Farmers of our nation: Punjab mera punjab

Posted: June 28, 2012 in Farmers, Hathyar, Jatt, Life, Mera Punjab
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Please carry on reading this article if you are ready to think logically and understand.
1. If you are one of those people who will not listen to One wrong word against the country PLEASE STOP NOW, I am sorry.. This article is not for you, or for those who have one single track mind..
2. All those who think our country has nothing wrong ALSO STOP READING NOW.
3. All those who can only TALK and do nothing also STOP READING.
4. Please do read the whole of it before commenting

Zara Dholiya Dhol ute Daga lain oye
Hath rakh kan ute boli tun pain oye
Ful khidiya sab de man bhaunda
(Hey the man with the DHOL(drum), beat it , and sing the song, that as a flower is loved by everyone same way let my PUNJAB be loved to , let it live forever)

I remember the time when Punjab state was one of the most rich state, it was supposedly the state which fed the whole of the country .. But over the years things have changed drastically.. first the terrorism and now the political .. Actually hold on let me rephrase that

The state of Punjab was always given a Step motherly treatment by the centre govt. I am sure no one can deny that.. look what that has done to this state.. (carved three states from one state),  then terrorism happened which took us so many years behind , A whole generation of Punjabi youth was finished , disintegrated in those years.. the after math of that we are still feeling and some of us are living the horror.

The Government as usual is only busy in filling their own coffers, no one has time for that man, The man who gets up early morning no matter what the weather is like rainy,chilly, hot … He gets up to go and tend to his farmland, his animals.. a Typical day in the life of a farmer .. I know because I have done it .. been there ..worn the tee 🙂

Get up at the first light of about 4:30/5 in morning , It a different story that if you did not get up the village Gurudwara’s granthi made sure you get up when he started with his daily routine on the Speakers..

Go to the fields to take a round , by the time you got back the ladies in the house had the fire burning, stoves ready .. getting the food ready .. Breakfast would be a Big Mug full of Lassi, with Paranthas… and off to fields .. Tilling the land, sowing the seeds, watering the fields , etc etc a non stop day of work .. work and more work.. with little respite from weather.. sun shining hard and mighty .. or the winter chill going right inside to the bones .. Feet went numb when watering the fields in the middle of the night …

But all that was worth  the hardship, when the first green leaf appeared from the soil .. It also meant the start of problems –  not one but so many of them …

Typically it is like ,

kadi motor sad gayi
kadi bor khad gaya
kadi paindaa soka
kadi sab kuch had gaya
Meaning that either the Motor to the tube well burnt cause of the fluctuations in electricity, you get that fixed then there would be a problem with the tubewell itself.. Sometimes the water level would go down , with no water or there was  draught like situation… OR it would rain so much that there is excess of water  and we get floods…
The farmer has no other way then to go and get a loan from the bank, and hope that next season things will be different, with a bumper crop he can get rid of the loan, and earn some money.. the whole life cycle starts all over again .. but its the same outcome and this time
kishtaan bank diyaan tut gayina
saari duniya da anndata
oh saunda bhukha bhana

And now the he has not been able to pay the installment also… So now he has no crop, plus a defaulter with the bank.. he sleeps hungry the one who feeds the whole nation.

jatt di joon buri
tadap tadap mar jana
ridak ridak mar jana

Farmers have a bad life, they are going to die one day struggling..
This is the sad story of our farmers , if all goes well then the natural calamities takes over, diseases to the crops

paigi narme nu sundi
ganaa sukiya
das hun ki kariye
munda wehla kudiyaan jawaan hoiyaan
kehde khoohe dub ke maariye
mar mar jiun naalo taan changa hai iko din mar jana
Cotton (narma) has been attacked by american worm, sugarcane(ganna) has dried .. What can he do ..
His son is jobless, no work .. and daughters(kudiyaan) are grown now. they have to be married soon .. Which well can he throw himself down to die, that’s why they think that its better to die than live like this every day …
jatt di joon buri
tadap tadap mar jana
ridak ridak mar jana
What is going to happen to our farmers(jatt), not just in Punjab but everywhere its the same story .. We who live in the cities take everything for granted, do we sit for once and think about those who are actually providing for us, We go to a shop and buy the stuff with our money, the money which we MAY have earned after working hard.. but just imagine the plight of that farmer who is working so much harder than us, so we can eat, Yet he does not get what is due to them
Why don’t we have the guts to ask the question, we are arguing over stupid things , spending hours on useless things, Wake up people All this development that we keep barking about, is not good if the backbone of our country is broken and FARMERS are those backbone of our great nation… we need to ask this question
Sadiyan Fasllan Da
Kahto Launde Mul Vayapari

We do all the work, get the grain to the market then why does someone else put a price tag on our work.

