Funny..Me Thinking what I could

Posted: May 29, 2012 in Bikramism, Do Something Mad., FriendShip, My Thoughts.
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Sitting on my suite middle of the night , i did not have anything better to do then give the UP and DOWN arrow buttons on the Digibox Remote a good run, first went all the way up then all the way down.. Nothing seemed to catch my eye.

The programs that I loved to watch somehow were not coming.

Some obscene serials were coming on which were not making any head or tail to me , which left me wondering was it the serials or was it Me who could not make any sense of them. Somehow for some reason i started to think.. (yeah i know , thinking and me DON’T GO TOGETHER, I am more of done it .. OOOOPS what did i do or WHY did i do it sort of guy)

So there is me thinking, in middle of the night.. wondering what can i possible do to make the otherwise boring time a bit exciting.

1. I thought I could go for a long drive.. YEAH RIGHT.. get on to the motorway driving aimlessly.. no fun.. The motorways are all lit up brightly, nothing coming in front of you so it all sounded stupid to me.

Now on other hand If it was in my hometown.. I knew exactly what I would have done.. sneaked out of the room, the front door makes too much noise so I have to be real careful opening it , I need to oil the hinge I decide every time yet it is still there making all the noise, cause if it wakes up my dad than believe me , He would still slap me even if I am 22 or 23 years old .. now if I was in UK I could have him Arrested for the assault 🙂 he he I know I am evil that way A lot of you have said that in the previous post too.

but in india it would have lead to a few more slaps.. so open the door real slowly, roll my bike off the stand.. roll it a bit further.. then ride it to my best mates house.. He sleeps in the outside room, next to the garage.. his bed is next to the window.. so I can put my hand in to shake him up awake.. ( I did that once and to my bad luck his grand-dad had come from village, i had no clue whose hair-head i had in my hand, shaking , oye  uthe jaa yaar, Uth ja (wake up , Wake up)  …

to my horror the voice came OYE kaun hai .. Kaun hai..  (Whose there, Who is There) oooops I ran so fast I could have defeated Carl lewis that day.. )

Then we both could go to morni hills.. now that is something really exciting .. driving through the narrow hill roads, every now and then two shiny eyes looking at us.. a Deer, Fox or panther.. and Us silly guys turning the bike towards it , driving to it .. narrowly missing the Khud on other side.. But hey we were not thinking then WERE WE.. thats the beauty of it .. Just do it .. pity i am still the same.. need to change …

Driving all the way up to find the Hotel up there is CLOSED, yeah right as if we did not know that when we started .. but it the fun the excitement …

Alas Here I am sitting on the Suite THINKING what to do ……..

2. I could go to a friend’s house here, ring his bell have a beer with him but then I am sure to hear him say WTF, DO you see the time Bik. Are you mad. I am sorry I got work tomorrow mate..

On Other hand If I was in my hometown, if My dad was asleep, If he did not wake up,  If there was petrol in the bike and IF I had money (toooo many If’s.. but that’s the Fun of it .. Cause today dad is not home .. so Two if’s taken care of .. Got enough petrol to reach a friends house.. Money WHO needs money ).. I could go to Vikram’s house, who sleeps on the top floor alone, the stairs are from outside as well, so no problem of waking grand-dad’s.. and I know for sure he will have money.. cause

( psssttttt….. HE IS RICH GUY… yayyyyyyyyyyy) … wake him up, he will never say WTF, he will get up and give me a big JAFFFI (hug)..

but his first words would be “Raaat bahut hai yaar SO JA”.. (Its too late, go to sleep)

I would say let’s go ..

He would look at me smiling , without a second thought he would say chal.. main aya.

His pet dialogue “Let me change my Jean”.. he says that all the time .. even if he is wearing a jean he would say “Let me change my jean”.. 🙂 then we would off course go and Shake my friend’s granddad’s Hair ha haha But today its lucky it is him alone in the room.. He would have his Bike but now we are three , not even .. so one would be alone.. Lets go wake up one more .. we go wake up babbar.. so all go together to AROMA sector 22 Chandigarh.. For a Pastry or Ice cream.. its open 24 hours.. The ice-creams they have there are WOW, especially the DREAMBOAT.. I always have that, I make Babbar also choose it, cause I know he can’t have all of it, so I get to EAT his too.. why not its the most expensive, and VIKRAM is with us.. he will pay.. CAUSE He will never say WTF.

