DISCLAIMER:- Please carry on reading this article if you think logically and understand.  PLEASE DONT READ is you are the new Gandhians. If you are one of those people who will not listen to One wrong word against the country PLEASE STOP NOW, I am sorry.. This article is not for you, or for those who have one single track mind..  All those who think our country has nothing wrong ALSO STOP READING NOW.
All those who can only TALK and do nothing also STOP READING.  ALSO This is not INDIA bashing its towards the INDIAN PEOPLE .. bashing those who wud not do anything but will be the first ones to argue or fight or shout and put others down… Its to people to accept the fault and work to fix it not sit and bask that we are doing good Thanks

Yesterday it was the 26th january .. the day our nation became a Republic, I deliberately this year did not record any of the programs that I usually watch, Now for some reason watching all that makes me sad.

It reminds me of what it should be and what it is ..

I was watching the movie Rang de basanti and it starts with the lead lady who wants to make a documentary on the freedom fighters of  our nation, she goes into a meeting to get funds and the project cleared , Why i am typing this is because there was a GREAT dialogue which got my attention and which left me thinking the guy and the lady say that if she Should forget making the documentary on the revolutionaries but instead makes a documentary on GANDHI.. the exact words were “GANDHI SELLS“.. and so very true it is  that’s all that sells in our great nation ..  just GANDHI and that’s what has been selling since ages. We are so blind to even see it. I bet that was SOLD yesterday too in New Delhi.

Today was the first time in all my life for as far as I remember I did not watch any of those lies being told by our leaders all over the country, we sit and listen hoping that This time maybe JUST maybe the guy behind the microphone is probably telling the truth.  It is a shame that during all those lectures and promises none of the people are remembered, who made this dream come true , the dream of celebrating the republic day of a nation, the ones who are the GIVERS of this dream to us..  WHICH IS GOOD. I am happy they are not remembered. They don’t deserve the embarrassment of being talked about by the corrupt leaders.

The story of the revolutionaries is forgotten by us indians ,  those 23 years olds who gave their life for us ..  Who fought A EMPIRE on their own and in process gave their life happily, smiling.. Praying that they are reborn again in the same nation so they can fight again against the tyranny of the Raj. ALAS this day I again feel that the revolutionaries will be so ashamed of us all.. as they say in hindi “LANNAT HAI HAMARE PE “..  These people gave their life for us all , for us for our nation but I seriously think why did they give their life FOR WHAT …  I seriously think that if any of these guys were alive they would literally kill themselves in shame .. IS THIS WHAT THEY FOUGHT . Is this why they gave their life for US.. the UNFAITHFUL.. the USELESS US all me including

I read a lot of blogs and articles today where a few have written how people felt emotional listening to the patriotic songs  .. it is such a pity that all this JOSH and patriotism comes on the ONE day and /OR maybe on the 15th august too.. the rest of the days we don’t give a damn about anything going on.

As I am writing the scene comes where the guy comes in stopping the people jiving to the western song, having a drink dancing etc.  in the movie telling them how indian society is screwed up and has a go at one of the friends who is a muslim and the other two jump in to save their friend .. and then says JAI HIND when he leaves..  exactly JAI HIND and that is by shouting, is that all we can do say jai hind and is that all .. is our job done by just saying it.. .

As I wrote in the comments at a few blogs I seriously think we need the british to come back to rule us all yet again , We don’t deserve this freedom.  AT least when british ruled us we knew who the enemy was but this freedom this independence has brought a lot of enemies, our very own people are the enemies now.. they have raped us again and again .. every 5 years they come and we smilingly and happily stand there NAKED.. to be taken for a ride for another 5 years .. I don’t know how many years more will it need for us to wake up .. its been 65 years since the Independence.

A lot has been going on politically in our nation for the last few years now but as usual all those rays of hope have slowly gone, with everything coming up everyone is the same , each one of these Khadi wearing people (I hate to say leaders), they think wearing pure white clothes will make them pure , they forget that all that their WHITE is full of BLACKREDGREY.. all those Dark colours ..  There is not a single leader who is genuinely interested in the welfare of the nation, each one of them has a hidden agenda and the BEST thing .. the BESTEST part is that in spite of knowing it all we still worship them .. OH yes I forgot the GANDHI FACTOR.. true people .. SO true .. the dialogue that I mentioned in the start that GANDHI SELLS .. Well it does isn’t it .. the so-called Gandhian TOPI.. The Khadi the White and all that IT SELLS and sells a LOTttttttttt.

I am amazed at what educated people have to say, when I talk to them about the nation , their reaction is either a shirk of shoulders or don’t know attitude, this is a sad scenario BUT I am still ok with that maybe we can teach them but what about the people who go on and ON and Onnnnnnnn about how great our nation is, how this and that REALLY.. GIVE it a conscious thought, Give it a logical thought, Think for once in your life .

ARE WE HAPPY WITH THE NATION WE HAVE NOW ? if the answer to that is YES then I am sorry to be BLUNT that is being Hypocrite (which by the way is another trait of us people).  Are we blind can’t we see.. IS this what we promise those martyrs each year that we will make the nation good , IS this what we are fulfilling. No our nation is no more Saare jahan se acha .. and that’s what the TRUTH is BUT YES we have the capability to make it one, if only we open our eyes , its only been 65 years not too late yet .. we CAN still do it and make our nation great BUT for that WE will have to

Open our eyes.

