And so it ended – The year was 1931

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Let us see how steadfast I am. One of my friends asked me to pray. When informed of my atheism, he said, “When your last days come, you will begin to believe.” I said, “No, dear sir, Never shall it happen. I consider it to be an act of degradation and demoralisation. For such petty selfish motives, I shall never pray.” Reader and friends, is it vanity? If it is, I stand for it…

That is what He believed in , Today the 23rd of march, 1931 Three freedom fighters of our great nation were EXCUTED by hanging until death by a government that ruled us for so many years,  Today was the day when the british raj was shown how we the youth of the our nation were no longer afraid to walk the talk ,  to walk up to that platform where we would KISS death and smilingly happily die for the nation, Hoping to be reborn YET AGAIN so we could try once again to free our great nation from the chains it was bound by..

Here we are in the year 2012 yet again on the same fateful day, how many of us remember the Brave three , the ones on this day gave their life in a hope for a better future for us , the US who don’t deserve this freedom, the US who have never ever done anything for our nation and probably will never do, the US who are hand in glove with the corrupt , the bad the traitors .. YES i call myself and others a traitor for  we are seeing all this happen in our nation yet we go about as if nothing has happened, we don’t bat an eyelid over what is going on …

Jo bhara nahin hai bhavon se 

behti jisme rasdhaar nahin

woh hridya nahin Pathar hai

jisme swadesh ka pyar nahin

(That heart that does not have emotions, that does not have BLOOD running, That is not a  heart  it is  Stone,  that doesnot have the love of Country in it)


jisme na nijh gaurav

na nijh desh ka abhiman hai

woh nar nahin hai

Passu hai nira Mritak ke samaan hai

(The one who has no self respect, or is proud of his country, that is not a MAN but a Dead person a ANIMAL they are)

When will the time come when we will all stand up together and do something , or have we gotten so shameless that we are not dreading the day when we will also reach where these martyrs are now looking down upon us, what will we say to them when they ask us “IS this why they gave their lives”..  HOW – WHAT will we say to them ..

When will the time come when indians will start to think that Time has come to re-sow the guns in our fields.. as the little Bhagat singh did ..

The reasons why the martyrs gave their life, the reason why they kissed the rope that was to go around their neck to hang them till death, we have forgotten all those reasons..  SO many years went by before the govt of india could decide to have a statue of Bhagat Singh, in the parliament, While the Chief ministers of some state have done nothing but put statues of themselves all over the state.

Come 22nd march they all run around cleaning those statues of  martyrs, and the irony is that, the one who comes to put a garland on these statues is a NETA, a khadi wearing politician who has tons of criminal cases against him/her. .. Sad is the situation that although our nation is free yet to get anything done we need to find a minister whose call will get the job done.

The only thing that has changed since independence is the color of the skin of the looters , it was white then Now its brown.

Here is something that I would love everyone to hear ,  Put the volume at normal and close your eyes Just listen..   a little tribute to the martyrs .. Hope we do something for them for our country which will make them proud of their fellow citizens , I know you all are very busy, but do spend some time listening , maybe it will wake us all up to do something someday.. just maybe

Scottish Celtic                                                                           English

Lay me doon in the caul caul groon                                     Lay me down in the cold cold ground
whaur afore monie mair huv gaun                                       where before many more have gone

when they come a wull staun ma groon                              When they come I will stand my ground..
staun ma groon                                                                        stand my ground
al nae be afraid                                                                        I will not be afraid

thought awe hame take awa ma fear                                   Thoughts of home  take away my fear
sweat an bluid hide ma veil awe tears                                 sweat and blood –  hide my viel of tears

ains a year say a prayer faur me                                Once a year  say a prayer for me
close yir een an remember me                                   CLOSE YOUR EYES AND REMEMBER ME 

nair main shall a see the sun                                                 Never more shall I see the SUN
for a fell tae a germans gun                                                   for I fell to a German’s gun

Lay me doon in the caul caul groon                                     Lay me down in the cold cold ground
whaur afore monie mair huv gaun                                       where before many more have gone

14th february went by, majority of us celebrated it as the day of love, but there was history made on this day especially for us indians, let me ask a question how many can remember what it was that happened , this day years back..  and please no googling.. no shame in accepting if you dont know, I did not know about it myself sadly, But I wont forget it again that is for sure.

