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Posted: April 16, 2012 in Bikramism, Feeling Funny, funnies, Humour, My Thoughts.
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I have been away so first of all let me apologise to all the writers-bloggers-readers .. I have not been able to visit your blogs and not replied to your comments ..

Carrying on from the previous posts on thoughts here are a few , I have suddenly realised that English is such a funny Language.. I have my examples on that , you are walking down the road when a friend of yours Pointing at a person, says “Have you seen that man” .. Now to me that is funny what do they expect me to say NO, I AM blind I can’t see ..

I am a sucker for a bargain, anything would do, Now here is a situation where I think I made a bargain deal.

I was standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus, a few others were also doing the same thing as I Was, Oh yes waiting for the Bus that’s what we do at a bus stop..  when a friendly MADMAN came on the other side of the road, He was big ,looked strong too, Had that mean look to him .. not washed .. well seeing me the only indian standing I guess his eyes lit up , because other than me rest all looked similar to him, I was the only odd one out in the whole group .. Standing at the bus stop waiting at the bus stop ..  he looked at me, our eyes met , I looked away when I heard those words which I was dreading not to hear

OYE YOU.. oye you..youuuu ”  Now you can expect this to happen in a night or in a dark place but when it happens in the middle of the afternoon in broad daylight you kind of have that Gulp in your throat .. you are basically looking here and there hoping against hope that it’s not you who he is meaning to call ..   I ignored him

He crossed the road and came over , Looking menacingly at me says “Oye give me a pound or you going to get your head banged up and I am going to shove this knife somewhere” 

I am not joking here the moment he sayd ONE POUND.. My eyes lit up .. The gulp in the throat went away .. I took a deep breadth .. what a sense of  RELIEFFFFFFFF 


I was like  phewwwwwwwwwwwww …  that was close , he just wants a pound…  Sounds reasonable …..  BARGAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.. What a DEALLLL  sir ji … .. HOT ONE

I have been stabbed earlier and I know it hurts and worst it puts a dampener on the evening , it would be so very inconvenient, Having to go to a hospital, sp much time wasted there , when to have a stab wound and that hole in the Suit I am wearing , there goes a £200/- suit wasted, what with a hole and blood stains .. not just that even the shirt I was wearing would be stained .. My quick calculative mind did some calculation .. as you can see How fast I was to point that £200/- suit .. Oh yes people I bought one 🙂   (got a few weddings coming on this summer , so a good investment )

Anyway back to the scenario, So this person I was talking of, here was a gentleman who offered me a fair bargain.. rather than putting me to any  inconvenience he wanted a POUND, What an idealist, where can you find such bargains anymore .. Not even the pound shop can offer such juicy deals.

To make the deal more juicier  and worth-while I also thought of the current  financial crisis .. yeah I know to bypass  a horrendous ordeal this indeed was a bargain … I hope you all are nodding with me in agreement here ..

Thats why I said I am a sucker for a good bargain 🙂          

How have you all been people , how was your week and the last ten days.. Thanks to all who emailed enquiring about my whereabouts.. Love you all Thank you.. As I had mentioned in the earlier post I start the new place today , so have had all my ID’s and all done.. Thank you once again for all your wishes …

  1. Me says:

    OMG…I guess sitting in India we barely realise how all this feels and most importantly how lucky we are 🙂


  2. Kunal says:

    what a cool bargain indeed! 😀
    From now on…I will also think in the same way…but off course..I wish that situation never arises in the first place! 😛
    Hope you are doing good! 🙂


  3. sangeetakini says:

    a 200 pound suit with a bloodstained hole and a heroic narrative wd be worth more than an intact one in ur wardrobe………


  4. anisnest says:

    what cop sir? a man threatening you at public in middle of the day? what did he think of himself? did you give him a pound or a punch? May be you gave a pound to save your costly suit 😉


    • 🙂 .. he thought of himslef as superman .. he he he oh yes suit was more important for sure ..
      let it be a surprise what happened … if you read carefully I did not mention if i gave him or what happened he he he he …


  5. You could have given him a pound and when he was about to leave, repeat his dialogue and ask the pound back! I know it doesn’t sound like one, but it was a joke 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  6. obsessivemom says:

    So what happened then??? Did you give that pound?


  7. Smitha says:

    I was wondering where you disappeared 🙂

    And am glad that you decided to give away that pound, and lived to tell the tale 🙂

    £200 suits and all 🙂 Nice nice 🙂


  8. My Era says:

    It was indeed a scary episode at the bus stop…am glad it turned out to be a cool deal and didn’t get ugly or dangerous.
    Hope your first day at your dream role was great 😀
    Take care 🙂


  9. Cynosure says:

    haha…you’re back with a bang…its great to see you back… 🙂
    anyways…before asking about you…lemme come directly to the point…Is your suit ok…??? 😛


  10. Wow…I loved your re-frame on that situation! 🙂 Glad you’re ok…


  11. Vaish says:

    They sound scary! You been stabbed earlier? And a £20 suit has a nice hole in it now? How bad!
    Hope you are safe and sound, enjoying the new job and place…


  12. Androgoth says:

    So you will not only be feeling good but suited also 🙂
    There is nothing quite like a few weddings to enhance
    the wardrobe, well I don’t own a suit but I can imagine
    that you have plenty 🙂 Have a fun week Bikram 🙂



  13. Jas says:

    ha ha… are you serious? He really asked for just one pound or is it just another figment of your brilliant imagination? 🙂 you have been stabbed??