Open our mind  …. and WORK towards it. We owe to it to those people who brought us this freedom WHO put it in a PLATE for us but we have been so arrogant that we just did not bother to hold that plate parallel to the ground , rather we turned it upside down and let it all fall to the ground.


Furling the national flag, singing the national anthem is not gonna achieve that. We have to start to WORK on making it better. We need to face the REALITY, till we do that nothing can be changed the first step to start changing or rectifying a PROBLEM is to Accept there IS A PROBLEM… if there is no problem then what are we rectifying NOTHING.

Lets forget about these leaders, just ignore them,  so what if a foreigner said india is dirty SO WHAT.. if it felt bad then maybe you should have gone and cleaned the place .. HECK I would do that I may not have the guts to go and die for the country but I can go and clean the place and I have done it ..

The work on making the country a better place has to start,  If each of us take just a couple of hours out of a week it can work wonders. The problem is we will not do anything, but the moment someone says this is wrong , that is wrong we all attack them like a swarm of bees.. What we DONT Do is try to rectify the wrongness.

Lets all get together and for once, give a thumbs down to politics/politicians/leaders/khadi clad people , instead of wasting our time listening to them – following them -worshiping them,  Do something for the nation, just one thing a week, and do it with all our heart. Each one of us , thats a billion people doing one thing.. thats a BILLION things happening each week. Let bring the dream back again which is SAARE JAHAN SE ACHA .. HINDUSTAAN HAMARA .  

Safaroshi ki tamanna ab hamare dil main hai– dekhna hai zor kitna bazue katil main hai   (the passion of patriotism dwells in our heart now, we want to test how powerful the enemy is)

Karta nahin kyun  doosra kuch baatcheet- dekhta hun main jise woh chup teri mehfil main hai (why doesn’t anyone talk, whoever I see around you is quiet)

Eh shaheed – E- emulak millat main tere upar nissar — ab teri himamt ka charcha gair ki mehfil main hai   (o my country i surrender myself to you ,  your courage is talked about by others now)

Waqt aane de bata denge tujhe ey aasma , hum abhi se kya batayen kya hamare dil main hai    (let the time come we will tell you ‘o’ sky – what do we say what is in our minds Now )

Kheench kar lai hai sabko katal hone ki umeed– aashiqon ka aaj jhamghat  Koochaye qatil main hai  ( the desire to be slain has brought everyone together, the group of lovers have come together)

Dekhna hai zor kitna bazue qatil main hai …

and oh yes INKI MAA KI AANKH .. the people who are ruling us.. as the british did

Looking forward to the comments I am gonna get after this article but after commenting do read the article again with a cool mind and think what I have said .. If you dont understand DO ASK….:)

  1. Kamikaze says:

    Good one. I tried to get into politics for last 3 years, but nobody’d allow me. I tried to give UPSC but they say I have to get married and settle down. I also saw that the red-tape takes the IAS officials years to do something constructive and according to their principles. Our ADCP Sonawane was burned alive trying to stop kerosene smuggling. There are many conspiracy theories to it too. Since std 10 I am thinking of what can I do, to make my town better. Thought I’d start small. I tried to start from my school(this year 10 years after passing out. ‘cos I thought now that I am grown up they’d listen). That small non-governmental institution had so much red-tape and lobbying! Still we managed to get some of our demands and positive. I am still trying to figure out how I can do my two pence to make my ghar-angan better. 🙂 I am thinking of taking up Teach India or other such initiative. I have not given up yet – I work for the labourers at my factory and will figure out some way to make my place a little better thus making a minute change in the country. With people doing their part, we’ll get there Bikram ji 🙂 aisa gussa mujhe bhi aata hai, aur hum ise positively channelize karenge, kyu? 😀


    • Bikram says:

      Definitely, and thats the way to do it .. i think the problem is average person is not coming out.. the ones who are doing are too less.. and people like you will bring that difference in our nation. If only we can get rid of these leaders .. I keep hearing about all these THOUSANDS of CRORES of rupees scam , such big scams , if only these leaders stop those scams to take place for just 5 years imagine the amount of money that will be revolving around our nation.. in the last 3 -4 weeks its been at least 3 or 4 THOUSAND crore scams 🙂

      We need people like you who are doing something .. ANYTHING.. we need them in numbers … and as you say god willing we will all get there

      regarding other things politics and upsc well I am myself here passed the IMA written exams , but in the interview my grand-dad would not do a sifarish and i did not get it .. rather a Sikh guy who refused to go into a temple stating thats its a HInDU temple , he is in army now … and so is the guy who with a couple of his friends beat up muslim boys because they were muslims .. they both had one thing in common .. there Dad’s were on high position in army ..

      but those are things of past they dont bother me anymore but as you say if we do our part ALL of us we will have a better nation.. athe ones that our martyrs thought and died to give us


  2. You maybe living in UK (and maybe even their citizen), but that doesn’t mean that you can make statements like ‘Bring back the British to rule us, etc’. The atrocities committed by the British were in-numerous and I don’t think any of us have any doubts about it. Do you?

