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The Guwahati Molesters
Dear Wannabe/Seasoned Molester and Rapist,I will address you as pig in this post. I know that the pigs will be angry but I will personally say sorry to them.Dear Pig, I was very young when I saw my mother braving you in a bus. You were middle-aged and were leaning on her, rubbing your crotch on her shoulder.

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Right, Here is my view on all that is happening etc, This is what I  want to add..  Yes these molesters ,with the pathetic mentality are a Pig.. BUT WHO IS FEEDING THESE PIGS ..  is the question ?

WE as a nation are feeding them .. The pig is doing its dirty work, that is his job, that’s what pig do..  but what about the people who just stood there doing nothing .. Along with asking the pig to change its ways , Should not the question be asked from those people who watched the PIG go about its dirty work, The video that almost everyone has seen by now .. can we not count the number of people out there who were watching the SHOW..

How many vehicles can we hear in that video..

The cameraman was busy taking the video of the whole event, for as long as it took and then the Televisions went mad showing what was happening to the little girl, ALONE. millions watched. Does our media not know how to NOT put this shabby episode as a show. 

His first reaction should have been help or call police and then do the videoing .. or at least do something .. Maybe someone should ask this question from the television crew tooo , was he alone doing this did he not have others around to help .. what sort of person does it make this person taking the video. He was more interested in the news and the scoop he had .. which no other channel had ..

This is what I would do if i see I can’t help the girl as there are too many men out there, Ring the police .. If that does not work then get into my vehicle and RAM INTO THESE CULPRITS… I am sure no law would punish me for killing one of these idiots in trying to save the girl

I don’t think calling them just a pig is enough..

Some have gone and said this is an act of terrorism , But this is a terrorism on ONE sect on just WOMEN, how is that possible ?  Terrorism affects everyone, not just one person , WHEN will we get out of this mentality of each time something like this happens, out come people shouting hoarse it’s the MAN, it’s the SOCIETY, it’s this , it’s THAT.. its the police as many mouths that many reasons..  We are so good at it all…

This episode doesn’t only effect women, SORRY it effects everyone , her , her parents , her friends , anyone who knows her.. do you think the Father of this girl is dancing in joy, if is she has a brother he is partying over this ..  people who are reading this , seeing this .

So how can it be just against women.. as I mentioned in the last post we keep talking of the same thing against women ,etc etc well all the boys have some WOMEN in their household,  has any of the women come out against them ?  So those women are also culprits… they are supporting the culprits.

The thing is , I blame everyone , all are to be blamed, yes the pigs doing this MORE, but equally the people watching this, THE PEOPLE WATCHING THIS VIDEO AGAIN AND AGAIN, the people at home , everyone , I blame myself even for this ..  WHY did we let our nation come to this..?

Why can’t we treat the other as a human being or at least treat them as we want to be treated..

I feel disgusted when people start to say of it’s a man’s fault , it’s a woman’s fault, its society its this it’s that .. WELL whoever or what ever it is .. WE made it that way..

till we get out of this mentality of blaming something or someone .. things wont change EVER.. do what one may.

This is what we are, more than the molesters, the number of people watching is who is a bigger PIG, the one doing the act or the ones standing there enjoying the Show…..

Many of you out there are not going to like this post , as I am not blaming one particular sect,  BUT that is the truth,  A LOUD NOISE HAS TO BE MADE… 

It takes a loud voice to make the deaf hear, with these immortal words uttered on a similar occasion by Valiant, a French anarchist martyr, do we strongly justify this action of ours. This is how the above notice was put all over the nation in those days of the british RAJ.. signed by Balraj  Commander-in-Chief  (Balraj was the pseudonym of Chandra Shekhar Azaad , The commander-in-chief of the Hindustan Socialist Republican Association (army))

I am sorry to say we are more worried about the black money and Lot of STUPID PROBLEMS, ( I am sure all those who visit me know what I am pointing at) , or other things BUT When and WHO will fight for the basic things.

Where are the Baba Ramdev’s , The Gandhians, The Anna hazaare.. What is more important to fight or have these rally’s to bring back the black money or make sure such incidents don’t take place and if they do take place then the culprits ARE CAUGHT not in half hour , not in 24 hours BUT AT THE EARLIEST,  What is more important, SHOULD the police not be brought to the DOCKS , they are paid to protect us, WHY are the culprits not arrested ALL OF THEM..

Why is Not a single police officer sacked.

Ladies and gentleman it is time to get together and  stand together and make a NOISE .. A NOISE THAT will make the DEAF hear for believe it or not , OUR SOCIETY, US, our leaders , our office bearers are no other than DEAF.. they don’t hear anything Till a loud noise is made ..

“I Dont want your tears , I don’t want your pity, I want your ANGER about this system, Given your anger CHANGE WILL COME, Unless there is anger  how can everything change ” ? 


hathyar hi sute haje chalaune nahin aseen bhule  

raflaan diyan nalaan de rakhe ne muh haje tak khule

jit ke ja waddi hai kithe thagan di toli

(We might have thrown our WEAPONS (hathyaar).. But we have not forgotten how to use(chalauna) them,  We have kept the mouth of our RIFLES (raflaan) open,  Where do these THUGS go after winning the elections)

I leave you with a question (hope you have reached here reading this post)  Having a STONE in hand , Who are we going to hit it with ?  The molester OR THAT person who stood there watching the whole SHOW. 

I will prefer to use my gun and shoot that who stood and watched the SHOW.. because that person is more of a culprit , I know the molester , I can see his face , but these who hide behind doing nothing are the WORST LOT.. they are the reason our nation is where it is now, they will be the next one to become molesters, rapists.. …   WE are the culprits..

  1. phoenixritu says:

    Yes we are the culprits and we are the victims. And I think women are to be blamed for sitting on their pretty backsides and allowing these pigs to gain strength. That is what I say in my blogpost.


