Contest and Award :- What do you see … (3)

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What do you think about this Picture .. Any guesses … I am going to give a Award to the one who can Guess it honestly …. I know I am a Miser I will give to only 5 people :) so get going … All the best ..

All the pictures below are genuine logo’s of reputed companies but they all have very unique interesting things to see in the Logo.. Can you see what it is ..  AND NO CHEATING PLEASE :)




I have set moderation for this one.. This what you get 🙂

All the best

All the best 🙂

  1. Bindu John says:

    a to z, toblerone bear, 31 flavours


  2. Is amazon logo representing A to Z all products can be found ON their .com site? Not sure about the other two…

    Destination Infinity


    • yes you are right. the other two
      its a bear if you look closely at logo of Toblerone chocolate bars originated in Berne , Switzerland whose symbol is the bear.
      and 31 flavours of Baskin robbins


  3. Bhavia says:

    1)A to Z
    2)there is a bear hidden in the mountain
    3)31 flavors



  4. Rosy says:

    Hi Bikram, first of all I was waiting for Monday musical, secondly I am the first one on this post. Yayyyy. So the answers are
    1— its shows a arrow from A to Z means offers everything that starts from A to Z.
    2. Toblerone… There is a bear standing in the logo.
    3. Baskin Robbins… Its has a hidden 3 and 1 which means B and R offers 31 flavours. I know this since we had BR near our office and the guy told me.

    So, Hurray I won the contest. What will the others followers will do now…ha ha


    • YEah i know musical mondya did not happen, sorry.

      well I am sorry for this i had moderation on so it looks like you are first 😦
      and yes all ur answers are correct .. winning the contest who knows you might just do ..

      and a br near ur office so when you inviting me then , you can treat me to some of the ice creams what say .. bolo bolo tell tell


  5. Smita says:

    Oye! You have already posted this before, not you? IHM?? Somebody has!!
    1- A-Z the arrow below
    2- Bear in the mountain
    3- 1312 flavors?


  6. Mangala says:

    I can see a polar bear in the toblerone logo!! never saw it before….just watched more closely today.


  7. Shobha says:

    In the first one I can see a polar bear.
    Second one .. 31 maybe they have that many flavours..not really fond of ice creams though..


  8. metherebel says:

    Well I cheated 😦 I just could figure just the toblerone logo. The other two I googled up!
    I was curious 🙂


  9. My Era says:

    #1 : a smile in orange color as in smile on the face of it’s customers.
    #2: Do I see it right..but I actually see a bear in the logo
    #3: Does it read 31 in bold pink or is it 13 and 12 side by side? (though to me, a bold 31 would make more sense) Not sure though


  10. Rosy says:

    Sorry I forgot to mention that the arrow in amazon is a smile… Now the worst thing is that I don’t have a blog so where will I get my award???


  11. Ashwini says:

    Amazon – a store that sells all things under one roof starting from a to z.
    Toblerone – there is a bear in the picture, but truely don’t know why that is out there for a chocolate.. I am thinking of switching to google. But NO let me leave it there till I hit enter.
    Baskin Robins – An ice-cream a day is what the 31 symbolises for . I had asked this in a store few weeks ago when I got too curious as to what this 31 in their logo mean. The store keeper had replied and hope he knew the right answer.:)


    • its a bear on the logo of Toblerone, as chocolate bars originated in Berne , Switzerland whose symbol is the bear.
      and yes the store keeper did reply the right answer 🙂 you are absolutely right


  12. Padmaja says:

    In Amazon, first I saw a smilely )but I think it may be an arrow from A to Z , may be they have all stuff that are existing on earth!
    I see an animal in the T logo, but cant figure out which one!
    I see the number 31 in the ice creme logo..not sure if they have only that many colors/varieties/ or flavors.


  13. Swarnali says:

    Hi Bikram!!
    I have been reading your posts for sometime but somehow never commented. This is a really interesting post and I can’t help but comment this time 😀
    This is what I interpreted from the 3 logos-
    1) The amazon logo- The arrow is from a to z i.e. they deliver everything from a to z and the arrow forms a smile i.e. complete customer satisfaction.
    2) Toblerone is the famous Swiss chocolate brand. Their logo has a bear hidden in the mountain. Am not really sure about this but is it the place where the chocolate originated?
    3) The Baskin Robins logo – The 31(highlighted in pink) flavours of ice cream that are available at Baskin Robins.
    I hope I am correct 🙂


    • Welcome here and thank you for visiting , do keep visiting , glad you found this interesting. the place is BERN where the chocolate is made
      you are right on all three of them 🙂 thank you so much


  14. Number of flavours in Baskin Robins – 31, so the logo. Toblerone means a mountain in Swiss and that’s what there is behind and Amazon? – an arrow leading from A to Z, to show happy customers (a smile is formed!)