    Its our duty to make our country better (which ever country we are), and we will do it. Its not like everybody has left all hope and India has already become a desert or something! India is growing at close to double digits dear 🙂

    You are able to see only the bad people. You are not able to see how many more do good for the nation. While criticizing bad things is required, its equally important to appreciate good things.

    Destination Infinity


    • Bikram says:

      Ok. thank you. atrocities were committed but they were outsiders so as i said we knew who the enemy was .. Today our own are doing the same .. or have you forgotten the 1984 atrocity and the gujarat or the mumbai atrocities which were done by our own people .. British did that they were taught lesson and thrown out .. how come we havenot done the same for the ones who did the same in modern india. I guess because those atrocities were done by ONE community I guess its ok..

      and as i said in the discalimer this was not india bashing it was towards the people US as a whole and especially towards the leaders… regarding the good things oh yes there are lot of good things.. But that also does not mean we ignore the bad things and do nothing about it .. moreover one needs to visit the true india not live in metros and cities and think its all hunky dory everywhere just because my city is fine..

      india is growing for the rich not for that man who is tilling the fields and then end of 3-4 months harvest comes , he has to go and tie a noose around his neck to get rid of the problems he is facing .. yes india is growing but what good is that grwoing if ONE man has to kill himself .. have a think …


    • Bikram says:

      yes i live in uk and yes i am a uk citizen.. and yes i am actively participating in the betterment of this country but i am equally participating in my homeland too and for the record i probably do more that majority of the indians living in that country , but lets not go into i did this u did that blah blah .. i do what i can and i am sure everyone does what they can..

      as i said in the note the problem is we dont want to accept their is a problem.. instead we are quick to say look at the good .. if there is a problem why are we so chicken in accepting that there is a problem. maybe if we accept then we can work towards that problem..

      No one tries to fight or talk of the main problem which is our leaders , we are still running after them , we worship them , if we can work hard to get that duble digit growth 🙂 .. why cant we put the same amount of hrd work to get rid of the corrupt leaders , wont it make the growth easier.


  3. Ria says:

    I totally agree with u when u say that we should bring back The British Rule in our country…and I realise where does that stem from. Its frustrating to say that least that we are being ruled by a bunch of losers who just know how to give long speeches which are utter bull shit and they themselves know that it doesnt mean anything! And yet we have ppl who vote for them and I seriously feel some ppl are blind and they can’t see where our country is headed to.

    That is the reason why a lot of ppl are leaving the country bcoz they r frustrated and they know that in order to change things something big needs to happen….mebbe an uprising like the one in the Arabs is what we need. I couldn’t agree more with each n every word of your post and that is the reason why i just didnt feel like writing a long post on how India is a gr8 country coz it is not and i can’t lie abt it as the country is going to the dogs!


    • Bikram says:

      Thank you Ria. indeed we are being ruled by a bunch but they are not losers they are very clever and Winner they have there vaults and coffers full of money and the loot.. they probably say the same speech that they said a year ago, does anyone listen to what the ysay or ask them later if they have fulfilled anything..
      its same thing again and again ..

      the funny part is people think we re progressing 🙂

      Thank you for saying that, I had a argument with one blogger who said people are not leaving india anymore and no one wants to come abroad its a myth 🙂 …

      it has already gone to the dogs , other then the leaders openly saying in a speaker that they are looting the nation.. they are doing everything else …


  4. I am not too sure what I wish to say here. I am not ever sure if I agree with you, but I wouldn’t deny, I do feel India has regressed since independence, at least in the way we think.

    ~ Chintan


    • Bikram says:

      🙂 I can understand but then thats whats the problem no one says anything .. its not about agreeing with me or not .. these are my views whatever little knowledge and little experience i have had , has made me say this all.

      we have gone backwards for sure .. there has been a lot of work done but compared to 65 years its not that great.. we have grown but only for a few. and we have difintely gone blind when it comes to supporting people.. or seeing what the yare upto…


  5. manchitra says:

    Bikram, I totally agree with you that when we had a common enemy we stood united. Now we are fighting among ourselves.People are afraid to talk, including me.. I am ashamed.Here , the place where I am people turn upon you and you feel suddenly all alone. I mean there’s no unity. How there will be unity? people are afraid because the repercussions would be bad,.I see only people who have power rule the roost.


    • Bikram says:

      Thats exactly what i am talking of and i glad you understood it .. THANK YOU.

      we dont know ourself what we want or do .. we are like sheep follow the one who looks good and the one who loots us the most ..

      We will talk aboutevertything under the sky but when it comes to do anything we dont .. each one on the nation knows how corrupt the leaders are yet we will vote for them again adn again and again and this time tooo we will ..

      money talks and GANDHI SELLSsssss


  6. I’ve long given up hope!


    • Bikram says:

      no dont give up hope.. i am sure if we get togethr we can still turn the luck of our nation .. its just a few handful of corrupt people thats all … only they need to take care of .. rest will be fine ..
      if only these leaders spend on Elction time .. a full 5 year without any corruption THATS IT .. just once India will be far ahead of any nation …


  7. Smitha says:

    I totally agree with you – and you are right, all of us are to blame.. We are just to eager to let off our so called representatives- the politicins.. All of us who say ‘I’m not interested in politics’, all of us who have stopped caring..

    ‘it is such a pity that all this JOSH and patriotism comes on the ONE day and /OR maybe on the 15th august too.. the rest of the days we don’t give a damn about anything going on.’ – So true.. There are people who are doing good, but they can’t do it alone.. I just have hope that things will change, that we will start caring, and start demanding more from our politicians..


