    Ghar ki Mitti ki Khasboo ki yaad karte rehna chaiya( Keep remembering the nice smell of the homeland)…:)


  4. Visha says:

    University, you going
    Only eating, no watching??



  5. Bindu says:

    I can understand – feeling terribly nostalgic. Here, in a place where one cannot go out before 9 p.m. (yes!) these days you can imagine what life is like! Above all, it’s vactn too. If-I-was-in-my-hometown thoughts may help.


  6. jennyshetty says:

    When i was in london, we didnot even know who were our neighbours, and we lived in an apartment complex!! And back at home, I met 10 people and tell them long lasting stories before i actually enter the house.

    Only when I went away, and there was noone to talk to me, was when i relaised how much these small things mean in life.

    Really liking your series 🙂

    and I cannot read your second last blog because no videos at office 😦 ghar pe jake check karungi ajj 🙂


  7. I guess I missed all this fun when I was young(er). Will catch up with them now 😀

    Destination Infinity


  8. jaishvats says:

    Hi Bikram

    Nice post . In materialistic times of today every relationship has become formal and a sudden visit leave alone an uninformed one is seldom welcomed . Good to know abt the lovely times u had with ur pal and family 🙂


  9. Rosy says:

    So on memory lane again…..


  10. Swarnali says:

    Lovely post, Bikram. I never had the kind of fun you mentioned but your post did remind me of some amazing time I had in the past. *hugs*


  11. Sugar says:

    hey! ur roots go back to chd..!! well i studied there too.. N uni !! – ah!! the students centre.., the amritsri kulcha they prepare.. beyond comparison.. n yes the law dept. one of my frnd is pursuing law so i’d the chance to visit that as well.. woo!! so much fun that was n is..
    its so surprising how i was truggered to commnt as soon as i read smthing about my own city, my second home..


    • SO you from CHd too.. its a beautiful city .. its my home.

      oh yes student centre and the botanical park and the Laxmibai girls hostel 🙂 and all those places , spent a lot of time so how can i forget all the fun ..

      Thanks for dropping by , city-mate and now dont stop visiting 🙂 welcome here


  12. Lovely memories..Bikram
    remembered those days when fun was on high and priority and we used to know almost every one aka, mausi,chaachi …in every house
    beautiful part of past


    • oh yes fun was on high but it was good FUN, healthy fun.. nowadays i have seen kids have fun its more to do with sleaze or drugs etc , and as u said we have a huge family and lots of cousins and relativesssssssss


  13. I know, don’t you miss those fun days. I miss the carefree college days too. I can’t take off on trips any more because I have to always worry about the family back home.


  14. alkagurha says:

    Missing home? One thing I love about Punjabis is the honesty in displaying emotions….nostalgic post.


  15. Zephyr says:

    But Bikram, things are changing here too. Today we have to call up and find out if it is convenient to visit even our close relatives before going to their house. Gone are the days when we just landed up at someone’s house or didn’t have someone land up at our place and share the food happily. There always was some extra, wasn’t there?

    By the way, you can land up at my place without informing and expect to be fed to the gills. So what are you waiting for? 😀


    • Mami, I know things are changing but there are a lot of people still out there .. I have not done it , never called anyone i am coming , I jsut land and if someone says something I wont visit them ever in my life , because my doors are open for all my friends anytime and i expect the same too 🙂

      Thank you so much and OH yesssssssssssss I will for sure.. on way on wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


  16. Even paradise seems boring if you are away from Home :-). This is what I can say.

    But I agree with every word of yours. At home, hometown, we need not be bothered about formalities. It’s being our own self with our dear ones and spending the best moments of our life with them!



  17. yuvikachaube says:

    u r on a trip down memory lane again!


  18. You know Bikram, perhaps this is the biggest reason why maybe till date I have never been able to go abroad or look for a job there…not even a groom 🙂


    • 🙂 well I had to come out as i had no other choice, was not good enough for anything in my own country which always hurts me , rejected every time for the army or the bsf and funnily I am worthy of forces abroad which is better than our force anytime..

      BUt if one can make a living staying in india then nothing can beat that..

      Grooom ooooooooooooh 🙂


  19. umashankar says:

    Someone is homesick. VERY.


  20. Meera says:

    You know what this reminded me of…. mausam ki pehli baarish aur doston ke saath theke pe chai peena aur wada pav khaana. Waaaaaahhhhhh, I miss home. 😥


  21. This post reminded me of good old days, time in StuC and the law dept. Seriously, living outside India sucks when it comes to social fun…


  22. ashreyamom says:

    you are making me nostalgic.. :(…


  23. debajyoti says:

    things are changing everywhere Bikram. good to know that you still have so much fun with your friends here in India.


  24. Swaram says:

    Lovely post Bik! Some memories are etched deep in our hearts 🙂 And u are so lucky to be having so many of them!


  25. Punam J R says:

    Purani yaadein phir se dastak de rahi hain, Bikram?
    I am yet to see the kind of friendship that you describe in this post and in many of your other posts. I can’t say I have any one who I can just call upon like that, out of the blue, and demand attention to me. Sad, na?
    You should go home and visit friends.


  26. mak says:

    “and its a Mehfil” …loved it Bik 🙂
    I do relate to all of the above but the Ritz 😉 Professional life has been abrupting but we never miss any opportunity to have a Mehfil these days 🙂


    • Ritz was a brand that had come then I doubt if it is still there, baba sehgal was doing stage shows for it , so it was the in thing that time ..

      and GOOOD you dont miss the mehfil time WE SHUD NOt , life is short 🙂


  27. panchali2 says:

    Bikram, As they say:’ home is where the heart is…’ !And it’s so true!! It was wonderful reading the expressions of your obsessive nostalgia for the home country!! But, let me assure you—things are no more the same here….Take care,


  28. Novroz says:

    You have just proven a famous line in my country…when you are far away from your country, you love and miss it more than when you are still there.


  29. Ranita Sinha says:

    Bikram, Home is always home..nothing can be compared to that..u made me nostalgic..


  30. Amit Agarwal says:

    …nostalgia churns up some great writes.. 🙂


  31. now don’t we all have such stories of the wonderful time spent in our home countries…. now we can just remember the good old days…


  32. ramananth says:

    I also miss those college days, when we used to roam more than study. We would just hop into anybody’s home without informing them, and would be welcome, and we would also be thrilled to find friends and relatives dropping in just like that.
    Now a days we have to inform people much in advance and expect the same from them, whether they are friends or relatives. Times have changed, and we too have changed. We can relive those times just in our memories.


  33. techie2mom says:

    the best days!!! i really loved your account….
    Was not able to comment as my comp was down…


  34. Shilpa Garg says:

    Times have changed and the bonding, the ‘no formality’ relations are a surely a thing of past.


  35. Deboshree says:

    Memories! They can make you smile; they can make you weep. But like someone said before me, nostalgia is a great gift to writing. 🙂 Super post!


  36. stuti says:

    I like your style of writing. You have a humour latent in all your posts!:- D


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