Posted: July 3, 2012 in Apology

Sometimes, accidents happen and although one does not want to do it intentionally, some things happen beyond one’s control that we cannot explain. Something like that has occurred with a recent guest post that I wrote for Rachna.

This piece was in my drafts and apparently, I assumed that I hadn’t published it. So when Rachna requested me for a guest post, I forwarded her this draft. But I have just come to know here today that I had submitted this to another blogger ‘Civil Princess’ about 8 months back, and it just slipped out of my mind completely. Usually I am very particular about such things but maybe because I had forgotten to delete the draft version of it.

Civil Princess had published this earlier , after making a few changes I sent the same to Rachna, this mishap occurred unfortunately. It is my fault and I take full responsibility for the oversight, as I should have been more careful.

Now that this has come to my notice, I wish to apologise to both CP and Rachna for the confusion and also make it clear that there were no intentions of double-posting it.

Also, I wish to request both of you very humbly to please remove the said article from your respective blogs as the article has chances of being captured as a duplicate by search engines.

This was never my intention. Neither was causing distress to either of the bloggers.

I can understand your anger towards me and it is justified , I hope you will pardon me for the same.

  1. Punam J R says:

    oh my GOD, how did that happen??? see, now i am sure u r overworked or something!!!
    but hey such things do happen.. and so brave of u to give a public apology.
    i am sure both Rachna and Civil Princess will understand how such a mishap cud hv happened and forgive u.
    take care,


  2. Visha says:

    You came forward and the world know. It is so commendable you know 🙂
    Dont worry, maybe this is a sign you need a vacation to relax 😀 🙂


  3. jennyshetty says:

    Your apology is commendable. It happens is what I can say 🙂 On a different note, I want to read that post 🙂


  4. Zephyr says:

    We all make mistakes, Bikram, but owning up publicly to it is not something everyone can do. It really pleases me to see such humility from someone whom I know personally — now 🙂


  5. Soma Mukherjee says:

    Happens Bikram, all of ypur friends know you didnt mean harm….but what was the post about…


  6. NRIGirl says:

    I know Rachna; I am sure she will understand. I am sure CP will too. Things happen… Among friends there is always a ‘make up’; is it not?


  7. Papoe says:

    This is a great apology post Bik.
    it’s not easy to apologize like this…I hope they will forgive you.



  8. Bikram, I’ve already accepted your apology. You know that! You know that I will always count upon you as my friend. So take this off your chest. Let us put this behind us :).


  9. You know what, for one year, I posted the same blog posts in both wordpress and blogspot. But fortunately both were my own blogs. I even made a comparison between the two, with the data I had during that year. Later on, I stopped writing in blogspot after I came to know about the duplicate content issues. Somehow, Google thought that my wordpress blog was original and blogspot blog was duplicate and ranked the wordpress blog better!

    In your case, it was just one post. Don’t worry, nothing happens if one post is present in two sites. Besides, there are some press releases present as such in many sites. Not that search engine keeps punishing all those sites.

    Destination Infinity


  10. Hmm… such mistakes usually happens… And its a great thing that you accepted your mistake and shared here publicly! People use to hide but you faced and accepted ! A big thing indeed!


  11. Everything must have been cleared now. They are friends. They will understand. You are not of that type Bikram and everybody knows it. Take care


  12. metherebel says:

    So nice of you write up an apology. Kudos to you Biks 🙂


  13. irfan says:

    well, the best part is that even Rachna ji has given her views here, so its all over i suppose…. 🙂

    BTW can it be done with a covering note about republishing it on the blog where any post is getting republished bcoz i personally feel that two blogs may have different bunch of readers so more n more people can read it, of-course with due permission from the host blogger…….(simply asking this out of my curiosity)……


  14. Tanishka says:

    Hey Bikram it was really nice of you to accept your mistake and apologize for it like this… Racha is already ok with it and I’m sure so would CP be… Chillax… 🙂


  15. A truly heartfelt apology in public really shows how bad you are feeling about it… Just chill and relax… :o)



  16. Shilpa Garg says:

    Put it all behind!!
    Take care! 🙂


  17. Vaish says:

    Cool down Bikk! Both of them are your friends, and they understand. To err is human.