  2. Punam J R says:

    Can I ask you something, Bikram.. ? The reason why we have a stone in our hands is to hit these criminals.. is that not what you are saying, we as the crowd watching, should do?
    I would still say, each one of us, take a stone in hand.. should be ready to punish the ones indulging in crimes against women.. or kids.. which should be a good start in my opinion.
    Aren’t you saying the same thing – you would instead use the gun.


    • I would say re read. Thanks.


    • No I am not asking that , I asked what is more important throwing the stone at the PIG or the BIGGER PIG who stood there watching the SHOW.. you can hurt the molester , kill the rapist but what about the hundred others who are standing in those watching .. waiting for their chance..

      in my stupid mind or logic I think its those people who need to be woken up , FOR had they done something this outrage could have been stopped .. and the dozen who did this would have been caught RIGHT THERE..

      AGAIN you point out the crimes against woman-kids but does that crime only effect that woman or kid .. it effects others too

      The Gun I said , well please do kindly read the last paragraph , I did not say I will use the gun against the culprit I said I will use it against the person watching the SHOW because they are worst..


      • shail says:

        The crime against women affects EVERYONE, but the crime itself is committed against WOMEN. For example, rape. The woman is the one physically raped, not her father, brother or son. But yes, her family suffers her mental pain along with her at a secondary level.
        I don’t think anyone can refute that. Has anyone said anywhere that crime against women DOES NOT affect anyone else because I don’t remember reading that in any of my friends’ blogs. Or did I miss such a sentence? Please tell me if I have missed it and where it is written. Then I too will have to object to that.


      • Punam J R says:

        Yes, reread it, Bikram.

        The mob the entire mob was a part of the actual crime..

        It is very scary, very scary that a girl/woman is manhandled in this way by such animals.. and there were people watching, cars passing by, no one stopped to help her..
        what you say is correct – every single person who witnessed this, and did nothing is a part of the crime himself, and what can be said for the apathy that they showed??

        How will the change come?? From where will the change come??

        Such things will still keep happening, and people will still go scot-free.

        What I am wondering is that the police man escorted the girl, why weren’t those PRESENT on the spot NOT arrested??? Wasn’t the crime apparent?? How can it be more apparent than this??? WHY werent the whole mob, each and every single man in the mob, bundled into the police van too??? WHAT is the whole point of now,,, launching a search for the ‘culprits’???

        THAT police man.. who left the mob right there is also the culprit..

        It’s a scary place – India is a scary place for a woman to live. India where the woman is revered as a Goddess and the land where there are more Goddesses than Gods, this is how we treat our women.

        I don’t see anything as a solution to this. It’s those people at the top – ??? WE vote for them. Every 5 years – in return for the money they distribute while campaigning – we the indians in rural areas.. villages after villages… we vote for them and make them rich – give them that place from where they look down upon us with APATHY and a cocky smile…

        From that place, they look at us and laugh at how easily we brought them the ‘kursi’ … and when such incidents happen, and the modesty of the country’s women is at stake… these ministers just sit and snigger.


        • glad you read it again..

          yes they are the culprits, for they actually made them do it I will say.

          The change will come when people start to take responsibility that it is not the problem of law or police or govt. , it is responsibility of each of us to make things work.

          Such things will happen even when everything is there we cant stop them 100% because the good – the bad and the ugly are all in US all..

          I think the problem with police is they are not given proper training and there is nothing that tells them this is what has to be done.. they are not answerable .. Here I will lose my job immediately if i do something like this ..

          the govt is THUGS , they come , lure us , win the elections and good bye


  3. You know Bikram, this is what we have come to become as a country. We all like to witness something exciting so as to share with others and make masala gossip out of it. But sadly none of us want to act on that problem and help the sufferer in any manner.

    Movies like No one killed Jessica make us realise what we could have done at that time – but we forget it the moment we step out of the movie theaters.

    Yes, in a country like India its we who are to be blamed for everything and we are the only ones responsible for it as well.


    • Yes we have become ____ , I cant find the word I was going to say a eunch but then that will be wrong to them for even when people say things to them , THEY retaliate tooo ..

      exactly the problem people watched the show, then the TV made it to everyones house ..

      We will forget this episode too very soon.

      if people dont stand to watch how can someone do something like this , they dont dare


  4. Rosy says:

    I guess Bikram your point is clear. The people who are sick and mental, they will do what they need to do and are doing it as well. But the crowd, the normal people(WE) is not doing its job. I guess we should have a stone for the culprit doing his deed and also for the culprit not doing his deed(The video maker or silent watchers).

    Amit made his point by saying that male members of the family of the woman who gets molested suffer too. So I guess the whole family gets molested. Therefore we need more sex education in the schools where girls get to know how to save them and boys learn how to treat them alike. I guess the best education is to be at home from parents where both boys and girls are treated equally. Treatment has to start from the roots itself.


    • Yes Amit has written a lovely post , no doubts about it and I agree with him 100% , I am just adding my two pence of thoughts to it ..

      I dont think education has anything to do with this, out of the dozen that did this , I read one has a good job and they are intelligent people. They have family members women they would not do this to them.

      I think it more of knowing that nothing will happen to them, which makes them do it , and also the thought that no one is going ot stop them..

      Treatment has to start from root yes ,and also what needs to stop is the blame games , havenot we wasted enough years since independance proving a point as to who is to be blamed.. thats all we do .. in every sphere , make a team, lets to a enquiry …

      such and such person is to be blamed , what happens then .. NOTHING ZILCH..

      the next person to take the blamed persons place does the SAME THING..

      it is this routine we need to stop, and that will stop when the next person taking the seat knows he will be punished harsh if caught.

      had the crowd watching this shameful act reacted, then tomorrow when a person thinks of outraging the modesty of a woman will have to think ten times , that he will be caught and thrashed if caught and this little Fear might just be enough to save this from happening ..


