I got this as a comment on my article  Satayamev Jayate – 1- My thoughts:- female Foeticide, Women, Men, India.

Have a read and get Shocked, more then the program itself , well at least I was shocked.. but then maybe I get shocked easily

There is another side to the same coin of massive socially customary female infanticide:

In Indian society a dead female is socially accepted but an infertile one is not. As a result there are practically no effective mechanisms for population control. Indian population will not stop growing even up to and beyond 20 Billion ( when the increased death rate due to aging might equal the births due to fertility of youth ), except that if Indians continue to practice female infanticide on a massive scale then due to reduced numbers of fertile citizens the population growth will come down, and it might stabilize at around 10 Billion eventually.

To further explain this, if all female Indians were to become irreversibly infertile today then about nine months later the birth rate would be exactly zero. Population would be around 1300 million and going down at a rate of about 15 million per annum due to deaths. In just 20 years the population would be below 1 Billion, and still going down. That is the desired effect that official efforts at family planning could not produce in about seventy odd years of trying.

Female infanticide is India’s only known effective method of population control. Although by international standards even 10 Billion is a very big number, India really has no choice. The ages old habits developed in an uneducated people can neither be wished away nor safely ignored. As of now India simply cannot afford to let all the natural born girls live on to fertile adulthood.

An ages old habit of an uncivilized people has a good chance of doing what all the seventy odd years of Intra Uterine Devices ( IUDs ), Loops, Copper Tees, Pills, Saheli, and official propaganda could not till date achieve. Being an almost entirely uneducated people, the ancient Indians could not put their reasons in scientific form, but like the so called Lemmings they simply adopted a habit suiting the need.

Nature seems to have evolved a simple way of dealing with the bigger problem of unbridled population growth ( which too is driven by unstoppable social practices ), thereby making a balance between the sacrifice and the benefit.When we criticize a naturally evolved custom of a largely uneducated people, we should not ignore the evolutionary factors driving their habits.

What say you all ?



Well What can i say to this theory its out of my stupid mind. dont know what to say .. I am really flabbergasted at this mentality .. no wonder India is where it is at present..

So what happens when in few years time its only MEN left and no women …

Will multiple men start to share a women…

Are such people ok with this happening to the women in their own family, I mean how sickening is it to just think about it ..

What do you think will happen and why is nature only evolving like this in India and not in other countries ..  I would like to tell this person that this is not a naturally evolved custom its a HUMAN BEING evolved custom and its called MURDER in simple words 

  1. I agree with you Bikram, And I think this is a troll, just trying to get attention.


  2. wow isnt this the most awesome way of population control..i say bring it on Hitler..kill the women and try and stabilize the population cos anyother way is totally not working so why even bother
    Hey why not kill the kids too..after all in future they are the ones who will contribute in this massive explosion…
    So women and kids out..beautiful Shining India with population under control…How could you not like it Bikram ??


  3. Bhagyashree says:

    Is this some kind of a joke??s the person in his senses, that is what I have to ask first?


    • Well , this was a comment on the post , and he has asked a question as to what we think of it all.. how can India do good when we have such lovely citizens to take care of our nation .. I wonder how many more are their who think the same way …


  4. Ria says:

    The stupidest theory that I ahev ever read!! But yes, this was a method tried by the govt in the 70’s or 80’s I suppose and sadly, it never stopped.


  5. Rosy says:

    I guess the writer thought of only one side of the coin. Why didn’t he think of getting all the men sterilized so that they couldn’t get the women pregnant. That way the poplulation gets controlled plus all the men would have life partners too. Population problem solved. He forgot to think of so many other social evils , that will come up if their are less females than males.


  6. It is no doubt murder. I agree with you.

    Destination Infinity


  7. Rosy says:

    I think he doesn’t have any important woman in his life. Koi GF wi nahi lagdi. Marjaane ne budaape wich ik life partner nu tarsana hai. Kyon Bikram????


    • ha ha ha ha .. bilkul theek kiha , marjaane nu budhape di chinta hi nahin.. GF je haigi v taan i hope hun chad chudh ke chali jaave .. eho je bandiyaan ton ki laina ..

      Obviously it is quite visible he does not have much respect for women but i wonder what he thinks of those in his family ..


  8. Shilpa Garg says:

    What ludicrous and preposterous thoughts and ideas this person has!! 😐


  9. This individual needs to double, if not triple check his comment. This is no short of actually committing female foeticide. Population control is a conspiracy theory as being don’t consider the factor of deaths by illnesses, accidents or natural disasters.

