Contest and Award :- What do you see … (2).. UPDATE – RESULT

Posted: March 19, 2012 in Awards, Brain teaser, Contest, My Thoughts., Questions, Win
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What do you think about this Picture .. Any guesses … I am going to give a Award to the one who can Guess it honestly .. If more then One people , then I will do a Lotto to pick the name out.. I know I am a Miser I will give to only 5 people :) so get going … All the best ..

All the pictures below are genuine logo’s of reputed companies but they all have very unique interesting things to see in the Logo.. Can you see what it is .. AND NO CHEATING PLEASE 🙂


Do  you see the arrow between the second “E”  and “x” ??

I had never noticed this before. {but i will every time i see it NOW!}


2nd and  3rd “t’s”  are two people sharing a tortilla over a bowl of salsa.


Probably  the world’s most famous bike race. The “R” in “Tour” is a cyclist –  yellow circle front wheel of bicycle.

This is what you get 🙂

All the best 🙂

Update:- I have put the replies I was expecting. Thank you all for participating and it seems Everyone has almost got the answers correct, So after much deliberation and talking to a couple of blogger friends , I thought The award will go ot the First Five who commented.

Clapssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss– Drummmm ROLLLLLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssss… TAAAAAA DDDDAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

1. Sunny
2. IHM
3. Rahul Aggarwal
4. My ERA
5. Bhavia

A special mention here for a very very very Innovative and a Reply which I am sure no one would have guessed ever .. I am going to cut paste it here

All the three logos have the name of chemical element in them.

          Fedex – Fe  – Ferrum

          Tostitos – I – Iodine

          Le tour de France – Fr – Francium

Specially the award goes to  KIRTIVASAN

Thank you everyone for participating, Next contest coming out soon 🙂

  1. Sunny says:

    1. The forward moving arrow in Ex
    2. Two people sharing chip and salsa in the middle of the word
    3. The cyclist in the word Tour

    Nice one 🙂


  2. Okay,
    FedEx – there is an arrow in the FedEx logo. (in Ex)
    Tostitos® Tortilla Chips – The Tostitos Logo has Two People Enjoying a Chip & Dip in it.
    Le Tour de france. – has a cyclist bending while cycling (so a cycle and a cyclist – in OuR)

    Right? Wrong? :\


  3. Do we have to share the links from where we got the answers? 😉


  4. Bikram I also wanted to know when are the results going to be announced?


  5. No idea. I am going to copy paste that Eureka award into my blog 😛

    Destination Infinity


  6. alright, first look and amy answers are :
    1. there’s a direction sign there (->)
    2. family having pizza
    3. cyclist running on tour de france…

    pleasegive me good news that my name is there in the lucky lotto 😛


  7. Confused D says:

    Are we supposed to give funny answers or actual ones??
    FEDEX is simple. There is an arrow made between the gap of E and X which I guess is like moving forward or something.
    TOSTITOS was complex but both the Ts, they look like men…I mean like a drawing.
    Couldn’t figure out LE DE TOUR FRANCE 😦

    Funny answers are FEDEX means Fed’s ex 😀
    TOSTITOS- toast with a toss or a twist! (I know this is lame!)
    LE DE TOUR FRANCE- May be someone is saying in Punjabi “Yaara, le de tour France, Mainu bhi jaana hain!” 😀


    • WOW.. I loved this reply toooo you got the first two right but the last one ..

      and you know actually a special mention for that .. Punjabi’s think very right MAIN VE JAANA HAIGA FRANCEEEEEEEEEEEE 🙂

      and Fed’s EX is funny too maybe the company is owned by someone who is Fed’s EX 🙂

      thank you so much for visiting here please please do keep visiting 🙂


  8. My Era says:

    #1: an arrow in Ex of the word Fedex
    #2: It has two people in the center enjoying a chip.
    #3: you can see a man cycling in the word tour.

    I hope I saw things on the right track 😀 😀


  9. Someone is Special says:

    2. a happy family is frying the chips using the red colour bowl and enjoying it..
    3. someone is touching the sun (yellow colour ball) and there are many people who are dancing and admiring it..
    1. I think it look like a van is flying… no idea though..