    • Bikram says:

      Yeah , the problem is inspite of knowing we dont question. we are too afraid.. and as the handful britishers ruled us , so are these people ruling us… and will continue for ever..

      true the ones doing good are in minority if only we make then or take them to majority the wheels of change will happen to turn faster …


  8. This post has the potential of becoming a controversial post, which I guess is the whole point of blogging in the first place.

    I’ve never been to India, so I can’t really comment on issues within the country – but I have been to other South Asia countries, which I know the situation would be pretty much the same as India.

    For me, when studying the past and history, I realised that the people who fought great empires had two main attributes or characteristics which we have lost since then. 1 is Faith and 2 is spirituality.

    We may claim to have these now, but if we had then the vision of those few who fought the great empires would have been achieved by now.

    Faith is such a tool, which not only gives you the strength to walk on a path riddled with problems and hardship but also gives you the confidence to take on anyone and any empire. At the same time, faith gives your fear of your lord, and this fear keeps you in line of the right path to success. Fear today amongst the leaders is missing, and hence they have no faith in their hearts, their hearts are blind and covered with corruption, evil and mischief.

    If you had a leader, who had faith in him, of leading his nation on the right path to success, and had fear that one day he will meet his Lord, and will be asked how he stayed on the right path, the path that leads to success. If such leader came forth, then naturally, this leader would gain the support of the mass population. No one, or no empire could stop this leader in taking his nation to the top.

    Spirituality, is such powerful aspect of humans that despite being physically captured, or restricted, it gives you the freedom to reach great heights. Those few who sacrificed their lives for their vision, did this not only by physical struggle but also by spiritual struggle too. That spirituality lives in each and every one of us, we just need to find that inner power, which cannot be controlled by any empire or oppression. Those few who struggled to free India, despite being put through punishments, torture, abuse, where every aspect of their survival was being controlled (and attempted to be conditioned) one thing the enemy couldn’t do is to control or contain their spirituality.

    The leaders of today, have neither faith or spirituality. They may dress to appear both religious or spiritual but that is just make-up and nothing more. I also believe that we as general public (living in India or anywhere else) have lost the true meaning of faith and spirituality. We are too busy trying to make our bank balances more bigger, we are trying to compete with our neighbours on who’s got the biggest car, the biggest TV, or the biggest house. He are too busy is trying to impress people of opposite sex, and we are too busy trying to imitate the western life styles who ruled us with force for such a long time.

    We need to take a step back and start a realisation process, in which we need to re-examine who we are. What is faith, how important it is, and how to live by it. We need to find that freedom, that inner peace, that spirituality that sets us all free no matter who complicated our physical lives get. Our fuel to success is not the biggest nuclear bomb we can make, or who reaches the moon first, but our success is measured by our faith, our uniqueness, our compassion for one and another. Our future is sacrifice and to walk on that great path to success. Until we don’t look in a mirror and ask ourselves these questions, we will continue to be ruled by corruption, dis-pare, disappointment.

    We are ourselves are not ready, the day we ‘the general public’ turn back to our faith(s) and look into our inner peace ‘spirituality’ is when these leaders will have no choice but to hand the country back to the people.


    • Bikram says:

      It has never bothered me about controversial or not I write what i think, simple and i write what i think is true. its upto the others to agree with me or not ..

      wel the 2 characteristics let me says Faith.. the currentt leaders are such they change there faith everyother minute, to please anyone they will o anything .. it was hilarious to see RAHUL gandhi in a TURBAN which is a supposed to be the MOST important part of a SIKH and her is this non sikh person trying to win votes by wearing a turnbn and hundreds of thousand of sikhs were seen clapping … this is our politcians

      so faith is of no use for these leaders .. SIKHISM says not to worship anyone other then the Guru Granth Sahib, and what are the leaders doing now in punjab especially for the votes going to the so called Sadhus etc and worshipping them so as they tell their supporters to vote for them..

      you are right so manythere is no faith and spirituality they are have one god that is money which they are making enough. otherwise why would the likes of BADAL buy acres and acres of property in australia, if he is so commiitted to the nation , just a thought.

      you are right we have t otake that step and do something before its so late..

      Thank you so much for a great comment.


      • These leaders (not just in India, but other nations in Asia) have PhD’s in deception. For the sake of gaining the power to govern, they will sell anything including their soul.

        Most, if not all, of these countries in Asia, have everything going for them, economy is strong, they have ports where they can control the waters, they have scientific knowledge capable of launching satellites, they have strong and growing economies, so where exactly is the problem. Why can’t these nations be leaders, sit amongst those nations who practically control the wealth of the world?

        Some times, its worth take a few steps back before making forward progress – I think this will have to be done, before we can see the real fruits of our society.

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        • Bikram says:

          Very true, as they say in india. dont make friends with a politician or a police man cause they can sell anyone for there own good even their own..

          Exactly SIR.. exactly India is so rich in natural resources WE as a a nation should be on top of the list but only if people did not do what they do .. As you say we have the knowledge , the waters , everything going for the country .. the problem is the leaders want a share of everything and it seems there greed doesnot END.. I has said enough times how much would it take to fill that greed how much money.. a THOUSAND CRORE RS.. TAKE IT .. but after getting it start working for the nation .. but no after all that .. they want more ….

          and you have hit the hammer on the nail.. TAKING A FEW STEPS BACK.. is sometimes very good for progress thats why I sid maybe british staart to rule again ..