Lets tell the Government

fasallan te sapriyaan de pithan te pump tikke ne
is waari holi te patan nahin kine jatt vike ne
hathyar hi sute haje chalaune nahin aseen bhule
raflaan diyan nalaan de rakhe ne muh haje tak khule
jit ke ja waddi hai kithe thagan di toli

(We carry the weight of the pumps holding the fertilisers and sprays on our backs..  This holi season god knows how many more farmers have sold themselves yet againWe might have thrown our WEAPONS (hathyaar).. But we have not forgotten how to use(chalauna) them,  We have kept the mouth of our RIFLES (raflaan) open,  Where do these THUGS go after winning the elections)

But what can I say when we ourself have cultivated these thorns in our life and given them permission to bleed us, kill us  for the next five years, Every Five years or less.

All lyrics are taken from songs sung by punjabi singh Babbu Mann..

The last time I visited my village we had a game of cricket at 5am in morning some pics..

  1. Ek tukde zamin ke liye marte maarte hai log aur kisaan zameen ho na ho sirf maar khaata hai
    loved that thought provoking song Bikram….yes we as a nation have failed our farmers and our soldiers…..


    • Yes we have which is so sad, people who gives the most for the nation usually suffer and scumbags who just sit and eat the nation are ruling us ..
      Such a shame it is , this makes me so angry people go on and on on stupid things and the matters which matter they nicely forget about.
      I hardly hear of morchas and rallys for the good of the farmers, rather we raise an eyebrow when they go on strike.

      Hope things change


  2. Zephyr says:

    That was one great wake-up call from the blogger with a heart — in its right place 🙂

    The farmers have been lured by multinationals to sow chillies and potatoes instead of grains — for their chips and toppings. And as the land loses its richness, they pump in fertilizers and chemicals and make them grow larger and larger varieties, but alas without the life-giving nutrients. Is it any wonder then, that the land is taking the lives of our annadatas?

    Lovely lyrics.


    • 🙂 Thank you so muchhhhhhhhhhh.. sad state indeed.. and as we saw to make more money the farmers have been told wrong things and made to use the fertilizers .. and now we are eating them all and taking us closer to mayhem …


  3. In my view, farming has always been a challenge. It has never been perfect and never will be. That said, farming has always been an important factor in making a nation, in making a economy, in providing that wealth (and not just money) for both the nation and the farming industry itself.

    Over time, as everything else, times have moved on and technology has spread in all areas including farming, and while I believe technology is good, I still retain the fear that quality is over looked with quantity.

    Much the same way as technology, methods of farming and getting more crop has changed – and with the introduction of fertilisers and similar chemicals, has meant that farming has gone into an area of unexplored territory, meaning where farmers are led to believe chemicals used in once organic farming is good for everyone. Although this may be true for some areas, such as quantity and economy growth, unfortunately it is all short lived – because like technology using one chemical means having to buy a better one that does more, and then a mad rush occurs where farmers are trying all sort to compete and get better and along the way forgetting how farming has survived via traditional and organic methods for thousands of years.

    Overall excellent post and one which really is a wake up call for everyone.


    • IT has been a challenge yes, But it was good challenge , a challenge which won meant so many had full stomachs .. but now inspite of bumper crops people are dieing …

      technology is there but the apathy of govt is such that it does not reach a normal farmer , yeah the rich can have it but then rich can have everything ..

      Thank you TBAB 🙂


  4. I know how difficult it is for the farmers and land-owners. One of my friend’s father is a land-owner and he employs farmers to cultivate crops in his land and sell them. He has told so many things about the difficulties they face. They are indeed hard-working and under-paid. But, he feels that this situation will change soon.

    Destination Infinity


    • No i dont think it will imporve as land is decreasing , and as families become bigger with property being divided amongst children.. It will furthur deplete..

