Tiger v/s Mans… the winner is…..

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Angry, India, Mankind
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I was reading a article DilipNaidu, on Tigers , Lovely pictures on the blog ..  It reminded me of this article I had written some time ago , so thought of re posting it .. My views on the state of Tiger in the wild ..

Welcome to this WORLD..

Round 15 … In the orange corner is the Tiger weighing on average 540pounds …

In the Multicolour Corner.. MAN.. weighing on average 80KG’s


Dhishum–dhishum.. Sound of Bullet… Tree Falling… Sound of someone removing skin of a animal…

* continues for 3 minutes ***

Silence………… AND

.. The winner is *drum rolllsss Tain tain Taannnn … **

MAN… We Winnnnnnnnnnnnnn Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

In the past few days i have been reading a lot of blogs on the condition of Tigers in our world.. The World of MANKIND .. the world where the biggest threat to the existence of any other living kind/Species is MAN.

So finish MANKIND… rest all will survive.. but this is not a practical thing to do, cause I for one don’t want to die just yet…

Another problem is the ways of the Tiger itself, it does not induce confidence that it will survive..

I read a lot of suggestions made by people what can be done, what should be done.. some have come out with

1) Blog about it use our respective pages on social networking websites
2) Campaign against poaching and condemn the past acts of celebrities
3) Send SMS’es and E-mails
4) Avoid using paper as much as possible
5) Visit tiger sanctuaries and national parks
6) Donate and/or volunteer – One can donate funds to World Wildlife Fund and at the same time volunteer to work towards conserving tiger by getting in touch with an NGO.

and various other ways .. blaming the Govt is also one of those.. I blame them too

Some have blamed CHINA too

But my Friends THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE.. The time is to WALK THE TALK.. As one of the blogs has put it so very correctly. We need to get together but we cant do it without the Govt, Because lets see the biggest risk to a Tiger at this moment is poaching, who is the poacher MAN.. he is doing it for MONEY.. because he is POOR.. If one gets caught there are 10 more to take his place..

What will we do getting together go to the jungle to stop these Men.. I can bet you anything We cant do it .. to survive in the jungle ourself will become a headache, leave alone saving the tiger, Hence my point of that the LAW needs to be made stringent.

I think if laws are stringent maybe things will improve.. an eye for an eye.. cause when a tiger kills a man.. it is maneater.. so if a man kills a tiger he is a TIGEREATER.. and deserves the same treatment..

Caught.. put in Cage and Then SHOT

If the Govt want, Truly wants then it can be done.. as we have seen in a lot of cases if something needs done then IT can be done. Rahul Gandhi goes for Mumbai darshan without a Hiccup.. WHY .. because the Govt left no Stone unturned to make it happen.

Our DEAR DARLING NETA’s are too busy feeding the Animal inside them in their stomach.. Thats what the problem is..

Sending SMS, Emails , Blogs etc etc are not going to make ONE BIT Of difference.. Most of you will read this article and forget it, when you move on to a different page.


The only way Tiger can survive is with the Extinction of MANKIND.. Get rid of MANKIND , Not just Tiger but every other species will survive

PS:- Sorry if the language in the post seems to be a bit harsh ..

PPs. :-Thank you all For the lovely words all of you have said about me in the previous post, I am touched. sorry have not been able to reply to them WILL DO, I am on a course so not getting much time .

  1. In such cases, there is an indirect beneficiary who is a more powerful factor. The poacher gets a small amount of money, the skin is sold by agents to some manufacturers, they sell it to customers who want ‘real tiger’ skinned apparel/decorative materials. They might pay a huge money for it. THAT is what encouraging poaching and killing.

    If these people don’t buy stuff made of animal products, there would be no money for poachers and they might stop it. Instead of going after the poachers, law-enforcement agencies should go after reckless ‘fashion designers’ and ‘customers’ who use tiger skins, elephant tusks, etc. I really wonder what kind of people these are…

    Destination Infinity


  2. Yuvika says:

    one of the few sensible posts on the tigers! most i have seen talk as if sitting at home and fb’ing and blogging about it or talking about it over coffee will do anything – it spreads awareness but to whom? i like ur post!


  3. dilipnaidu says:

    Great post Bikram. Yes we cannot wish away this poaching by lamenting about from a armchairs. I like the sting in your article – things don’t happen unless we shake it up 🙂 Yes villagers do harm tigers but it is more for self protection when a tiger has become a man eater but it is the ruthless poachers who are part of international chain who do it for big bucks.

