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Posted: July 3, 2012 in Apology

Sometimes, accidents happen and although one does not want to do it intentionally, some things happen beyond one’s control that we cannot explain. Something like that has occurred with a recent guest post that I wrote for Rachna.

This piece was in my drafts and apparently, I assumed that I hadn’t published it. So when Rachna requested me for a guest post, I forwarded her this draft. But I have just come to know here today that I had submitted this to another blogger ‘Civil Princess’ about 8 months back, and it just slipped out of my mind completely. Usually I am very particular about such things but maybe because I had forgotten to delete the draft version of it.

Civil Princess had published this earlier , after making a few changes I sent the same to Rachna, this mishap occurred unfortunately. It is my fault and I take full responsibility for the oversight, as I should have been more careful.

Now that this has come to my notice, I wish to apologise to both CP and Rachna for the confusion and also make it clear that there were no intentions of double-posting it.

Also, I wish to request both of you very humbly to please remove the said article from your respective blogs as the article has chances of being captured as a duplicate by search engines.

This was never my intention. Neither was causing distress to either of the bloggers.

I can understand your anger towards me and it is justified , I hope you will pardon me for the same.