Main Haale Nahin Marda

Posted: December 6, 2011 in Abuse, Badla, Cheaters, Die, Hate, Love, Loyalty
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Tutde rishte zakham bahut doonge de jaande
Par Zakhman di peed nu sehna aa hi Jaanda

                          Breaking of relation give deep bruises
                          But one learns how to deal with them

Tere Dhokiyaan te Jhoote waadiyan ne kita hai adhmoya
Tute te ujade dil  de pathar lagde ne pyare hun

                          Your cheating and false promises have left me half dead
                           But broken and ruined stones in my heart I like now

Sochan which hain mangdi saadi maut da farmaan
Ik gal da hai yakeen Tere wangu Rab nahin karda dhokha
Mann ne haale nahin marna

                          You probably wish for me dead
                          I do KNOW for sure that God is not going to betray me
                          Mann (me) is not gonna die so soon

Duavan haan Teri lai mangda..
Rab kare dil tere diyan pooriyaan hon har muradaan

                          I wish for your happiness 
                          May god give you and grant every of your wish

Door kadi jad akali tun hain baithen
Chees tere dil which waar waar eho Uthe
Das ni rakaane tun idan kyun kita..

                          Far away when you are alone sitting
                          let there be this pain in your heart which keeps saying to you
                          Why oh Why did you do this

  1. Yuvika says:

    wonderful composition – not a punjabi but understood this. i hope it’s not personal 🙂


  2. Anita Menon says:

    kuch samajh main nahi aaya 😦


  3. Ajay says:

    Veer The ones who think that way and have left or said that.. its fine .. why think about it. as you say may they live a long life.. A VERY LONG life and each day think of what they did. and I pray that they live a long life too .. and may they have all the happiness but each happiness comes with that thought 🙂

    chillax baiji .. I told you lets go and meet up there 🙂 he he he he

    hor ki haal chaal and how is Bengalurur luru luru luruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 🙂 wink wink

    take care and god bless and yes sorry to put it here since you wont respond to your emails .. The people back at the home send there warmest wishes and a Big thank you too.. They have a home to call a home now 🙂

    You the Man.. and Rab kare MANN kadi na mare … te maujaan maane ..


    • Punam J R says:

      Definitely I second Ajay. Let they live a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng life filled with regrets that pathar samajh kar heere ko haath se phisalne diya. Any way.. may you receive all the happiness you deserve.

      Take care.


    • Bikram says:

      Ajay.. thank you so much. Bangalore was fine met a lof of friends and all is fine..
      Thanks for the emails i checked them and not to worry the least i could do. Parents are parents always does it matter whose they are .. Parents deserve respect and all the happiness they can have. Their parents are like my parents so anything i can do for mine i should be able to do with others too. Not everyone is as lucky as me to gain all that love and effection of elders 🙂 and yeah keep it to emails please 🙂

      yaar je mann kadi na mariya fer it will be same thing I live too and I dont want that. I want to live till i am happy and then good bye to the world… 🙂


  4. e lo. sab romeos aise hi kyu sochte hai? even if d party of d secn part is remorseful how does dat change anythin? 😮


    • Bikram says:

      Well me no romeo… Its jist a thought why aak for bad for someone who did bad to yoi. Let them at least have all the fun. And let thwir wishes come true.

      It does not chamge anything but hey if it does not matter then it does not matter what I ask for.:-)


  5. Beautifully translated… 😉


  6. Tanishka says:

    Arre why such a sad song… Koi bhanga shangda type ka song lagao…. 😀


  7. Frankly speaking, they may not regret but sooner or later get into company which does the same thing (or more) to them. Its a cycle – a vicious one at that!

    Destination Infinity


    • Bikram says:

      Ah well doesnot matter they regret of not.. that their choice.. But yes as you say a viscious cycle .. Thank you DI.. this was not for someone in particular just something penned down some time ago…


  8. nrigirl says:

    Thank you for the translation. Appreciate it!


