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Posted: September 4, 2011 in Am I wrong, Angry, Blogging, Decison, India, My Thoughts., Soch
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Dhoni’s men could have adandoned the England Tour

UPDATE – AFTERTHOUGHT :- This post is not on cricket, or on the point that should india have stayed in UK or abandones the tour,  I am talking of the point where this person is Puting two incidents at equal PAR.. If we think that english would then that makes us ONE step better then them that we stayed and played circket for which we are paid. But saying the Mumbai attacks equivalent to the Looting by Teenage/young people .. without GUNS Heavy Equipment, Without Shooting people on the STreet, Without careful planning .. Thats the point I am trying ot make .. How can the Same two incidents be same … In one people Innocent people were Killed , they lost their life to careful Planning .. In the second it was nothing but LOOTING.

I was reading the above article on the online version of this Supposedly best Indian news papers .. It made me really mad , On the thought of such People who are supposedly better writers .. And have written so many articles. How can they write such silly stuff, The gist of the article was that the indian team could/should have abondoned the entire England tour at the sign of Riots and taken the easy way out to save themselves the humility of being beaten fair and square by a better team.

This writers tries to  put the two episodes that of  26th November 2008 Mumbai attacks  and of August 2011 UK Riots as same, I mean IS HE THAT ______.. he is supposed to be a journalist and times of India is again supposedly a good newspaper , why it allows such article to be published I can’t put my mind to it. The Rationale to compare the two episodes is ridiculous.

Well let me take the opportunity here to Tell this person Mr. Saibal Bose the two incidents that happened were not same .. People died in the Mumbai attacks , it was an attack on the nation by some people, It was a fully planned and well organised Attack. What happened in UK was some youth getting together and going on a Looting spree, YES that’s what it was LOOTING.. not even rioting which the media in India  created such a big issue of. The terrorists were looking to kill as many possible, put fear in the people,  The looters so-called rioters had no such intention Unless they found DHONI or TEAM walking on streets with Plasma Tele’s .

What happened in Mumbai was one of the worst terrorist attacks on our nation and the Security for the English team which was touring India in those days had a perfect good reason to think of the safety of its men, as they could have easily been targeted , which sadly we all saw .. when the Sri Lankan team came under attack  in Pakistan the following year.

The Looting that happened here in UK, was not targeted at people, It was some groups in need of the latest Armani suits, Or Iphones or Televisions that too FREE.. That is all it was about, No one was carrying heavy weaponry , targeting People killing .. Why would the indian team feel scared of this .. I don’t know.

Is the intelligence so ridiculous, are the security personnel that follow the indian team, or advice them on security so silly they literally thought that Indian team was being targeted by teenage groups of people running with free goodies off an electrical shops..

I found it really hilarious that this person is suggesting that the indian team should have abandoned , what came MORE of a surprise was the long list of comments people saying yes it would have been good..

I enjoyed reading the article where the Writer is thinking of what will happen if indian team had come back, the english press would have called them Chicken.. I mean how can someone think of what has not happened.

This is what made me laugh out loud , This is what the writer writes “If the Football association can call off a friendly involving the English team, there surely was a case for the Indians to seriously contemplate returning home. Particularly with the team not doing too well. It recalls, the English team wasn’t doing too well either when they returned home in 2008. Going by India’s batting on the first day of the Edgbaston Test, perhaps India would have done well to come back. They had a good enough excuse to return, regroup and go back at a later date, better prepared.”

For those who are Reading Let me make it very clear the FOOTBALL match was cancelled because of the large number of police officers needed to police the event, not because the players were thought to be at risk, The police had to control the Looting .. use officers in that ..

Can you believe it , A writer writing this in a major paper..

Really I would like all of you to go and read this article, and why Times of india found this nonsense even worthy, Comparing the two incidents, I wish he had done some research on this , To me its a disgrace of how small the thinking is , even to compare.

What risk is a youth stealing some Nike shoes to a Team of players who have security around them.. The english team came back to India once all was settled and security was good, I hope people don’t forget that , It is also a fact that BCCI wanted the matches to take place because of the money that they would have lost.