      So things will not become easier for the farmers .. and if that happens it will effect the country too.. there are a lot of problems that are being faced .. weather is changing , water is getting scarce , electricity has problems to touch a few


  5. irfan says:

    I think we all are not appreciating farmers of our country as it would have been appreciated. The food we are eating with our family sitting in the comfort of our house is coming after this much of hardship of these farmers but we hardy think of that……This is high time to show some gratefulness to these people without whose effort and hard work we may not survive. If we consider ourself as human then we really need to think for a moment about these farmers before eating our meal…….

    A heart felt post Bikram…..and this shows how much connected you are from your mother land and its people even after staying miles away from them….. 🙂


    • Irfan bhai there are a lot of things that we all have to get together and do, we havea lot of work to be done a LOTTTTTTTTT… I know the hardship as I have been through them myself working in the heat in fields and in the cold in middle of winters .. and yet not get what we should is never fair ..

      Thank you irfan bhai .. how are you doing


  6. Saddi shaan sadda Punjab 🙂
    Excellent post with quotes and your very clear explanation made your views powerful. I always think of the farmers who work hard day and night to feed the whole nation but times and circumstances come when they fails to get for themselves…its painful ..they do so much for us but when it comes to we people .. in-spite of being thankful to them and helping them some people seeks to get away and few don’t cares at all…
    We must take some steps …I hope someday I will be able to makes some changes in our society for our farmers…


  7. Yuvika says:

    we call ourselves an agrarian community but do nothing for the farmers – food the most important aspect of life (after air and water) is given such a shabby treatment by the governments. it is sad indeed.


  8. Scribby says:

    Farmers don’t come in picture when we talk about the troubles of our country…ironic but true…while farmers are the ones who bring us our food 😦

    such an apt song B!


  9. Jas says:

    I have heard this song. Though I haven’t lived in village but I know some dear ones who have and the life they have lived. It is not easy and yes, the country has long been ignoring the problems and issues. Recently in my last trip to Punjab, I actually saw uncovered grains lying in the open godowns and I was wondering what would happen to them when rains will lash. And few days later, it was all over the news how crop has rotten.

    I wish I could say that things will improve because in this case I don’t see it happening.


    • Jas you know next time I come you and family can come over to our vilalge it is still in remote part and authentic village 🙂 you and your family are always welcome …
      yes and its not jsut this year it happens every year the crop comes to the market and that where a lot get destroyed as no arrangements are there , then the govt apathy .. can you beleive one of the reasons the crop got spoilt this year was because the govt could not provide the JUTE BAGS in enough quantity to store the grain .. HOW SAD can it be …


  10. manju says:

    This is a post obviously written straight from the heart! Farmers are so important for our economy but least appreciated. Politicians simply do not care about farmers and their problems.

    BTW- Cybernag gave me the link to this post. By a coincidence I have also posted today about farmers- those in Maharashtra.


    • Welcome here to this blog , thank you so much .. Farmers are VERY important I wish people come to know about it , it will be disaster if things go bad ..

      and thank you to cybernag too for getting you here 🙂


  11. It feels sad to see all this even after 65 years of independence and we living in the 21st century when things have changed a lot across the world. Our country is still fighting with some teething issues which should have been eradicated long ago by the government…but for the reality!


    • yes Very sad indeed so many years have gone by and no one gives a damn .. not just the indina govt but the indian public too .. when has a commom man thought about a farmer .. everyone is so busy in their own little world …


  12. eva626 says:

    you experienced this!? no way…that is really something cool. I love the pictures btw.


    • What do you mean no way 🙂 .. I am 100% desi, this is just by luck and the way things panned out to be that I am in UK, otherwise the heart is still there.. god willing one day will get back there too some day…

      Thank you 🙂


  13. Bikram, You raise a very good topic. Look at the farmer death in Maharashtra and AP that we read about every single day. We turn a blind eye because it does not concern us directly. I am sure you must have seen SMJ and what that farmer in Punjab said about pesticides and crop yields. Our country is systematically descending into chaos. There is a lot of social turmoil going on currently. The issues that are there are so many and related to all aspects. Good post and good point. I would love to visit your village or any village some day.


