Wordless Wednesday (30) – What does this remind you of ..

Posted: January 11, 2012 in Experiences, Honesty, India, My Thoughts., Not so wordless, Photos
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I.H.M.  posted a picture today , which reminded me of this pic that a friend sent me ..

Philosophically it reminds me ..

aje nilaami hundi meri, main vikdi which mandi
oh meri zaat dharam na mera , main kothe di randi
mere pairaan ch aje zanjeeraan
bhaven Desh AZAAD

ve lokko main naari hundisutaan di


Even today I am auctioned, I still get sold in markets
I don’t get to have any Religion, Creed , Race.. I am like a whore
My feet are still tied with chains

Oh people I am the WOMAN of HINDUSTAAN

So what are your thoughts people …

PS :-  Picture courtsey . Arun Bhardwaaj      The lyrics are Debi Maqsoospuri

  1. Animal cruelty at large… 😦 Painful to see…and the words go well with the picture might I add…

  2. Smita says:

    Horrible re!!! Looks as if she is being hanged 😦

  3. R's Mom says:

    Sad…so sad that it hurts to even see this 😦

  4. Really, really sad. Can’t imagine how we can’t see that the monkey is unhappy, and if we sense it then why does it not matter to us?

    • Bikram says:

      YEah I think IHM the problem is when we see this we dont realise it immediately , we stand to look and watch the show its only later we realise whats wrong .. that needs to change to make india the nation it can be ..

  5. Some animals are deprived of their freedom, some animals are deprived of their body parts (tusks, skin, etc) and many animals are deprived of their life. And we say, rather ironically, ‘be humane’ to people who show aggression! Heights of hypocracy.

    Destination Infinity

  6. Ria says:

    😦 The pic so truly depicts ur words!

  7. Sandhya says:

    Felt very sad looking at the picture! I hate people who hurt animals, in any way.

  8. Sandhya says:

    The lyrics in the poem is very good, Bikram, thank you! It is very true!


    crime against women and animals are at same level 😛 SAD

    • Bikram says:

      No sire it was not the crime i was thinking ..

      I was thinking more of the chains and the way a MALE is handling .. the country is Azaad alas but not for the women…

      Thank you so much for your view though 🙂

  10. simran kaur says:

    Liked your lines…

    What I think is…How cruelty is disguised over that poor and so the humanity ….

  11. Saritha says:

    Felt really sad after seeing the pic..

    • Bikram says:

      YEah it made me sad too.. a animal kills a man he is man eater .. what about men who kill animals and treat them like that they shud be treated the same murderers …

  12. Ahem. To b very honest my frst thot on seein d pic was d alpenlebe commercial.
    Readin ur lil write up I feel a bit embarassed now 😮

  13. My era says:

    😦 😦 How someone’s pain is a source of entertainment for others and a source of earning for someone

  14. Pesto Sauce says:

    Hey I have never seen such stuff anywhere outside India

    • Bikram says:

      yeah cause in most countries the man using the animal for his own good will be tried under law.. its illegal and animals too have rights its only in india that they dont have any

  15. Although, I’d like to think the Country (and others like it) is free, I still think we have got a long way to go. Poverty, Human rights, Animal rights, education, jobs, and lack of respect is still missing. Until, the real issues are not addressed and actions taken to address the problem, the COUNTRY is NOT FREE.

    • Bikram says:

      YEah it is free from britishesrs .. but now we are being ruled and enslaved by our own the so called Leaders that hilariously we chose ourself …

      what you say is right …

  16. Rekha says:

    The words remind me of the song…”Ghunghroo ki tarah, baaj tha hi raha hon mein.” sung by my fav Kishore Kumar. Change the raha to rahi.
    The picture…where is PETA’s number because the wildlife guys are as corrupted as the rest.

  17. Tanishka says:

    Its simply cruel and heartless…

  18. Lines are true for many Indian women even today…

  19. Ashwini says:

    So very sad Bikram.. Why do some dont understand ….???? 😦

    • Bikram says:

      I know, they dont as thats what they beleive in and thats how they been brought up .. EACH one has to change to bring that change we are all looking for in our great nation.

  20. shilpaagarg says:

    This reminds me of cruelty and exploitation of animals! 😦

  21. The picture makes me sad.. The poetry – depresses! 😦

  22. Sanjana says:

    it is quite terrible.. the way animals are treated… the way women are treated. *sigh*
    When will we learn?

  23. This picture to me depicts everything from bondage, poverty, jobless ness, dominance, cruelty, helplessness… we still have a long way to go…

  24. Neha says:

    The way animals and women are treated in our country is sad….

  25. Yuvika says:

    very touching – ur interpretation of the pic – what all one is forced to do when your own life is not in your control….

    • Bikram says:

      i know. its sad sad situation .. not just woman as a whole the whole of india is the same our life is controlled by the corrupt politicians whom ironically we choose …

  26. Vaish says:

    Can even animals show emotions and face expressions! Oh yes very well..when there’s animal cruelty! Poor them! They can’t even speak!

    • Bikram says:

      well they can speak its jsut US humans who cant understand them or their language .. which is a tragedy.. for if we try hard they can understand us for sure ..

