Drink-Drive – Satyamev Jayate – My thoughts

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Accident, Alcohol, Drink and Drive, Good times
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This sunday the episode on Satyamev Jayate touched on the issue of being an alcoholic and what all happens,  It showed a case of a family which lost its son due to some rash driving by a drunk, I would like to touch on that point , We all love to have a good time and Alcohol seems to be one that generates the FUN, although I personally have had more fun when I am sober then Drunk.

I am not going to lecture on evils of drinking etc because I drink myself and I drink almost daily. I come home from work and have a pint or Two (max) of beer, that’s about it .  I also have to mention here that I love to have scotch too, especially the single malts and preferably 18 or more years old, One of my best friend says if you have to drink poison then might as well drink an expensive one :), I also have a special place for RC the indian brand, don’t ask me why , I just do.

Anyway this post is not on that , I will talk about my drunk incidents some other time .. What I wanted to talk about is the phenomenon of  Drinking and driving..  believe me in my line of work I find them  in huge numbers, Unlike the common belief that its just the youngsters, it is not so.. I have had the privilege of seeing old-young-not so young- men-women  The whole lot..

The best thing is you go to the driver’s side, ask him to switch off the engine. Then ask them have you had a drink, the typical reply is first


me – “I can smell it on your breath”…

him- “Sorry, I have had just half or Just a Pint”…

You stand there and Smile… Off course you have…

Then you ask them to step out of the vehicle, the Door swings open, they are so pissed , instead of putting their leg out first , they have to twist their bottoms then plonk their leg, Hold the DOOR TIGHTLY, get the second leg out, then slowly try to get up.. Ooops they can’t so they try again… When on two feet the Feet are firmly on ground, but the upper body waist upwards is sort of moving on its own…

They have just had ONE pint … Yes sir you have indeed.. and the word MORON is tattooed on my HEAD…

Ask them their name, they give a whole history, name, date of birth, where they live etc etc out it comes like a river flowing…

You ask them again very politely, are you sure you had just a pint,

“Yes, before that I had another one earlier “… the Smile on your face widens… How earlier was that…?

“Afternoon lunch .. ” so basically to tell the truth and from experience they have been drinking since lunch up till now, You got no other choice but to get him off the road, Else he would endanger the rest of the people.

Christmas, new years, Diwali, Holi these festivals are there, I can understand to have fun, enjoy but they don’t give the RIGHT to get drunk and endanger other people who are enjoying the festive season according to their choice. I can understand the need for a Drink during these occasions, I do too, But I Never Drive after having a drink, and if I have to go for a drink I take a Taxi or Bus it.

My friends who are with me Know very well that they dare not do it themselves, Call me Unfriendly or bad person But they know if they drive after having a drink I WILL CALL THE POLICE to rat on them because I don’t want to feel the Guilt if the same person drives his car into someone or something killing/hurting others or themselves, It does NOT make me wrong or less friendly, it makes me human because I have a conscience.

It’s nothing to do with Friendship honor, or to do anything with love for friends, If you think otherwise fair enough don’t read further, BUT don’t let them have that drink before they drive. If you are a good friend , such a caring friend Pay for the Taxi to take them home, Pay for the Bus Fare but DO NOT let them Drive Drunk.

That to me is FRIENDSHIP honour.

That to me shows you care for that person.

It’s easier said Oh one small shot or A pint won’t matter, It does matter. Any amount of alcohol effects your ability to drive. There is no foolproof way of drinking and staying under the limit or of knowing how much an individual person can drink and still drive safely.

I learnt my lesson in a Bad horrible accident years ago, So All who read this Please be careful, Tell the people around you to be careful, Don’t do anything silly, and ALWAYS Always think hundred times driving after a drink, It’s not worth it. Most young people will give two hoots to what I have said, But Guys and Gals Please Think . Everything gets spoilt in an instant, Remember when drunk , THE CAR IS A LOADED GUN, a tool to do serious damage with, it is a serious WEAPON.

So the only safe option is not to drink alcohol if you plan to drive, and never offer an alcoholic drink to someone else who is intending to drive, The law needs to change, it should not only be the drunk driver, But the people who Knew that the person is Drunk and Knew he/she is going to Drive, Knowing this they still allow the person to drive, Then IF something does go wrong, they all need to be held responsible because as I said earlier the car is a loaded gun that we have allowed this person who has had a drink to use, So we should be held responsible. The same way as we would if we actually hand a gun to a person to shoot with.

As the episode says Law needs to change to see this as an accident , but instead look at it as MURDER.