  15. omg i want award i want award…i want..ok
    the first one amazon tat arrow looks like a smile but it can also mean A to Z so i am confused
    the second one toblerone that white portion looks like a bear
    And the thrid one i tried hard but the only thing which made some sense was 1312 which i have no idea what it stands for if it does

    listen you can edit and correct my answers and give me prize how cool will that be 🙂


    • ok ok ok. I understand you want one ..

      the third one is 31 the number of flavours of ice cream BR have ..

      OK I will edit and correct them 🙂 pakka , will put ur name in the box and see if it come up what say he he he he 🙂 or or next time will email you the next contest first 🙂

      Thank you so much for participating


  16. For the first one I see, a to z. I don’t know if I cheated on this one as I recently read about it…:)
    2nd one, I see an animal, looks like bear
    3rd one, I see number31


  17. First one- That arrow is suppose to shift the letter ‘a’ to letter ‘z’ and that will make it maazone 😛
    Second – I found a bear in Toblerone logo
    Third- I can see 31 appearing in pink color BR


  18. Jyothi says:

    1. Arrow from A to Z.
    2. Is that a half horse half pig in that Mountain?
    3. 31 of 31 flavours is embedded in the logo.

    Am I correct?


  19. 1. a-z, means you get everything on amazon!

    2. 31 flavours of baskin robbins!

    3. the matterhorn has a bear hidden inside! alright maybe I had an edge on this one, I’ve ben eating toblerone all day long 😉


  20. summerscript says:

    Amazon-> arrow indicates we get everything A to Z
    Toblerone -> I am not sure- all I see is T is bigger than other letters and in the mountain logo the white part looks like a mouse walking in two legs (hind legs) and it looks like it got all happy and high may be due to eating the tasty toblerone 😛
    Baskin Robbins – I see number 31 – to be frank I din’t know what 31 stands for but now I googled and found out. But the number 31 I figured it out all by myself ok!


  21. aame says:

    I can see a standing bear in the 2nd one and the number 31 for 31 flavors of BR…that’s all for the first attempt 😉 Do i win???


  22. Raajii says:

    1. Amazon has a smiley face but the arrow also points from a to z, meaning that it has everything (from A to Z) 🙂

    2. Toblerone has a bear imbedded in the mountain. It is some famous mountain on top of the town that this chocolate was first created in. I think its somewhere in Switzerland.

    3. Everyone should know this one! There is a “31” hidden in the logo – it symbolizes the 31 flavors Baskin Robbins offers. Frankly, I like cold-stone ice-cream much better :-).

    How did I do? 🙂


  23. Androgoth says:

    Well i got the Dancing Bear but as for
    the others I am rather baffled, of course
    the Robin one is bound to be something
    to do with Tits but don’t tell anyone that
    I said so 😉 🙂 lmfao

    I just did…



  24. do we answer here itself? 🙂


  25. Punam says:

    OK Let me try..
    1. A smile in Amazon
    2. A wolf in Toblerone
    3. The number 131 in Baskin Robbins??

    Sachi bilkul cheat nahin kiya..


    • yes a smile for service and anything from A to z 🙂
      It is not a wolf, its a bear if you look closely at logo of Toblerone chocolate bars originated in Berne , Switzerland whose symbol is the bear.
      and 31 flavours of Baskin robbins the number of ice-cream flavours they sell.


  26. Rosy says:

    Hi Bikram,
    I was waiting for Monday music. And strange I have written a comment earlier, was the first one and excited to be the first one for the first time but the comment didn’t get posted. Awwwwwwwwwww.
    Anyways the answers are:
    1. In…there is a smiling arrow pointing from A to Z hints that amazon sells everything starting from A to Z.
    2. Toblerone … There is a hidden Bear standing in the logo.
    3. BR…. There are hidden 3 and 1 hinting that BR sells 31 flavours .
    So I guess I have them all right. Waiting for the winners to be announced now.


  27. scorpria says:

    1. they have everything from “a to z” and served with a smile
    2. there is a silhouette of a bear on tht mountain
    3.31 flavours 😉


  28. Tanishka says:

    Is there a bear in the first pic and in the second pic, B R look like 13 n 12, is it??