I really would like people to know what they are saying and stop writing such silly notes just to gain some publicity

Some of the comments I will just copy paste ..

1. Suresh says:

We do not care what English people think about us or win their hearts. We, Indians, play fairly and win the game against England.You are right on the money. We, Indian people, needed to stand up for our team rather than just criticizing our team and applaud White men. we should be wise to leave the tour in the middle when the opportunity happened as England team did to us. When we have courage to stand up to white man? We have more than 1 Billion people. Why we accept white man for everything and critize our team? We still world champs. One more fact:England invented the game of cricket but they never won one day world championship. We won twice. So Indian team is better and we are proud of you.

 2. j venkatesh says:

I think we are yet to come out of the colonial mentality and that is why we are subdued in all aspects. We are brave only when we fight among ourselves. The writer is perfect in his view that we should have come back citing the arson and looting that was taking place in front of their hotel and therefore we could have avoided the disaster at Birmingham. Regarding sporting spirit, it applies to us only. If the same thing happens to our players English/Australians/Proteas would not have relented and would justify the dismissal only as per the cricket rules. Unlike English coach and captain, our coach and skipper would not have gone to the opponents dressing and beg to reconsider the appeal. But ECB and other white nations forget their coffers are being filled up only because of BCCI.

  1. Why am I not surprised? TOI has significantly deteriorated in its standards over the years. If India had won, would you hear any such calls? No. Of course not. And yes, if India had gone home, I reckon the Indian media would have called them ‘chicken’ especially given teh vast difference between the two situations. But the ICC would have wholeheartedly supported India anyway (It’s the Indian Cricket Council after all, imo)

    You will now get blamed for sucking up to the colonists, you know? 😛


    • Bikram says:

      Well true. I know and I am ready to hear about all this.. Am sure people will hardly notice how this guy made both the incidents same.

      I do hope indian team does well in the one dayers at least….


  2. R's Mom says:

    Eeeps! I cant believe this came in TOI!!! I so agree to what you say…you cant compare totally irrelevant incidents like this 😦

    Glad you brought this to notice…


  3. Maybe all the senior players could have taken some rest and sent youngsters / upcoming players instead. I think the team is playing too much cricket and its time they start looking at a policy of shuffling players more effectively, otherwise there will be a lot of unnecessary injuries. But then the team’s real strength on difficult pitches and good opponents has been exposed now.

    Destination Infinity


    • Bikram says:

      Maybe they should have but did they not do that when the team went to West indies , the senior took rest so they come fresh to england and win all the games .. That did not happen becasue as i mentioned in my previous post they did not do there homework, I doubt if anyof the Rested players practised too.. they look out of shape anyway thats not the question ..

      the injuries happened becasue they were not practising back home, they thought they are number one team and will jsut win all the games with all the big names in the team and NONE of them apart from DRAVId di danything worthwhile …

      We have been exposed oh yes ..


  4. renu says:

    I dont find TOI has any standard now, theya re alway lobbying someone or other and their news even about Page 3 is also biased.


  5. though you are right about the standard of articles being published in the Times have fallen down, at the same time I feel that Mr. Saibal started off on a sarcastic note, but somewhere he drifted away from the point and got it all wrong. I may be wrong, but that is how it came across to me.


    • Bikram says:

      Even if he drifted off from the point yet comparing the two incidents is a bit ridiculous , I am not talking of the point if india should have abondaoned or what ..


  6. thoughtless article (Saibal Bose) & a good comeback by you in this post.

    how do they let such writing go through i wonder


  7. Ria says:

    TOI has trashy write ups these days….dont consider it to be up to the standard anymore!!


    • Bikram says:

      YEah I figured that out , Dont know which other site to follow to get news on india and things happeneing .. I subscribed to a indian channel on Sky and that is WORSE .. the same line of news is said in a FILMY way every other second .. they dont even know how to do that


  8. manchitra says:

    Bikram , you have put across your views strongly. appreciate your boldness in opening out. carry on…


  9. insignia says:

    Did you mail your views to TOI? You should just do that. I dont read articles related to Cricket – because its too predictable. If India does well; they heap praises else they thrash them left and right. The article seems ridiculous to me; certainly comparing the two incident does.