      • Rosy says:

        I guess u are right … If people who do crime know that they will be punished hard like here in Europe, crime won’t fully stop but will lessen down a lot. Law enforcement and a true journalism is what India needs. Here in Europe even Presidents and big people are afraid of bad publicity and law enforcement. In India law is bended by rich and powerful and media says what they say.


  5. chandni says:

    I agree with you. The first feeling i had after watching the horrible footage was of shame. Like I am responsible. That it is happening in my society and with my people, by my people so I am a part of this. I can’t escape any more, I can’t turn away my head any more. We are all culprits because we have let our society, our culture, our country come to this.


    • Thank you so much. It is shameful I feel ashamed of being a man, if that what MEN do in our country .. and worst are the so called MEN who stood there and did nothing ..
      None of us can turn away such incidents will come to us , in some way or other if we dont do anything sooner …

      one day this will happen very near to us , maybe at the doorstep


  6. manju says:

    It’s a terrible situation. Molesters are guilty. Those who looked without doing anything are also guilty.

    I would say that those who videotaped the incident are guilty in the extreme. I wonder how they were present there at that very time. It’s very suspicious.

    Swift and harsh justice is necessary to curb such incidents. In the current scenario molesters are either not caught, or get off with a light punishment. This has to change.

    And yes, making a loud noise is also necessary.


    • Not also guilty mam, THEY are MORE GUILTY, they should be shot first .. How can one see it and then go home and pretend nothing happened..

      It is all very suspicious, the ones who recorded made a mockery of the harassment faced by a young girl in our nation.. they should have at least have the decency to take care of the dignity of the girl who is not a adult yet ..

      they had the faces of the two culprits hidden , out of the four arrested becaue I think they were not adults what about the GIRL she was a minor too …


  7. //“I Dont want your tears , I don’t want your pity, I want your ANGER about this system, Given your anger CHANGE WILL COME, Unless there is anger how can everything change ” ? // Yes our collective anger and noise can definitely make a difference.

    About fighting back and trying to take on a mob of thirty, I guess not everybody can be a Keanan and Reuben 😦 Maybe, somebody could have collected another mob to fight…. It seems one man in a helmet, and three other people were trying to help her, but they were out numbered.


    • well till this exists such things will happen, since the mob mentality will always win.. Till we take on the MOB things wont change. sorry to say that..

      Yes if it comes to that we need to have that MAKE groups of people , BIG mobs who will get together in a hurry and make sure such thing wont happen..

      during terrorism the boys of the villages use to get together and guard the village EACH night , EVERY night , we had our own sentries .. the same can be done now too…

      the guy in the helmet if it was me I would have driven my bike on to the people…


  8. Shobhit says:

    I just wonder what have the parents of these guys been doing all their lives. And also, those of the people who just stood there watching. And I’ll be interested to know how the families of those, whose pictures are put on posters across the town, react. Will they fel humiliated ? Or indifferent ?

    Morals cannot be taught through school books in school. The family (specially parents) should be responsible to impart moral values to a growing child.

    This just reflects that the Indian society is only concerned about making money for the family. There is no time or space for any morals.

    We gather in thousands against corruption, black money and what not. Is this not corruption ? But the truth is that only money matters stir our souls. Things such as violence against women and children, female feticide, honor killings, etc. dont stir us enough as much as money does. I wonder if anyone would come forward to fast unto death for justice for the victim of any act of molestation or rape.

    As so aptly mentioned above, if only all the bystanders would have grabbed each one of those criminals while the cameraman would have focussed on their ugly faces instead of filming them torturing the girl, the incident wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

    I’m amazed by the amount of ridiculous things we let happen around us. Did you hear about the diktat issued by the morons of a village in U.P. against women ?

    This is really ‘Incredible India’ !


    • Punam J R says:

      “As so aptly mentioned above, if only all the bystanders would have grabbed each one of those criminals while the cameraman would have focussed on their ugly faces instead of filming them torturing the girl, the incident wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

      I’m amazed by the amount of ridiculous things we let happen around us. Did you hear about the diktat issued by the morons of a village in U.P. against women ?”

      YESSS this is what the videographer should have been doing… THOSE men they had no fear.. they knew they would go scot free that’s why they DID what they did in spite of knowing that they were being shot on cam…

      IF only they had the fear of STRINGENT laws in their minds, they wud have feared being shot on cam, they wud have covered THEIR UGLY FACES instead of stripping the girl..

      And yes, the DIKTAT that a village near Delhi has announced, OH MY GOD… SUCH people still exist!!! Horror!!


    • @Shobhit :- welcome and thank you for taking out time to read and commenting tooo .
      Parents well we can see all the 12 have parents I guess or at least many of them , they have done nothing .. I bet they are runny from pillar to post to make sure there kids are safe and taken care of …

      and money is as you say the priority for almost all ..

      and look what happened when we gathers in thousand even that has become a laughable episode now with the aftermath… you are right money is HONEY… for everyone ..


  9. pixie says:

    how true… its shameful!
    we need to stand up and take a stance..


  10. Indian says:

    You people think you can change this.. This was the right thing to happen to his woman. Come to India you will get the same treatment.


    • Androgoth says:

      How incredibly negative 😦


    • I usally dont fight on my blog , BUT MATE GO TO HELL.. you got a problem with me as my friend said in the last post ANYTIME ANYWHERE you want ot meet up let me know .. You will find me there ..

      ARSEHOLES like you are the reason why this happens .. maybe one day when you are caught by a mob and MOLESTED you will know how it hurts ..

      PLEASE DONT COME TO THIS POST AGAIN.. FOr beleive me If i find out who you are where you are .. You wont know where to run .. or do ..

      you are just a piece of SHIT…


  11. Ameena says:

    What was this girl doing in a bar, she did not have money and was thrown out by the pub people according the police official, she should have gone home , but she stood there and fought with the friends she came with

    why did the parents let this girl go to a bar, it is their responsibility , if you don’t you pay for it at some point of life.