I hope we can remember the martyrs just more than once in a year …

Ps:- The above poem is by MP Navjote Singh Sidhu, The ex cricketer.

PPS:- I have not done justice in the translation of the words so please bear with me , I am not that clever.. But I hope you get the jist of it what I am trying to say.

  1. Punam J R says:

    THAT poem – by Sidhu???? That is a shocker… but really hard-hitting.. those words are not many but they hold such profound meaning.. and that VOICE is haunting!!!! I can say goodbye to my sleep now.. 😦 😦
    I feel very very saddened..
    And yes, we all should include the martyrs in each prayer whispered on the lips, for we are today because someone gave their flesh and blood for us.


  2. Anita Menon says:

    what a tribute! If not for you, people like me wouldn’t have known so much about such great figures. Thanks so much.


  3. Writerzblock says:

    That was an amazing tribute Bikki. And I did not google, and don’t know what happened on 14th Feb. And that is pathetic.


  4. NRIGirl says:

    Feb 14th? I vaguely remember something severe happening – either in Bhopal or in Coimbatore, shame on me…


  5. Indeed this is a very touching and moving post. Back in 1931 when these legends planted the seeds of freedom – then the enemy was clear ‘the British’ and their alliances. When you have a clear visibility of the enemy and know who they are, although it’s tough fighting at least you can identify them – but today, who is the enemy. We know the politicians in India are no less than the British when they ruled.

    If we today, find it difficult to identify who is one of us and who is not, who exactly do you class as the enemy.

    The problem is, today it is our own who are instilling terror on the poor, who are turning a blind eye on the problems we face as a community.

    Although, I agree, we need to reignite the fire once shown in 1931 but what is our objective and how do we achieve it?


    • No dont agree to this , I have a simple reply who is the enemy well WE INDIANS are the enemy ourself .. We need to Change ourself first, Think as a Indian first and then think of other caste creed etc etc. do something for the nation, work for the nation first .. IF WE all do that these leaders and Looters wont have anyplace to go , they will soon be history ..

      WE let them loot us .. they dont come guns blazing to loot us, WE LET THEM so we are the enemies here for sure


      • I agree, to make a wider change we much look within us. Like they, before you clean up your street – clean up your own house and garden.

        Having said that – social change is needed, on a massive scale. For a social change to take place something big needs to happen. A massive corruption story needs to hit the headlines or something even more drastic is needed along the lines of when British ruled India. Under extreme pressure and fear does social change gives birth. BUT BUT BUT…this is my argument: Since in India, majority of people of power enjoy ‘comfortable’ life styles – for them, issues surrounding corruption, addressing the needs of the poor, etc does not have any meaning – they refer to it as matters ‘out of our control’. So since these comfortable people live in their comfort buffer zone, social change is a dream.


  6. Vaish says:

    I honestly did not know what happened on 14th Feb. It is such a shame I did not learn history properly or intended to know about our own martyrs.
    Sidhu’s poetry is very nice..never knew.. he write so well! Loved these lines “The only thing that has changed since independence is the color of the skin of the looters , it was white then Now its brown”.


  7. zephyr says:

    That was a poignant reminded to every Indian. We certainly don’t deserve the freedom these great men and women had fought for. Rituals have become just that — empty gestures that mean nothing, whether religious or nationalistic. That letter was enough to jolt us out of our complacency.


  8. There is no point in blaming the politicians for everything, when we have voted for them.

    Bhagat Singh is immortal. Period.

    Destination Infinity


    • D.I. you are right we are to be blamed as at THAT time we allowed the British to come and do business… Then they did what they did. After that WE chose these khadi wearing thiefs the blame lies entirely on us…

      We are forgetting the heroes.. and even what they warned us against… Bhagat Singh warned us against these people yet we preferred to forget it All..


  9. pixie says:

    That was amazing! 🙂
    Beautiful tribute Biks! 🙂


  10. kavita says:

    Shahedon ki chitaon pe lagenge har baras mele,watan pe mitne walon ka yahi baki nishan hoga !


  11. Andy says:

    Fascinating & informative post Bikramjit.
    Many thanks for sharing. Thanks too for always stopping by my blog. I truly appreciate it.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn…


  12. Cynosure says:

    He will never be forgotten…He was the greatest freedom fighter of all time for India…
    nice read… 🙂
    poems and video shared were beautiful…


  13. Say Cheese says:

    Great Tribute, straight from your heart. You know it’s a little funny how when we start reading a blog, we kind of start getting to know the person who writes it, however little the amount of this ‘knowing’ is! Since I am reading your blog for many many months now, I kind of was thinking some days ago that you’re going to write about them today, and I was waiting for this post. 🙂


    • Thank you for those kind words. but then i also feel ashamed of myself too, I should be writing of these brave people more often and not jsut on 23rd march.. I ma equally wrong and bad.