I know a bit farfetched but end of the day, this could be Abetment to the accident, My conscience does not allow this , so hopefully it should not allow to a lot of people too.

Anyway these are my random thoughts good-bad whatever… it’s me and my Silly mind thinks sometimes…… Remember if you stop one drunk driver driving back home or anywhere you may have saved a life, which sure would amount to a GOOD DEED FOR THE DAY... and I know it works with majority of the people on the good deed for the day , to please the GOD.  well here is a way that God will surly be happy with you.


  1. well explained Bikram I hope people learn from the experience you shared


  2. TTT says:

    I am with you Bikram … a person has no rights to put others life in danger by just having a pint and driving !


  3. Bhavia says:

    I have been always against alcohol.To be very precise,I kinda loathe people who drink.
    But yeah,it’s good to control the consumption at least when you have to drive


  4. Very well written! “THE CAR IS A LOADED GUN, a tool to do serious damage”

    Absolutely well said


  5. Shilpa Garg says:

    Well said! Drinking and Driving is like a ticking bomb, which can go off anytime!!
    Its heartening to know that in our city, there are Police Interceptors now, and they check people for drunken driving at night, so people are a bit cautious and conscious!


    • S.G. it is indeed, the problem is when drunk we dont realise what damage we are doing , then it becomes the duty of friends and family to make sure such thing doenot happen. and good to know that police are doing something good, i hope they are not jsut taking money and letting them go ..


  6. Scribby says:

    what a timing of this post…I just came from a long drive where we saw a car rammed into a truck 😦 the scene has stuck to my mind…and all that you’ve mentioned comes to my mind every time I see rash driving…

    just when will people understand the value of ‘life’ !


    • ohhhhhhhh that is sad , I have lost two of my very good friends to drink-drive accidents , fun time soon became SAD and worst time .. its not those who lost the life but all those who are left behind whose life also gets shattered.


  7. Ashwini says:

    True… with you.


  8. Keerthana says:

    I agree with you..its not the drinking thats the bad habit, its the drunken driving


  9. Visha says:

    I am against alcohol in any amount and in any scenario so there is no question about my attitude towards drunk drivers. You have explained how dangerous it is to drink and drive, good one Biks 🙂


  10. loved the write up Bikram…peole do think they are able to handle drinks but most people are not even able to handle a single one…..and its not just about drinking why should someone else suffer cos of your bad habbit…all the social drinkers are no good either…

    i can go on and on but you have done really good job and explained everything so well….
    hugs 🙂


    • Thank you so much, you say that everytime 🙂

      its not about handling a drink.. no matter how less you have ahad it does effect the body ..
      EXACTLY my point if a drunk wants to go and kill himself/herself be my guest I got no sympathy for them.. but putting others in danger thats is what I hate..


  11. Punam J R says:

    Emphatical YES.. for what all you have expressed so correctly…
    I guess it is really for the people who are around, that the onus gets transferred once a person gets drunk.. he is in no position to take any kind of judgement/decisions – leave alone, judgements such as “which gear to take” or “to overtake or not”…


    • Thank you so much. well if you know your friend has a had a drink then you shud tell them to take a taxi. as its not jsut their life its others on the road.
      any amount of alcohol effect a body


  12. Ash says:

    well written bikram…. drinking and driving is a risk not just to the driver, but to co passengers and , pedestrians …. and people generally cant figure out when they’ve gone over the top, in fact, they become more foolhardy when down a few pegs.


  13. You know Bikram when we were in the US, I drove every single time the hubby drank. Here also I try to do it, but sometimes he does drive. But, I decided that I will put a complete stop to it. Of course, our drinking is social drinking. But still why take a chance. Yes, Indian law is very lax, and we as people are at fault too.


    • ANd thats the way to do it .. I have asked many a times , friends to drive my car or worst still I leave it at the pub or wherever I am and collect it the next day. WHat amazes me is that most people want to save those 5 – 10 pound of a taxi but spend so much on alcohol in a pub..

      exactly why take a chance…


  14. I don’t hate drinking but I hate those who think drinking is cool or drive or misbehave. When drinking effects others then it is not acceptable. Definitely laws should be more stringent.


  15. Zephyr says:

    A timely warning for the sozzled ones. There is an organisation called CADD in Delhi, which is working to reduce drunken driving in collaboration with the police. I wonder if it was featured in the episode of SMJ this time? As for thinking, if we were thinking individuals, our country wouldn’t be in this state, surely?