    It is just shameful that things went out of hand.. but parents should be more responsible or at least know where their children are …

    this molesting etc happens in lot of pubs, on dance floors drunk boys and girls are touching each other and when things go out of hand this is what happens .. We are responsible for our actions ..


    • Androgoth says:

      It makes no difference what this girl was doing in the bar,
      and whether or not she went home or not is of no consequence
      at the end of the day she was molested by creeps…

      To say that molesting happens
      in a lot of pubs is ridiculously callous…

      Those that harm others are responsible for their actions
      and victims of such terrible crimes are just victims my friend…



      • @Andro – such is the mentality of my country men, how can i expect it to do good


        • Androgoth says:

          You are correct my great friend and I find some of these replies rather bizarre, I mean surely when such a wrong has been committed anyone reading about it can see that this filthy crime is something that needs to be addressed and not used to offer a ridiculously cheap blow against a truly blameless girl.

          The only people that are responsible for their actions are the creeps that have ruined this girl’s life, how incredible then, that some people on this blog are justifying this intolerable and unbelievably sickening transgression. It is a sin for such an action to take place and those that are agreeing or rabble-rousing should understand that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable here or indeed anywhere.

          Shame on all those that offer negativity and an
          unsympathetic response as that is outrageously
          offensive to the wider community…



    • Punam J R says:

      @Ameena, are you saying that because this girl went to a pub, she deserves to be molested??? Shame on you. Do you even know what the fight was about, that you are judging the girl??? Nobody has any rights to judge a woman on where she goes or what she does, This is a free world. What difference does it make if parents do know about their children’s whereabouts? An adult can decide for himself/herself what she can or can not do. Just because the girl went to a pub, does not make her a culprit to be punished by mobs in which humans turn animals.

      Your attitude towards the incident is a shame and the best example of how a woman can be a woman’s worst enemy. This incident has happened outside a bar – hundreds of such incidents happen outside schools, colleges and temples too. Then what? Will you royally opine that the woman should not have gone to the temple????

      We all are responsible for our actions, but no one in his right mind has any rights whatsoever to touch a girl or make any kind of unflattering gestures. These animals crossed all the limits.


    • @Ameena: I am really shocked at your comment. I understand that it is parents responsibility to take care of their children and you cannot even imagine what the young girl’s parents might be going through right now.
      Now, I would like to point out the fact of the girl going to the pub. She went to the birthday party of her friend, her friend didn’t have money and therefore they were asked to leave the pub. Also, I do not understand your point when you say “what was she doing there?” For your kind information, India is a free country and just because you are asked to leave a pub doesn’t convey that you should have left for your home. Also, she is not stupid. If she saw danger coming, she wouldn’t have stood there to become a prey.
      What you are doing is victimization. It means instead of blaming the accused, you shift the burden on the victim. This is what our society does and this is the reason why women do not get justice because whenever they raise a voice against any wrong committed against them, the society instead of convicting the wrongdoer points a finger at them.
      We need to change the way we think, the way we interpret the incident and for god’s sake stop blaming the victim.


      • @dauntlessdaisy:- such are the people living in our nation ..

        it is true when a person is fallen everyone wants a chance to slap them, this is exactly what AMEENA is doing , she is try to blame the girl for everything .. and who knows the lawyers and all will also blame the girl for being at the wrong place and the boys may just get out of it ..


    • @Ameena: I am really shocked at your comment. I understand that it is parents responsibility to take care of their children and you cannot even imagine what the young girl’s parents might be going through right now.
      Now, I would like to point out the fact of the girl going to the pub. She went to the birthday party of her friend, her friend didn’t have money and therefore they were asked to leave the pub. Also, I do not understand your point when you say “what was she doing there?” For your kind information, India is a free country and just because you are asked to leave a pub doesn’t convey that you should have left for your home. Also, she is not stupid. If she saw danger coming, she wouldn’t have stood there to become a prey.
      What you are doing is victimization. It means instead of blaming the accused, you shift the burden on the victim. This is what our society does and this is the reason why women do not get justice because whenever they raise a voice against any wrong committed against them, the society instead of convicting the wrongdoer points a finger at them.
      We need to change the way we think, the way we interpret the incident and for god’s sake stop blaming the victim.


    • @Ameena:- so i guess you dont go out , and if you go out then it is perfectly fine for a man to touch you and do anything with you .. Well we know of one person in the nation who is not bothered about it all ..

      Thank you so very much for the comment , NOW we know whay things dont change


  12. dilipnaidu says:

    Hard hitting thoughts! Yes the entire system needs to wake-up we included too.


  13. Vaish says:

    Morans they are! They are like weeds in our garden. They should be plucked off and trashed – physically! Every single grown up women in India would have faced such a public abuse atleast once in their lifetime in the form of touching, pushing, leaning or rubbing against her! I used to carry safety pins when I travelled in public buses. I am always vigilant and keep my eyes and all senses open to look for cues from other men around me. But still, I was a victim so many times, in crowded buses,trains, streets! I’ve fought against these morans – most of the times passively – by poking them, stamping their legs and giving them a punch in the stomach. I was probably scared to shout at him in public or did not wanted to be embarrassed! Should we be trained on what to do in such occasions? But definitely, there should be strong law for these PIGS to stop roaming freely within the country!


    • I know , I am party to the game of thrashing them offcourse ..

      I am sorry to hear that you had to go through this because of some stupid idiot MAN, who thought that doing this to someone is showing his manlyness.. BUt beleive me its not being a MAN..

