I have been thinking of the coming sports spectacular in august time this year yeah the olympics, yes we have  the olympics 2012 … I remember watching the opening ceremony in 2008 , that was held in Beijing china , I am sure everyone will agree to that , IT was a spectacular It was something worth watching – it was the best ever so far,  china did wonderful in 2008.. the stadiums they built all of them were super awesome but then thinking about it all , IT is really amazing what you can do with no human rights and a billion slave labourers.. 🙂 ooops

So this year we have it in uk, although work is in full progress, sadly we have very stringent human labour rules but BUT.. BUT.. oh yes BUT .. The biggest problem we are going to face in UK for olympics is if  health and safety get hold of it, we who live in uk, know how that works ..  the claim for everything culture has also gone out of hand , people don’t use common-sense which apparently is not that common anymore.

Anyway coming back to the health and safety If they take it upon themselves to make sure this year olympics is held as per all their rules , I am wondering rather I am sure of the changes that will happen…

First of all  lets take the hurdles race, they will have Ramps put up , WELL  its health and safety issue how will someone jump over this hurdle, it is so risky they may fall down, hit their leg on the hurdle, or worse still some smart brains might just sue them for putting hurdles on a perfect straight TRACK.. 🙂  imagine all the suing that will take place for not putting the hurdles properly 🙂

Secondly imagine when they  do a risk assessment on the Javelin throw .. asking fellow athletes some questions and the HORRIFIC look they will have when they are told the Javelin has to be thrown “YOU ARE NOT GOING To throw it”  .. ARE YOU .. noooooooooooooooooo..   

Same with boxing, A Russian or indian or any other county Boxer is Boxing with an English boxer, The moment he gets a Jab .. SUE THE COUNTRY .. You can’t hit somebody else .. It is an ASSAULT… 🙂 They might just call the police and you may just be charged with Section X of XYZ act.. 🙂

To put matters worse we will have the teachers and the education ministry will have their people Slogan-ing and rallying saying We can’t have Races … We can’t have anyone win the race .. it will upset the others, We can’t have Winners.. All the racers will be given the Gold medal.. no winners no losers.. 🙂

The weird and pressured regime of health and safety in UK 🙂 It has gone bonkers here anyone and everyone who can sue or put a claim for something is doing it , I so wonder something where has common sense gone.

I mean remember those good old days when we all had something that was called COMMON SENSE..   in those days.. When we saw a big hole in the road and we stepped aside to crossed it, If we saw a tile or a slab not put properly we avoided stepping on it , or we put a foot feel how it was and then put the second foot on..

oh WOW, how did you learn to do that, See a hole and cross it .. Well my parents told me not to be a MORON and I just carried on from there …

Here in UK if you happen to go for a walk in a park or anywhere and there is a pool or water reservoir in it , you will see all these signs around it at every possible place or a  Big FENSE  saying ..“Dont go in the water …  you will fall and YOU MAY drown ..” I mean have we gone so stupid that we don’t realise we may drown.

Another thing that makes me so angry is the bloody political correctness … no one can say anything because someone can be offended, You cant say this or that, have to be so conscious about it , I think that if someone does get offended then SO WHAT..  whats wrong with it, It’s not as if a bomb has been exploded by Al qaieda killing hundreds ..

You know when we were kids  , we came home  told our parents

“he called me an idiot ”

Parents said  “don’t worry about it , he is an idiot too”..

Nowadays the child will cry and the parent will start to cry too and the usual moan will start Oh I am offended,  I am so offended  and I have rights ..

To all those people let me tell you  WELL SO WHAT be offended, nothing happens you are an adult .. deal with it .. Haven’t heard of anyone dieing of being offended.. GROW UP

And I bet now that most of you have read it please don’t go about saying Oh I have read this article by Bikram and I am offended .. I am so offended reading this article…

  1. Punam J R says:

    LOL!!! At all the things your brain comes up with, Bikram!! AND AM i first again! wow! I am getting luckier and luckier if so. 🙂 Acha.. OK.. Now, let me see.. am i offended? HMMM, not really. You see, these days, making money through unique ways has become the norm.
    And when you can sure someone and fleeece money out of him/her, then why not? Waise bhi recession ki wajeh se wehle log bahut kuch karne ke liye tayaar ho jate hain. 😛
    Anyways, you take care…


    • Yeah that is true. And the sue culture after USA UK is picking up on it. You cough after eating in a restaurant you plan to sue themm .. moreover all this no win no fee solicitors have come up in thousands.. to help with the claim..

