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RIP Sr. Nirmal Singh Saini

Posted: May 1, 2012 in FriendShip
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My best friend Babbar’s dad passed away yesterday. He was suffering from cancer. I feel saddened as I know how it feels to lose the person who stands as a pillar in your life.

I remember Uncle as a very soft-spoken person. I have never seen him raise his voice.

Uncle was a gazetted officer and worked as a civilian officer with the Air Force. I can recall one of the pranks that Babbar and I played, when we had to counter-sign some forms. Babbar and I stole his stamps and signed the forms ourselves. I have no idea if he ever came to know about this.

There was an open ground behind Babbar’s home, where we used to play cricket often. And Uncle would be doing gardening in his little field, where he sowed vegetables. Our ball would always fall in the field and irritate him.

The usual memories, when Babbar and I would go to each others’ homes as buddies.. Uncle was such a soft person.

It is a loss that can never be filled, and we all have to learn to live with it. May he rest in Peace and wish his family and near and dear ones strength to face this loss bravely. Makes me sad I am not there for my friend in this hour of need.