      I can understand you being scared …


  14. The whole indiferent atitude of us the people is what fuels the pigs….
    this is not just one case but how many a times men get away with eve teasing and molesting just cos no one cared,not a soul watching cared enough for the chain snatcher gets up on a local train takes what he wants by force and the entire compartment full of people do nothing…
    Do Nothing has become way of nothing till it is you who is affected and then when it is you shout and blame others…
    it saddens me that no one is safe is nobody’s country…it looks like we are all paying rent to stay here and governtment is the owner..of our land,our belongings and our life


    • Very true.. end of the day it boils to that the indifference shown by us till it happens to one of our own then we go wild and mad ..

      yeah it happens all the time , this made the headline as the guy who shot it was there at the right place , right moment and he thought of recording rather then helping …

      very true what u say


  15. Sick,sick, sick! I am angry and ashamed that I don’t feel safe to step out of my house just because I am a woman. I am not safe even in broad public glare because no one will come to my rescue even if someone causes me harm. Today’s India is much worse for women’s safety than what it was when I was in college.


  16. Jas says:

    I read the original post few minutes back and I just feel nothing. A numbness where you don’t know which emotion to feel – anger, disgust, shame, anxiety, helplessness, insecurity… and today I am not seeing any hope. That’s the worst of all.


  17. irfan says:

    Bikram….. all i would like to say here is that, we the Indians are highly emotional and at the same time the memory power of we Indians is very poor…..because we all know that such incidents have been happening here at regular intervals and the only thing changes is “these Pigs” and the “place of event” otherwise the “soul of women” remains same every time……

    But what we do…???
    The moment it happens each of us start condemning it through tweets, through updates at social sites, through our blog posts and not to mention through our vocal chord standing at chowks n chwrahaas……..and after couple of days every thing comes to normal, each of us get busy minding our own business, its the girl who only suffers n goes through a mental trauma through out her life…..

    Do we ever bother to peep into the past that whether SHE got justice or not….
    Do we ever bother to know that whether the culprits got fixed or not…. and if not then…
    Do we ever come again on any social platform asking to the authorities that why they have not been fixed………

    NO……we never do that……because we forget such things very easily and even if we remember then only at that time when something similar again happen……so, unless we change this attitude nothing is going to change……

    People say…those doing it must have been beaten by the onlookers or as you say “you would have shooted the onlookers”
    Tell me how many of us can do that…you may do…..but if you ask me “i can’t”….yaa, can’t…..and it is because may be i am not that emotional, moreover if each us start taking guns in our hands then what the consequences will be????…..

    So, what needed is…to make the laws stringent and take the quick action under that law…and if couple of them get punished seriously in very short period of time then next time anyone will think twice before doing such act…..

    But unfortunately the punishment for such crime is not that big….as far as i know for molestation the maximum punishment is “two years imprisonment”….. so need of the hour is to make this law much more tougher, make the punishment such rigorous so that anyone start shivering of even thinking that punishment… and unless laws are stringent nothing can be done and we will see these pigs now n then and at the same time most of us will be onlookers only…because most of us out here is not like you “who will dare n shoot………”

    i totally agree with your last sentence that “we are the culprits”…. bcoz we tend to forget such incidents in a very short span of time and authorities take its due advantage….

    i may sound off beat here but thats how i feel 🙂


    • Irfan I know exactly what you say , we have forgotten everything.. have forgotten how our martyrs gave their life so we could have the freedom that we got because of them .. and look what we have done with that freedom.. RUINED it all ..

      you are right we do nothing.. I am totally 100% with you on this one , maybe I also dont do anything after some time .. But lets not forget it this time .. lets keep remembering it all.

      coming back to law.. We have law Irfan and good laws the problem is they are not used properly, we try to find a loophole in everything.. If the officers who are paid to do their duty , work properly and in accordance to law, for just a MONTH.. Every officer works for ONE MONTH with all their heart and give 100% , things will change in a jiffy.. Thats all it takes .. you will see a change in the very FIRST SECOND when they start to do it ..

      problem is not law.. if a officer does his duty and get people arrested then the court starts its DRAMA the lawyers and judges become the main actors in the whole drama and do what they think , playing with law again …

      The two year is for those who are proven guilty but that takes YEARSSSSSSSsss and that is where we are wrong..

      You feel perfectly fine Irfan what a good man feels , thats what you feel too

      Thank you


  18. Saritha says:

    I think bikram by calling them pigs you are insulting Pigs.They are worst then anything on this earth.

    Recently a women threw stones on a army jawan who tried to molest her.We all should take her example when it comes to the situation like this.

    I was so angered when i saw the girl pleading and hitting the car windows to help her and no one had a courage to help her,spineless people who watched her cries…Those rascals knew that they are filmed and they were telling the girl to show her face to camera and they were sure that they wont be caught and if at all get caught they will get bail.It took 30 minutes to call the police who are just a 1 km away,pathetic situation…..


    • I know i am insulting pigs ..

      Bravo to the woman who did that , others should do it tooo..

      this is what i meant to say why are people so indifferent , what if it was happening ot one of their own.. Or does it have to happen to one of their own to make them wake up..

      They are not bothered mam, they know nothing will happen and in case it does happen it will probably be to one or two of them and that too jsut the minimum …


  19. Maybe the bystanders did call the police and they were late to arrive? But since video cams are everywhere these days, we at least have the faces of people who committed the crime. I hope future criminals will be afraid that they may be similarly videographed. I guess these people will have a difficult time in the near future, if not immediately. Law does catch up with people and if it misses, Karma will. There is no escaping.


    • calling the police and standing there watching the show does not releive them of their responsiblity.. MORE is expected from te people who are say they are gandhians and follow truth and what not ..

      D.I. who gives a damn about karma tell me , by the time karma comes they are dead , I am not interested in that I would want to give justice NOW at this moment…


  20. ramananth says:

    Things were always bad or even worse, now they have become worse than worse. Shame on us.
    But we have no Shame, we have a Kalmadi, declaring from the roof top, that he is innocent, and would be attending the Olympics come what may.
    Rape and murder have become our daily news these days, and after the initial excitement , the media too never tell what happened to the victims.