  14. Okay, you have been stabbed earlier. That must be one hell of a scary experience. I know you are making light of it, but it must have scared you a lot that incident of the man calling out. All the best for your new dream role.


  15. zradar says:

    that sounds a fair deal..glad u r fine too..before my first UK trip i was advised that when people ask you for money,give it right away or things are gonna get real messy..and thats how a friend of mine escaped from getting beaten up,but the black had a gun and asked him for his one month salary.. Your story reminded me of how he got looted but dint get hurt


  16. R's Mom says:

    Gosh! that sounds scary and you are making light of it…you are super sweet 🙂 Glad you are fine and all the best for the new job…sure you are going to rock in it 🙂


  17. Aathira says:

    Oh God… That would have been scary. And you say you have been stabbed before??? By a MADMAN??


  18. Deboshree says:

    Bikram, so good to read from you. I was starting to wonder how long it would take till you are all settled. Stay good and cheers! 🙂


  19. Bhagyashree says:

    My… What an incident. The best of luck to you and many such incidents never happen again 🙂


  20. summerscript says:

    You have been stabbed earlier :O :O
    All the best for the new Job, Have loads of fun!! 😀


  21. renu says:

    you have described a horrible situation in a light way..

    All the best for your new job!


  22. metherebel says:

    Hi Bikram,

    Came over here through Pallavi’s blog. Nice blog you have got!

    I am glad you survived to tell your story 😉


  23. alka says:

    this was a scary episode…stabbed before as well?gosh..


  24. Ria says:

    U made it sound so funny but its actually scary!! Glad u got away…and gosh u have been stabbed before!?


  25. arooj says:

    if that mad person would read this post ,he would have earned 100s of pounds via this reasonable bargain.:-)


  26. Meera says:

    It must have been scary to have been approached by a man who was “slightly off” ( as people here sometimes say). It had happened to me once when I a man like that jumped off a pavement in front of me and extended his palm- so I can understand how you felt! Only thing in a place like India you would have had lots of people staring at you ( like they stared at me :)) wondering why a “person not right in the head” was speaking to you. Have a nice week!
    PS I was wondering what had happened to you .. now I know!


  27. I can’t believe how you turned this potentially dangerous situation in to a funny post! Well done.


  28. Bindu says:

    Glad to see you back. 🙂
    You are one of the greatest optimists I’ve ever come across.
    See, it’s all in our heads. Instead of feeling depressed, you have served yourself with wonderful justifications to for giving in.
    Hey world! Learn this great lesson from Bikram! 😀


  29. Well bro, firstly good blessings that you arrived back “safe and sound”, frightening on how little a person can potentially loose their life. I mean it’s like the old days, no one wanted to get run over by a Skoda, the 3-pointed star would have brought some self respect, mind you those German engines in Skoda’s these days is nothing to be ashamed of.

    So moral of the story, use a different bus stop because that guy will be waiting for you, thinking, “that kind brown chap (not being racist) will be here soon so I am going to up the stakes to £1.50 and see what he says”. He may have told his mates so maybe a few more of them pop over, split 100 pence between them and threaten you for 20p each! Amazing how economics work on some people’s mind.

    Oh, a tip…..get in touch with a local dealer of fake pound coins, carry a load, word get’s around that you are a charitable chap.

    Stay Safe, “Rub Rakka”


  30. Jo says:

    Tussi to bade bahadur nikle ji, hun chalaak b nikle ! 🙂
    I hope u actually delivered that punch..i mean pound. 😉
    And hey! Congratulations for your new job. and Good luck 🙂


  31. Sumitra says:

    Glad to see you back! Funny post this is. Did you give him the pound finally?


  32. i4deeps says:

    welcome back… 😛
    and yea such things happen… when you are out of your home town… the further away ‘deeper’ the problem haha


  33. I remembered Akbar Beerbal story with the first incident.

    Did you give him the one pound he asked?!

    All the best for the future, Bikram!


  34. Reema says:

    thats scary!! and you have been stabbed before!! Does this happen a lot to Indians over there?


  35. Confused D says:

    First things first- read ‘Madman’ as ‘Madam’ 😀
    You described something so serious in such a funny way but its good to know that you are doing well 🙂
    Did you give the one pound?????????