    I’m back here after a long time mainly because of Haiku Challenge and my work..Shall we meet one more time?

    Someone is Special


    • hey s.I.S. how are you doing, yes you have come after a long time 🙂
      I hope you have checked up the replies now ..

      The first one has an arrow and the last one The “R” in “Tour” is a cyclist – yellow circle front wheel of bicycle.

      and yeah let me know when we can meet I am fine


  10. Smitha says:

    I am totally unimaginative 😦 I can’t see anything 😦 Cheating is definitely not allowed?


  11. Smitha says:

    OK got it 🙂 By illegal means though 🙂 But whoever designed these, sure are creative!


  12. Bhavia says:

    1)there is an arrow between E and x
    2)he fourth and sixth t denote two people and they are sharing tostitos chips in a bowl
    3)there is a man riding bicycle hidden in the logo,letter R is denotes the man and the yellow circle and the letter o of tour make the wheels of the bicycle and of course,u making the body of it.


  13. Sathya says:

    Let us see
    I had always been intrigued by some of the logos. The first one is easy (hopefully right) : ->
    tostitos – is it kind of two folks across the table making tortillas ?
    Tour de France is awesome – the cyclist just pop out (thanks for sharing :))


  14. Comfy says:

    The right arrow in ‘FedEx’, the two men dancing to a drum in ‘Tostitos’ and the man riding his bike in ‘Tour de France’

    Well at least that is what I see. 🙂


  15. sm says:

    brands from same country


  16. NRIGirl says:

    I have looked at these long and hard and have observed the following:
    * The d and E in Fedex logo looks kind of like their delivery van.
    * Also I see an arrow hidden in the word
    * I see two people and a bowl of dip and a chip in the other logo
    * 3rd one seems plain

    Can’t wait to see the answers!


  17. NRIGirl says:

    Wait! Wait! Wait! I see a man biking; the yellow circle being the front wheel!


  18. Writerzblock says:

    Crap! I couldn’t guess even ONE answer 😦 😦


  19. Well, in Fedex there is an arrow between E and X. In tostitos, the ‘tit’ in between represents people eating. In the last the big dot and r represents someone is cycling.

    I hope I am right. I admit long back when I was doing some project on Marketing I studied logo. I am sure of first and last but not the second.


  20. kavita says:

    1- Arrow between E and x .
    2 – two man sharing chips n salsa sauce.
    3 The cycle rider over yellow circle .


  21. Bikram, it is easy to google and get the answers :). The first one has an arrow. The second one has two people dipping a chip. I don’t know the third one :). But, I didn’t know. I googled it ;-).


  22. pixie says:

    errr!! no idea! but, can you give a hint?! 😉 😛 😛


  23. Seema says:

    Greedily de-lurking after a long time just to grab the award :mrgreen:

    Here are the answers:
    1. There is right arrow hidden between E and x.
    2. The two t’s are actually two people eating chip and the dot over ‘i’ is a bowl of salsa.
    3. r is Tour is a person cycling while the yellow circle is a wheel.


  24. insignia says:

    Good one Bik, i think i got the uniqueness in all the logos. But if the answer is there on internet as few others have told, then its no fun 🙂


    • Bikram says:

      🙂 Hello mam, good to see you here , you seem to come once in blue moon 🙂 .. hmmm i know what you mean but then the answers are always on the internet , google zindabad 🙂

      but then i did say dont cheat 🙂 he he he


  25. Punam J R says:

    Now, you see 60% of my time at work is spent on DATA mining and harvesting. So, making use of my professional skills, I open GOOGLE and decide to cheat. 😛 So, you have one less award to give. 😛
    Now, The FedEx logo has an arrow.
    The Tostitos logo has two people having a Tostito with sauce. NOW.. since I have never seen a tostito, HOW in the world would I know that the TRIANGLE thing there is supposed to be a tostito. he he
    NOW, Mr. Google refused to help me with the third logo. So, that’s all for now.