    I’m glad you wrote a post about this comment, this goes to show another type of mentality that exists – a type which is more dangerous than any other – since their plan is much greater than just looking into 1 or 2 years ahead.

    If this person is a guy he should count his lucky stars that he is still alive and amongst us, and that his mother never suffered the same fate as those innocent girls who are subjected to female foeticide.


    • Well I ma sure they have , hence the question in the end what do we think of it ..

      YEah now that is scary about this mentality , its makes me angry and MAD… well if its a guy I doubt he has respect for any females in his family .. os no use thinking of it what he thinks of women.


  10. Confused D says:

    WTF! Is this guy in his senses! Why don’t men just stop having sex all together so that women don’t get pregnant at all!


  11. He is just a pervert seeking attention.


  12. Jas says:

    Seriously you got this comment.. I mean how dysfunctional a person can be in his psyche to think like that… even pervert is an understatement for such a ***


  13. R-A-J says:

    My God, there r people with such level of thinking too?? I too agree, think he’s just being ridiculous fr the attention.


  14. Smitha says:

    Goodness! I can’t believe people can think like this! Hitler’s thought cousin, I suppose!


  15. aame says:

    Gosh i didn’t even bother to read beyond his first few lines !!!!! Aise log to gaali bhi nahin samjhenge !!!


  16. Punam J R says:

    This chap is downright crazy and ridiculous.. and calling women ‘fertile population’ – May God give him some peace of mind…


  17. My Era says:

    A very shocking and disturbing theory that clearly points at how sick the person stating it is.
    I totally agree you Bikram


  18. I didn’t realise that’s all women did…we are just born to reproduce because there is nothing else there to do. This person has just enlightened me. And here I had the gall to think my life was worth more than just to reproduce and increase the population. How stupid of me?! So let’s not bother educating people about safe sex and birth control…let’s just kill off women who miraculously get impregnated because they are just that fertile!

    This person’s comment makes me so mad I want to physically punch them in the face to try and knock some sense into them. And I’m not a violent person by any means…


  19. Kdps says:

    Your blog is getting popular,thats why these type of genuises who write these stupid theories are coming on it.Just check Timesof india comments or rediff comments you will find plenty of these type of theories.These type of people don’t spare anyone whether it is women ,religion ,caste region etc


    • It does look like that, but I dont want popularity for the wrong reasons and especially with people like these .. I ma better off without them for sure.
      YEah I use to read times of india but have stopped because of the mentality of people who comment there and what they say .. I wonder why they dont give their real names and real ID’s


  20. Meera says:

    Who was this commenter? Main Nobel Prize dena chaahoongi us bandhe ko? Only mere waale nobel prize mein sau joote padte hain aur gadhe ki sawaari karaayi jaati hai. Thank God, I don’t have access to weapons and I don’t know who he is. I might have ended up in prison otherwise. Did he forget his brains somewhere when making the comment? Such people are a danger to society.


    • 🙂 yeah .. Well I am jsut wondering if its one then there are bound ot be more tooo.. GOD.. what sort of mentality . such people are definitely a danger not jsut them but the ones who think we need to brush such stuff under the carpet and not talk about it .. its beings a bad name to our nation ..


  21. Writerzblock says:

    I’m hoping against hope, that the person who wrote this meant to be sarcastic!!


  22. Really? Between wearing a condom and killing babies, this person would choose killing babies?


  23. pixie says:

    I think the person who put in the comment is a troll looking for attention and is completely NUTS. Off his/her rocker!!


    • Yeah .. but this does show the mentality , troll or no troll if one exists I am sure there are others toooo who think that way , that is scary… i mean his friends and all is that the sort of company this person keeps ..


  24. R's Mom says:

    Gosh! I cant believe someone wrote that!!


  25. chakoli says:

    In Russia thesituation is already like this… recent survey (dnt remeber exact #) but it was like 1 men for like 7-8 women… there are speacial classes going for hw to attract men… and even men play with multiple women…

    Same case if reveresed would be something similar….

    Its sick no doubt on female foeticide mentality people have 😦


  26. alkagurha says:

    I hope the person who sent you this gets to read the comments here…surely he hasnt heard of education and family planning.How is japan managing to control its birth rate…surely not by killing unborn girls.


  27. Jyothi says:

    Attention seeker is all that this person is . I read this comment in my inbox, and for a few seconds lost all my senses! When I regained them, I chose to ignore the comment. But in that short span of time I visualized a firing squad with all women in a line ready to be shot, to control population. But I was thinking, why only women? Why not go into colleges and kill the entire generation! I am sure that will very effectively control population! Rubbish!


