I was reading an article at The CYBER NAg about how some english phrases make a perfect sense – to indians.. When I happened to remember I had a few of those collected where english behaves like a funny language .. here are few of those

English is a crazy language, same words have different Pronunciations and meanings here are a few 🙂

1) The bandage was wound around the wound.

2) The farm was used to produce produce .

3) The dump was so full that it had to refuse more refuse.

4) We must polish the Polish furniture.

5) He could lead if he would get the lead out.

6) The soldier decided to desert his dessert in the desert.

7) Since there is no time like the present, he thought it was time to present the present .

8) A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.

9) When shot at, the dove dove into the bushes.

10) I did not object to the object.

Have a great weekend ..  Have you got any funnies like these 🙂

  1. haricharan says:

    Yes, rightly pointed. English language does have so many words that have similar spelling however mean different. Nice post 🙂


  2. bhavana says:

    lol!!! So true–English language is super crazy. It is so funny how the pronunciations are different based on if it is a noun or verb!!! Your examples are hilarious. Here is one from me: please please yourself:) hahaha


  3. Bindu says:

    Yes, it is funny at times. I wonder why they can’t replace these homophones, homonyms and homographs with new words.


  4. Shilpa Garg says:

    Very funny collection you have shared!! And very interesting too!! 😀
    Found this too… The insurance was invalid for the invalid!! 😀


  5. R. Ramesh says:

    sure eng is a crazy language..but what power it has boss..26 letters have captured the world….salute the language..


  6. Punam J R says:

    Definitely.. English is a funny language.
    I did have some such jokes on my blogspot sidebar..


  7. yuvikachaube says:

    oh yes, we cant get enough of the language jokes!


  8. pixie says:

    That’s why I think English is so fascinating and funny! 🙂


  9. anisnest says:

    🙂 ha ha ha.. very funny 🙂


  10. jaishvats says:

    Nice post:) I am beginning to realize how funny English is after starting to teach three letter words to my kiddo…I say P-u-t – Put and then H-u-t is Hut. How do I explain that? And we say G makes Ga sound but Giraffe starts with G and not J. So when I ask him, mama’s name starts with? and he says G…Now why would not a kid get confused…Its a DAMN funny language 😀


  11. ha ha ha these are funny 🙂


  12. Me says:

    Englees is a very phuunny language 🙂


  13. techie2mom says:

    And you are a very funny man 🙂
    Very funny list…


  14. Scribby says:

    6 & 7 bherry phunny 🙂


  15. PNA says:

    The dessert wala sentence almost sounds like that tongue twister – She sells sea shells on the sea shore 🙂 English is indeed a very phunny language 😀


  16. The list could go on and on…


  17. renu says:

    english is a funny language..thats really true..once of my french friend was learning it and he said…OMG..go went gone..I will go mad learning it:)


  18. Jyothi says:

    Oh yes, English is a funny language, no two thoughts on that. 🙂 Good Collection 😀


  19. Smita says:

    😀 😀 😀 😀
    Nice collection there and yep bhat a phunny langaugewa!


  20. Jas says:

    ha ha 😀 I am discovering all this in more detail when I teach my son these days… I would say watch Tv and watch on wrist???? (and all these question marks exists in his eyes) How can I explain that now


  21. Ashwathy says:

    But then it is a verb and noun clash 🙂 right?


  22. Cynosure says:

    lol…finally after a long time u made me laugh in ENGLISH…nice one… 😛 😛 😛


  23. Bhagyashree says:

    Tell me about those. The kid asked me the craziest of questions and oftehn I tto wonder why. Like I taught him phonics. So K is ka but then cat is also produced kat. I find teaching regional languages/ Hindi is much easier as grammar is more refined.


  24. Nirvana says:

    hahaha!!! that was really good!


  25. Uma says:

    lol…loved the list..English can be funny and extremely slippery for learners trying to get a grip on the language


  26. Andy says:

    Haha! Even after 10 years of being married to my British wife, there are still some things she says that just leave me clueless! Nice one Bikramjit! Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn…


  27. These terms are also tongue twisters! I think all languages might have their own confusing terms like that. Wonder why I didn’t receive this post update by mail?

    Destination Infinity


  28. Rekha says:

    Reminds me of A.B film dialogue…English is a phunny language….I think since the current one is a refined version of latin, german and french words and old english it become a bhelpuri of sorts.


  29. irfan says:

    hahaa…hilarious 🙂


    • Irfan paaji thank you so much .. how are you doing .. aur sir ji anniversary mana li aur mujhe invite nahin kiya 🙂 but then thinking of it why would you invite a kebab main haddi he he he he he:)


  30. Zephyr says:

    Is this the first part of a series? I love the Bikramisms and the questions you put to the readers. And hey, thanks for the link back. 🙂


  31. 🙂 pretty nifty list, Rachna. We should do a list on Bushisms (sayings of dear George Dubya).. He’s gone where no man has gone before. As a wag once said, “never make fun of a guy with broken english. it means he knows another language” (except of course in the case of Dubya)

    ps: seconding Zephyr’s request for a series..