    • yes mam they are worse , high time now we should come out of this image that we have around us that all is well, nothing is well .. the sooner we get to grips with it the easier it will be solving it ..

      you are right Kalmadi is here for olympics HOW bad can it be and jsut a few months back people were shouting they will not let him walk free , they will do this and that .. I rememebr a few who had commented on my blog and emailed saying bad to me when i said nothing will happen ..

      here we are proven right .. this is the truth .. TILL we the countrymen actullay do something ourself things will not improve


  21. yuvikachaube says:

    this video has left me speechless. Everyday, we seem to fall lower!


  22. I haven’t seen the video. I don’t see such videos or read any such news. I am not comfortable reading an account of someone’s misery. I can’t stand the thought of someone shooting and watching when a heinous crime was committed. If I watch it, I am a part of mad mob.


  23. Cynosure says:

    Hope this post reaches everyone in the country… 😦


  24. sakshikumarindia says:

    Reblogged this on JUSTICE FOR WOMEN and commented:
    Inspirational, solid words. Read it, if your fire is already burning down. Come on, lets FIGHT!!


  25. […] really liked the way my blogger friends Amit, Bikram, Shezah and many others expressed their concern. That’s called support and that’s exactly what […]


  26. Truth is, that we will never change! Sadly.


  27. indrajitch says:

    Thanks a tonne Bikram – finally finding a handful of people like you and Chandni – who are ready to won the fault ! Not blaming others and forget it.. I am ready to shout till I become mute on this.. Its not just conviction and jail that will ensure any change.. not even RI of 7 yrs – either publicly humiliate them till they have amended by helping someone in need or stone them as per the shariya law ! but ensure that our kids and people in our circle of influence doesnt not become part of either the mob who does such thing or part of the bigger crowd that watches silently!


  28. Ashwathy says:

    I know the molester , I can see his face , but these who hide behind doing nothing are the WORST LOT..
    There is so much that requires to be changed 😐 Where to begin?? More importantly, how to sustain so that the change is implemented???


  29. purbaray says:

    In a tussle between Bharat and India, in her evolution from nari to babe – it’s her dignity that gets violated at every opportunity.

    And a nation that’s hell-bent on flouting rules, even the world’s strongest police-force cannot do anything.


  30. debajyoti says:

    we create them everyday. we ignore those objectionable statements, those glares, that filthy mentality which is passed on from one generation to another; and eventually we have these pigs. who do we blame?


  31. jaishvats says:

    An attitide everyone has is ‘Let someone else do it, why get into trouble unnecessarily’. Its tough for anyone to face a mob singlehanded. But if the onlookers had charged as a united force it would have been no big deal.
    We live in a nation where accident victims are not rushed to the hospital for fear of getting involved in a police case.Sad!

    Btw Bikram, I have written a post on casteism,quota system .-
    Your earlier post on Satyamev Jayate gave me the idea. Thanks .


    • yes no one wants to dirty their hand, that is the problem if we bend down to dirty them , things will change instantly.

      I know it is tough to face a mob, I would not but there are other ways to deal with it ..

      Oh dont tell me of that I remember i had gone to india and on way to ludhiana there was a accident no one would help the guy , when i went each one told me to not do it as I have come from abroad and police will trouble me ..
      THank god for the ID card i had and it worked …

      and Thank you so much for saying that .. I read it toooo


  32. This anger against all that is wrong with our system and our society is gradually picking up steam. Bloggers like you are a critical part of the solution, Bikram. We have seen that the people of this country are waiting for an opportunity to channelize this anger. We saw the support that Annas movement got, and the lengths to which the political establishment went to ensure that it doesnt grow into something more concrete. I believe that bloggers can help channelize this anger not by destroying the system but by building a viable alternative, in the field of human rights, health, education, and environmentalism. Lets keep the heat on.


    • Thank you sir for visiting. I wish and hope that all this anger helps.. I am not a big fan of Anna Ji, I have my views on that too with the current way things are going in that camp. but that is not the point.. I understand what you are saying , people came out and Govt had to back down so hopefully .. they will have to do something more about it …

      Lets hope we can join hands and make a difference a little one to start with ..


  33. Sim says:

    Bikram Veere, I also thought of putting a comment today, I know I never do.. The best thing to have happened to me is , To have you as my brother. I have never felt scared even when we went to those lovely uphill trips and all.

    I think todays youth wont even spare their own sister if it comes to that.

    I could write so much, But i know you will not publish the comment .. Good to see bro that your heart and mind still has not been spoilt by the ways of the world. I still remember the little gang we had or rather you had.

    You make us proud. I wish god gives a brother like you to all, so such things don’t happen. Love you loads.. you are my hero ..

    psssst and the next door hunk too is a hero HA HA HA HA HA HA HA …

    I need to sleeeeeeeeeeeep now


    • Punam J R says:

      Yes, it is a blessing to have the strong hand of a brother with you. I used to miss it, until my masi’s son grew up to be very VERY protective about me, and he filled up the void in my heart. Even today, I know, if I call him up, no matter where he is, he will not leave any stone unturned to respond to me… And same, I reciprocate to him the same way.

      It is heartening to see your feelings towards your brother.. especially when Rakhsha Bandhan is almost there – and now I am missing my brother too!!


      • Sim says:

        Hello Punam, It is a blessing yes. Yes Rakhi is coming I was wondering what if all girls who have been harassed get together and tie Rakhi’s to those so called men and make them their Dharam bhai’s. will that work.. BUT THEN on second thoughts NO these evil people don’t deserve to be associated to women in any way be it Mother-wife-sister-friend-relative Anything…

        I would feel so ashamed if I knew one of these perpetrators, and If it was bikram I would kill him..