  9. Saritha says:

    Excellent post,i completely agree.Maybe gandhiji too cried in his tomb by knowing what these politicians are doing to the country.Each and everyday a new scam comes out.

    On 26th jan i watched Gandhi movie where gandhiji looks so shattered when Jinna wants a partition,i felt what he would have done by knowing how many states have been divided just for political purpose by our greedy politicians.


    • Bikram says:

      Well i am sure he is turning in his tomb too.. after all look what has happened to india.. every state is in turmoil.. punjab one of the most successful states is nothing now ..

      scams are a daily dose whats more confusing is how are these scames so many thousand crores .. where is all this money coming from .. it is in india so we have that much money ..

      you are right sad sad situation


  10. sakha says:

    With all the imperfections of my mother land…I love my India. I too do not support the poly-tricks and other tactics our leaders preach and practice but I am equally guilty.

    Every one can do something to better the living conditions in our country but most of us choose to work or slog in foreign countries for our personal benefit. Why cant we return to India and do something for our mother land? We can’t right !… we cannot leave our plush jobs, comfortable life and many other things….

    Sorry If I am ruffling any feathers but think hard and you all will agree with me. We are all guilty…

    So with my guilt ridden mind, I watch the parades, read about the celebrations and say proudly… I am an Indian…I will return to my roots after couple of years and will do my best at least for my aging mother, mother-in-law and my villagers…


    • Bikram says:

      Yeah i can understand that. regarding the question of most of us are ready to slog in foregin shores and notin india , I totally agree to it. But i have done it the other way round I have done jobs in india thats how i started. I had a job when i was in second year of colelge not may kids do that , I was sort of different I guess. But all that hard work and whatever may i do it never worked , I do the same amount of work here too.. Thats why i say that is funny that i get through the selection procedure of a foreign place which is much harder and demands more then our own nations and I was not good for my own nation. but anyway that has not made me turn my back to the country.

      and no you re not ruffling and feathers what you say is the truth we are all guilty for sure ..

      I am sure you will od great and do your best always .. BUt this was not the idea of the post the idea was as the title says that gandhi sells and we vote for the same people .. again and again and againnnnnn I mean not election time is there hundreds thousands or nri’s have gone back ot help in election, such are we people.

      The post is more about what we do and how our leaders are taking us for a ride and how we just dont bother


  11. Akriti Bahal says:

    When I think of India’s freedom struggle, I do feel proud that we are no losers. We can extrude any kind of strong power that tries to crush us if we all come together. It surely instills a feeling of patriotism in me. But, what I also remember is that how the revoultionaries, Bhagat Singh and many more, how they were hanged to death, all because of a consipiracy. Only if Mahatma Gandhi hadn’t signed that agreement, then maybe we would have achieved our independence years earlier.
    But again, we can only comment based upon the stuffs that we have read, no body can know what circumstances prevailed then. So as for now, I can only thank all those who at least did SOMETHING to help us be an independent nation, and at the same time feel sorry for them, for they fought so hard for a FREE-INDIA just to be ruled againg, ruled by these corrupt souls!

    Yesterday, I found this uncle passing by and singing-
    Saare jahan se acha
    Hai baaju vaale ka bacha!

    Hence, we know where the patriotism lies in us. I needn’t say more.


    • Bikram says:

      Offcoruse we feel pround we all do. you are so right over that conspiracy etc but then we also treat mahatma Gandhi father of the nation , I mean why.. that is what i cant understand all these years have gone by and we have seen what the politics is and what congress is upto and what all it has done for the nation. A lot of us have read what had happened and how selfish the leaders were during the struggle of independance .. and how the politcians THEN also had themselves as priority one .. YET we keep on doing the same thing over and over again.

      This post is not to bring that out, We can read the facts and the FACT is that during that time bhagat singh was more popular than gandhi, even NEHRU writes in his book, Nehru was influenced by bhagat sing but Gandhi with his shrewd politics made it all otherwise , also the fact that what was more important in that time for Nehru to be the first prime minister.. if they had agreed for jinnah to be the first one .. things would have been different ..

      The problem is that our history books are written when congress and the gandhi praying people were more hence history is all BIASED.. one shud read the british history or other writers in those days and we can see the correct picture.

      and as you say yes sad that we are being ruled by hypocrite lot and worst is we vote for them and yet again we will do it this time …

      Thank you


  12. Rachna says:

    Bikram, I think there are many issues here. It is pretty complicated. The things I agree are that politicians are corrupt. Most of them just offer lip service and no real intentions to do anything good except fill their own pockets.There is not much hope in terms of any political parties or leaders. There is a serious decline in moral standards over the years. And this applies to all of us. Every sphere of life in India is steeped in all kinds of corruption. Every person thinks about himself/herself and wishes to get ahead and make money at any cost. The same applies to Corporates too. I wish there was a jaadu ki chhadi that could make all the problems disappear. But, there is not. Most of time, it is the people and our attitude that has to change. That will take a very long time to happen.