    • any time Rachna , it would be my pleasure to have you visit our home. and you are most welcome always anytime .. next time I come over you and family can come over , God has been kind ..

      yeah SMJ showed another side of what is happeneing how pesticides are being used to get a quick crop.. but that in turn is spoling the whole of the land.. and it is harming us humans tooooo


  14. ashreyamom says:

    what u said is very true.. every time, during the floods, we see so many farmers killing themselves, unable to take the burden of loan and mouths to feed in family.. it is so depressing… annadatha are not given importance in our nation.. 😦


    • the problem is that we farmers do all the work but then the price is set by govt, WHO are they to put the price.. any other place any other company who makes any product they set ther price themself , So why are the farmers not allowed to set the price..


  15. Balachandran says:

    The plight of the farmers is the same or worse across the country. Remember the farmers committing suicide in Andhra Pradesh and Kerala? The destruction of agriculture in India began with Green Revolution; it was actually a Greed Revolution. The land and its culture were destroyed. Now we have GM seeds and Monsanto. There is a huge disparity in the sharing of income, when you compare farming with say, IT or other industries.

    The lyrics are beautiful. Punjabi is the language of the soil; it reverberates with resilience – that of the land and its people.


    • Bala Sir , thank you so much for coming over to this blog, most welcome sir and its good ot see you here.

      yes the plight is same everywhere , I know of punjab that’s why talking of punjab.
      and you are so right the green revolution actually destroyed everything in the long run anything rushed always hurts…

      and as you say the sharing of income is a concern , as i mentioned earlier all companies who make a product set their own price .. so why are farmers not allowed to set their own price .. WHY is someone else allowed to set a price …


  16. momofrs says:

    Wonderfully written Bikram!!! So true….farmers are a neglected community. Here in Maharashtra too, their plight is no better. I guess Mahrashtra has the highest rate of farmer suicides…yet there is next to nil help from the state or central government.
    The worst part is that we have tonns of grains lying rotting in government godowns 😐
    Its time the Government woke up and did something about this!!


    • Thank you so much. The plight is same everywhere , all over india.

      that is another big problem when we have bumper crop most of the grain gets destroyed as we dont have proper places to store them ..


  17. Amit says:

    Beautifully written. Great lyrics.
    After reading your post and watching SMJ, I have realised that we are systematically destroying farmers in our country. It actually started with Green revolution. Lakhs of farmers have commited suicide. All we can do is hope that the madness stops.


  18. Alkagurha says:

    This is an earthy post….dil se……yes, Punjab has lost it’s glory…….they have the most hardworking people and look what lack of leadership has done to the state. Sad.


  19. renu says:

    hamaara desh to krishi pradhan desh kehalatta tha..but all this technology has not made things better, rather destroyed them…I am totally against BT cotton etc, where every year farmer has to buy new seeds and after a few crops land becomes infertile.

    if we give importance to agriculture, if not more than atleast equal to IT we can avoid any recession….


    • yeah the word is THA.. not anymore technology is good but in our nation we have taken it the wrong way and destroyed things .. other countries have taken so much advantage of technology they are thriving .

      Ask me about the cotton , I have been there tilling the land , sowing cotton and then by hand plucking cotton and then getting rid of the plant , its used for fire ..


  20. R's Mom says:

    *stands up and claps*

    What a thought provoking post Bikram, ..while we talk about so many other things thats plaguing India, farmers seem to be the last on the list…this post hit hard


  21. Rosy says:

    Hi Bikram,
    nice song from babbu mann, well translated by another mann. The story says it all. Very well written Bikram. I know that since my nanaji too is a farmer and I have spent every summer vacation till my marriage at their village. So I have seen the lifestyle and hard work they used to put then and still doing. All my great grandparents had a healthy long life over 100 years. My nani’s brother died few years back and he was 108. But my nanaji is 87 and having lots of health problems. Its due to pesticides they are using. the urea level in urine test these days is very high. My nanaji told me that when they make ghee out of the butter, they throw the ghee at the bottom of the pan since it contains only urea. I talked to 2-3 farmers(my relatives) when we went 2 years back, many people are sick. Many cancer cases in our small village of only few houses. I had a long discussion abt pesticides with my relatives and they said that the land is used to pesticides and it would take lots of efforts to do organic farming. The small farmers will not survive. The bigger one might have to suffer for 1-2 years. Most farmers are not strong enough to take big risks so life chali ja rahi hai unki aise hi.

    I guess like the state of sikkim , our Punjab state govt should show some care for our farmers. Our politicians have collected enough money for many generations to come. Now its time for our land, our country.