      Glad you read this post Thankyou 🙂


  14. b K Chowla says:

    And,see what have the present politicians done to the country


  15. amazing tribute…and thanks to this post i remembered the significance of 23rd march..feel so ashamed !!!

    it wasn’t there in newspapers as well ! 😦

    long live Bhagat!


    • Rahul Paaji media is only after TRP, why will they put something like this .. they have enough to write about the Greedy politicians who are looting us each day.. and if that is not enough then the bollywood actors make the news and if that fails too then its cricketers …

      I doubt if people even know what happened today in tht year .. they will surly know what movie or match is on …


  16. hey no that’s not what i meant…i knew the significance of 23rd march but i just happened to dont remember it today !


    i hope now i make sense !


  17. Novroz says:

    What a powerful post Bik.
    I wish I put up something like this about my country’s martyrs.

    well done job Bik


  18. alka says:

    a very touching post..honestly lotta times o have myself wondered that did our freedom fighters sacrifice der lives for the corrupt politicians,or d hooliganism or the ruthless world we are living in today..i really feel if they could see all this they wud be deeply saddened..n i dont know what happened n 14th feb:( so do let me know..and ll the while reading your post the song vich is my favorite ae mere watan ke logo zaraa aankh mein bhar lo paani jo shaheed hue they unki zara yaad karo qurbaani was playing in my mind


    • I am sure if they were alive today they would have given up without a fight .. this would have broken their heart and their will to do something for sure.

      on 14th feb the judge pronounced that the three should be hanged on 24th march.. but because of situation they were hanged on 23rd which in my eyes is murder


  19. I have this sinking feeling so many times when I read tales of our shaheed that this cannot possibly be why they laid down their lives. When we read of honest upright politicians of those days like Sardar Patel and Morarji Desai, it shames me to see the Yedyurappas, Mayawatis, and the list goes on of today. If we have to think of one honest official in public life today, it would be difficult. Sad, sad, sad. I deserve this freedom because I try to live an honest life. But, I want to make a real change in our society, a big, tangible change.


    • Haanji same here I go through the same too.. honesty is not their anymore .. I mean these corrupt neta’s the amount of honesty they use in doing all these GHAPLAS, in all these LOOTING.. if they use a few percentage of THAT honesty for the well being of the nation, our nation will do wonders .. I have no qualms against them making money.. let them make as much BUT do a BIT just A BIT for the nation that will suffice …

      THe problem is that not may try to live a honest life, if majority of people did that the country will automatically change…


  20. Ruchira says:

    A very poignant post Bikram .. The state our country is in, at times the sacrifice of these martyrs does seem to be going waste. But its us ourselves who can bring about the change and we must all strive for it !


    • Thank you so much, you got it wrong its not “Seems to go to waste”.. IT has gone to waste for sure.
      YEs WE , all of us , till all work hard and do something , We all need to make that change.. for sure and god willing things will change


  21. A very moving post. The image of the jailor’s certificate brings tears.


  22. Phatichar says:

    I got goosebumps after reading the post. What an awe-inspiring song that is. I agree with Hariharan, had tears in my eyes too as I read that certificate. How did you manage to get your hands on it?

    I don’t think we can do enough to remember this great man and others like him. It’s a very very humbling thought, yaara.

    Thanks for this post.


    • Thank you Sir. How did i manage to get this well I have a few books on him and other revolutionaries. and the image was from Wikipedia..

      I know we can never do enough but if we start then maybe one day things can change


  23. Devil says:

    Very poignant with very deep meaning.. Every Indian need to read it, they are the voices of India. You know, though i have read and heard of the 3 great fighters, it actually went deep into the mind while watching Rang de basanti. That was the time i thought, my God, they have done something so great, they fight for their country and at the same time they inspired thousands to join the freedom fight. An amazing post !!


  24. It is because of such brave Sikhs that not only the Sikh nation, but other nationalities can hold their head high in praise of this human sacrifice. It is important for us to constantly recall these events, to never forget and to teach our children of this. When we have justice, determination and the will to battle against tyranny, then with Wahguru’s blessing bestowed on us, we cannot be stopped.