  27. SAd to see cruelty on animals ..But bick its true ..the same wid women in india..The urban phase must be liberated and financial independence but wot abt the rural section??its still same and women suffers no matter india is independent But women wud be always slave …
    I am amazes to see the cruelty n domestic violence that happens on women on any part of this world ..nothin cud be done ..

    Yor pnjabi is too good! I appreciate that! 🙂

    • Bikram says:

      Harman. yeah its almost the same .. the liberation and independance is only for those who are educated , we forget that there is a BIGGER population of them which are in rural and uneducated …

      thank you harman.

  28. deb says:

    and that monkey doesn’t get to keep that 10 rs either.

  29. eva626 says:

    sad picture!!! poor monkey.

  30. Expression of pain in the monkey’s face represents Hindusthani nari in pain 😉 on lighter note she is looking cute in the attire

  31. Padmaja says:

    Just yday, I watched a similar commercial and thought who in the right frame of mind would shoot such an ad.. there should be a government ban on such acts and sometimes I feel that democracy has been totally misused. It is not only women being ill treated, I have seen men being treated as slaves by other men and women.

    • Bikram says:

      There is a govt ban in india but the problem is no one gives a damn of the law, someone might catch this guy but then whatever money the monkey has earned will be given to the officer to let go.. and the poor animal will be on the road begging once again …

  32. Rachna says:

    Poor monkey, so cruel

  33. Ashwathy says:

    😥 How could they do this to that poor creature?? Feels like my heart broke…

    BTW good use of the shayari and metaphor. Excellent comparison. Felt like an arrow shot through the heart… 😐

    • Bikram says:

      Well they can as they get away with it , as i mentioned if an officer stops the same 10rs note that the poor monkey earned will be give to grease his palm.. and the monkey will be back to beg for more …

      Thank you so much Ashwathy.

  34. alka says:

    liked the lines written and the comparison..true their are a large prcntage of women in this country who continue to suffer..very meaningful post..and the picture mde me reaaaaly sad..ps am a big time animal lover so

    • Bikram says:

      Welcome to this blog, thank you so much for visiting do keep coming ..

      Thanks for liking this one, me too i am animal lover too so it hurts to see all this going on

  35. And we all may have been culprit at enjoying this or witnessing this once at least, in our lifetime! Humans are worse than animals.

  36. Androgoth says:

    This is just one example of animal cruelty
    and unfortunately there are many, like the
    dancing Bears in Russia and so many of
    these poor creatures have a terrible life 😦

    The World Knows It Happens But Nobody
    Is Doing Enough To Stop It From Happening 😦

    A very godo posting Bikram…


  37. A says:


    Don’t have words

  38. Punam J R says:

    The hindustani woman is really still in chains… especially the families and communities who refuse to come out of their orthodox value systems, they tie ropes and chains of restrictions across girls and make her incapable of defending herself if trouble comes.
    Again, it’s the same values that chain her in the boundaries of morals of society, and name her promiscuous if she decides to follow her own path.
    Again, she is the one who is judged first, whenever something goes wrong. She is molested.. she wore revealing clothes… her fault – she went out so late at night… her fault – someone harassed her… she encouraged him, her fault ……….. blah blah.. and the list goes on..
    The day she is truly liberated will be the day she will celebrate her true independence day.

    @A: In what way did you find the picture superb? Or was it the quote you were referring to?

  39. alka says:

    bikramjit am sooooooooooo sorry,actualy i confused ur blog with someone elses and his blog name was mr.wierdo on which i couldnt comment am so so so so sorry..i did go thru ur blog agn and managed to comment but i think i commented on the blogspot one as i didnt get automatically redirected and didnt notice the link on topreally verry sorry for this confusion,i didnt call u mr.wierdo it was the persons blog name soooooo sorry for this confusion and mix up:(..
    very meaningful post.u are right even in todays times a large percntage of women are suffering..
    and the picture made me verrrryyyyyyyyyy sad….ps m a bigtime animal lover..
    and i reaaaly appreciate ur stoppng by at my blog and ur wonderful comments..thank u sooooooooooooo much….

  40. sm says:

    common man
    nice pic

  41. Novroz says:

    hoho, it reminds me of topeng monyet (monkey mask) a street show performed by monkey…but none dressed as pretty as that monkey 😉

  42. NRIGirl says:

    The picture makes me sad somehow… 😦

    Listen! We spent about two hours in London in transit and I was thinking of you. Hope all is well at your end and Happy New Year to you and yours!

    • Bikram says:

      you shud have told me , I could have come over london airport is just about hours drive well at the speed i drive.. so where all did you go what did you do …

  43. In order to stop this people and tourists need to stop paying to see monkey tricks and having their pics taken with them.

    Most of the time they are mistreated and drugged just so they will be calm etc and do as they are told.

  44. Ashwini C N says:

    Though I get what the picture is trying to depict, I should say, today the condition has improved in the cities and metros. But in rural areas and villages, this still remains the state. Sad.

  45. Sakhi says:

    sigh… 😦 😦

    not only for the pictured monkey but also for the women of hindustan… a lot of them are liberated from the chains but majority are still tied… 😦

  46. Iqra says:

    The picture so well goes with the words…

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