    I enjoyed reading your article.


  4. irfan says:

    Off late there has been many nationwide campaign to save Tiger but nothing can be done by agencies unless people as a whole don’t understand its urgency and start participating into it, i am sure people like you can encourage others to support the cause before it is too late…..

    Bikram, do your course peacefully and come back soon…..we all love to see you around 🙂

    Take Care.


    • Irfan bhai thank you so much. campaigns do nothing , they hvenot had any impact as such, everyone knows the importance of the tiger.. yet TILL THE GOVT does anything i doubt is campaings etc will make any difference.


  5. I don’t think poaching has got anything to do with poverty. It is more to do with corruption. Poachers might be in cahoots with the officials or the machinery to deal with poachers might be lacking, though the first instance is more like it. In a country where human life is of very little value, you think anyone bothers about animals. Most of the tigers that are there are in captivity. I recently went to Corbett and apparently it has been ages since anyone has sighted a tiger. You can see some if you come to Bannerghatta National Park including a white tiger. Kids love to go on that safari.


    • It is also the thrill of the kill I think.. and corruption is so big , the people who are PAID to stop this from happening are not doing their job simple, If everyone does 10% of their JOB with all their heart things will change immediately .

      and yes will make sure to see the safari and Offcourse BUG you tooooooooo 🙂


  6. Padmaja says:

    Extinction of greed in mankind and not mankind itself is the key..unfortunately man is not satisfied ever.


  7. Padmaja says:

    Extinction of greed in mankind and not mankind itself is the key.. however, the mankind is never ever satisfied.


  8. Jas says:

    Well said Bikram. I agree with Rachna here. In a country where human life is of now value, who cares about animals? The lure of big bucks is enough to entice people and they join hands with the poachers.


  9. renu says:

    Man is the most covetous animal, want to possess everything and eliminate everything else.this greed is destroying us slowly slowly..and Noi I never forgewt what I read, I try to use minimum paper, I never buy anything made of animal skin, stopped buying leather purses even..


  10. Ashwathy says:

    Loved the term “Tiger Eater’ 🙂

    And even better, with extinction of mankind, the world would be a much better place to live in…. all the other species will be safe including Mother Nature herself who has been imbalanced ever since humans took over…


  11. Ashwini says:

    Its a sad state really! LAW and stringent ~ when is that going to happen ????


  12. It’s scary to think that in another (possible) 20 years, a tiger (or similar animals) may not exist. For the sake of few individuals who regard dead parts of this animal more valuable, the entire world will suffer, a massive chunk of the chain will be taken away – with massive negative impact.


  13. Man is the wicked animal. If the top level dress designers and the user of animal skin products stop buying and using them, poachers will not have work at all. These top level people are educated people. They are just after huge amount of money. Who is there to stop them?

    Nicely written points, Bikram.


  14. sneha says:

    man is the one to blame, wat we dont realise is all organisms are interconnected, extinction/endangerment only leads to an imbalance noone can correct…


  15. we do not value human life what chance do the poor animals have….its such a lovely thought provoking write up Bikram and i loved the suggestions
    we have enough laws ..we… not just the governement have follow them or else every fine increases bribing nothing else..


  16. Punam J R says:

    Bikram, personally I do not really subscribe to what these poachers are doing, but what Jas said does make sense. In a country where there is no value for life – be it human, animal or any thing, then what can we expect?
    I mean, people still torture their daughters in law here… infant rapes happen and criminals still do go scot free… millions will be spent to encourage the IT giants but none on our farmers as u highlighted in one of ur recent posts – what can we expect in such a case – how will a tiger’s life be of any inkling of importance to the poacher whose hungry stomach is not being taken care of by the government????
    Yes, ban these products, severely punish people who collect animal skins for shauk, and ban leather altogether – fine people who are caught using leather – only then some change can be expected even remotely…


  17. its sad thou … but bick dont you think in this world where we see humans suffering for food and good life ,,,these tigers will be saved??
    awaress is must !! n voliation to law should be a serious offence …no relaxations on that whether its SALMAN or SAIF or SANJAY
    …it should be same as done by any other person!!


  18. techie2mom says:

    Humans are affecting environment badly. We pollute earth, water and sky. We kill animals just for fun. We kill wild life by cutting jungles. We kill fishes by spilling oil in the sea. There are so many animals, birds and trees on the verge of extinction or already extinct, because of human arrogance or greed.
    It is such a hopeless scenario, especially in our country. And as Rachna said, when the human life has no value, then who will worry about animals?!