  28. ashreyamom says:

    i think the person is from different world and had different way( abnormal way) of looking at things.. may be we just need to ignore such comments .
    than i think he would say even tsunami and earth quake are god’s way of controlling excess populations?? terrorism started for the same cause. ???


    • NO way this person is from anothr world, They are very much from india, I have the ip address and the provider names .. SHUDH INDIAN.. very much indian.. and by the english etc seeems to be educated tooo.. the show did say its the educated and rich who are in majority in all this …


  29. lifesong says:

    Reading that sent shivers down my spine. I only hope this person is not for real


  30. zradar says:

    Just cant believe there are still people who defend for these theories…


  31. Rishabh says:

    seems you have all the time to write all shit about Indian society, posting other’s comment laughing on it, 100-200 comments and reply to every comment. Such issues need solution. In every country, society and religion some or the other type of crime happens. It is not just Indian society where child abuse is happening. If not female foeticide or child abuse, other types of crime happen in some other part of the world. Good and bad people are everywhere.
    There are many many families in India who treat equally their boy and girl child, who are much satisfied with their girls only. Child abuse is not related to Indian society. Our culture posses many beautiful things that you wont find anywhere in the world and that is why our culture stand next to God.
    Many of my cousins, friends , relatives despite of working in US, UK and other parts of the world always wish to come back to their home country just because what we have is no where in the world they find. We do have wrongs and rights.
    Yes issues are there but these can be eliminated and all those who are commenting here also know. These are not new to society. I have been abused as a child but I make sure my kids are safe. This is how we individuals contribute in eliminating such issues. Like that doctor who helped that lady is another example.
    Writing bolg on show, or those issues is not creating awareness rather posing a bad image of India. All those who are commenting here have seen show and are aware of these issues. So no point of writing bad and showing your grievance.

    by helping those ladies, and by having strict social norms. Not by broadcasting shit about Indian society and mocking at rubbish comments. People who post those rubbish comments are just passing their time or playing. Ignore them and PLEASE STOP writing anything bad about our culture, society. Write something nice if you want to. We all know what issues are there in society and if we make a little contribution to them these can be eliminated. We are educated Indians so we all know how to deal with such issues well.

    You have not seen the beauty of our country. Encourage its beauty. Those commenting rubbish comments are merely having fun here. And nothing else.

    i dedicate this song to you


    • Hello There .. First of all welcome here and thanks for the comment.
      first of all let me remind you , its not me who has written Shit about society, as you can see its a comment by a fellow country man/woman which I have put , and that too on a post that dealt on something serious.

      Here I would like to take the opportunity to ask you to go and read the Post the link is above, and do kindly cut paste the lines where you think I am talking SHIT about the Society, by the way society is made by people .. such people who are writing or THINKING of such things ..

      I AM NOT CONCERNED WHAT HAPPENS IN ANY OTHER COUNTRY.. I AM CONCERNED IN WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MY COUNTRY, in MY NATION. So please don’t give that excuse that it happens in other countries, does it make it right then ?

      yes many families treat both equal, I am a example my family brought me up with those values

      culture well let me tell you very frankly and it will be easier if we accept the problems , accepting a problem is the first step in solving it ..

      I have not seen the country you say , well my friend I have spent almost all my life in India so don’t give me this, I can assure you that I have been to places where you have not even thought of, so lets not go there..

      Well I think the same can be said about the show too then, maybe we should ban the show too for bringing out the problems, the idea of blogging is to make sure this does not stop, Why are you supporting the show then that too is being shown all over the world on foreign land .. hence by your theory bringing a bad name to the country.. If you ask blogging to stop then the show needs to be banned tooo.

      we are educated Indians but as the show highlighted its the educated who are bringing all the ill repute to the nation. The educated ones are making very intelligent and Educational Decisions regarding the problems … The uneducated are seldom seen doing anything wrong , they are too busy in trying to make two ends meet and working hard to get food on the table by the end of the day ..

      I must tell you that from the reactions to the show and otherwise we are under a illusion that we knew the problem was at such a level, The point is we carry on living our life and think if it has not happened with us then it has not happened with anyone else either, but the story is something quiet different..

      It is not wrong to ASK QUESTIONS.. this mentality of NOt speaking up or Not asking is the reason why we are in such a state of affairs in the first place, Why do we get so defensive when questions as asked. Why cant we accept the fact that these are the questions that need a answer to .. I am sorry but I dont agree with this that we should not ASK QUESTIONS.. the people who have read and commented here have all asked a Question … and there is no harm in asking a question.