    Now the second part about people feeling patriotic or watching patriotic songs. I see no harm in that. Instead of being cynical, at least let us feel happy that some people are taking pride in being a part of this country with all its problems. Celebrating and rejoicing about one’s motherland has nothing to do about the motherland being perfect or rid of problems. It is to salute the land that has given us its all to make us whatever we are today. So, let us not confuse the two emotions. My patriotism is no less true from that of a social worker or a social reformer.


    • Bikram says:

      Yeah i can understand that things are pretty complicated. there is a jaadi ki chadi we the people need to open our eyes .. 🙂

      I have no problems with the feeling of patriotism or anything like that .. but yeah i have a bit of a problem if that happens only on the Two days , thats what i am talking of. celbration yes again but what use is that celebration when the same days there is a guy who wants 500Rs note to let someone park their car in a parking place just so the occupants have little less to walk to the parade area and I am not angry at the police offical over this I am more angry at the One who game that 500Rs note. yeah it ended in me losing a friend this little episode.. because i spoke my mind and told him how hypocrite he is … 🙂 but then thats me I am stupid …

      I am not cynical of people who genuinly feel happy, I am one of those people .. yeah i have songs etc in my car when i am driving , watching old movies etc but that is not just on 26th jan or 15th august , but people especially the ones wearing that KHADI WHITE CLOTHES they are making a fool of us and behind there speech they are laughing at us ..

      Salute the land yes but salute the people who brought us this all too and open our eyes to the people who are Looting us

      This post was not about patiotism or anything , IT was lot about the dirty politcis athe corruption and I am sure in the last 2 paragraphs all i have said is that we all need to get together and work hard and work together to forget what the politicians want or do and do what we think is best for our nation …


  13. Padmaja says:

    Well educated and people with wisdom dont want to enter in to politics or not allowed to do their bit.. so the situation I think will not see any light any day. The population is increasing like hell and poverty will remain part of the society. I have seen groups of people doing their bit for whatever little change they can bring in.. but problems are vast as much as the number of people, hence these efforts go unnoticed. I have sometimes felt that democracy is not for us, has been misused to the core. I have seen educated people throwing garbage under the board saying” 300rs fine for throwing garbage here”, I go and ask them not to do that one more time and I am considered as an alien! The auto spits on the road and I ask him not to do that, he stops the auto and asks if I own the road, asks me to get down! These are simple examples I can think of right now!


    • Bikram says:

      True what you say, those who do mange to get into it are turned around and made to behave the way the rest of the clan works.

      True population is increasing and poverty will remain always thats a fact for any nation..

      People are doing good things but the problems is the number of those good people is less we need a lot and lot of them to get together…

      From your experiences i guess i ma not wrong when i say that its us the people who need ot change ourself and hopefully by changing ourself we will change this nation tooo 🙂


  14. bhargavi says:

    I don’t think bringing back the British will solve all our problems.One huge issue is the lack of discipline among us – Imagine spitting on the street in a country like Singapore. People just dont get questioned for defacing things here.Once i saw a guy throwing a can of coca cola on the road and this guy was driving some highly souped up imported car. I doubt if this gentleman would change if the British come back. It is true that nobody cares two hoots for patriotism really- singing partiotic songs is all good , but in reality how many of us are really committed to making this country a better place.India has too many developmental issues at the heart of her and if our generation and the next don’t do anything about it , things are going to be the same. And please , no more looting of the country by British or divide and rule policy- our politicians are bickering idiots as it is.


    • Bikram says:

      I dont know , I think it will, casue then it will give all the indians to stick together 🙂

      I know what you mean, but then the problem is the people who are appointed to ask questions look at it as a way of earning money … so they take a bit on the side and ignore …

      well the guy in souped up car WONT be able to buy that souped up car as the british wont let him have it 🙂

      development issues are there but then govt is more interested in the money they will make out of all this development and even if development happens it goes down or things break down within a few years because of the scams.. I mean how many buildings or roads or bridges have broken that were built byu the british .. how many rialways lines have broken.. The road up in the hills the single carriageways built then still stand strong .. whereas the new highways built nowadays last just a few months or if we are lucky a few years …

      looting and divide and rule our leaders have learnt that faitthfully from british else why would BJP have this statement “GIVe us vote , we will build the Ram mandir”.. that is not democracy.. that is divid and rule .. make sure all hindus vote for them ..


  15. keerthana says:

    If you say things like this, people call us negative or pessimistic, ask us to see the brighter things in life..Its like people are so scared of the truth, they don’t even want to acknowledge it..Honestly, our country is going beyond repair..Everyone wants to make himself secure because the future is so insecure, are they wrong in trying to protect themselves at the cost of a nation? Yes, do they realise it? Yes, but do they do anything about it? No, and thats the problem..