3. I could …….. well a lot more but the rest tomorrow .. I am feeling very sleepy now, I can hear the birds outside, Not the Koyal in summers as in India, or the Maina’s .. but still birds are leaving their nests to get started for the day.. I got to sleep yet.. wake up.. get ready for work.. same old thing…

Oh I might come back tonight, if not very tired do the same thing.. leading to thinking.. and WHAT I COULD DO……..

so 3 ,4 ,5 ,6 …. some other day then…

  1. Ria says:

    Me first!! 😀


  2. Ria says:

    He he I always enjoy reading your posts abt ur interesting experiences of life. 😀


  3. Jenny says:

    Fish, when will I ever be first!

    Nostalgia bara post. But old times, why do they always seem so good and nice, and why do we always want to go to them, when we had shortage of everything. 🙂 I loved this post! Hope you come back and add 3,4,5… 🙂

    And you know what, we had shortage of everything, but good friends!


    • 🙂 hmm soon you will be first too for sure
      yeah one of those days I guess .. I usually live more in the old times have so many beautiful memories of everytthing ..

      I know

      offcourse shortage of everything but good friends , very difficult to have them now


  4. I’ve never had such good friends. At best, we used to go to some friends house to do combined studies. That happens for 10% of the time and we have fun for the remaining time. But still, my circle was studious and serious people. The ones who take life too seriously. Sigh.

    Destination Infinity


  5. Jas says:

    Morni hills tell me you live in Chandigarh… 🙂 do you?

    one always yearn for such friends… you are lucky to have them.


    • oh yes I do 🙂 he he he My heart still lives there for sure always .. I am the luckiest I guesss I got so many beautiful friends and I am making beautiful friends each day , I remember you invited me for that fooood .. Dont worry I am not going to forget and I will make sure you dont forget it either he he he he he 🙂 Now i can see JAS saying OH GODddddddddddd.. y did i say that he he he he


  6. metherebel says:

    Funny post 🙂


  7. Sunny says:

    Purani yaadein taaza kar di, Bikram. Really, in India, I think we are all crazy. Life is too planned and structured here. In UK people go and drink in a pub for 3-4 hours after work and think they are being crazy. But us….yeah…we know how to live without money, without comfortable lives, we always find a way to have fun like noone can imagine. Great post.


    • Sunny paaji , yeah india is the best .. east or west 🙂 I know I remmeebr going to a wedding and they say I got ot pay , I went to my friend and Told me This ain’t happening I come to your house I eat as much and I drink as much , You come to my house , brings as many YOU EAT AS MUCH AND DRINK AS MUCH.. but he was a good man and now he is half indian already 🙂

      where in UK are you .. come one lets meet up some time If you in UK.

      you are so true in saying what you said It was fun in india …


  8. Smita says:

    Ah! Somebody is missing home!!! Desh wapas a jaao!!!


    • I miss home all the time , Yes mam If I could I would this veyr second no doubts about that .. But life is such and situations are such , One cant do what one plans to do other then remember and dream that One day god willing …


  9. Ashwathy says:

    Lovely nostalgic memories 🙂

    Your post took me back to the month and a half I spent in Chandigarh. Enjoyed it very much 🙂


  10. Sakshi says:

    This is a super cute post 🙂 loved it!


  11. ZEAL says:

    Interesting post ! Lovin’ it.


  12. Punam J R says:

    The plain simplicity of this post, really touched my heart, Bikram. The thing is, how you have conjured up situations, perhaps using your old memories with your best friends, has lent this simple “dreamy” writeup a very sweet touch. 🙂 So, did you finally sleep, or did you go off on a tangent yet again??


  13. Praveen says:

    Funny thoughts…..ifs & buts continues


  14. anisnest says:

    lovely memories na? friends are fun unlimited esp. when they do something for you just for you.. this night made u miss all your back home friends is it?
    now have a good sleep.. good night..


  15. Yuvika says:

    nostalgia! we always gain something at the cost of losing something else!


  16. Oh so many times we travel back and compare our lives with what we have now or the difference between apna gaanv and shahar
    wonderful post Bikram
    chanda mama door ke … 🙂


  17. ramananth says:

    It is always so nice to go to the way things were back then. I wish things were as simple as that. Interesting narration.


  18. Me says:

    Nostalgic post- it feels so good to read about such good friends for company. You are really lucky I must say!!


  19. makpossible says:

    We know how much you miss your hometown and your friends Bik. Nostalgic post. Enjoyed it.
    Oye paaji tusi to hammare hostel ke din yaad dilaadi. I remember going out in search of dhabas at 2 or 3 in the morning. It was so much fun. And also stealing watermelons from the street vendors, tender coconuts from hostel warden’s compound..huh it was amazing.