      We shud stop looking at other countries that if they have a problem same as our then it s OK , it is NOT OK.
      Asking a question is my fundamental right, Which i am using .. Although I would really like to know where I have said something about the society and what not.. I have talked about the bad things happening and the Reason for ALL OF US to get together to do something about that problem…

      Thank you so much for the lovely dedication with the song, But I am not one of those who like to speak bad about the country that is feeding me , As much as I love india I have the same respect for the country I am living in , for this is the country that has enabled me to put bread on the table in my home..

      It is a beautiful song .

      Thank you.


      • Rishabh says:

        why to ban show? Show is creating awarness, supporting victims. Your blog is NOT creating awarness. I feel almost every Indian is aware about such crimes prevailing in society. That show is supporting victims. Your blog is merely discussing show episodes, people commenting on each other’s thinking, some speaking bad about Indian society, non concerned people posting rubbish comments then others mocking on his/her comments that’s it. All rubbish. Creating nuisance.

        If you have writing skills better write something beautiful rather than discussing episodes and showing you concerns.

        I am not concerned how many places in india you have visited.

        Better be not concerned about India rather do whatever you can for those victims. Many non Indians are reading this blog.


        • And how do you come to that conclusion Sire.

          Well put it this way you feel wrong, if you go out and talk to 20 people you will be astonished at what they know or don’t know, I have had discussions with the so called Educated people who have told me that Child abuse etc. are only issues in western countries , In India our culture is so near to GOD that it can never happen.. But the figure 53% tells a different story..

          SO please don’t tell me what Every Indian is aware of, I talk only of myself what I am aware of.

          I again suggest that you read the Post again and PRAY tell me where am i speaking bad of the Indian society.. I know I am not very good in English But as far as I know In the first post I have said that WE ALL NEED TO GET TOGETHER TO WORK for the betterment, and in the Second post I have talked what Happened to me and How I felt …

          Pardon me for saying I don’t understand what is it I am talking of society, RATHER (if you would have read the post) I have said that we should stop the BLAME GAMES, that its because of this or that , all the problems are and GET TOGETHER EACH ONE OF US and do something to help eradicate it.

          Well Sir writing skills obviously MINE ARE NOT THAT great that I could not make you understand what I am writing about , so we can leave that behind.

          and how does it concern if many non Indians are reading this post, I seriously am having a bit of difficulty understanding it all. How does it concern who is reading and who not.

          SIR let me say one more thing NON-INDIANS actually respect our culture and want to see more of it, than what we actually do.


          • Rishabh says:

            I dont need to go out n survey.
            Stop discussing episodes here about what happening in Indian society. Yes i do agree non indians respect our culture so dont tarnish that respect by such posts. Child abuse can happen anywhere irrespective of culture, society n country not Just india.

            Our nations has bad elements like any other country could have. But that show is just meant to eliminate those bad elements. If your heart really pains then better do something rather that discussing n laughing on shit people’s comment.

            Our culture is next to God ” i wrote this line to only make you understand that we have a nice culture and it has many good teachings. That wasn’t meant to write the it can never happen in our India. but to encourage that..
            Hope you will stop discussing show here now n showing your so called concern.


            • Dont tell me what to do or not to do .. You concentrate On what you think is best for you.

              Who are you to tell me what I should be writing on or not writing on. If you cant understand what the other person is saying , then I suggest you try understand and work hard on it.

              You got a problem , Then don’t visit I did not come and ask you to visit this place.

              What I do or not do is none of your concern.

              Thank you very much.


              • Rishabh says:

                I am an Indian. Democracy doesn’t mean you do whatever you want to.
                Jab hamare ghar mein koi galat rastey par chalta hai to hum baat ko ghar mein hi suljatey hai ..tumhari tarha public mein uchalte nahi.

                “When someone in our home follows wrong path we solve it within house not show grief outside in public”


                • Good for you.. thats why we are still trying to solve since independance… I know hindi so u did not have to translate in english..

                  I suggest you seriously need some english lessons .. Or you are one of those who reads One line from top and one from bottom .. and forgets there is a lot in the middle of the two lines too..

                  So I suggest you go and read the Article again and in case you still dont understand Email me .. Stop wasting my time and YOUR TIME.. I am sure you have better things to do probably in keeping ghar ki baat ghar main ….


            • Also You have not seen my laughing FACE ..
              believe you me .. this is not a laughing face that you see from the article …


  32. Say Cheese says:

    You just got trolled.


  33. Smita says:

    To zapped to say anything!


  34. Sakshi says:

    Maybe we should all just go back to the stone age! Absolutely ridiculous!


  35. metherebel says:

    What a theory!!! I am flabbergasted!!


  36. Ashwini says:

    Sheer stupidity is what I can say.. What a thinking boss… My god such people do exist. Beware!!!