    • Bikram says:

      There is no negative in this , this is the truth. that is what the problem is no one is ready to accept the truth .. we want to hush up the matter and do the usual thing brush is under the carpet hoping it will get ok. sad situation .. very sad


  16. 😦 🙂 😦

    Someone is Special


  17. Yuvika says:

    i often think on similar lines – maybe we’d do better under some dictatorial rule. There’s so much left wanting – 63 years and the progress just doesn’t seem to add up…


  18. Androgoth says:

    You are very passionate about your home country and how it will
    develop, and your thoughts of a better India are just, but it will take
    a whole nation to pull together in order to achieve these goals…

    Unfortunately the wave rolls on and on without breaking, but there
    is always hope if one believes, and the optimism that ebbs and flows
    will determine what happens in the future, I hope it is positive Bikram
    and that your hopes and dreams for a better tomorrow are fulfilled 🙂



  19. Vaisht says:

    A bold post with flaming words (probably it’s been burning in your heart for all this while). I do agree on some of the points that you’ve mentioned here Bikk! And I strongly believe in the fact that patriotism should not be a one or rather 2 day affair! It should be in our heart beat and in every single drop of blood – every second! Giving huge whistle when India wins a cricket match, painting Indian flag in face, and watching republic day parade is not patriotism. And YES, it is raging to see people spit and shit on the roads; Bringing that self discipline and a sense of belongingness in every individual is patriotism.

    But I can’t agree or bear that f****** british rule again in India! I totally respect your disclaimer and the intentions with which you wrote this post! But why do we need a group of a$$H**** to change our country?

    By this post, do you intend to say that Indians are not patriotic? Or India is not growing? Or India is not a good place to be? Or Is India still in a gutter? I did not understand that part!

    We are changing, and we will change, but in our own space. We need to respect that and be patient. But as you said, we are our own enemies! When there’s one person who wishes to change the country, he and his ideas gets suppressed, his demands vanish away! But I don’t want to completely blame politics here. It’s every Indian’s responsibility! But we definitely can’t do that without government’s help.

    Every other country has their own problems with politics, unemployment, terrorism and everything. India is no way less to any other country. So are Indians! And I think this post is creating a lot of negativity about India /Indians especially to people who know nothing about India!

    PS: These are just my opinions and what I believe, and not written to hurt anyone’s feelings.


    • Bikram says:

      Yes it should be , Why do we need them back, well because I think our country needs it, sometimes its good to take a couple of step backwards to reac hthe goal, I have some theories , progress that was made during the raj etc is one reason .. you can see for userself We got Railway , roads , bridges etc , how many have we heard have broken down that were built during that time and i am sure if you walk to the road right in front of your house or locality you can find a lot of problems on the road their that was built a few years back ..

      Moreover the BEST REASON we knew who the enemy was , now do you know who it is and if we DO then we are idiots cause knowing who the enemy is and not doing anything is the worst thing. at least india as a whole was one or on majority it was one then .. now its broken down to localities or even worse to castes ..

      No i did nto say indians are not patriotic, I said the majority get there patriotism bug come up only on specific days..

      India growing Yes but that too is for a few not as a whole , we are if the numbers are to be beleived actually going backwards there are more people under the poverty line now …

      The post was not about INDIA.. the post was on the leaders the corruption and how we as people or shud i say patriotic people even if its on a day or two Dont do anything .. it is about that.

      YEs it is our responsibility , each indians , thats what i am saying that WE all need to standup together and forget these leaders , work for the uplift of the nation , thats what i have said in the bold colored letters .. time is to show this leaders the doors as we threw the british out we need to throw these corrupt [people out YES throw them out the lands where these people have bought acres of land in different countries by our money.. let them go there we dont need them in our nation.

      What government the one that will first fill its own pockets nd then think of using the rest of the money to nmake some more for themselves .. .well if we need the government then we need to change the government which will work for the nation .. thats the first step ..

      every country has problems but they are all sorting them out , whereas we are not .. unemployement – terrorism etc are a problem with every nation , they are working ARE we as a nation working .. our leaders are probably hand in glove with these leaders .. otherwise how cum none of the leader is ever a victim … its only the common people who die.. and then we are too afraid to hang a KASAB.

      I am sorry if you think it is creating negativity but then this is the truth.

      You did not have to write the PS.. I dont mind you saying anything , at least this way people will talk or say something. At least i know that if someone says anything against the nation there are others who feel the same way , angry .. as you just did 🙂

      thank you.


  20. asha says:

    Partially agree with your post and the angst you share here regarding the corrupt politicians and the sacrifice of revolutionaries/ freedom fighters.

    But definitely disagree on the feeling patriotic part. Why? What is wrong in displaying patriotism on these days? And how do you judge people are unpatriotic the rest of the year?

    Displaying/celebrating with songs or dances will instill the feeling in the gen next and they will know about our historic past. I witnessed this in my 1000+ housing community when many young children went around telling that they had goose bumps while hearing such songs and stories.JAn 26 and aug 15 as I see are two such opportunities.

    And the rest of the days, yes, we work towards making our country proud of us. There is still a sizeable uncorrupt people who have left their cushy jobs and do charitable work. Let us be the change and no British rule for many of us. We don’t want to be crushed further.



    • Bikram says:

      I did not say there is something wrong to feel patirotic or anything like that , I was talking of the people who do it just on the day and for the rest of the year they go about doing the same .. working against the nation.. does the policeman who participated in the celbration you think he will stop taking bribes etc .. thats what i mean .. the thousands of people who were witnessing the celebration how many of them would go to the office next day and ACTUALLY work especially in Govt offices.. how many of them will say ok till the next celebration i will do my work genuinly and with full heart …

      The gen next well i dont want to say anything on that, as my views differ on that too. I ma glad to know that in your housing community it is happing but would it not be beautiful if this was in ever housing community , in every house imagine where our nation will be on that day when it happens and Each one stand up, from a child to a old person all stand together and Then where will these leades go .. NOW thats a day worth dreaming about and hoping for…

      yes there are a sizeable uncorrupt people YES thats what our nation is running on at the moment .. but as i said if each one of us got up and Each one of us worked hard it would be beautiful

      No one wants crushed but we are being crushed by our own each day .. for the last 65 yearsss I guess we have got used to it now so we dont see it


  21. matheikal says:

    I salute your passion.