    Why cant the spirit of sportsmanship be appreciated? It seems the article came out in this way because the writer is disappointed with the team’s performance. Cant expect a win each time! Common!


    • Bikram says:

      Yes I have done that, they have got my email and my comments on the article tooo.. I put this on my blog with my viiews. YEah you are right this is what i felt reading the article, trying ot find a way to get out of being humiliated , instead of being bold and accepting the fact that our team was beaten fair and square by a better team. We did not deserve to win at all…

      but made me mad was the comparing of Two incidents he had the audacity to compare the two and he is supposedly a journalist or something .. no wonder the standard or journalism has gone so down and shallow …

      SO true we cant win all the games.. the idea is to play with the spirit of the game, and the incident which he mentions Ian bell being called back well that was sports man spirit it was nothing to do with favour or whatever he has said .. furthur mentioning of riots and all , He does not even know what it is all about and just went on claiming this and that.. .. ahhhhhhhhhhhh 🙂

      Thank you 🙂


  10. Bikram, I totally agree the comparison of Mumbia attacks to recent rioting in UK have no similarity other than fear amongst local people. It beats me how such crap article got into print – where has the quality control gone?

    The game of cricket is only enjoyable when ‘no politics’ are involved or applied – other than the team members on the ground. Cricket is important for both nations, and it should a matter of pride that Indian Cricket Team along with England Cricket team continued playing cricket amongst the fear injected to the society and that they played whole heartedly.

    Running could not have made matters better but rather worse, I then wonder what article would have been written then by the same journalist? I hate to think.


    • Bikram says:

      Out of the window I guess thats where quality has gone :).

      Cricket is also so very politicised these days , lot of dirty politics is played .. YEs thats what I felt its a matter of pride that the indians stayed and played the game win or lose is secondary ..

      and had india gone back the same journalist would have written the oither way for sure …


  11. icyie says:

    i am not surprised…people write to get attention, and that guy sure got it…:)
    i agree that it’s stupid thought 🙂

    nice post


  12. kavita says:

    I don’t know what it is – a mistake or pseudo intellectualism ? Good that you pointed this out .


  13. kavita says:

    I don’t know what it is – a mistake or pseudo intellectualism ? Good that you pointed out this blunder.


  14. i4deeps says:

    you know what?
    you were reading the wrong news papaer haha….


    • Bikram says:

      Yes I know now i was reading the wrong news paper but which one to read then .. for my local news in my place I read The Tribune .. but for nationwide i use to read TOI..

      Which one should i be reading 🙂


  15. Rekha says:

    Cricket madness has just muddled the chappie’s brain…If they are so anti British, why don’t they use Hindi or their mother tongue while dashing of such furious letters over a bloody match; lost by men who only play when there is a lucrative multi crore deal. I love your post….u can’t cry racist for every damn thing when we, with our caste system and fascination for “fair brides” are the biggest racists of all….akin to the teapot calling the kettle black. 🙂


  16. The main culprit is ‘too much cricket’. We have got this habit of putting the players on the pedestal if they win, push them on the ground when they lose. We never take cricket as just another sport.

    With so much cricket going on, we should keep 2 teams and send them alternatively. Now, so many budding players are coming up. I don’t think it is that difficult to select one more team.

    I can understand your outburst, Bikram. Let us see if the selectors take this as a lesson. Poor man Dhoni and his team are tired and now they have to face criticism.


  17. ZEAL says:

    I agree with you Bikram. The article you mentioned is total trash. Dunno what kinda people have joined TOI.


  18. Madhulika says:

    I agree to your point completely… Sometimes high authority people in India act insane.. They try to put mouths to every action according to them… its really sick :-/


  19. its surprising and hilarious too…
    Insane thou!people in india have lot of time to make issue out of NYTHING..INSIGNIFICANT.


  20. Pixie says:

    yet to read the post.. its long! 😛
    this is just to tell u that I’m still around! :mrgreen:

    Will read and comment properly! 😀


  21. Tanishka says:

    TOI is degrading day by day… Its absolutely baseless to say something like this…. I completely agree to this post…


  22. b k chowla says:

    In a similar situation had it happened in India–English team would have walked out


    • Bikram says:

      Chowla Sir.. I am sure they would, But That is not the point I am talking of .. I am talking of the point where this person is Puting two incidents at equal PAR.. The post is not about cricket.. and If we think that english would then that makes us ONE step better then them that we stayed and played circket for which we are paid.