    • @Srini chandran :- welcome here and thank you for visiting. I like that line .. never make fun of a guy with broken english as it means he knows another language very true sir.. Well said and a series , I have a few for part 2 and thats about it .. will put it up soon


  32. Nice one Paaji – let’s take this one step further, even Punjabi is a funny language. Once while travelling on the train with friends, we joked about how we rhymed words, old skool style, so here goes.

    “Chaa Shaa, Demand Shand, Car Cur, Diamond Dumand, Video Shideo, Floor Flur, Roti Shoti, Kebab Shaab, Light Loot, Namber Number…”

    I am sure there are more…


  33. As Dharmendra in ‘Chupke chupke ‘ says, English is a phunny language!

    Good collection. Had a good laugh, Bikram, thank you!


  34. Deeps says:


    English is a funny language… and so are you! 😀


  35. sm says:

    English is funny language
    nice collection


  36. Onkar Kedia says:

    very good ones


  37. Androgoth says:

    Nicely done Bikram and yes the English language
    can be a real minefield at times but instead of me
    offering another example I thought that you might
    like to try out this tongue twister? 🙂

    Now read it to yourself first
    and then say it as fast as you can…

    One Smart Fellah, He Felt Smart
    Two Smart Fellah’s, They Felt Smart
    Three Smart Fellah’s, They Felt Smart
    They All Felt Smart Together…

    Now have a go and let me know how
    you get on with this one okay? 🙂 😉 lmao



  38. Varsha says:

    good one…great collection


  39. sugar says:

    i remember the scene from the movie Namak haram or halal whatver it was , tht one of big B saying “english is a very PHanny language” 😀


  40. ..its phunny!
    lol… we can talk english ,walk english ..we can leave angrez behind 🙂
    nice collection thou! tc


  41. ashreyamom says:

    ya, true.. ” read ” is another word, which is again read, with differed pronunciation while reading the book. i always get annoyed explaining the difference to kids while teaching them..


  42. All the more reason why I love it 😛
    and the pronounciations – put/but/cut and all that cliche 😛


  43. Ria says:

    Lol! Yea English sure is a funny language. 😛


  44. Jenny says:

    haha, you know what I made a fool of myself in class 4, trying to impress my english teacher.

    I wanted to tell her how hard I had worked on my essay. I ended up saying:
    ‘Mam, I hardly worked on this essay’ :-))


  45. Meera says:

    This reminds me of Chupke Chupke, where Dharmender goes ” to too hota hai, aur do doo hota hai par go goo nahi hota” English is one hilarious language. It has several rules but it will happily break its own rules. 🙂


  46. So true!
    I remember reading once how english is crazy when it comes to fruit names too, a pineapple has nothing to do with pine or apples


  47. Reema says:

    good ones!


  48. Shalu Sharma says:

    Indeed, its a funny language. A language that was invented in a hurry. Thank you for this post.


  49. inducares says:

    Aha you have collected SOME gems.


  50. raju070 says:

    That was a great post to read first thing in the morning. Help me start the day with a smile. Great collection of funny little crazies. 😉


  51. Hahaha…so nicely collected and that too with well meanings. I just recollected something my son said couple of months back. He had a spelling bee contest at school and he said, he lost it because he didn’t ask for the sentence. The word was ‘knew’ and he assumed it was new. 🙂


  52. B k Chowla says:

    Oh,yes.English sure is funny.We,Indians have actually made it funnier .
    does anyone remember Amitabh Bachachan dialogue of Namak Halal?


  53. ashreyamom says:

    i got a e-mail today.. which fitted this topic.. so posting it..

    In an African Safari, a Lion suddenly bounced on Santa’s wife.

    WIFE: Shoot him! Shoot him!

    SANTA: Yes, Yes. I’m changing the battery of my camera..
    Husband was throwing knives on wife’s picture.

    All were missing the target!

    Suddenly he received call from her “Hi, what are you doing?”

    His honest reply, “MISSING YOU”

    “Hi, what r u doing Darling?”

    Wife: I’m dying..!

    Husband jumps with joy but types “Sweet Heart, how can I live without U?”

    Wife: “U idiot! I’m dying my hair..”

    Husband: “…………….Bloody English Language!


  54. Novroz says:

    hahaha very funny! but English is not the only one, 2 other languages I know of also have something like this 😉


  55. Tanishka says:

    English is funny and sooo confusing too….


  56. Enjoyed these lines. You know, English is indeed a very funny language. It is the only language where your nose runs and your feet smells :-)\



  57. shubhamc21 says:

    I feel scared commenting.. how do u manage to get your posts so hugely popular!! 😀 😀
    Good one 🙂


  58. Howlarious. And it becomes a riot when you share it with a class… I do this each year, with a new batch. The only problem is their understanding of how the meanings and pronunciations differ 😀


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