  19. sm says:

    animal killers should be shot on the spot free hand should be given to animal savers to kill the criminals.


  20. Lawrence says:

    We need stricter laws to protect tigers and all wildlifes. every creature has a rule in the food chain, take out one and you tip the balance.


    • Yes we do.. the problem is LAW is there , its the officers and people who are supposed to uphold them , they dont want to do their work .. If they all do what they are PAID for things will change in a DAY.. if only


  21. That was a great piece Bikram. Keep writing like this, strong but true.


  22. b K Chowla says:

    Absolutely.There must be enough awarness amongst the people.
    Lets not forget,these killings bring in big money,really big.
    Govt is bigger and stronger than any group of individaulas.Unfortunatly,most of the killings happen under very nose of the powerful and with the connivience of those in power.
    That is where,a change is needed


  23. Onkar says:

    Tiger will survive only if its habitat survives


  24. ashok says:

    strong and timely post….


  25. Andy says:

    My friend,
    Very, very interesting post. Man and animals was created to bond with each other. Wishing you all the best with this my friend.


  26. Amit Agarwal says:

    …very sensitive and sensible, Bikram, I loved it:)


  27. jaishvats says:

    if the wheel was the best invention the bullet was the worst invention of mankind…..Sad!!! I think there should be stringent punishments for the use of tiger based products as well….May be that will help!


  28. Rahul says:

    Unless we have strict enforcement of laws and exemplary punishment nothing will ever change:(


  29. jennyshetty says:

    ” Tiger at this moment is poaching, who is the poacher MAN.. he is doing it for MONEY.. because he is POOR.. If one gets caught there are 10 more to take his place..”

    Its all a vicious sycle isn’t it!! I only prayall my kids and thier kids and thier kids and then thier kids get to see this magnificent animal Alive.

    Wiped out an entire species! Only ‘MAN’ can do that na 😐


    • It indeed is a viscious circle.. well I dont think they will survive that long .. if our kids and their kids manage to see some alive it will be good enough.. not many left
      the problem is that the tiger’s own behaviour puts it to risk…

      not can do that– MAN has done it


  30. […] Tiger v/s Mans… the winner is….. […]


  31. Me says:

    Excellent article…but the million dollar question seems to have been raised by many in this forum. These days there is no value attached to even our lives thats why we see so many murders, kidnapping, honour killing, suicides etc happening for such petty things…. animals are a long forgotten thing amidst all this.


  32. Androgoth says:

    Yes Man is the main culprit to wildlife and sadly
    not just to the Tigers of this world either, indeed
    the whole spectrum is under threat, it is just the
    terrible greed of Man, who rush blindly through
    this earth destroying anything in its path 😦

    I am pleased to see this posting Bikram as it brings
    to light the dastardly traits of some human beings 😦

    Have a great day Bikram 🙂



  33. I agree with you. Just talking about it, or organizing awareness campaigns and ask celebrities to talk about it over a cup of coffee will not just solve the problem. We need to identify why and how it is happening and we need to tackle the problem head on. As someone above mentioned, THe greed in mankind has to be kept in check, coz he is the most dangerous of the species!



  34. it shouldn’t be tiger v/s man but animal v/s tiger .. we humans do not spare other humans .. animals is such a secondary thing !


  35. Andy says:

    Hello again.
    Just stopping by to say thank you for linking up to Blog Hop Saturday!

    When the world was first created, man and beast used to walk the earth together as friends. Man did not fear that he would be the animal’s next meal and the beast did not have to worry about poaching…such a thing did not exist then because earth was a paradise. It is only since sin entered earth’s midst through the ages that all these things are happening. It will only get worse before it can get better. There will come a time, however, when the earth will be cleansed of all wrongdoings, paradise will be restored, pain and sickness will be abolished, there will be enough food for everyone, death will be no more and man and beast will once again walk the earth like companions.
    Another thought-provoking post my friend, with lots of differing opinions. Thanks for sharing.
    Thanks also for all your support throughout the year.
    Next Blog Hop Saturday! on Aug 3rd-4th. Invite your friends, everyone is welcome. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Have a great week ahead!


    • Its no more a paradise sir .. its I eat you if you look the other way ..

      earth will be cleansed all it needs is get rid of humans .. it will be paradise again

      and thank for the blog hop invite will be there for sure …


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