    Great post Bikram paaji. (punjaabi galat hai to maaf kardijiye) 🙂


    • galat hon yaan theek.. matlab to matlab samajhne main hai.. aur woh mujhe bilkul samajh aa gaya 🙂

      oh yes the good old hostel days and the late night dhaba journeys , having the paranthe and bhurji awesome 🙂


  20. NRIGirl says:

    Looks like you had too much caffine that night… I am curious to know how did the day go following the sleepless night…


  21. This is a nostalgic post. If I was in my home country, why hometown, would have done as my heart felt…


  22. sm says:

    lovely beautiful post


  23. Rosy says:

    Hi Bikram
    Lovely post.
    just yesterday at 12:30 night I was chatting with my best friend in India. She had night shift and was operating from home. She said that she was in Ovenfresh, chd, in the day time and missed me. I told her that I too miss the days in India when we 4 friends were together and visited Overfresh, Sindhis(channe bhature). Old friends and old memories are like diamonds who never loose their shine with passing time.


    • I remember oven fresh I am sure we went there a few times. And I hope you remember stu c as it was called student centre.. Lunches there..
      And early morning jogs at the lake..

      Long long long time and it just seems like yesterday..

      Next month ashwani is coming to stay with me and vikram might come tooo


  24. padmaja says:

    Memories as this one makes todays hectic and mundane life more full and meaningful.. keep your good memories always alive!


  25. Bikram, I really udnerstand your post. Sometimes, you just can’t help comparing home and home, no? teh ol’ one and teh new one…..
    I just interpretted this a bit seriously I think. But I kind of sensed how you were feeling that moment. I am just too thankful to God I have my husband with me 🙂
    Maybe a long time passion or hobby would help? 🙂


  26. renu says:

    your memories reminded me of my hubby’s friends and how they used to have fun…this type of fun and masti can be had with such friends only,…


  27. Bhagyashree says:

    Now you make me nostalgic too. But memories are so wonderful na,…..


  28. jaishvats says:

    That was super hilarious esp pulling the hair on grandad’s hair part ha ha ha! I am new to your blog and am enjoying it tremendously!! Great Work!! 😀


  29. Good one! Missing home too much, ha?


  30. Say Cheese says:

    It’s good to think about ‘what ifs’, hai na?


  31. ashreyamom says:

    what i used to do is, call the costumer care and ask them the new mobile connection plans and talk a lot.. that is also a good time pass. 🙂


  32. Meera says:

    This reminded me of all the times we’d end up on the chhatth (terrace) in our younger days. Jab neend nahi aati thi. Aur chori chhippe chai banane ke chakkar mein saara ghar jaag jaata tha aur dande padte the. Good old days!!


  33. Sounds like a lot of fun… reminds me of Dil Chahta Hai 🙂

    Never even dreamt of doing something like this, too much crime around where I grew up (Delhi-NCR)!!


  34. Fatima says:

    This is d usual Bikram post !
    Funny, Awesome yet nostalgic at the same time !!!! 🙂

    Take Care


  35. Purba says:

    Next time when you have difficulty sleeping. Try listening to some bhajans. It always works.


  36. Bindu John says:

    You must be really missing your hometown. What fun it would’ve been….


  37. alka says:

    its always a pleasure to come back for more…hope u nyr gt ovr wd boring nyts so tht u cn write so tht u continue to write more nd more


  38. Deboshree says:

    Another super post, in your classic style. The flood of beautiful memories made for some very enjoyable memories, Bikram. 🙂


  39. Rahul says:

    Very hilarious:)


  40. Androgoth says:

    This one is exceelent Bikram 🙂
    I am always the last to get here…



  41. Veer ji .. considering the 2nd option .. the house never sleeps for a shot or two of beer .. you are always welcomed to my place at any time 😛



  42. Shilpa Garg says:

    What fun!! Hilarious!! 😀


  43. Andy says:

    Hello Bikram.
    Visiting from Blog Hop Saturday! but you already know me! LOL

    I find it easy to relate to this post…it’s nostalgic but very down-to-earth. The more I read of you, the more I realize what a great sense of humor you have. Keep on being yourself…that’s what makes you original! (smile). Nice post. Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for linking up to Blog Hop Saturday! Take care my friend.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn…


  44. I’m getting more and more jealous , reading about your friends and your escapades 🙂


  45. Reema says:

    Purani jeans aur mere yaar eh? lovely memories!


  46. Brought many smiles through out. Very nostalgic. There were many times I thought, I wish I was a boy, especially while doing sneeky things like that..:)


  47. […] promised in my previous article Me thinking what I could(click if you haven’t read it), If I am in my house feeling bored Sitting on my suite […]


  48. techie2mom says:

    wow, you blog at night!!! when do you sleep?!?!


  49. I landed up on this post from Related posts showing Bikramism. Shaking up your friend’s grand dad’s hair is simply hilarious.


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