    Its 2012 and we now must not forget about another crisis, the execution of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana.

    Also, “I am afraid” you have been tagged, follow the link to complete your “dare” *ha ha*


    • Let us see how steadfast I am. One of my friends asked me to pray. When informed of my atheism, he said, “When your last days come, you will begin to believe.” I said, “No, dear sir, Never shall it happen. I consider it to be an act of degradation and demoralisation. For such petty selfish motives, I shall never pray.” Reader and friends, is it vanity? If it is, I stand for it…

      BHAGAT SINGH never spoke of religion, he was a indian first and remained so all his life.. I think that is what the problem with our nation we are too much divided.
      BUT yes as you mentioned we should not forget such heroes and with determination and will and with Waheguru’s blessing one day we will change

      thank you for the Tag , hopping over to seee


  25. Prof. K.P.S. Shante says:

    Nice Blog by Bikram Mann, My Geo student.!!! Thanks Bikram, for the Nice Write up and for sharing. Watching the Video in your blog while reading the lyrics in Celtic was a Beautiful experience….!!! Salutations to the Brave Indian Martyrs, and I wonder how much more cruel these Brown ruling pigs are….And when will the REAL Indians wake up…….


  26. Prof. K.P.S. Shante says:

    Ae mere watan ke logo, Zraaaa aankh me bhar lo paani, Jo Shaheed hue hain unki, zraa YAAD karo QURBAANI……


  27. Dinesh Arora says:

    ‎23 March, 1931

    Few Indians now remember that on this day our great freedom fighters Bhagat singh, Sukhdev & Rajguru were hanged to martyrdom in Lahore central jail.


  28. Taran Mahal says:

    Bhagat Singh !!


  29. anatreek says:

    I didn’t even remember.shame, shame on me..:(..Thanks for reminding..great post!


  30. Ravi Singh Ravjote says:

    I totally agree with the sentiments of my brother. We forget these dates and will continue to do so always unless we infuse our daily life style with the values to appreciate what these great leaders and martiers have done. Remembering dates and people is not as important as living a life which justifies freedom which was bought at such high a price – wish there was a way to make us all live more virtuous and a bit less selfish, a bit more in service of others and a bit less corrupt and greedy.


  31. haritha says:

    hello bikramji..good to read your blog again
    your post is very powerful.. a great tribute…
    i am ashamed of using the freedom i have today without even knowing the pain ppl like bhagat singh underwent to acquire it …
    thankyou for such a post


  32. deeps says:

    That’s a superbly thought out one… if I remember correct, you had written something similar in the past too on the same topic…


    • Yea i did at least that way I can keep these heroes alive in my thoughts the country obviously has forgotten.. as did not read a single news in any newspapers. Or on tv nothing . No politician or any leader had anything to say…



  33. i agree with many of your thoughts…….very hard hitting and i share the views of my daughter who when she asked me how come i ve taken a day off from my duty and am in her city and on being told that it is holiday in Punjab and Chandigarh as it is the shaeedi divas of the grand martyrs……….she asked were they the martyrs of Punjab alone………should India as a whole not take cognizance of this day and i had no answer to this……..except for a misty silence……… this end they laid their lives……………the precious ones for such un precious millions who do not even care to remember them leave alone follow their path…………..


    • Thank you os much, welcome ot this blog, do keep visiting.

      THis is the sadded part we have not even left our heroes divided into states .. Sad the little one has the right question , I jsut hope one day the nation can reply to that question …
      the whole of india well it does not have time for anyone else other then Gandhi…
      yes you are right precious few gave their life for the UNPRECIOUS Millions .. Sad Sad truth of our nation


  34. Onkar says:

    Bhagat Singh will continue to inspire generations to come


  35. A great post… a great tribute!


  36. Sudha says:

    Gandhi ki meanness ka result tha ye din


  37. Jyoti Mishra says:

    That’s what I like about Navjot Singh Sidhu… most of the times he says such great things in a very casual way… one of the best speaker.. its a fun to watch him debate or speak..