  9. Ki hoya? Itna senti mat ho yaar 😀


  10. Sandhya says:

    There is a proverb in Tamil: murpagal seyyin pirpagal vilaiyum – whatever you do in the morning, will reflect in the evening.

    Nicely translated song. Take care, Bikram.


  11. Rajani Ram says:

    Beautifully written…. and a truth… too… BTW ..the profile pic is very nice…


  12. The composition is really amazing. Loved it as it’s in punjabi. Good that you posted the translation as well…:)


  13. good you put the English translation. couldn’t have understood the Punjabi original


  14. Melange says:

    That’s truly amazing Bikram.I loved it.Having a depth that a usual shayri.

    Tere Dhokiyaan te Jhoote waadiyan ne kita hai adhmoya
    Tute te ujade dil de pathar lagde ne pyare hun…Three cheers here.I share the same feeling.

    Good Day!


  15. summerscript says:

    Hope things are fine with you!


  16. A says:

    Wow. Did you write this Bikram?


  17. Bhagyashree says:

    Loved it!! But why this ‘sadness’ now? Take care, hope alls well


  18. Jyoti Mishra says:

    Loved all
    very intensely written, and strong expressions !!!


  19. Novroz says:

    Is it a poem or a song lyric? I like the translation,very strong


  20. Rama Ananth says:

    Very intense and written beautifully.


  21. Ria says:

    Very deep and beautifully worded. Loved it!!


  22. Smitha says:

    Hey Bikram, You’ve been tagged –

    Will come back to read your post – have a huge backlog to clear 😦


  23. Saritha says:

    Very well written……..


  24. Dee says:

    Oh nice words…but so sad! Kya hua….? Keep smiling!


  25. Madhulika says:

    Well.. I don’t really understand punjabi.. but loved the english translation 🙂


  26. Deepa says:

    Reg prev post , i had 3 first thoughts :

    1. thats a huge earing !
    2. wow .. pink !
    3. what kinda pose is she standing in ??!!! those are beautiful curves


  27. Deepa says:

    i dont know what to say to this post … it happens … it happens .. maybe someday in future, you’ll feel this was a good thing it happ


  28. Harsha says:

    Beautiful lines. 🙂 🙂


  29. b k chowla says:

    Reading the Punjabi version is so nice, but a bit emotional.


  30. Seema says:

    I had read somewhere that ‘Break-ups are results of your future partner’s prayers’… Whatever happens happens for the best.

    Keep smiling please 🙂


  31. its SAD!
    emotions very profound…written very well…
    Break -ups are generally bad and leaves some memories hard to forget!
    I was talking to one of my friends who recently had something similar …he sent me link of a song ,,
    which is like hard to hear..I had tears…I dont know why girls do this!!
    check this out!


    • Bikram says:

      YEah why do they do that.. sad when it happens .. and worst is there is no sorrow or it seems nothing matters to them .. play with a human heart and go and have a happy life .. Strange
      thats why I have felt that people who have a black heart , are better off .. despetratly trtying to have one of those myself now ..

      veyr sad song ..


  32. Ritu Lalit says:

    Fall outs are painful arent they? Lovely poem


  33. Mann, enni chheti chala gaya feir ta gal galat ho jegi….naa…mann ne halle nai marna 🙂

    Rab rakhha….


  34. simran kaur says:

    tussi te kamaal kar ditta.. 🙂
    Hun te mai gawan ”Once More!!” 😀
    Loved it!


  35. aneeta says:

    Hmm..but these experiences do make us stronger and wiser people… should just learn and move forward….not get too pessimistic about life. Mere khayal hai ki madiyan naalon changey log zyada mil jandey ne:)


    • Bikram says:

      Yes they do make one veyr strong .. which is good but the quwestion is why do we need such expereinces to be strong ..

      Haanji Maadiyaan nallon change mil hi jaande ne ..


  36. Trish says:

    uff ! you scared me with the title!!!!
    But, the words are beautiful..thanks for sharing!


  37. Manoj Roy says:

    That’s a lovely and sad song. Its sad and heart touching song. Thanks for providing English translation.


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