  37. Zephyr says:

    Perversity is reaching new lows is what is evident from such comments. Perversity and psychosis. He needs incarceration — in a high security prison.


  38. renu says:

    its a sick mind, not worth giving attention to..


  39. phoenixritu says:

    The guy must be sitting and reading all these comments and feeling so important. He is just trying to grab attention. And @Rishabh, when you see something broken or defective, a civilized mature person will try to repair or mend the thing. An infant will try to hide it and pretend the thing does not exist or is okay. Such is human behavior. Just saying


  40. Novroz says:

    Ow My God!! I am shocked!! that is a super ridiculous idea!!


  41. Ignore such people. I guess they are looking for attention. Idiots nothing else.


  42. anisnest says:

    sorry Bikram.. I could not even collect my thoughts to comment on your posts on SMJ.. Everytime I start typing but then get lost in my thoughts to weep and curse.. Its not that I have no words but its that am not able to type them out..


  43. Jen says:

    This guy is too frustrated with his life. Best we ignore him. His thoughts are appalling and if he is married, I pity his wife and kids. A second encounter how low people can stoop too.


    • Well if he is frustrated then there are a lot of males who are frustrated for whatever reason, if they too have the same mentality I wonder what will become of our nation in the time to come …


  44. sm says:

    in India in few villages this already happend
    no girl only males


  45. Androgoth says:

    Yet another crackpot Idea Bikram…

    If I win the Jackpot I will buy you
    one of those shiny chromed cars 🙂



  46. manchitra says:

    A blog owner, I believe has all the right to put his opinion across thru’ this post .Only if HE had understood it was a comment by somebody..all the arguments could have been avoided. This is shocking. Ignore that Bikram.


  47. Bindu says:

    Reminded me of a saying in Malayalam which roughly means ‘burn the house to get rid of the rats.’
    “Female infanticide is India’s only known effective method of population control.” – I never have thought of such a possibity. Glad that he(?) is not the family planning minister of the country.


  48. Vaish says:

    I am not even able to consider this as a theory! Could someone even write like this? God! uske saath koi maa, behen ya bacchi nahi hai kya??


  49. I can’t believe that I just read this Bikram. I had heard of method to the madness but this is atrocious !
    I guess population control doesn’t ask for men and women. And the definition of woman is refreshing – baby producing machine.
    If this person could use a computer, is literate and has typed all this – I have high hopes from a person who cannot. Not that literacy and all decides everything but this person obviously isn’t educated.


  50. ladynimue says:

    Oh great ! I think this will work .. so y alone the female child ? lets kill some spare males too ..


  51. Horrid mentality. The dark side and mean nature of the human expressing itself.
    Good you quoted it here. Not that we can change anything but we at least understand why such terrible things take place.


  52. How on earth is female foeticide the answer for population control? Such a ridiculous reasoning!


  53. I read it and re read it, just to believe what I was reading. Do I need to say more!


  54. Medha says:

    The person whoever has written this must be an educated idiot!
    A woman can utmost produce one off-spring or twins normally in 9 months. In rear cases triplets or quadruplets. In rarest of the rarest cases she may produce more than 6 off-springs at a time in 9 months. But how about men? I think I don’t need to elaborate the fact that a man is capable of fertilizing infinite (!) women in 9 months time. So who must be the victim of such death before birth?

    Having said that I don’t mean a male fetus must be killed but what I am trying to say is its not the women who are responsible for growing population but it’s men who goes ga-ga over sex most of the times and they are more responsible for population explosion!

    Sorry people particularly men. It’s not to offend any body and nothing personal, just a fact I believe is true!

    I am tweeting this Bikramjit Singh Mann.


    • Well I guess such is the attitude of our people , what ca nwe do .. till we all change things are hard to change by.

      No need to be sorry its the truth , although NOT all men all like that ..

      Thanks for tweeting and welcome to this blog thanks for visting …


  55. Gosh …I never knew ppl can think of such innovative ways to control population 😛 May be its a waste of enerygy to explain anything to such a person 😛

    @rishab : I do not understand your outburst, You dont have problem with the show , but you have problem with somone talking/ writing about it. Thats funny !! You believe that ppl in other countries read bikram’s blog but cannot watch Aamir khan’s show ..Bikram you must feel elated at this !!
    You cannot restrict a blog in boundries of a country but then thats the power of online media, How the hell you think that writing about a social issue does not create awareness,,even if its a one liner ..potive or negative ,,it makes someone think ..thats what will make the difference


  56. Deboshree says:

    I am beyond words. And no, not in a way I like.


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