  16. Tanishka says:

    Drinking is anyways bad to health but that is definitely a personal choice… Your body, you decide but that’s that… Its very unfair to put other’s life at stake,… I hope people soon start valuing other’s life if not there own…


  17. irfan says:

    I like this caption written at road side…..”YOUR LOVED ONES ARE WAITING FOR YOU AT HOME” 🙂


  18. Yuvika says:

    agree with you completely. we have to take responsibility for ourselves and others,


  19. makpossible says:

    You know how dangerous it is have a loaded gun in wrong hands very well Bikram. You have used it wisely as a metaphor.
    Hope people learn from their mistakes.


  20. Androgoth says:

    I too can have lots of fun beinf sober, indeed these
    days I seldom drink alcohol as I have been there, done
    that and bought the ‘T’ shirt as it were 🙂 lol

    A really great posting Bikram 🙂



  21. raju070 says:

    You couldn’t have said it better. When drunk, the car is a loaded gun. A wonderful post, warning not just the people who drink and drive but also their friends who have the chance to prevent them from doing so. I really admire you for making sure that your friends don’t drive after drinking. A wonderful post indeed.


    • Thank you sir. glad you liked the post. I do think the law is to be made so the person who is drunk and the people who have given him the drink are all brought under it , in case of accidents ..


  22. Vaish says:

    If I am right, these days the police have some alocoholmeter that traces the content of alcohol on a person’s breathe. If it is more than the prescribed threshold level, they get points. You should be knowing about it. I cannot bear people drinking and driving. Let alone their life – who is bothered. They are killing someone else too!


    • Yes we have but that is not 100% . So if you find someone over the limit they are arrested, taken to the nick where another test is done . Ans they spend the night as our guest…

      Points on license , maybe revoked too. And license is a big big thing here , jobs ask is u have clean license..

      And if u r caught again its a automatic ban and ur car taken and crushed… Moreover insurance goes through the roof..


  23. Krishna says:

    interesting and indeed post



  24. renu says:

    I totally agree with your friendship honour..true friends are like that only..


  25. Jas says:

    I have had a very bad relationship with alcohol. I have seen people drinking so much that they end up losing all sanity and civil behavior so I kid of don’t like it. I am not judgmental about people who do as many of my friends do but I just can’t bear those who don’t know when to stop.


  26. Padmaja says:

    I have no knowledge of drinks except from what I read from news papers. I think such accidents from drunken drivers amount to murders, because, they knew that they had to drive back home before taking the drink. This post certainly makes anyone think before drinking, if they have to drive back.


  27. Latha says:

    Your one sentence says it all. I haven’t seen SMJ, but I totally agree with you. One of our close friends was caught for DUI, in fact I wanted to write about the incident. Fortunately, he didn’t make any accident but a life long lesson. People may not listen, but never hurts in passing the message again. If it makes a difference even for one person, it’s worth a random thought…:)


    • The thing is you never know when a mishap will happen , one might have driven the car while drinking for years but then one day it happens and it put them and a lot of others also in danger ..

      Thank you so much.


  28. techie2mom says:

    I stayed in Gujarat most of the time (it’s dry state), so didn’t hear much of drunk driving or saw it first hand (As drinking alcohol is done privately in home because of the fear of being caught).
    But, we read about hooch tragedies, where people dies in bulk due to consumption of poisonous hooch.
    At such times i wonder why do people take so much of risk with their lives?!
    And in case of drunk driving, they are taking risk not only with their lives but also with the lives of others, including their loved ones!!!


    • 🙂 gujarat well I have storied of that state too, I have spent some time in ahmedabad and beleive me you can get alcohol 🙂

      as i have said earlier I dont mind the drunk risking their life let them , but i do mind them putting others in trouble or in risk


  29. dilipnaidu says:

    Interesting review indeed. We often come across people driving rash even without drinks. So the bottom line is drive safely – with or without drinks. Cheers!


  30. Ashwathy says:

    I sometimes wonder what it is that prompts people to drive after being drunk. How reckless and stupid can one be? Is it the drink that causes them to be so? Nah, they have to be stupid from before only 🙄 At the cost of lives 😐

    ROFL @ ur description of catching drunk people who drive!! I actually imagined the whole thing…and the grin on your face!! 😀 😀 😀


  31. metherebel says:

    Well written Biks! Good to know that you don’t let your friends drive back home after they are drunk.I have a few friends who like to get drunk by the beach side and stay there till they have sobered down that is usually the next morning 🙂


  32. manju says:

    I completely agree with you. Drinking and driving do not go together. No matter how confident one may be that he/she can drive safely even after a peg or two…..