      I remember in 2010 Dec I had a fall at work and hurt my back everyone instead of asking how iwas gave me done numbers to call to sue the building where I had fallen..

      Pathetic situation I think…


  2. This problem generally happens when there are too many unemployed lawyers 🙂

    Destination Infinity


    • Yeah it seems that what it is here too.. its jsut the lure of making quick money .. insurance will sort it .. but they forget that after one year WE will be paying for the premium, the money after sometime comes from out pockets only …


  3. Praveen says:

    Lol…thats why for things like that i love india. By tha time of adulthood most people become grown up. 😛


  4. Jas says:

    Good one Bikram. Oops, the lines in first paragraph must have seriously offended Chinese… 🙂 Loved the sprinkling of humor that made this post come alive…


    • My niece always says that we can’t talk anything and everything in the public. Must be careful always. Very rarely they show emotions outside the house. In that way, India is India!


  5. Writerzblock says:

    LOL! That was brilliant Bikki. But ‘that kid is an idiot too?’ ROFL! Classic 🙂


  6. posts that include honesty and the potential of offending people – I simply love them, just like this one. Other than brilliant post, I would say people do need to grow up and be serious and take on the real responsibility.


  7. Onkar says:

    Quite hilarious. Well written.


  8. padmaja says:

    Briiliantly written Bikram.. on a more serious note, it is the ego that is working behind when we feel offended and the little step towards our spiritual growth is to stop getting offended 🙂


  9. Bhagyashree says:

    You have made my day. urs is the first post that I am reading today and there is thes big smile plastered on my face 🙂


  10. renu says:

    isliye to ajkal bacche itne pilpile ho rahe hain ki thodi se baat par suicide kar lete hain, we are making them weak..


  11. Vaish says:

    Haha..funny take on the olympics..I so do understand health and safety…You forgot to add another important point in that Bikk – If an Indian cheers up his own country, they are titled as racist!
    I so do hate all these nonsense rules of everyone being able to sue anyone! I mean..life is so much more easier in India…..Let’s see what all makes the news during the olympics here!


  12. Me says:

    A funny take on a very serious issue!

    Enjoyed reading it 🙂


  13. Confused D says:

    hahaha…….I so love this piece! And that is why I love my India 🙂 Offend your political leaders and you are a celebrity!
    “Don’t worry, those who take offence after reading this is an idiot too!” No offence to idiots 😛


  14. Sakhi says:

    😆 I don’t want to comment and make this comment an serious issue but I liked the way you have used satire 🙂 cool 😀


  15. alkagurha says:

    It is the opposite here…open manholes without any signs. And worse. No one to sue.
    An interesting insight with forthcoming Olympics in the background.


  16. Andy says:

    LOL…sounds like you had a Saturday rant…so funny!
    If you think it’d bad there in the UK, you should be here in the US, you just have to look at someone wrong and they sue you for everything you’ve got. I think America is the top country for lawsuits!
    Nice Sunday morning satirical read. Thanks for sharing, my friend.

    Now, for a bit of shameless promotion. I hope you and your friends can join me on Saturday May 5th from 8:00am – 8:00pm for Blog Hop Saturday!…link, hop, share & have fun!

    Then on May 15th, I’m having another collaboration over at my new blog Lovers’ Cove.This time, you have to write 1-line of 15 words or less, BUT your line has to continue on from where the previous person left off…that’s the challenge! Hope you can be a part of the fun. Have a great week ahead my friend!


  17. Jyothi says:

    Ha ha… That is one offending post. But its ok. Most posts are like that these days. Do we have “blog lawyers” yet? 😀


  18. tomsgreenery says:

    such a very funny way to put it!


  19. loved the whole post!


  20. manchitra says:

    loved your narration laced with humor. We became mature? because we were given opportunity by our parents. But many parents today cry when children face problems instead of telling them to face and solve it on their own.

    Was busy with work and had power cuts problems too.Getting back to normal schedule.. shall get back to you reg. bracelets.


  21. Swaram says:

    Err I am not saying anything because it might offend u Bik 😛 😛

    Loved the satire 😀


  22. Ria says:

    What u have said is just so true!! Sometimes I feel ppl here really lack the common sense…whoever said common sense is not so common these days is so right!


  23. Ashwini says:

    As usual an interesting and a wonderful take on the upcoming oympics. Loved the humour.


  24. sm says:

    not offended


  25. metherebel says:

    LOL!!! Loved it!!! An interesting take there!


  26. We live in a “soft” nation here in the UK and governed by tight rules and regulations. Parents are pumping out generations of “weak” minded people who fall too easily.

    Every time I see an event now I will remember your post….”don’t jump too high on the High Jump, you may get hurt”.