  36. NRIGirl says:

    Oh my goodness! Such things happening in London in broad daylight? Isn’t there police presence in busy areas?

    Thank God you had a pound on you; indeed it was a good bargain!

    All the best at the new place. Enjoy the suit.



  37. hi bick..nice to see you back…I guessed it right with new work and lot of other things to do ..kept you busy ..but its never to late to start blogging again and update wid some new write-ups…
    … this bargain deal was scary to me..its not safe? and be safe…


  38. lifesong says:

    That sounds scary! I think you did a sensible thing. It was a good bargain 🙂
    All the best with your new job 🙂


  39. b K Chowla says:

    Arre Bhia,these things happen and happen so suddenly.
    I had a similar experience in Zambia.I was in Ndola and was walking towards the office complex.A six footter came from no where and did almost what happened with you


  40. Punam J R says:

    You did a wise thing by giving up the pound… I am sure your suit was not worth the trouble – your life either, (on second thoughts since that is something you haven’t even considered, in view of your expensive suit!!)
    I am surprised he did not give u a hug after receiving the pound!!


  41. Bhavia says:

    you were stabbed before? :-0 :-0 :-0


  42. Although it’s a good deal, there was a better (free) option and that was to ‘run’.

    Having said that, all jokes aside, it just goes to show how easily a life can taken for such a small amount. I have heard of incidents over the years how people have been killed just for their mobile phones.


  43. Never thought you would correlate it to bargain. But, it is indeed a good bargain as you said. BTW, sorry to know that you were stabbed earlier. And what happened thereafter…


  44. shail says:

    I like your sense of humor evident in recounting a scary situation. 🙂


  45. so you were mugged for 1 pound Veer ji, quite a fair deal i must say..

    that reminds of the days when i was in Johannesburg and was mugged by localite as he had a big steal rod in his hand so i had to surrender whatever money i had on me that moment…and it was one of the scariest event ever happened in my life…

    good to see you back on blog…i told my wife i wonder what must have happened to Bikram that he stopped blogging…but good to see you after this long wait, my recent posts went dry without your comments 😛



    • Rahul paaji, now what happened to you is more scarier mine is not that scary , GLad you are safe and its common sense sometimes to give away and get out of the situation .. nothing manly at arguing and getting stabbed and losing your life .. what good is that …

      I am doing fine thank you so much … you take care


  46. anatreek says:

    I guess he’s using the one pound line on a lot of people..I’m sure he must have collected a ton of money..super cool idea, i must say!


  47. You can joke about it now, but that’s so scary!! Take care.


  48. My comment disappeared!!


  49. Jenny says:

    Omigod, you have been stabbed before! Oh yes, the one pound bargain was hilarious. Nice one Bikram, and weirdly I am not getting the updates of your posts!


  50. DI says:

    😮 😮 😮 I cannot believe you made a joke of such a scary situation! I would have fainted perhaps! But then you’re a big guy 😀


  51. hilarious bargain ordeal that was


  52. My first time here 🙂

    You speak of being stabbed with so much ease that I was quite shocked, seriously! 🙂
    And yes, who doesn’t liek a good bargain? 🙂

    I’ll visit your space more often 🙂 enjoyed reading you !


  53. OMG! That was scary! And you talk about bargain-how could you make it sound so light?!! Been stabbed once before?! :-O More scary!


  54. Dew says:

    OMG… need to be cautious… ?


  55. Gurpreet says:

    Thats terrible. When u were new in Uk, I remember u telling me a incident when u were jogging and few white guys troubled you. Take care.


  56. Rahul says:

    Suckers for bargain, sometimes have to pay dearly:) TC


  57. chakoli says:

    Bargain is soemthing … which I always look for… but in a situtaion like that… huh huh??

    good to hear from you 🙂


  58. Saritha says:

    You gave him a pound?? Let me guess what you did..

    Maybe you showed him your ID card that you are a cop and he will be behind bars if he doesn’t leave from there….


  59. Onkar says:

    very interesting ones


  60. Anita Menon says:

    Ohhhh Bikram, You ought to be careful. I remember being bugged like that at a Birmingham bus stop 3 years ago. I was pregnant and was so scared. It was an interesting post. I loved the way you brought home a moot point.


  61. sakha says:

    This is real scary Bik… better be careful…thank God you are fine…

    Come to UAE, it is safer here… Best of Luck …may you excel in your new Job..


  62. makpossible says:

    You have mended a complicated (and scary too) tale in a mere simpler way. You haven’t hinted anything about the preceedings Bikram?


  63. First, Heloooooo 😉

    How have you been? Your dream cam true, So how is reality treating you?

    Regarding the post, At least for this, I’m happy I’m in India .

    I guess you aren’t receiving my updates, because I’m not able to use my open Id. uSing my twitter Id. Will have to sort it out.


  64. phoenix0612 says:

    hahah good one 🙂


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