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Posted: October 31, 2011 in Answer, Exercise, JLT, Photos
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Can you see anything

PS. :- I have been away for about 10 days .. So I am sorry to all whose blogs I have not visited Will do so as soon. November is a busy month with lots happening , so please bear with me 🙂

Hope everyone had a great Diwali. I was not home so did not have much fun.

PS :- I will be in Bangalore in two weeks time for a day or two.. So I would love to meet all who live there without putting pressure .. on 21st – 22nd november 🙂 Email me contacts mannbik@gmail.com.. hopefully see you all out there.


  1. shail says:

    Err.. no idea. Oh so you were away? You were missed! If at all I am in B’lore around that time I would definitely let you know 🙂


  2. Ik heb echt geen idee maar je hebt er een mooie opname van gemaakt.
    Groetjes Cristien.


  3. That’s some interesting camouflage alright… BTW, why don’t you come to Chennai for a day as well – Its very near to Bangalore 🙂

    Destination Infinity


  4. Welcome back, Bikram. Good to hear from you. And hope alls well. Glad to know that you are travelling……do let me know in case you plan to visit Chennai.

    And the picture…….not able to make out anything…….is there an insect in there?


    • Bikram says:

      I would love to come to chennai.. Lets see I am just wondering how long and what all will I do 🙂

      Maybe take the volvo at night as D.I. Suggested and meet you all…

      And the answer to ur question yes:-)


  5. nrigirl says:

    Is there a camouflaged stick insect hiding? I don’t see one but guessing…


  6. aneeta says:

    Its a lizard….and when are you coming here?


  7. Mangala says:

    Isnt that a stick insect??


  8. My era says:

    to me it appears like a rose plant with a nest in it’s proximity
    Glad to have you back…..hope you have a fantastic month ahead 😀


  9. irfan says:

    Sir ji, lagta hai badhti age ka asar aankhon per bhi ho raha hai……so just not able to see anything apart from leaves n branches…… 🙂


  10. Yuvika says:

    an insect camouflaging itself to hide from your camera and the intruding eyes of the world :D.


  11. saru singhal says:

    A rose shrub, may be…Even, I was away from home, so Diwali was a low key affair this year…


  12. suruchi says:

    Busy body Bangalore chale? Home is where the heart is and heart is where the mind is-and it is so easy to play games with the mind:-)
    have fun n wish u all the brightness of Diwali always:-)


  13. A moth? And no plans to come towards the NCR???


  14. Punam J R says:

    WHATEVER THAT THING on the rose plant is, it is SCARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY and it has eaten away all your plant’s leaves. 😦
    Bad insect.

    You coming to India!!! Wowowww.. finally!!


  15. Tanishka says:

    No idea about the pic but good to hear that you are coming to India….
    Belated happy Diwali…. 🙂


  16. No idea.. but Bikram I can’t meet you in Bangalore man.. 😦 😦 🙂 Thank you so much for your sweet comments man.. Happy..

    Someone is Special


  17. A says:

    A plant. Are you in India?


  18. manchitra says:

    Bikram, In India…Welcome dear friend. Have lots of fun. I am far away from B’lore. But enjoy meeting B’lore friends.


  19. knot2share says:

    I sure think it is a stick insect too! Enjoy your time in Bangalore.


  20. Purbaray says:

    All I see is the deep terracotta wall. And hope you had a good Diwali 🙂


  21. renu says:

    welcome to India..Chennai to Banglore.its a 6 hr journey by train ..


  22. Rachna says:

    I was away on vacation too for almost the same time :). This seems like a rose plant, but I can’t see any flowers. I am in Bangalore, and you’ve my email id. So, send me your coordinates once you arrive, and let us see if we can catch up!


  23. Swaram says:

    Welcome back 😀 and welcome to Bharat 😀


  24. Tomz says:

    The pictures are bright


  25. rose plant? i stared at the pics but couldn’t spot anything else.hope i didn’t (or did!) miss seeing any hidden animals/insects/worms

    hey coming to blore! welcome 🙂


  26. saravana says:

    where is the stick insect? is it red color or brown? anyway, where is the answer?