    Nice post!


    • YEha that is true… it is a soft nation everyone is taking us for granted and the GOVT is bent upon to let them … heck we dont even havethe guts to ask the terrorists to get out ..

      🙂 I liked that dont jump u may bruise he he hehe


  27. 😀
    unique take on the whole thing – very nice post


  28. Well certainly common sense is no more common 🙂 🙂
    a real interesting take… loved it 🙂


  29. Hi Bikram..nice to meet you. I am so not offended by this post 😉

    Thank God we don’t have those kind of notices put in India, its assumed that we know there is a body of water and we will not risk drowning (that is if we can’t swim) by venturing there.

    Being red-blooded Indians, it takes a lot to offend us. We are so used to advice (unasked for) from all quarters that we really don’t take offense at anything at all. Loved the tongue in cheek humour.


    • Hi there. Welcome to this blog .. Thank you for visiting …

      I loved the words “being red blooded indians ” yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to that … and yeah who can forget the unasked advice coming ones way ….

      Thank you for liking the article …


  30. Rekha says:

    Oh, political correctness that extends to nursery rhymes too from what I read online.
    And about the sign, there are even foolish people who just jump in thinking of it as a cheap adventure. Is it true about missiles being stored in nearby apartments for the games?


    • It is being considered. As such uk faces threat so I think its a valid precaution against the air strike.

      It is being thought of may not happen bit army is being mobilized for sure I heard the news myself today.


  31. Anita Menon says:

    What an interesting post. I enjoyed reading it! Can relate to it very well!!


  32. Meera says:

    I think in the US and UK, people sue to make a quick buck. That’s all there is to it. Make money at someone else’s expense and live the good life. I bought a flat iron recently and they had detailed instructions on the locations it can be used in. One of the locations you cannot use it in is the shower or the bathtub. Seriously, companies have started included 6 pages of warnings in order to avoid frivolous law suits. Ridiculous, this is!!


    • Oh yes Uk has picked it up from US for sure .. everyone is at it nowadays… I kno it makes a hilarious reading sometimes .. reading all this instructions .. WE have some with computers toooo , its funny what people come up with …

      it indeed is very ridiculous


  33. Androgoth says:

    The trouble with all these false claims is that it pushes up the insurance
    for all of us, and that has to be wrong… There is always someone after a
    quick way of getting rich, even if it means fleecing the rest of us to do it 😦

    A great posting this one Bikram
    Hey I hope that you will be watching
    the Olympics, it should be great 🙂



    • Oh yes and we have to pay it all but then people dont understand as long as they can make a quick buck…

      Thank you so much Oh yes I am waiting for olympics for sure … they are alomsot here now


  34. LOL 😀 I know, people can sue each other on anything and everything these days :):) I enjoyed reading this 🙂


  35. Rahul says:

    Waiting for the London extravaganza, eagerly!


  36. Jenny says:

    ohhh i miss london… and teeheee total rofl this post :-)))))

    Awaiting the olympics! I am luking fwd to india’s performance this yr!

    and best part of olympics? Pound ka solid rate. I get to transfer some accumlated pounds into rupaiya now 😀


    • Yipeeeeeeeeee now that is good, yeah the pound has gone so stronger suddenly.. good goood 🙂 and why dont you come over to watch some games, and spend those accumulated pounds he he he he 🙂

      thank you so much …

      and I have no idea why you re not getting a email , what can i do tell me will try doing it


    • Hmmm oh yes I am looking forward to that too, but I am not good with atheletics and all so my concentration is more on the national game Hockey. 🙂
      oooh yes pound has gone up again 🙂


  37. Well, I’m not offended 🙂

    anyway, I came from Andy’s blog hop Saturday. I hope you could visit [my blog] sometime


  38. And says:

    The opening ceremony in 2008 was really amazing…let’s wait for this year!


  39. Eigroj Stain says:

    The olympic is just around the corner… and i believe everyone’s excited about it.

    Eigroj Stain from The Blog Hop Saturday


  40. Ashwini C N says:

    People Have to learn to “Deal with It” and move on. Sometimes being overly concerned or conscious, would do no good!



  41. Janaki Nagaraj says:

    Hi nice and funny post Bikram…I don’t know about the UK or the US…in India, its the hell with anyone attitude and I love it. Whoever offended can take a walk.


  42. Eigroj Stain says:

    Weheheheh this one is very offensive… but who cares i laugh my ass out while reading it—- ^^__^^

    Blog Hop Saturday


  43. Reema says:

    off topic – will you be attending the opening ceremony?


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