  18. Sumitra says:

    Such a sweet and humble apology. No one can stay mad after this 🙂


  19. Ashwathy says:

    Coming from you, we give you the benefit of the doubt 🙂


  20. Jas says:

    Its ok. The fact is that you took the step to accept it publicly so put this behind you. We all make mistakes.


  21. renu says:

    hota ha kabhi kabhi:)..


  22. ashreyamom says:

    it is really nice of u to accept ur mistake publicly.. hats off for that.. i have nt seen ppl doing it, they might confess, but only to the two ppl to whom he made the mistake.. its nice that u respected other readers too.. :)..


  23. jaishvats says:

    Happens Bikram 🙂


  24. techie2mom says:

    Hey Bikram, it takes a brave person to admit the mistake in public, and you are one such brave person.


  25. Bhavia says:

    You need courage to apologize and that too apologizing in a public forum is indeed a more courageous matter.We all make mistakes.So nothing to worry.I am sure that the concerned parties will be alright with the issue now.
    Chill 🙂


  26. R. Ramesh says:

    hey buddy…u r a lovable friend among our blog group..so all’s well…


  27. Deeps says:

    We all make mistakes, Bik, what is important is to own up those mistakes. And you did just that, it shows what a brave person you are! Stay the same 🙂


  28. mak says:

    Sir, you are a gentleman. Appreciate your humble gesture. It shows how much you care for your friends and fellow bloggers. Glad to be following you Bik. Thank you 🙂


  29. Ria says:

    Really sweet that u owned it up here.


  30. Hey bikram there was no need for such an apology 😮 mistakes happen and there is no need for “sorry” between friends. 🙂

    It is not an issue at all. so lets shove this aside and get to work 🙂

    And I have just joined IIM, Trichy and so was busy a little. so there was a delay in removing the post. but its done now 🙂


  31. andy says:

    It really takes great man/woman to say..”i’m sorry”. Great post!!


  32. gr8 … only a person like you takes a responsibility publically to the mistake made..
    keep up the good work!


  33. Ruchira says:

    chill Bikram .. It was unintentional and you apologized in public for it .. that takes a great deal of humility and courage !


  34. debajyoti says:

    ha ha ha, that was fun. can you send me that post? i will publish that on my blog :D.

    on a serious note, i don’t think it’s a big deal at all. it was not intentional and you have apologized to both of them. so chill, have some beer 😀


  35. bhavanas11 says:

    LOL, Bikram, you are in trouble!!! Mister, organize yourself… On another note–that was mighty gutsy of you to publicly apologize!!! You have become even more popular–lol!


  36. Arti says:

    Very brave of you, Bikram! It is strange but often takes some courage to do the right things in life all I’d like to say is – Well Done! 🙂


  37. Amit Agarwal says:

    …so nice of Bikram to be candid and accepting responsibility. Hope both of them gracefully pardon him 🙂


  38. Androgoth says:

    We are ALL capable of making an error but it is how one corrects the error that is most important and you my great friend have come clean, admitted your mistake and corrected it by firstly apologising to both parties, and secondly to ask for the postings to be removed from said Spaces.

    Anyone could have made this accidental duplicate posting so I am sure that with such an honourable post that clearly outlines the mishap everyone concerned can feel at ease, as who can truthfully say that they have never made an error? Nobody…

    Have a great day Bikram and don’t do it again, or else? 🙂 Kidding…



  39. I liked the gesture Bikram. Mistakes do happen ,yes,and we all know that you are not the kind of person who would have done such thing intentionally. So chill 🙂



  40. apni mistake mann lena is not a small thing !..

    shit happens veer ji .. koi naa .. 🙂


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