      But saying the Mumbai attacks equivalent to the Looting by Teenage/young people .. without GUNS Heavy Equipment, Without Shooting people on the STreet, Without careful planning .. Thats the point I am trying ot make .. How can the Same two incidents be same … In one people Innocent people were Killed , they lost their life to careful Planning .. In the second it was nothing but LOOTING.

      We do forget the English Did come back to complete the tour when things were in hand of the govt. of india.. and in control


  23. Pepper says:

    I can’t believe this was TOI!


  24. Punam J R says:

    Hi Bikram… that is a bold article to write about, but yes, I agree that it was very irresponsible of that reporter to jjjust try creating a sensation by comparing two happenings that are sooo poles apart in their reason and execution. And to see the comments at the end of your article was even more disgusting, with people actually praising and supporting the author for his views.. that is really pathetic.
    We have a habit of creating a hue and cry at events without understanding what or why it is happening and also, without reasoning out the actual severity. When a reputed newspaper prints such irresponsible written articles, it is disappointing and shocking.
    A very good article, indeed. Write on!!!


    • mishi says:

      well you have tackled it brilliantly no doubts..but apart of all the blunder discussion that is the main point here,,I would like to say some thing else…why you guys are so pissed off for that this England tour? I mean come’n your team has won the world cup!!! give them the credit and a break too…yeah they need to have a break…too much cricket khail li hai un inho ny..do give them a rest…and seriously guys as I have mentioned it some where else too..this IPL thing is killing your cricketers …you got to do something about it..they cant play like 24/7 and then remain fit! despite the fact that people are already criticzing them for never being unfit in IPL ! khair take this easy ..give them a break and dont be pissed off.that was just one series..they are your heroes .treat them so:-)


      • Bikram says:

        @Mishi :- Hey how are you.

        I am angry at the tour because of the NON preparation of the team, they thought they will come and win everything. I am glad they lost all the games at least now they can see what wrong they did. and hopefully make a change to cater for it .. for next time ..
        I do agree that IPL is destroying all that the game stands for .. You said break But the Senior players all of them Did have a break they did not go to the West indies tour, Sachin-yuvraj-zaheer-VVS (i think) – sehwag – and all had rest .. But the rpoblem was when they were resting they were not practising .. Since they are all heroes so practising is not for them .. and they were So proved wrong here in england and rightly so .. The better Team won …

        Heroes they are but with heroism comes Responsibilities too… they have forgotten that


    • Bikram says:

      @punam.. Hi thank you. I dont know what people think about when commenting ..


  25. mishi says:

    hmmmm now I see you got a point here! em fine alhumdulilaha.you tell:-)


  26. sm says:

    agree with you 2 are different and can not be compared

    about cricket no comments win or lose does not matter they play for company called as BCCI.


  27. Well, I support the notion that both the events are far off very different from each other and should be seen differently yet the English and few other teams will leave subcontinent even on a slight news of murder outside their hotel. 😀


  28. Deboshree says:

    Well brought out Bikram. I don’t know why the media always links up disjoint sets…analysis doesn’t always pay dividends, especially when overly done.


  29. Alka says:

    So much for sportsmanship…unfortunate.
    Very well written Bikky.Proud of you.


  30. […] = 'none'; document.getElementById('singlemouse').style.display = ''; } Times Of India BLOG.. (Saibal Bose) div.socialicons{float:left;display:block;margin-right: 10px;}div.socialicons p{margin-bottom: […]


  31. Nice post. we are still in colonial state of mind perhaps because we have a weak grasp of our history. We never felt that we are free already, and India has its own culture, customs, beliefs and some traditional ways that didn’t even broke even when the Britishers came.it was very irresponsible of that reporter to just try creating a sensation as both the events are far off very different from each other . It is good to see England Cricket team continued playing cricket.
    Seems they are slowly coming out of colonial state of mind and we aren’t.


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