    OK on second thoughts, I don’t wanna give up… So, I studied up about it on Wikipedia.. it’s about some bicycle race and THAT’s when I spotted the man riding a bicycle. 🙂 HA there u go, that was not cheating. Thankfully.

    Ta daaaaaaaaaaaaa
    bye byesssssssssssss


  26. Sapna says:

    All these logos have symbolism in them. FedEx has an arrow in between E and X which suggests a company moving forward.

    Tostitos logo has middle t’s such that you can see two people dipping a tortilla chip in the salsa of i.

    In Le Tour de France logo you can see a cyclist in R of tour where orange circle looks like front tire.

    Hope those are good answers 😀


  27. Puja says:

    FedEx was easy…. The white space arrow formed between E and x?

    The Tostitos logo – well.. it is tough.. and I am not so sure.. But has it got something to do with the two Ts in the middle that almost look like two people having a bowl of tomato sauce (?) and chips??

    For the last one, R looks like someone bent over 🙂 and O looks like a wheel. And since it is a cycling related event… i am guessing it is someone riding a bicycle thought it is not that obvious..

    (I am hopping over to google now to confirm my answers.. If right, you better give me that award!!)


  28. Jyoti Mishra says:

    it feels horrible when u don’t knw wat to comment 😛


  29. Say Cheese says:

    Ok I have seen the FedEx one before, so I know there is an arrow in Ex. I don’t know about other two, so just let me make a silly guess, in tostitos, second and third T have images of stick figures, it looks like two men. And the third one, well I don’t see anything unique in it, is the O and the orange circle a set of eyes? LOL Do I win anything or not?


    • Haanji a arrow is there, and correct on the second one tooo ..
      but in the third one The “R” in “Tour” is a cyclist – yellow circle front wheel of bicycle. …

      Thank you shilpa for participating…


  30. Madhulika says:

    I know the answers…. yeyeyeye
    1. In case of FedEx there is a white arrow between “E” and “X”
    2. In case of Tostitos, the second and third “t’s” are sharing a chip over an “i” that is dotted with a salsa bowl…. yumieeeeeeee
    3. In case of Le Tour de France, there is a person riding a bicycle; the yellow circle is the front wheel and the r is the body. (i had to google this one 😉 )


  31. Smita says:

    Well well!!

    Guess you are dieting and craving for chips. That is why you are asking all the chips to be sent via courier for a trip to France!!!

    or or or

    You are going for a trip to France & want us to courier some chips there 😛

    or or or or

    Somebody took a trip to France and has courierd Tortilla’s to you 😛

    Enough answers??? Now my prize please 😛


    • Smita says:

      Psst!!! I googled the real answers and they are so very cliched!!!! huh!!! Mine are the best 😛


      • Bikram says:

        YEah i know .. and YES yours are the BESTtttttttttttt for sure …
        but the question is DO i have to go to france for you to courier me some … 🙂 send to UK Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


    • Bikram says:

      YEsssssssssssssssss Please courier someeeeeeeeeeeee.. jaldi jaldi so you sending some …

      Hmmm you should definitely get the prize for such a DELICIOUS comment you know how i love fooood …

      Thank you 🙂


  32. Deboshree says:

    I do not know… 😦 😦 Maybe I will go DI’s way! 😛


  33. Ashwathy says:

    NO idea!!

    First thing I spotted was how the white space between E and x in FedEx goes on to form an arrow pointing to the right! 😛


  34. FedE(ARROW)X (some use to reading random forwards after all) 😀

    The second one – two people with a bowl of salsa between them, they’re probably holding a chip (or I’m over-interpreting :P)

    there’s a cycle and a cyclist in “tour”


    nice one!


  35. momofrs says:

    Aha!! I guess I see something!! Okay, here goes :-
    1). I see a distinct forward arrow between the ‘E’ and ‘X’
    2)The word “Tostitos” contains a little family at the centre.
    3) The word “Tour” has a man bending down (bowing low?)
    Am I right? am I ? am I??


  36. scorpria says:

    Fed Ex: There is a block arrow in the white space between “E” and “x”.