  29. seema3 says:

    hmmm–let me guess.

    Amazon -the arrow from A- Z to tell everything is available
    Tobler one – I can see a wolf/bear in the image if looked closely.
    Baskin Robbins – BR -brr–cold for iCE-CREAM 🙂


  30. Usha says:

    Let me try – 1) A connecting to Z via yellow arrow means – A to Z.
    2) I see bear like figure but no idea what it stand for?
    3) Baskin robin has 31 flavors it is highlighted with pink color.

    Bikramjit it was fun to think about those logos…never observed it earlier.


  31. b K Chowla says:

    Tried but failed.


  32. Jas says:

    I guess in Amazon the arrow moves from A to Z, in Baskin Robbins there is 31 disguised and Toblerone I am unable to get..may be it also has some disguised meaning. I think they all have something disguised there.


  33. Ashwathy says:

    Ok let me try.

    1. Amazon. The arrow indicate everything/every product (or atleast every book since books are primarily what they are famous for) from a to z ?

    2. The Toblerone logo looks like a moutain. Pah! Those chocolates are my favourite and I didn’t even know if there is a moutain range by that name. 🙄 My GK is useless! 😛

    3. The logo BR can be divided into two sections. The pink shows 31. They have just 31 flavours??? Gee… I thought they had more. Or do I have to read it combining it as 1-3-1-2?? Wow! They have that many flavours kya? 😯

    Phew!! As you can see, I have exhausted the possibilities and guesses! 😛 I surely ought to have guessed right. But then do I fall in the first five?? 😦


  34. Hey Bikram,

    I don’t know if this is cheating. But I want to be honest with you. I have always found logos and taglines very interesting and so I knew of a couple on my own and couple others of these through my previous discussions when in college with like minded people. I will share my views but you can omit me from the award if you think it is unfair 🙂

    Amazon – is A to Z – so like an A-Z store – can buy pretty much everything under teh sun (this one’s qyite obvious)
    Toblerone – Love this when it is gooey ! and I had just noticed the Alps but later when urged, I noticed a bear in the picture. Apparently it represents bern , the city of bears where teh chocolate originated.

    Baskin Robbins – name from the founders and the 31 is highlighted in pink – represents teh number of flavours that time !

    Is that right? 🙂


  35. momofrs says:

    1. Amazon. They sell the ‘A’ to ‘Z’ of books (the arrow points from a to z)
    2. There’s a bear standing on its hind legs with the mountain as a backdrop.
    3. 31 flavours of Baskin Robins forms the half of B and R.

    Hope I got them right this time 🙂


  36. Baskin Robbins logo has 31 for flavors, Toblerone I am guessing is showing an old man (not sure). Amazon logo is showing an arrow from a to z, I am figuring ki from start to finish or catering to all needs.


  37. Jenny says:

    Amazon one I know A to Z people or A-Z books, different versions 🙂

    The toblerone one looks like a mountain to me…

    The baskin robbins, is that a sccop and a stick in red? something in that pink is odd..

    consolation prizes milenge, amazon ke liye 😛

    Nice one!!


    • yeah to the first one , on the toblerone one its a bear if you look closely at logo of Toblerone chocolate bars originated in Berne , Switzerland whose symbol is the bear.
      and in the last one there is number 31 donating 31 flavours of Baskin robbins

      consolation prizes are for everyone for sure 🙂 thank you


  38. 1. A to Z books
    2. Hidden Bear
    3. 31 Flavors of Ice cream

    Yay! This was fun! 😀


  39. renu says:

    Lost it:(..except in toblerone where a fox image is seen, I cant find anything:(


    • It is not a fox, its a bear if you look closely at logo of Toblerone chocolate bars originated in Berne , Switzerland whose symbol is the bear.
      and i am sure you know others too by now .. amazon is a to z with a smile ..
      and 31 flavours of ice cream


  40. Me says:

    I guess the first one means – for the a 2 z of everything you need. Thats what the arrow from a to z says according to me. The toblerone logo has a hidden bear in the mountains. The Baskin Robbins logo denotes the 31 flavours which it is known for.

    Am I correct ?



  41. alright i already won this contest..not by answering the questions but by being the first one to comment on this post…lol

    waiting for someone to post the right answers…i have no clue what the answers are!!!