  22. sm says:

    excellent post
    lets hope one day India will changes


  23. Jyoti Mishra says:

    Earlier i used to watch tv whole day on 26 jan n 15 aug (direct telecast from Lal Kila)… but nw i m weary of watching that.. pointless speeches(when we know that speech is written by experts) gives more irritation than assurance.

    Idea of writing “Soldier’s Cry” striked me on 26 jan only.. I was watching parade n thinking hw angry those army personnel might be feeling while saluting those “people in white”(I too hate calling them leaders 😛 )

    Fantastic read as ever
    ohh hw much I’ve it 🙂


  24. Bhagyashree says:

    I agree. Now is the time that we come forward and do something for our country. Now is the time to be true to ourselves. And I see a change. So many are coming forward to do something for the nation. Every little bit helps, even if a person dcides that he will not be corrupt or not help in corruption; it helps.
    Also I feel rather than being cynical, it is time to be positive and constructive. :).


    • Bikram says:

      You are so right , everything helps. from picking that rubbish nad putting in the bin , to deciding not to take any bribe .. it all helps if only we start to do it all of us ..

      Thank you.


  25. i believe there’s a bunch of people in our country which may include you or me as well who tries to do good for the country but is always overshadowed by the bigger group whose always found on the wrong side of the line, people who can only think of regressing our country or by “GANDHI Sell-ing”….

    i completely agree with what you said Bikram .. when i was in Germany, i met a person who was cleaning a portion of pavement/road outside his apartment and i asked him why is he doing so…he said he wants to see it clean and if each one of us do our part we can make a big change to the entire road.

    this way if each one of us bring the change we want to see, our country will definitely grow to be a better place tomorrow.


  26. Bikram says:

    yeah there are people who want to do good for the nation but the problem is they are less in niumber and that number needs to increase.

    here our White khadi wearing leaders come and sell gandhi with great ideas and people start to vote for them .. once elected they dont give a damn what happens..

    if each of us does something india will change for sure …

    I was watching TV today some indian channel there was a discussion going on wether Rahul gandhi shud be the PM, I mean is that so important who is the PM .. I mean there are a millions of things to discuss but what our politcial parties want to discuss is this .. its become like monarchy here .. the bjp-congress and a couple of others were discussing this , I mean how STUPID can it be tell me ..
    this is all that our leaders do to take the focus away from actual problems …


  27. Cynosure says:

    Sorry to say this, but its really very difficult now…maybe I would say…its useless to try and honestly speaking negligible chances of improvement are left, maybe due to that negligible chance only I don’t want to consider our country’s case as hopeless… :O

    anyways…nice post…it always a great feeling to read some stuff like this…somehow it inspires me… 🙂


    • Bikram says:

      difficult yes but not impossible..
      thank you and welcome here .. do keep visting ..

      glad it inspires you maybe you will be the one to make that change 🙂


  28. heerman says:

    that was kinda DHASSO post…
    I dunno how I m issed so may posts…not good ..Sorry bud!
    ..anyways ..its like showing up the mirror to every indian …
    love d it simply!


  29. rama ananth says:

    We will see the change, that is for sure. Every country has problems, some are drowning in various problems, though they have good roads, good infrastructure etc., which when we see, we feel why can’t our country be like that.Despite the bad roads, the bad corrupt politicians, the corrupt police, we well ahead of many of the countries, who claim to have progressed. This is India; a country that has seen many wars, many rulers, has many languages, many cultures, many religions, but when you think rationally we are much calmer then other countries, we have crisis, but we don’t break down like others, we have faith in our wisdom, and we know there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    You have not known the young Indians, they are all proud to be Indian, they may not be singing patriotic songs every day or on specific days, but they are contributing to our country in their own way.
    After every chaos, there comes a period of stability, we will find that stability at our own pace.
    So many people came and ruled our country, whether we liked being ruled by them or not , we have definitely embraced many good points from each of them.Despite our diversity we can proudly say we are united as one in these hard times too.


    • Bikram says:

      I think this is where we are wrong mam, still thinking that its progress .. when more people are below poverty line, and the rift in the rich and poor is widening. progress yes but what good is that progress when so much bad is there.
      I think we shud change that.. bring people together and then think of progress ,
      I am not sure what you mean when we have crisis we dont break down, well we do break down , no one knows wat is happening etc..

      The young indians yes they are patriotic much more then me but then the same are also killing girl children too. there are a lot of problems mam, and this is one reason we are not accepting problems, we try to close our eyes saying of this is fine so why worry of something that is wrong.

      I am 100% sure we will find stability BUT not till we all get together and see what we do , till all of us work for it. it wont come like this with voting for same people , worshipping the same people inspite of knowing how bad or wrong they were …

      we are not united mam that is the problem if we were we would be somewhere else trust me , thats what we need to UNITE. 🙂


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