  27. Pooja Desai says:

    I guess you are busy, this is the first time Ive not seen you replying. Take care have a safe fun trip.
    And I have no clue what is in the pic!


  28. kavita says:

    Looks like a lizard .


  29. Ashwathy says:

    Welcome (back) to INdia!!! 🙂

    And no I’ve no idea what you are wanting us to observe in that pic! 😀 😛


  30. Ria says:

    No idea, what’s the name of this plant!?


  31. mahlaqa says:

    ummm wat is it that i aint finding ?? n happy belated Diwali 🙂


  32. Writerzblock says:

    Wow enjoy Bangalore 🙂


  33. Pixie says:

    ooh! no clue at all Biks!!
    You are visiting my beloved city!! have fun in Bangalore! 🙂


  34. sm says:

    welcome back
    nice post


  35. jennygoth says:

    hi bikram its a stick insect i think wouldnt like it on me i know that lol thanks for your visits xxjen


  36. its a POISON IVY plant
    I had same one ..at similar place in my front yard ..which is very dangerous …if I am not wrong
    ..hai na?


  37. b k chowla says:

    Bikram,I will in Bangalore at the same time.Please send a mail when you decide upon your schedule.bchowla@gmail.com


  38. summerscript says:

    Some insect?? 🙂
    Happy Journey Bikram! Have a safe trip 🙂 Enjoy the stay 🙂


  39. Meera says:

    It looks like a rose plant with both leaves and thorns exposed? have a nice time at Banglore. Unfortunately I am not based at Banglore 🙂 Hope to see you back in blogosphere soon!


  40. This is a rose plant! Even after you said that there is a lizard, I am not able to locate one!

    Enjoy the holidays, Bikram!


  41. looks like a chameleon to me!! Great you’re coming to India? welcome:)


  42. Saritha says:

    You are already here,i am late to read this post.

    btw you said you will come to hyd this year without fail


  43. Interesting pic. I see a stick like grasshopper hanging there with a very long snout . Don’t know the name of the insect . Also, i only see the front legs , the hind legs are not visible to me …


  44. bhargavi says:

    I can just see thorns and leaves … have a super trip !


  45. eva626 says:

    some sort of plant i am guessing lol…no really what is it?


  46. R. Ramesh says:

    hi buddy…gr8 to hear u r visiting india…have a gr8 time bro…cheers


  47. Androgoth says:

    It looks like a Vampire without her cloak
    Invisibility is just one of their many forms
    of wickedness. As for that plant I have no
    idea what it is, maybe a weed? 🙂 lol

    Have a great time on your adventures and
    thank you for calling into my Space and adding
    your thoughts to my Scripting 🙂



  48. PeeVee™ says:

    Where?! What?! Where?! *Looking wildly around*


  49. Andy says:

    Visiting from the group Bloggers.

    WoW! I’ve studied this photo for ages and I could have sworn it was a stick insect!
    That’s some well-camouflaged lizard!
    Awesome shot!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn


  50. Jyothi says:

    Stick Insect was my first thought too! Do give us the answer already! Have fun in India. 🙂


  51. rekha says:

    I think its a grasshopper or something similar…one of its legs sticking out….welcome to India….don’t know how long I will be in Bangalore but if I am around, maybe I can pop in and say hi. My bro lives far away from the city and I am totally unfamiliar with it even after two visits… 😉


  52. nikhimenon says:

    is that a chameleon?


  53. anuglyhead says:

    What Happened to the rose plant??!! Which insect where? r just lack of water 😛


  54. Shobha says:

    Bikram, will u be visiting Mumbai ???
    I will be in Mumbai from 6th to 16th November….and then proceeding to Jaipur.
    wish we could meet up.


  55. […] Whats this – any idea’s […]


  56. Deboshree says:

    What a picture! Why didn’t nature give us some camouflage-weapon? 😦


  57. zradar says:

    Am so bad..cudnt spot any of dat,lovely take though


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