    • Yes like the state of sikkim others will have to do the same , else we will soon have nothing to grow , as such the land is decsreasing day by day and furthur getting divided ..

      people are stopping farming , with land prices going so high who want to work so hard for nothing , I DONT, farmers are selling their lands for profit .. it will soon disappear


  22. Cynosure says:

    Superb post Bikram…you gave an excellent and true picture…
    Proud to be a Sikh… 🙂 🙂 🙂


  23. jaishvats says:

    Hi Bikram

    I have seen news articles about farmers committing suicide due to their poverty in various parts of the nation. They feed the entire country as you said and need to be taken care of .


  24. ashreyamom says:

    so here is a surprise..
    please accept my this award to u..


  25. techie2mom says:

    A very thought provoking post…
    It’s really sad that the hands that feed the nations remains empty.


  26. umashankar says:

    Redolent of the heartland of Punjab, your elegy will strike a chord with the farmers across the nation. The uncertainities that roil the lives of the breadmakers to the nation, and the leeches that suck at their blood and souls, remain the same.

    Loved your arguments as you weaved your way with quotes from ballad-like Punjabi songs. Those pictures are sure to spark off flames of nostalgia among the hardest of us.


  27. Onkar Kedia says:

    True, we don’t give our farmers their due


  28. Punam J R says:

    Bikram, I think progress starts from there – the field and the people who tend to the field. If only our leaders concentrated ONLY on these great farmers who feed their nation, then everything would fall in place – starting with a domino effect, from rural life, the prosperity will spread to the urban life as well.. unfortunately, the leaders are only interested in tending to the big IT companies, and real estate and blah blahs..
    Very thought-provoking post…


    • the problem we have is we want big things to change and are leaving the root causes as they are , so even if a change comes it will not work.. start from bottom upwards ..

      get people food water electricity .. things will start to improve ..

      leaders are idiots they never think of anything other then their own pocket always.


  29. jennygoth666 says:

    sorry to hear about the farmers and their plight no one should be hungry in this world but the people at the top make it that way xjen


  30. Andy says:

    My friend,
    Great write!! As always you give us something to think about. Thanks for sharing.


  31. Jyoti Mishra says:

    Agriculture.. backbone of our nation.. still contributes maximum to the GDP..
    we babble about emerging/shining India.. top economies.. but we are so far behind.. when it comes to the quality of life of poor farmers.. their access to health and modern agricultural technology..

    this sorry situation worsens even more with natural calamities…
    culprits are so many.. govt.. sometimes ppl themselves.
    Farming is one of the most laborious job..
    farmers of Punjab, farmers of wardha, MP,UP, Bihar .. we can add all states to the list..
    their situation is bad.. and govt is just busy in petty politics..

    Awesome post..
    those Punjabi lyrics were treat to readers 🙂


    • It does but the people who contribute to this GDP , many live below the poverty line and are committing suicides and all ..

      we just babble jyoti which was are we india shining i would like ot ask ..

      every farmer is in the same boat, no wonder they want to sell their lands for money and move on , who wants to work for nothing , I dont.


  32. sm says:

    we have failed to everyone and lets say Mera Bharat Mahan




  34. Indrani says:

    Farmers should be given more importance. Serious topic. The article has jolted my thought process. So many serious issues our country has to tackle. Well written.


  35. Issues of farmers has been a rising problem in our country, not just Punjab, all over the nation,
    Its sad that there’s a big rise in the suicide statistics of farmers, and the worst part is its often ignored, I agree not much efforts aint taken by our government.
    The fact about Punjab being neglected, Its true ,,after all these days its not the news that matters, TRPs run media.

    great effort..I am glad that I came across your got a regular follower here.


    • Welcome here to this blog , thank you so much for visiting.
      you are right its not jsut punjab but all over, I dont have that much knowledge of other states hence i talked of punjab.

      you are right TRP’s matter the most always


  36. Rekha says:

    It has always been the case hasn’t it…he who tills the land doesn’t often own it, when he does, the weather plays truant, when the crops yield their riches, the middlemen leave him with pennies.
    And then some give up traditional crops for the quick profit ones which may end as failures and push him into further debt.
    it’s funny that most of our politicians come from villages and small towns themselves but ignore the problems they have seen growing up, once they come to power.
    Sometimes I wonder as I sit down to eat my meal, if the ones who grew the food on my table afford to it?
    A well raised point, but sadly no short term answers or long term solutions unless the mindset changes, we do away with middle men, have adequate storage and crop failure prevention measures.