    ## Once a year say a prayer for me
    Awesome lyrics n equally awesome music.. Loved it.. glad u shared


  38. Madhulika says:

    Nice tribute… It only when you read such articles that you realize that the ‘freedom’ was not free and we should do something substantial in life.
    Very informative… Thanks for sharing…
    And nice song too 🙂


  39. great tribute to the forgotten heros 🙂


  40. Varsha says:

    They must be turning in their graves, our martyrs looking at whats happening to our country. Lets remember them and do better for the sake of our country. Lets get out of our “chalta hain” and try to make a difference, however small, if not with our lives, at least with our deeds!


  41. sm says:

    thanks for sharing the old order.
    nice post


  42. Ameena says:

    It’s so great to get to know some of these amazing facts! I love learning new things, especially on a lazy Sunday morning. 🙂

    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend so far!


  43. icyhighs says:

    Thought-provoking post but that Sidhu is a show-stealer; I’m so surprised he wrote that!

    The contest was very amusing too, great blog.


  44. Rahul says:

    A very beautiful post Bikram! A country which forgets its soldiers and brave men pays the price like we pay now everyday! Very unfortunate but true and the ones who plunder the nation are one among our own countrymen:(


  45. Ashwini says:

    Very touching post. I did not know what happened on 14th Feb. till I read this post and the comments. It’s a shame that we Indians celebrate this day as a day of love when a young freedom fighter’s death sentence was passed on this day and worst thing is we don’t even know about it.


    • I think we are too engrossed in our own life that we tend to forget. Hopefully we will wake up one day and maybe put a smile on these martyrs when they see us all working for a better future of our nation..


  46. Onkar nath teri says:



  47. Hey there Bikram. Firstly Thanks for visiting my blog, humbled.

    You will be pleased to know that I actually answered your 11 questions because I didn’t scroll down on BritishAsian’s blog to see his…ha ha…please follow this link to see responses to your questions.

    Have a nice day.



  48. Bhavia says:

    “Come 22nd march they all run around cleaning those statues of martyrs, and the irony is that, the one who comes to put a garland on these statues is a NETA, a khadi wearing politician who has tons of criminal cases against him/her. ”

    sadly the TRUTH!!


  49. Saritha says:

    Wonderful tribute bikram.Shame on me that i don’t know much……


  50. Honestly, I don’t believe that giving a day or two would serve any purpose. When you go to Jalianwala bagh then you feel the pain and anger.

    Great tribute. Poem and its translation is really great…:)


  51. Deeps says:

    As always what a passionate tribute to the great men! I read only recently about the significance of 14th feb- the day when their death sentence was signed, was it?

    Kudos for this post, Bik! Loved it!


    • Hello deeps.. not sure of the 14th now as if you read the latest post , that has something different .. but i was also under the impression that 14th feb was the day the judgement came out …

      Thank you Deeps for reading it all 🙂


  52. raju070 says:

    Your post affected me so much. It had such a humbling effect as it reminded me of the greatness of these men who are still present among us but we fail to breathe them. You said it brilliantly.. we need to do something (however small that may be) for our country that we can be proud of. And I agree the enemy is within everyone of us.

    I did remember this day but I don’t remember it often enough. That poem was soul stirring and stimulating. Thanks for this post.


  53. Bikram – I regularly read your blogs, but somehow I never got a chance to comment on it.. it’s been always in a jiffy .. but Sukhwinder’s comment and this post really shook me when I read this few days back …the words were so powerful – asking me to wake-up from the la-la land I am currently living in .. I came back to read this post again which was lingering on my mind .. I am thankful to you and sukhwinder for reminding all those people like me who had forgotten about the great martyrs who we should thanking everyday !!


  54. Reema says:

    beautiful post!! Sidhu writes poems too!! and that too good ones! :O


    • Thank you so much. well he is a good speaker dont know if he has written this but i got it when he was definitely saying it ..

      he is a good man and i do respect him , after all he is also my school mate 🙂 we studied in same school and he was even in my HOUSE.. the school had three houses 🙂


  55. KP says:

    Left me heavy in my heart and speechless..Their sacrifice should not be in vain.There is so much for us to do to take the nation forward to glory.


    • Partha Sir, IT leaves me like that each time i see my nation being treated the way it is by its own.

      yes we have a lot to do A LOTTTTTTTtt.. hopefully one day we will be enough in number that we will make a difference for sure


  56. Deboshree says:

    I really had no idea about Sidhu’s poetic streak. Must say he writes well!
    This post brings to light just how much we take for granted… The lives we lead today are owed to so many before us and yet, even commemorating them sometimes seems a task.


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