    Tostitos: the alphabets “t”, ‘i” and “t” shows a happy family dining 🙂

    Le Tour de France: There is a cycle and cyclist in “our” of “Tour” the ‘O’ and the orange sphere are the tyres, and the slanting r is the cyclist 🙂

    Swear to go, I did not Google these !! 🙂 the third was quite tough!!


  37. Kirtivasan says:

    All the three logos have the name of chemical element in them.
    Fedex – Fe – Ferrum
    Tostitos – I – Iodine
    Le tour de France – Fr – Francium


  38. zradar says:

    that last comment about chemicals makes me worried…but these are what i could gather
    1. the arrow between E and X in fedex
    2. Two people holding tortillas
    3. the guy riding cycle

    the first i rem from an olf forward,second is my guess and the third from a website 🙂
    Do i win?


  39. Shilpa Garg says:

    Awesome logos… had read about them in a Forward email. So I guess, that’s cheating, hence not eligible for the award!! 😀


  40. DEEPAK KARTHIK says:

    1)d and E of FedEx lies on the same line, i meant they are placed equally.. JUST LOOK AT THE d and E of FEDEX 🙂
    2) Tortilla chips logo features a MOUTH eating it 🙂
    3) “R” in the TOUR, looks like that of a competitor(bicycle rider) riding a cycle….

    all that i can see furnished above 🙂


  41. Sara no "H" says:

    I can see the Tostitos but ..I’m lost on all the others lol.


  42. Rek says:

    How about fed up of the ex…toss “it” outside the vehicle while taking a detour to france. 🙂
    ENjoy your week ahead.


  43. 1) the space between E and X in “Ex” there is an arrow
    2)The chips here second and third “t”s are sharing a chip with” i”and a bowl of salsa
    3) a person riding a bicycle the yellow circle is the front wheel and the r is the body.
    “le de tour France”
    ..” sada aakh da nishana teer vaarga


  44. Sangeeta Khanna says:

    Couldn’t comment on your blog..this was my comment though..
    There seems to be a truck in FedEx …
    There is a tortilla n sauce in the Tostitos logo and Tour de France has a cyclist..these two were easy.


  45. Enigma says:

    In first you see an arrow pointing to the right made from ‘E’ and ‘x’. Second you can see two human figures with something in the middle. In third you have some Chinese type symbol in the ‘O’ of ‘Tour’.
    Just my own stupid observations. 😛


  46. AT says:

    1. Arrow between E and x
    2. Two people and dip bowl (t-I-t)
    3. Man on cycle ( r and orange circle)


  47. DEEPAK KARTHIK says:

    1)d and E of FedEx lies on the same line, i meant they are placed equally.. JUST LOOK AT THE d and E of FEDEX
    2) Tortilla chips logo features a MOUTH eating it
    3) “R” in the TOUR, looks like that of a competitor(bicycle rider) riding a cycle….

    all that i can see furnished above

    have commented already chk ur spam 😀


  48. sakha says:

    I am here after so long..sorry, due to work and another exhibition. I got only the 2 one..I got the men sharing salsa and chips..other two no idea…

    Don’t tell me all logos were created by Indians…or by the same company or person…

    Going on vacation from Friday to first week of pls announce the result fast Bik..


  49. Vaish says:

    I’m way late 😦
    although I knew the arrow and 2 people in the first two. Have no idea about the rest! Where is the cycling man in 3rd 😦


  50. Jyothi says:

    I see the arrow in the first one. I can see people dipping the chip in the second one. And I see a man bending over an Orange Circle like he is riding a bike. There are bike stands everywhere in Paris. I think you rent them by the hour.

    My answers aren’t wrong buddy, you question is! 😀 Samjhe!


    • YEs mam you answers are perfectly right .. sorry my question was wrong 🙂 haanji SAMAJHAAAAAAAAA 🙂

      yes the renting of bikes has come to uk too and you cna hire the by the hour around london area 🙂


  51. Novroz says:

    I didn’t see that arrow before and I didn’t pick up the clue of what to see, the other two I can spot the symbol easily 🙂

    What a fun post Bik


  52. been late…but this was interesting….


  53. Reema says:

    ahhh I missed the contest 😦


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