  42. anisnest says:

    I give up.. you see my brain is not designed to think too much.. so there all other readers have a change to win the award now 😉


  43. Bhagyashree says:

    Know it, hence not answered, let the others try 🙂


  44. ashreyamom says:

    1) you get anything starting from A to z
    2) i see a bear carved out in the mountain. and also chocolate melting on left side..
    3) i think its looks like 1312 as number may be u should take it as 31.. may the no of varieties found in the brand.


  45. Ria says:

    Very interesting indeed! Dont know the true meaning of these symbols, even though I do see an A to Z in Amazon, a mountain in Toblerone and a 31 in Baskin Robbins.


    • Hmmm well there is a bear if you look closely at logo of Toblerone chocolate bars originated in Berne , Switzerland whose symbol is the bear.
      and 31 different flovours are available as baskin robbins 🙂


  46. jaishvats says:


    Amazon is everything from A to Z.
    The Toblerone has a hidden animal. Looks like a horse or a bear.
    And the Baskin Robin sells 31 flavors.


  47. Amit Agarwal says:

    …lots of correct interpretations already:)
    Enjoyed it Bikram:) Thanks:)


  48. a to z @ amazon
    Toblerone bear hidden 😛
    31 flavors available


  49. debajyoti says:

    okie, didn’t know the answer but i have checked all the comments for future reference 😀


  50. Phoenixritu says:

    I want the chocolate, the icecream and also some goodies from Amazon. Do I get them?


  51. Andy says:

    Helo Bikram.
    What a fun event!
    1: anything from A-Z
    2. Toblerone – bear in the mountain (love this chocolate…it’s delicious)
    3. Baskin Robbins – 31 flavors of icecream.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn…


  52. Many have answered already so I think it is better to say a ‘Hi’ to you.. Missing your comments on my creations..


  53. Priyanka Dey says:

    I am only wondering how exactly you’d be choosing winners here! 😛
    But errm, yeah Amazon- a to z all things available on the net! (wow that rhymes) 😀
    Toblerone ;logo has a mountain with a bear imprinted on it that is to reflect that chocolate was found in the land of bears..Bern.

    Baskin Robbins logo flaunts 31 flavors.

    Yes..that’s bout it I guess!


    • Well I had moderation on for a whole day. so no one could see the result.
      but this is nice I am going ot put all the names in a box ( of correct answers) and pick five out .. that way its all above board ..

      and yes thats about it 🙂 you got them all right yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee


  54. Puja says:

    I knew about AMAZON and BR. But for Toblerone, I got so curious that I cheated!!!

    (Give me an award for honesty atleast!!!)


  55. Bikram, i could easily guess 3 out of 4 (i.e., except the last one) and I believe that is par for the course! Anyway, many have already answered above.


  56. Shilpa Garg says:

    Interesting logos and the stories behind them!! Innovative thinking! 🙂


  57. I know all but I hope this time there is no chemical involved.
    1 Amazon – A to Z
    2 An Animal in the second one
    3 31 flavors.


  58. d.Nambiar says:

    That’s a cool post. You got your readers to do some thinking, eh. I only saw the bear. But I sure picked up some trivia from here 🙂


  59. Arooj says:

    from where such ideas come to your mind.:-)


  60. ZEAL says:

    Hiya Bikram !…I’m late as usual, but honestly i guessed all the answers correct. Anyways i know I do not deserve any prize but you sure can give me a consolation prize ‘cuz you love me…Do you?…lolz…love ya…


    • heloooooooooooooo I ma sure you knew them all.. oh yes always ready for that .. and the prize for honesty goes to Zeal mammmmmmmmmmm 🙂 yayyyyyyyyyyyyy yes i do love you yayyyyyyyy thank you so much for saying those lovely words ahhhhhhhh made my day … now i have a smile on my face 🙂


  61. Andy says:

    My friend Bikram,
    All I will say is that you have many GREAT answers!! This was very interesting with a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing sir.


  62. Krishna says:

    interesting post…

    thanks for sharing visiting and visiting my blog


  63. sm says:

    bear B R


  64. PNA says:

    oooooopsy, me late Biks 😦 😦 😦 next time give me a heads up promise 😛


  65. Novroz says:

    I see a smile on amazon and 31 on baskin robin 🙂


  66. segmation says:

    Neat blog. did you know that Saturday is 31 cents Saturday at Baskin Robbins? Thanks for sharing.


  67. segmation says:

    Whoops, I meant to say, I love Baskin Robbins as well. Did you know that Saturday is 31 cents Sunday? Thanks for sharing.


  68. I knew A to Z and the 31 flavours. Did not know about toblerone thougH!


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