    • @SIM- WHO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont recognise you .. please dont TROLL on my blog 🙂

      chal theek hai


  34. यू भीड़ मे छुपेंगे
    और जमीर न जग पाएगा
    हर रेंगता कीड़ा
    नोचेगा काट खाएगा
    आज का कीड़ा
    कल जानवर हो जाएगा

    आज फिक्र नहीं की कोई और है
    कल होगी बहन बेटी बहू घर की
    हर कीड़ा जानवर हो जाएगा
    क्या हालत हो जाएगी शहर की

    दरिंदगी बेखौफ है


  35. alka narula says:

    its a sick society , i watched the video how can men turn into beasts..scary !


  36. panchali says:

    Sick mentality…such desperate psychos need to be flogged in public. Truly I was terribly shocked and pained to see the news. Even beasts do not attack like this.
    A shame for the nation undoutedly!! I want each one of them who dared to touch her in broad daylight be hanged to death in public!!!! While it is shameful that bystanders did not intervene to save the minor girl, what is more distressing is the fact that policemen on the scene failed to apprehend the culprits immediately…maybe, the criminals are under the shelter of the eminent politician/bureaucrats…who knows!!


  37. sm says:

    they need to be punished and this crime come into public domain only because of recording.
    only because of recording they will get punishment if case is not forgotten by everyone.


  38. rosy says:

    Hi Everyone

    I would like to share some personal experience with all of you. I hope the commenter Indian reads it too. I know Bikram back from India. Back then, once we both were going on two separate scooters to visit our common friend at her place. I was driving in the front and Bikram was behind me. Two boys on a scooter came from behind and said something to me which either I did not hear or may be pretended not to hear. I don’t remember it now. But since Bikram was behind, he heard it and stopped the scooter. I stopped too. He asked them whats was their problem. they took out his scooter keys and threw it by the roadside. Bikram asked me to leave immediately and meet me at our friends place. I did as he said. All the time I was worried what might have happened. whether there was a fight, whether he got hurt and all. When he returned to our friends place, I asked him what had happened but he didn’t say anything. We left the matter thanking God that he returned safely.

    Today after reading the post I asked him if he could tell me now what had happened on that day. He told me that he followed the guys to their home and came back to us. Next day he went with his friends to their places and broke the scooter, and many other things. It was enough lecture for them for their lifetime. I said I am proud of him and I wish I knew it then. He did not say a word then. I guess these PIGS are scary crow when they are alone. They get gutsy when in groups. If they get their lecture well enough, they might think a lot before trying to harm anyone. All these culprits should get gud sentences so that its a lecture to all those who might try to do something like that in future.

    Some people say that the girl in the video was visiting a club, drunk and all. There is no excuse for any such kind of behavior. There is no justification for such deeds.


  39. d.Nambiar says:

    This is very unfortunate.
    You are right, we as a nation created these people who behave like animals. We don’t protest these sickening evils and so this keeps happening over and over again. But then again, we were brought up that way — we were taught what stigma could do to us. I’m so glad it’s wearing away.
    True, people who watch and do nothing, are to be blamed as well. At the same time, there’s the other side: there are faces to the people who committed this despicable act — proof — something we don’t have, most of the time. These faces in the pictures have been shamed. Let’s hope that all this noise and the publicity of these images/faces get will make sure that the ones that are still at large get caught. That wrong cannot be righted. Let’s atleast hope that now people will speak up, take the initiative to report them and bring justice to the wronged.


    • well I dont think they shud be blamed AS WELL, they shud be blamed before they are bigger culprits in my eyes for sure.

      we have enough proof this time lets see what the court does and how the lawyers work this one out


  40. Meera says:

    I think society, both Indian and the world at large are inured to crimes against women. That is why it is perfectly fine for a 10 year old in Texas to be gang raped by 15 men and for them to post the video of this happening online and it is fine for a girl in Guwahati to be molested and for people to drive past and record but not do anything concrete. In both cases, the law dragged its feet when it came to punishing the perpetrators. We simply need to start hanging rapists and sentencing eveteasers to life in prison. Take a few 100 off the streets, send a message and see how the statistics come down.


  41. Andy says:

    My brother,
    You speak of a nation…but the whole world is like this. No man, body of men or organization can save this world. Before our grandparents were born it was bad…is it not worst now and getting even worst with each passing day? Sadly, the world can not be saved by any one of us. There is no need to ponder over this for only the ALMIGHTY can correct this. Just live a good and clean life my brother…


    • Andy sir, not sure about the nation I speak for myself for sure.
      you are right I seriously tell you i did not hear of such stories till now , those were very good days now it has become a hell hole ..


  42. This had been happening for ages now, even when I was going to school, esp. in the bus. Nobody comes out to help us. They just watch. It is still continuing, with so much education all over. Guts to question doesn’t come with eduction, I guess.


  43. shreyashively says:

    I think just about all of us have been through it at some point of time. Some guy pushing himself onto us in a crowded bus while others watched and smirked….Initially we fought bikram…we really did…but you slap a guy, he slaps you back, or worse, comes with five more guys and does worse. And people just watch and smirk.

    How much can we do?


  44. I shall go with Punam. Unfortunately by sitting here some 2500 kilometres away, perhaps my stones mat go astray. Well anger, its is there as I am also a father.


  45. I know how it feels Bikram. I don’t have much to say, really. I just remember shouting to my husband – “why didn’t they take stones and pelt” – I don’t know what to say. And that makes me feel terrible.
    I look at their faces, I feel so angry – I just wish I could rip them all off. to bits.


    • YEah i understand.. stones wont help more is required more like hanging them in public would do and stoning the bystanders who watched the show


      • Ya and you know Bikram. check out news sites and you will find comments such as – “why was she out at such a time”, “if a girl goes to a bar at that time, what else will happen” etc.
        I think I’d rip those apart first.


        • Why check the websites I have one such comment above to by a girl , by the name it seems .. saying its the parents and girls fault ..