  33. lifesong says:

    Remember when drunk , THE CAR IS A LOADED GUN, a tool to do serious damage with, it is a serious WEAPON – I wish people realized this
    Sometimes I feel that there should be a detector attached to the steering wheel. If the driver has had alcohol, the car should get locked and cannot be started 🙂 🙂


    • I hope so too, a good idea about the detector, But these days you get disposable detectors that you can keep in ur car and test urself .. But saying that a little bit of alcohol can also have a effect on body ..


  34. jennyshetty says:

    I saw the episode Bikram, and I could imagine how angry the man who lost his son must have been. Drinking and driving and running over a person or dashing your car is a murder. Hardcore irresponsible behavior murder. Your points are so well explained,. And yes that is friendship. Well written post!


    • YEah , I would be too and they let the driver out on bail the very next day.. I would do much damage to that person if it was my son… HOW dare someone be so unthoughtful. and then let go .. THREE kids died in that accident ..


  35. Alkagurha says:

    The boy they showed on sj was my neighbour….he used to play with my son. Only if you have suffered can you u derstand the effects drinking and driving….but it should never be the case.This was a must watch episode for all college goers most of who think it is cool to drink.


    • I know that feeling , I have been there , while in college. It use to be the in thing to have a drink . But things have changes a lot today, I see youngsters not afraid of parents, when I was young I was so afraid to face my dad , yes i drank but it was making sure no one came ot know .. so it was not like we will go out rioting .. we chose a place and sat there and had our fun whatever it was ..

      I also had an accident so I know from personal experience , thats why i say it is dangerous Now even when i go to india, We go to places friends get togethers But i have one condition always the person who is driving does not drink, or better still have a driver or hire a taxi .. then you can have as much as you want and go wherever.. even in uk when we go out there is always a DRIVER.. and we taken turns transporting ..


  36. ladynimue says:

    1 step at a time .. first avoid driving n killing people on roads after you drink ..
    Next people should understand how drinking too much kills a lot f hopes and dreams of people living with you .. Drink from your money but not the part that could be used for better stuff ..


  37. Andy says:

    I commend you for NOT drinking and driving. Too many lives have been affected by such foolish and ignorant people. I am glad you have chosen not to be one of them. Manslaughter, murder, accident – call it what you want, everyone is affected by a death caused as the result of drunk driving. “Think Before You Drink” should be posted all over so people have to take notice.
    Bravo to you, Bikram! Excellent post!

    You Make My Eyes Beautiful


  38. ramananth says:

    You are very correct. Even my husband whenever he goes to a party, he arranges for a taxi to take him and bring him back. In Bangalore, the police know when and where to catch people who drink and drive, so even if one had only a very small drink, it is better to hire a taxi, then get caught in all the police hassle.
    You are doing a good job, even I never like to send somebody drunk to drive home.
    I am having problems posting comments in WP, I wish you had continued in Blogspot.


    • EXCELLENT thats how to do it , moreover in uk a license is a important document and my job depends on it , so i cant afford to be caught drink-drive for i will lose my job too.

      moreover why take the tension of driving , might as well relax and let someone else drive you home ..

      sorry about the problems on wordpress .. oh ho but now i have come here 🙂


  39. Wow… I hope this experience of yours opens a few more minds to understand of the real situation…. though I have never experienced anything like this but I understand the gravity of the consequences this all can lead to.


  40. haddock54 says:

    There was a comment made by Aamir Khan at the end and that is “don’t over drink”
    I was trying to fathom the meaning of it. Where is the allowable mark specified? Was the comment made under the pressure of the Alcohol barons?
    The whole program falls flat under that one statement 😦


    • Yeah Well I guess what he means by that is that we cant stop people from drinking , so dont over drink.. means know your limits , all people who drink know that , so when you know you have had enough dont drink more ..

      I know what you are saying but i am still happy that a program like SMJ has come out it has brought a lot of bad things out , people dont want to talk but now they have to and hopefully something will be done ..


  41. ramananth says:

    Hey Bikram, I heard you have plans to visit Bangalore in August, do email, we could either meet or if you don’t have time we can at least talk over the phone. My email id., is there in my blog.


  42. ashreyamom says:

    why is tat i am taking time to reply to this post?? u have given a right direction to it.. right thought to drinkers who want to drive.. u have toughed a social issue, but………. u also mentioned that u drink on everyday basis.. :(.. hmmm i have not right to tell u nt to drink, u r nt a kid to ve advised too. :(.. but just as a well wisher, i can say think of the side effects before u drink/.. :)..
    hope u dont get offended by my comment.. 🙂


    • 😦 thats because you dont love my blog any more boooooooooo hoooooooooooo … 😦

      WHat I meant by everyday was I dont drink like a idiot every day , 95% of the time I jsut have a bottle of BUdwieser and thats it .. I hardly drink hard liqour at home , maybe on parties etc .. THANK you so much but for the concern , I will try to reduce that even pakka …

      I am not at all offended with the comment WHY Will i , COME on you are talking about my well being , os chillax


  43. jaishvats says:

    I agree Bikram. Drinking and Driving is very very dangerous and not allowing a drunk person to drive is a very noble deed.