    • Yes you are right this is the case always. I am not going to say not doing traditional crop is good, the farmer also has to feed his family , so he is doing what is best for him, we have not given him the confidence that he will be looked after in case something happens.

      well to become a politician the only requirement is they need to be selfish and cruel and bad , hence why would they worry about where they came from , they are interested in their pocket.. If we made them sit and drink the same water or live in same conditions they will soon come to their senses…


  37. Arti says:

    Such a sad scenario but true, and I am so glad that we have someone here who is raising a strong voice towards the better. How long will we keep ignoring the plight of the people for whom we live? Somethings really need to change and change soon. Thank you for this, no amount of thank you’s is actually enough for this brilliant voice!


  38. Amit Agarwal says:

    The Govt at the center must take adequate care of Punjab…the king of all states…I love it…the food ..the music and masti!


  39. Wonderful write, Bikram. India is an agrarian economy and will continue to remain so for a long time to come. Our sustenance as a nation is dependent upon our farmers and if they are in distress, then so are we.

    Great to be back here……..been missing all those wonderful posts


    • Hello Rakesh .. Long time 🙂

      I am not sure if it will remain for a long time as if we take example of punjab farmers are selling farmland as price of land has gone so high, they can sell it and live comfortably for generations , so things are going bad now ..

      Good to see you back.


  40. Bikram,
    Thanks for sharing this. I am glad I read this. I do know that life of farmers in general is a challenging arduous one. But, somehow I feel I never knew so much. I loved the way you have written it. the passion, the choice of words, the way you used the folk and the way you touched us and the way your words struck a chord in us.
    It is true that we in the cities will never be able to fully fathom the plight of farmers in the countryside. The ones who should be richest and afford square meals are suffering the insufferable.
    I want to visit Punjab and move on a field in a tractor you know. Somehow, I want to. I want to wear the patialas, sit on the tractor, chew sugarcane – I hope I get to do it sometime soon 🙂


    • Next time I come ot punjab I will let you know , you are welcome ot our home , anytime and I promise you can have a tractor ride as much and as much sugar canes and what not 🙂 Our village home is not that great but It is a home and you are welcome always, ANYTIME.

      life of farmers is very difficult wish the govt does something .. SOMETIME


  41. d.Nambiar says:

    That’s a solid post about the plight of farmers. Really — a sorry state of affairs. And this is a very honest post, I can see that.


  42. Praveen says:

    I dont want to give any apathetic view on this. But its the same condition all over the country. i dont mean that we accept the helplessness of present conditions, instead cooperate & collaborate on local levels.
    You know with new focus of govt being the long ignored east up,bihar,bengal & north east, it feels that again these areas will be pushed in the conditions of current farmers in other states. Hope they execute it expeditiously in these areas.


    • I hope so too, govt thinks and works for the good of farmers in long run rather than a quick buck for themself.

      I think with the coming of Wal-Mart things might change as hopefully they will pay the farmers directly for the produce and that they are better payers .. then the current middle men.

      And we will get to buy better product too.


  43. I am one of those who cant much about this. But i’ll comment anyway becausr for those of us who grew up in cities, this is an eye opener. It is important for us to know everything and so i am glad i read through it all!


  44. Saru Bajwa says:

    Excellent post Bikramjeet!!!


  45. ZEAL says:

    very touching post with lovely pics…. Disclaimer was interesting…:)


  46. ek bhagat singh they jo kehte the ki kheton mein bandookein ugaalo taaki bharat ko aazaadi miley aur ek aaj ke politicians hai jo kehte hai ki kheton mein chemicals daalo aur nahi koi kissan maane toh usko bhi daal do taaki jan-jivan-fasal ko barbaadi miley …

    loved the song from babbu mann…!


    • Rahul paaji this is such a beautiful and thoughtful comment.. much better then the article itself.. wow

      So very true and people have bhagat singhs huge pictures to show they follow him yet they so nothing that bhagat Singh said..

      Thank you so much rahul, can I use this comment please sometime in my article..

      Very very well said.. really proud of knowing you..


  47. a very thoughtful post…i dont want to comment as Im still thinking and there are issues on which i never know which stand to take…very complex for me!


  48. […] Farmers of our nation: Punjab mera punjab […]


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