          I jsut dont understand the mentality of such people

          and there is another one who calls himself indian threatening me .. I mean what is wrong with these people


  46. Chitra says:

    Bikram, These things are repeatedly happening in our country because there are no stringent rules. Even if there are, these culprits know how to get out. Severe punishment must be meted out so that the culprit will not forget the incident in his life. All this became so FREE in our nation because we kept and keep quiet and the weeds grow happily.


  47. gardenerat60 says:

    Bikramji, I read your post, my blood too was boiling as yours did. Then I read all the comments.

    Whatever I wanted to voice was already there.

    This is a hazy area, all of us want to do something to stop this. We can, only in some small circle. And I am sure we are doing it, in our family, our friends and extended families.

    Educate, educate the young, to respect other human beings, to respect other possessions, respect their homes, mohallas and city. One need not be too strong for defending their faith, they have to have courage and conviction. To stand up and to question, whoever, insults , bodily or verbally.

    Let us start early , from schools. It will bring about change.


    • THank you so much and welcome here .. and Please Bikram is a good word and suits me perfectly 🙂 the Ji business doesnot suit me ..

      YEah we all want to d osomething , we just need to get together make is a WE rather then I..

      Education will help but not the current way it works , education needs a ovehaul too,…

      Lets hope the change comes .. Thank you so much


  48. gardenerat60 says:

    One person could not have stopped this act, but ten could have done it. How no one questioned the crime at all?

    So much is lacking in our society now. The fundamentals are getting eroded fast. Very confusing and sad indeed. Scary for the generations that will follow! What legacy we are leaving behind?


  49. Rahul says:

    Very sad indeed! Reminds me that the entire system comprises of a ‘Hijraon ki Fauj ‘the famous dialogue of Sholay! Feel very helpless at times to see endless vulgar display of inaction!!


  50. raju070 says:

    A really hard hitting post that is fueled by deep pain and anger. It is very sad but very true. We still live in a society where words speak louder than actions. And the words are like chameleons which can take any form or shape or color to exploit the situation in hand. We are a hypocritical society which portrays itself as one with high morals but it is so shallow inside. The truth is we don’t care though we make all the efforts to pretend as if we do. The news channels and all those people who came shouting after the incident are representatives of this hypocritical society.

    You wrote it with so much passion and anger that it filled me with the same anger and rage beyond description. Why don’t we just see the incident as a sin committed on the person and the family? Why does everyone use it as a tool to further their own agenda: publicize it, make an issue out of it or shamelessly watch it? The biggest problem in our society is we like problems, we like issues, we never like or care about solutions!

    I would certainly use the stone in hand to pelt the people who are standing shamelessly and watching the show. They are the ones who are promoting this whole ugly act of the molesters. And they are encouraging them to do it again. If they would have cared to stop these acts, they won’t repeat again.


    • I hope so sir, I hope so .. people get together and do something.

      oh yes its our past time, favourite one to talk about it all the time , I can understand ..

      The ones who were watching need to be shot too, because they are worst then the ones who did the act


  51. sad we worship goddesses but look at the state of women in our country .. depressing!


  52. mak says:

    You have asked a valid question Bik. At this moment i would certainly hit the person who shot this video. Maybe he was one among them?
    I will not let these pigs dirty my country


  53. It is everyone’s fault. As a citizen, Mine included. The point is we talk about it for about a week or month and forget about it till something similar happens the next time. It is high time we took notice of all this and raised our voices in a way that should be echoed across the boundaries of the nation, so that the people at the right place who are responsible and have the power to bring about the changes, look up and notice.

    More than asking Women to dress properly and be safe, shouldn’t the other sex be told not to treat women like objects. Shouldn’t those evil minded people with such intentions be punished appropriately? We leave all this and resort to blaming it on the girl.

    If I had a stone with me, i would hit the person who was standing and watching the whole thing in a callous way.



    • Well many of the lot who made all the hue and cry have probably forgotten about it all for sue..

      you are right they shud be told how to respect EACH other, respect every human irrespective of the color-creed-religion-gender-caste..

      yes punished they shud be and not just appropriately but ON TIME tooo


  54. ddeepa says:

    Much as I think the mute spectators should be fined/arrested also for being passive participants, incidents like the road rage accident where a bystander intervened, got hit by a baseball bat and lost his memory for a good amount of time also do bring up questions. People hate getting involved because of such risks and all the red tape involved. For this very reason, effective law and order enforcing and nothing else will help it improve. I just read recently that the media reporter who recorded the entire incident was also taken into custody. Apparently, he’s the one who incited the incident and also has ties to the main accused. If this is what the media has now resorted to doing in order to gain fame, then God save us!


    • Yeah that is always a danger of getting hurt but that is because not many are doing it .. if we start to or more people can join.. there is always a bigger number of WATCHERS than the Doers.. SO if the watchers all take action things can be prevented.

      THe cameraman well I had a feeling it would be true and it may just be , the media will go to any lengths these days , I rememebr reading the first post on this and my first reaction was the CAMERAMAN,,,


  55. dr.antony says:

    Hi Bikram
    After so long..and happy to see you with such a powerful post.
    The truth is,our sense of morality is perverted. We talk a lot about morality,but are the most immoral in the world.Underneath the facade of morality,most people nurture their sadistic thoughts.That is why our people crowd at police stations to get a look of the prostitute, and at the court room to see the girl who was brutally raped.Not out of compassion or sympathy,but out of their perverted desires.


  56. Noopur says:

    Indeed read…and we all are really in need to understand…
    I think people are sick … They can not even calculate in what condition she is!!
    May God bless her…


  57. […] A similar thing happened a few years ago in Guwahati there was so much shouting and what not by all ….  We are such people, episodes happen we shout and shout , in a few weeks something else happens and we move on to that episode, That is WHO WE ARE, I dont have any shame in accepting this, Maybe I am also part of the same group of people, So it is US the people who are to be blamed for all that is happening. […]


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