    One thing I dont seem to agree with the whole wide world in general is that drinking is a fun activity. Its not good for the body and it makes you lose your control and I dont think it tastes all that great…So whats the whole big deal about? Dont know if I am sounding like one dumbo who does not know what having fun is but I think the world has a whole lot of excuses for this and many families have been ruined in the so called fun-from-a-drink!


    • i totally understand that drinking is bad for health , I cant answer the question about whats the big deal.. I jsut come home and have one thats all maybe to relax or now its jsut become a habit thats all ..
      No you are talking perfect sense and thats how it should be .. I put there that i drink for I dont want ot be like the hipocrites who write about all the things but do the same .. I drink I admit , but i cant remeber the last time i had and made a fool of myself …


  44. Purba says:

    If you’ve had a drink too many, all you need to do is call a cab or a friend who can pick you up. Wonder why most don’t get it.


  45. Deeps says:

    Very well said Bikram and totally endorse your views on drunken driving!

    “Remember when drunk , THE CAR IS A LOADED GUN, a tool to do serious damage with, it is a serious WEAPON.” perfectly put! Wish those who drink and drive would realize this and stop taking their lives and others’ lives as well, for granted.


    • Thank you Deeps. Yeah if only people are careful. and if they are not worried about their own life, I got no qualms they want to go and kill themselves let them BUT dont put anyone else’s life in danger, i have no sympathy for those who get drunk but definitely they dont have the right to put others in danger… 🙂 I hope I am not tooo very harsh.


  46. debajyoti says:

    totally agree with you. it’s the responsibility of everyone around not to let someone drive under the influence of alcohol, it is virtually impossible to drive normally even if you have one or two pints.


  47. Scattered Musings of A Creative Mind says:

    I rarely drink but on the occasions that I have, my hubby always makes sure I am not driving (not that I do/would). I am also one of those people that if I see a friend drinking to much I stop because I want to be able to take care of them. Great article.

    Stopping by via the hop on Andy’s blog


  48. Anita Menon says:

    Just a good post with such an important message. Drinking and driving cases are more common than we imagine. In an Islamic country like where I live, its just as common, surprisingly. Nevertheless a serious offence. Remarkable of you to take up this critical cause.


  49. Shreya says:

    The worst part is, I don’t think anyone takes this issue till something has happened to them, and by then it’s already too late. The ‘It won’t happen to me’ mentality kinda screws us all over. Wonderful post. And yes, it doesn’t make you a bad friend, it makes you a responsible one.

    P.S. Take care of that liver!


    • 🙂 he he he YEah the liver is well taken care of .. I dont drink that much.

      as you said once the damage is done thats when people think , why cant they think of it otherwise I dont know ..

      Welcome here .. do keep coming 🙂


  50. Androgoth says:

    The law is the law… No drinking and Driving
    I mean it is so obviously clear why one should
    not drive under the influence of alcohol anyway,
    so do we really need anyone to tell us this? No.

    Another thing that a lot of people don’t understand
    is that if they get into a car with a drunk driver, then
    ALL that have a licence to drive are guilty, the laws
    are clear…

    So anyone reading this fine
    posting by our great friend Bikram…

    Just Do NOT Do It…

    Never Drink and Drive
    If YOU Want to Stay Alive…



  51. I watched this episode and I was totally moved when he was explaining about how he was recuperating at Alcoholics Anonymous. But as he said, those people, who are chronic drinkers, they have to realize that it is bad for them and they have to make an effort to come out of it. It is no use forcing them to quit, coz once they get addicted,nothing else matters to them.

    The emphasis on drunken driving is necessary, coz more than dying by the health hazards posed by drinking, they are more probable to die, because of the way the handle the steering when they are drunk! True.




  52. Meera says:

    Very well-written and I hope people heed your advice. I know I will.


  53. if i’ve come to a party with people.. i make sure if i’ll be drinking then i won’t drive at all .. else will stay at my friend’s place till i am sober ..


  54. […] small lecture before I leave .. Please Dont Drink and Drive., Have a Safe […]


  55. […] small lecture before I leave .. Please Dont Drink and Drive., Have a Safe […]


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